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Flight ✭ [PDF] ✪ Flight By Jean Grant ✺ – Thomashillier.co.uk Can marriage survive war and temptationIn the spring of 1976 the crackle of machine gun fire resonates throughout Beirut Lebanon Finlay Fortin a professor at the American University of Beirut is anxio Can marriage survive war and temptationIn the spring of the crackle of machine gun fire resonates throughout Beirut Lebanon Finlay Fortin a professor at the American University of Beirut is anxious to leave the country with his family But his wife Mo an ambitious photojournalist insists on staying hoping to advance her career by documenting the battle scarred city And his fifteen year old daughter Anouk refuses to acknowledge the obvious danger and abandon the city she loves When Anouk's friend Danny is kidnapped at gunpoint and Anouk is later trapped in a battle's crossfire Finlay is desperate to protect his daughter He forcibly takes her and flees Beirut leaving his wife Mo behindFinlay and Anouk move to the rural uplands in southwest France and Finlay is soon busy repairing the dilapidated house they live in Anouk however bitterly struggles with missing her mother and the guilt she feels about Danny's abduction As Finlay settles into his new life as the village baker he finds himself drawn to his warmhearted neighbor Colette His marriage to Mo was cool and distant after spending years deprived of affection Finlay has found loveWhen Finlay's wife decides to join her family in France the news she brings about Danny and the repercussions of the war will profoundly affect this family in ways no one could have anticipated Jean Grant's second novel Flight is a moving and timely exploration of the choices we make in parentting in politics and in love writes A Manette Ansay author of Vinegar Hill.

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  1. Cori Cori says:

    This book had a lot of promise and potential and I thought I would like it about 20 pages in Then I found a major timeline issue And sorry but I just can't get past that A character got told something and runs off Then a few pages later she gets told again and it's as if she'd never been told in the first place And plane tickets that were bought for the next day? Yeah they get given to one of the characters two days later These are issues I just can't get past in a book because if they are so glaring that I notice them immediately it's a problem A problem that calls for a good editor And they also mean I can't read past them so down the book goes and onto my never going to finish shelf Alas I kind of wish this hadn't happened and I could have read the whole book

  2. Cathy Lester Cathy Lester says:

    Jean Grant author of “Flight” hates stereotypes So if you’re looking for a potboiler full of stereotyped Arab terrorists and belly dancers well read it anyway it’s a heck of a good read and you may even learn a thing or twoDuring the first year of the Civil War in Lebanon Finlay Fortin is teaching English Literature at the American University of Beirut his wife Maureen Mo has ambitions to be a war photographer and their 15 year old daughter Anouk is well a 15 year old who’s grown up in the expatriate community of Beirut She’s a cheerleader has a crush on a boy in her class and doesn’t think anything is going to happen to herThe story is told from expatriates’ points of view which can’t help be different from people “back in the US” They can’t believe Americans aren’t aware of the awful situation where they are There’s a feeling that once the US congress sees how bad it is in Lebanon they’ll DO something But when Finlay buys a US newspaper he’s let down to see the lead story is about the theft of a bicentennial flag in New HampshireJean Grant has lived in Beirut and her writing is imbued with a wonderful sense of placeThere are so many details you wouldn’t expect unless like Jean you’d been there Schoolkids cheer when fishermen in the harbor dynamite fish something they’d never get away with in peacetime Students at the University find it hard to concentrate on Finlay’s Eng Lit classes One of them Zaki had to drop out to support his family when his father was shot “yanked off a bus at a roadblock and killed for believing in the wrong religion” When Finlay sees him under a car Zaki casually explains he’s just doing a favor for a friend The reader thinks how nice fixing a car And then he says “Checking for a car bomb” And through it all people accept that life goes on – if not as normal then as a new normalFinlay wants to take his family away from the danger he recognizes all too well Mo recognizes the danger but is determined to ignore it in order to get taken on by AP and Anouk feels perfectly safe where she is When Finlay finally arranges a flight out to France where the family has a house in the small village of Espérac Mo refuses to come “Someone has to get those pictures”Superficially the tension eases when Finlay and Anouk are away from the bombing and shooting but in fact the inner conflicts increase Anouk’s world has been Beirut and her family and she’s overwhelmed and furious at the separation from her mother She hates France the village seems primitive compared to Beirut and the French are impossibly sophisticated one moment and peasant earthy the next When she’s afraid to drink cocoa made with unpasteurized milk her host replies “Baf I know the cow in uestion”Jean brings her knowledge of France into her writing as well not only in her vivid pictures of the village and countryside but also the sensuous descriptions of food You can practically taste the warm fresh crusty breadGradually as Anouk comes to understand family histories – hers and others she meets – she realizes the Lebanese aren’t the only ones affected by wars The French have been torn apart by WWI WWII and the Algerian fight for independence In the village cemetery one headstone is permanently stained because a woman trained her poodle to piss on the marker of the man who persecuted her motherI loved the insight into the different ways the trauma of history affects both places and individual people “Flight” is subtle It grapples with deep issues but through personal stories not “explanations” Some of the issues have no answers; the resolution comes in accommodating one’s life to them

