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The Magic of You ❮EPUB❯ ✰ The Magic of You Author Johanna Lindsey – Also see Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN ACE ACE #1 ACE #2 As wild and reckless as the most incorrigible of her male cousins Amy Malory has reached a marriageable age and has set her sights on Also see Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN ACE ACE ACE As wild and reckless as the most incorrigible of her male cousins Amy Malory has reached a marriageable age and has set her sights on a most inappropriate mate the straight laced American ship captain who once nearly had her Uncle James hung hanged for piracyWarren Anderson is shocked by the brazen advances of his despised enemy's beautiful niece Though determined to resist her he burns for the enchanting British minx And an impassioned heart implores him The Magic ePUB ½ to surrender to a love that could stoke the smoldering fires of a family feud into a dangerous all consuming blaze.

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  1. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    I absolutely loved this book although I didn't expect to First of all Warren seemed like a jerk when I first met him in Gentle Rogue He didn't seem like he had a personality or a sense of humor Secondly he's so much older than Amy But I ended up adoring this book and Amy and Warren as a couple Warren needs a woman like Amy He's so serious and rather pompous and she infuses him with life I know that Amy chases him shamelessly but I found it appealing in this book Normally I don't really believe in chasing guys it doesn't seem to work out well but Amy definitely had a master plan I liked that she didn't give up easily The scene that really cemented my love of this book is when they touch each other's hands through the wall and Warren whispers her name so longingly He thinks he's blown it But Amy is like Napoleon She is not easily defeatedThis was a fun romp showing that being reckless a rule breaker and pursuing the one you want for your own is not just a male Malory trait The Magic of You is definitely one of my favorite Johanna Lindsey books

  2. NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} says:

    Have i told you that i love Malory family and now Anderson family even ??? I already told you that ugh???? Sorry but be patient with me What is one time???I think that in this book i laugh than all the previous books and believe me that all of them was laughable enoughBut this one overpower all the other storiesI'm so happy that i finally met Amy Malory This Malory was craziest than Regina or the two younger uncles of herHer spirit could wake up dead men from the grave Oh yeahShe was funny determined hillarious confident and she could pressure anyone if she wanted something so bad that in some point she could become a little bit annoyingbut that thing could be also very cute and charmingAnd her last victim was Warren AndersonYou see Amy was very young She was two weeks away from her eighteen birthday and she just made her debut in English society but her mind had stuck to Warren Anderson from the first moment that she met Georgina's brothers from America six months agoShe was so sure that she could manage to make the stiff Warren to be hers but she needed time from this plan and between her and Warren was a whole oceanBut the opportunity came really uickly since Georgina was about to give birth to her first child so the uncles were about to visit them And that was the opportunity that Amy was seeking for six monthsFrom the first day Amy let her pride beside and started to mark very close Warren He was eighteen years older than her and that by itself was something unacceptable And not only that but Amy was the niece of his brother in law James whom Warren didn't like at all And the last reason was that Amy was hitting on him shameless and with such maestry that made him wonder if this girl wasn't having previous experience in that matterBut Amy was so determined to make him hers to marry him and to bring his smile back in his face But Warren didn't agree with this planYou see Warren was betrayed in the past from a woman that he loved and wanted to married and that fact made him stiff and agry and bitter He didn't want to marry and he didn't want to get involve with a woman for a lifetime and even with a little insisted girlA girl that made him feel some unwelcome things But no Warren was very stamble in his decisions and Amy Malory couldn't have her way with himWell all this Amy's trying to bring Warren where she wanted to be and Warren's effort to keep her away from him was very adventurous and hillarious I really like that girl And i don't want to forget to reffer for once again to her uncles Tony and James Malory this time turned their rage to the American and that was very very amusingI think that the fourth book from the Malory Anderson series was better by far from the previous which were very good alsoIt's so pity that i don't have the rest of the books

  3. Christine Christine says:

    So Amy a 17 year old girl gets it in her head that she and Warren a 36 year old man are meant to be It's just destined to happen they're going to be ridiculously happy together and she is the only one who can make the miserable Warren into a happy person once again He was apparently happy before some chick played him for an admittedly really big fool and after that he decided all womanwell you've heard this beforeThe trouble is Warren is a ship captain and will only be in port for a couple of weeks while he visits his sister who just gave birth His sister is married to her uncle So Amy decides she has no choice but to boldly tell him she wants him and wants to get married and that she's sure they're going to be happy together Then when he tells her to Go away little girl she keeps putting herself in his path Again And again And again Somewhere in there they kiss and the words in the book say that they feel pretty powerful things but the words must be talking about another couple and inserted into this book by mistake because nothing outside of those words makes me feel for the briefest of seconds that there could or would be passion between these twoFrankly she is a little girl She acts like one throughout the entire book She thinks she's soooo much smarter than everyone else and that she knows what Warren wants better than he knows himself And maybe in a poorly conceived romantic fantasy she's right but there is nothing in my experience to let me imagine a sad angry man suddenly finding joy in life in the arms of a girl less than half his age because she demands that it be true The worst thing is there isn't even an example in the book of her actually making him happy it's just her somehow knowing that once they are together they will be So yeah no I wouldn't read this one wwwchristineamsdencom

  4. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    5 FULLY AMAZING STARSThis is my favorite in this series by JL Review in a few

  5. Stacey is Sassy Stacey is Sassy says:

    A determined little girlI'm not sure how but I seem to be finding myself reading or listening to books with considerable age gaps between the hero and heroine This one is 18 years and it's fairly scary that it was uite common for the time Yes age is just a number but in this case the lack of maturity was OBVIOUS I'm with Warren Amy needed a good kick up the butt Her love at first sight and deep devotion to a man who showed no interest in her was just plain embarrassing Sure he kissed her but Amy practically threw herself at Warren any chance she got I'm going to need proof that Amy and Warren have what it takes to last beyond the lust Let's hope by the end of the series I get that proofWhile the romance between Amy and Warren was less than I desired I still really enjoyed this story I think it definitely has to do with the Malory Anderson family dynamics The Poms against the Yanks is hilarious and the narrator Laural Merlington does a great job portraying their antagonism for each otherI was mostly satisfied with this story by the end but I would have preferred a little time with the couple to have proof that Warren loves AmyI will definitely go on in the series soonish