  3. Sue Haley Sue Haley says:

    Jean Grant's newest book 'Flight' has become for me one of those books you can pick up anytime let a page fall open and suddenly you're transported back into the heart of Beirut or into a small village in France I read it first uickly then again slowly and both times I was impressed with the ease of familiarity I found with her characters Taking turns having father Finley and daughter Anouk narrate keeps the flow of the book tight and perky The story itself will grab you instantly and by the end you'll wish there were a seuel; you have come to know the characters as friends long lost or not yet met It isn't a sappy story of love and wine and belly dancers Rather it it a thoughtful careful insight into a family torn by circumstances careers and adolescence I would recommend this book to anyone who's ever wished for a month or two in the South of France and in general to anyone who likes a book you can read than once and never get bored

  4. Sara Sara says:

    The book was a nice read especially the attention to details in some parts of the story when the author was describing beirut and the universiry campus in particular However some events were told than once which made them redundant The alternation between Finlay and Anouk's point of view was confusing When it came to the characters Anouk's age was revealed until the end of book It should have been mentioned before to make sense of some events Mo's overall character is admirable but her carelessness and the fact that she didnt show any affection towards her daughter in the first half of the book was disturbingFinlay falling in love as soon as he arrived to France was rushed Some events were rushed others were not even told However the book in general is a nice and uick read

  5. John John says:

    This wonderful novel explores a marriage that is torn when a husband and wife disagree on whether to leave war torn Beirut in the 1970s Finlay and his daughter Anouk move to a family owned house in a French village where they soon discover a host of engaging neighbors and even a new lease on love With vivid portrayals and well etched descriptions this book catches you up in a spell you don't want to leave

  6. Maggie Maggie says:

    Read as a book club choice I was excited to start another book about the impact of war on families This one was not able to deliver on its potential to develop characters and smoothly transition in time place I struggled to finish and ended up feeling many issues were left hanging

  7. Ms Lee Ms Lee says:

    This book was self published I believe by an amateur author I did finish it The story is interesting but it is definitely written by an amateur

  8. Kay Campbell Kay Campbell says:

    This story swept me away Set in Beirut Lebanon in the 1970's as the country slips into civil war an American family has to decide whether to leave its adopted home there Seeking refuge in a French village the new arrivals discover its beauty its lovable characters and its secrets too Generations of war have affected the town and its families just as the 'troubles' in Beirut loom large in the life of the American family Seeped in a delicate sensuality the story is told with the intimacy of a friend and the suspense of a masterful storyteller It's a multi generational coming of age story a sympathetic telling of how war up ends our world one heart at a time This homage to country living community loyalty and love is highly recommended

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