  6. Lover of Romance Lover of Romance says:

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Amy Malory is soon to turn eighteen years old and as the younger of her siblings she is ready to find a husband But she knows the man she will marry even if he doesn't realize itWarren Anderson She has feelings and her feeling stronger than ever is that he is her future mate but she must convince him first and she knows it won't be easy Warren Anderson is bitter over the past and lost his faith in women except for his sister Georgie When visiting his sister for the birth of his future niece he is bowled over by the appearance of Amy Malory At first Warren doesn't think much of this young lady who is way too young for him but when she begins to pursue him very persistently he knows he is in deep trouble because she could make him love again and Warren isn't sure he could handle it a second time and being burned again But Amy is determined to bring love and laughter back into Warren's life no matter what it takes The Hero Warren is the second oldest in the Anderson family He takes his responsibilities to his family and their shipping company very seriously Warren has always had a temper but was once not as cyncial and bitter as he is now He once fell in love but the woman he loved married another man his bitter rival and his baby was claimed by another man Ever since Warren has never been able to move past what happened and refuses to trust in another woman Warren is a hero that is gruff and rugged and has some hard edges But is loyal and has a soft underbelly if you get to the core of him And he does have a wild temper and anything sets him off but its very amusing The Heroine Amy Malory is the daughter of Edward and Charlotte Malory She is one of the most gifted of all the family She wins on EVERY single bet she makes and she sense certain things and the family has learned never to bet against her She knows that Warren is her future but she also knows that she is in the battle for her life with him Amy is sweet and loveable but bubbly and charming and can make just about anything feel lighter and happy She has the type of personality that everyone wants to be around She is probably one of my favorite characters of the whole series I love how easy going she is but at the same time is tough as nails as well Plot and Story Line Oh The Magic of You I will admit that I don't get a chance to read this book as often as the others I really wanted to read this one and had to hunt down a physical copy because I want this whole series on my bookshelf and I finally found a copy after searching at all the local Half Price Books locations and finally found a copy so I wouldn't have to buy it full price 3 is alot better than 8 And I couldn't wait to get started with this book which is one of my favorites and one of the uniue of books that Lindsey has written or even in the historical romance genre This story is where our heroine is the one doing the chasing and what a chase she does She is pretty determined this little minx and I loved her to death You're uite sure you don't want to take advantage of these nice soft seats? I know my younger uncles would never have passed up such an opportunityShut up AmyMy cousins either Derek and Jeremy would have a lady's skirts wasAmyShe clucked her tongue You're sounding and like a bloody prude WarrenAnd you're sounding and like a dockside whore he bit out Throughout the series we see evidence of the power of her special gift In the beginning of this story we see how long she has waited for Warren to return She knows that he is for her At first though she acts pretty shy which is unusual for her character but Warren is a pretty intimidating hero Not easy to get along with and very stubborn Warren is actual the hardest to like out of all the Anderson siblings especially when it comes to the Malory brothers But Warren is blown over by Amy and her determination to see them together But Warren can't help but start to feel again whenever he is around herWhat I truly enjoyed about this book was seeing how creative Amy gets just to give Warren some laughter and passion in his life And she is honestly the best heroine for Warren I love that Amy never gives up on Warren no matter how many times he tries to put her off and it does pay off in the end though We also see some fun antics from other characters We have the births of Anthony and James' children both girls and both will be characters in later books in the series We have some fun times with Jeremy and Percy again and yeah Percy still cracks me up every time I read his character And we do get a fun bet between Jeremy and Amy which is common between them But Jeremy should know better and I did like seeing how close knit these two cousins are again We also see of Edward and Charlotte which we don't see enough of in my opinion so I like seeing of them What really makes you fall in love with this book is seeing the way these two find their happy ever after which isn't easy especially with an enemy of Warren coming back and cause complications This story is guaranteed to leave you with a smile and a tear in your eye Simply loving reconnecting with this rambunctious and crazy fun family ''I want you Warren Anderson'' The Cover There are multiple variations to this cover over the years but this one is definitely my favorite I love the house on the cliffvery dramatic which fits the story so well Overall View The Magic Of You is wild and sexy and entertaining Its a romance that will keep you guessing laughing at the oddest moments and sweep you off your feet Be prepared to fall head over heels in love with these Malory's and Andersons and most especially this uniue couple that captivates hearts and smiles “You aren’t going to be fighting with Uncle James any are you?” “Wouldn’t think of it Now that he’s going to be my uncle too I’ve decided to show him nothing but respect” “Good God He’ll murder you” Click To Buy On foogallery id19026 image error

  7. Wendy, Lady Evelyn Quince Wendy, Lady Evelyn Quince says:

    From 7th to 9th grade I had been obsessed with romance novels reading everything from “Lady Chatterley's Lover” to category romances to thick door stopper historical epics By the time “The Magic of You” was published in June 1993 I was just finishing my sopho year in High School and was not as fanatical about reading for fun due to having a full course load at school with no lunch period and little time for extra extracurricular activities But the day I spotted that book at a bookstore in the mall I suealed in delight to see it was a seuel to one of my favorite Johanna Lindsey books “Gentle Rogue” I excitedly plunked down 599 plus tax and hurried home to read it To do this day it remains the only book I ever read and finished TWICE in one day The heroine in pursuit plot seems like such an unusual trope in historicals or if it isn’t it’sat least rare in the romances I read More often it’s the hero pursuing the heroine if not out of love then because he wants her body Here Amy wants it all from Warren his body his love and his laughter A free spirited confident heroine in pursuit of an uptight stuffed shirt hero who tries his best to resist the heroine is my absolute favorite trope and I don’t think I’ve seen it done better in any book than this oneLady Amy Malory might be female but that doesn’t mean she’s any different than her libidinous Malory uncles; and even so than cousin Reggie She may be a 17 year old virgin but she knows what she wants and that is her uncle in law the brother of her uncle’s James wife the dour American Warren Anderson who is much older aged I think 39Yes there’s a considerable age gap between the two but it doesn’t make any difference here Amy is strong willed determined witty and utterly charming Warren is the complete opposite a stick in the mud type who was deeply hurt in the past by the woman he loved so the only woman he has any feelings of consideration for is his sister Georgina and his newborn niece JacuelineWarren hates the Malorys In particular his brother in law James When James Malory compromised his sister Georgina it took all five burly Anderson brothers taking turns beating James into a pulp to force him to marry her James has never forgotten that; nor have the Andersons forgotten that James was a pirate who plundered some Anderson family ships Not to mention that he’s a blasted Englishman while the Anderson are American The blood feud runs strong between the two families despite George and James’s marriage So it’s no surprise that Amy’s uncles are vehemently opposed to any union between Warren and Amy But Amy doesn’t care She will use all her feminine wiles all her charm all the magic of her love to transform bitter Warren into a happy man And because she’s a Malory Warren has met his match This is an imperfect book I know It’s not one Johanna’s Lindsey’s most well written works but I loved it Loved loved loved it 5 Stars

  8. Sophie ♥ Sophie ♥ says:

    Rate 5 solid stars The only other Johanna Lindsey book I've read is Prisoner of My Desire which was a daring bodice ripper set in a medieval era Even I though was unaffected by the somewhat controversial captivity and 'rape' scenes in the book I somehow managed to find them utterly boring instead Even so I wasn't completely put off from reading another Johanna Lindsey book and I'm so glad I picked up this one next I was completely blown away by the sheer brilliance of it After reading just the first few pages I was thinking to myself I actually don't know anything about the way Johanna Lindsey can write Amy Malory is a 17 year old debutante Optimistic determined and anything but shy she sets her sights on Warren Anderson the humourless and miserable brother of her aunt She pursues him shockingly and completely without shame accosting him at every opportunity she gets Warren who has sworn off marriage after being jilted by the woman he loved is taken aback by her brazen advances and attempts to discourage her to no avail It's my impatience I really hate waiting for things that are inevitable and you and I Are not inevitableBut we are she insisted And so I don't see why we need to drag this out You are going to fall in love with me We're going to get married We're going to be incredibly happy together Let it happen WarrenI'll give you the warning now If you have an issue with the idea of a woman relentlessly pursuing a man then stay far away from this book For those of you who don't mind this book is certainly refreshing Not only was the plot uniue it was so easy to adore Amy Despite acting inappropriately for her age and time she still seemed to possess a childish innocence that made her so loveable She was untainted by the harsh reality of life fearless and dazzling in her wittiness I was never annoyed with her antics just highly amused This book had a humorous tone even during the suspenseful moments but still seemed to have an element of intrigue The dialogue between the two were enough to keep the boat afloat even without the slightly suspenseful events in the end which were by the way mostly glossed over by humour This book was a solid 5 star read and has definitely earnt a place on my favorites shelf You're uite sure you don't want to take advantage of these nice soft seats? I know my younger uncles would never have passed up such an opportunityShut up AmyMy cousins either Derek and Jeremy would have a lady's skirts wasAmy She clucked her tongue You're sounding and like a bloody prude WarrenAnd you're sounding and like a dockside whore he bit out

  9. Erin Erin says:

    Some reviewers had a problem with Amy Malory The heroine's persistence But frankly I found it very refreshing I don't think Warren Anderson the hero would have ever found someone if they hadn't pushed him Their story is sweet and romantic with Warren trying to resist AmyAmy has been in love with Warren since she first saw him She makes no bones about it and tells him ''I want you Warren Anderson''She is bubbly spirted and funny as well as beautifulWarren is still his grumpy old self the same since we saw him in 'Gentle Rogue' which was James Malory's and Georgiana Anderson's taleWe see James and 'George' again and George is giving birth to their first childAmy literally fights Warren to be WITH Warren She uses very amusing tactics which i mostly laugh out load atJohanna Lindsey wrote a wonderful story of a resisting man who has been hurt in the lowest way possible and the woman who could pick him back up againZooey Deschanel as Amy Malory Hugh Jackman as Warren Anderson

  10. Susanne Susanne says:

    Some books inspire great reviews and others leave you with a smile on your face but not too much to say I really liked this book but what I loved the most was the animosity between Warren and Amy's uncles You have to read Gentle Rogue before this one and I wished I had read all of the books in this series in order Running off getting the backlist The family plays a huge role in this book and the Mallory family is my favorite historical romance family What I liked1 We got to spend a lot of time with Anthony again2 We got to spend even time with Georgie and James from Gentle Rogue3 Amy's positive outlook and brazen pursuit of Warren4 The whole plotWhat I didn't like so much1 I could not really feel the romance building2 Amy was beyond stupid a couple of times3 Warren was too stubborn and gave too little

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