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Action Presidents #1 ✮ [PDF] ✩ Action Presidents #1 By Fred Van Lente ✻ – Where the history is real and the jokes are fakeThe first Action Presidents book will turn even the most reluctant reader into a history buff George Washington ultimate founding father and awesome Ame Where the history is real and the jokes are fakeThe first Action Presidents book will turn even the most reluctant reader into a history buff George Washington ultimate founding father and awesome American practically jumps off the pageWe all know that George Washington was our first president and a hero of the American Revolution but did you also know that he didn’t want to be president and had teeth so bad that he hated to smileWimpy Action Presidents PDF/EPUB ² Kid meets the Who Was series in these hilarious new graphic novels from New York Times bestselling comic book author Fred Van Lente and award winning cartoonist Ryan DunlaveyUS history comes to life like never before Historically accurate and highly entertaining Action Presidents is perfect for curious minds With timelines maps charts and readers will keep learning until the last page.

10 thoughts on “Action Presidents #1

  1. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    Wonderful first book on the first president

  2. Morgan Morgan says:

    I loved Action Philosophers That series helped me understand philosophy than any other philosophy book actually I was excited that the same team was making Action Presidents While this is for kids adults can read this and take things from it tooI really like how they show the pros and cons of Washington I'm assuming they will do this for all four presidents they are doing I also like the fact there is some super basic presidential information in this that most Americans need consent refreshers I'm not that smart with politics so simplifying terms in comic book format is better then reading some long opinionated newspaper articleOne of the cons of these books is they are less than 200 pages They can't cover EVERYTHING They do cover a lot of information Some stuff might be missing They won't be doing all the presidents either As much as I'd like to see other presidents they are only doing Washington Lincoln TR and JFK I still like the idea of this book

  3. Rod Brown Rod Brown says:

    A pretty good mix of humor and history but it's hard not to compare it to the high benchmark set by Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales series In particular Noah the Historkey sp? in this series pales as a narrator when put up against the gallows trio featured in Hale's tales See their Revolutionary War origin in One Dead SpyStill I'd love to see the Action Presidents series make it past the Mt Rush royalty and put a spotlight on some of our less prominent presidents Good luck making 45 suitable for children

  4. Alma Petterson Alma Petterson says:

    I liked it and think my nefew will too

  5. DaNae DaNae says:

    Textually dense for a graphic novel interspersed with flat humor

  6. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    Copy provided by Edelweiss PlusThat story about chopping down the cherry tree that has been trotted out a million times and made into thousands of bulletin boards? Not true Presidential misinformation isn't a new thing and this graphic novel finds issue with this especially when the truth about George Washington is even fascinating than the manufactured tales There are a number of anecdotes from Washington's life starting when he was young and continuing through his military and political career following him all the way to his death Highlights include the Battle of the Monongahela skirmishes with Hessians and the Battle of Trenton but there is also interesting information about the Constitutional Congress and a very intriguing discussion of Washington's fraught relationship with owning slaves Told in an over the top humorous was with occasional depictions of Washington in modern settings like a school bus or with him in basketball shorts going up for a basket nothing is sacred After reading through all of the giggle worthy entries it was good to see an informative time line glossary and well rounded bibliography at the end of the book Readers who adore Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales or what a funnier or illustrated version of Tarshis' I Survived Books will laugh at the brightly colored fast paced tales of Washington's derring do and may even learn a thing or two Since the Hazardous Tales don't do well in my library I don't think I will purchase this book The text is small and there's a lot of it jammed on the page and my graphic novel readers are likely to check this out and bring it right back

  7. Maura Maura says:

    My 6 year old history loving son has devoured this Real History Fake Jokes graphic novel of George Washington's life several times and has legitimately learned a lot from it Though as a fan of history I can uibble with some of the ahem cartoonish depictions of real people and events I have to say that it does what I as a teacher and mom would hope a graphic novel historical biography would do it has made my reader hungry to learn He compares and contrasts what is mentioned here with several other biographies he has read of George Washington and several accounts of key battles and events from the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars Most importantly of all he simply enjoys reading itit makes him chuckle and want to read pages out loud to us over and over Two nights ago we were watching an episode of Alone as a family when he kept interrupting the program to read parts of the book aloud mind you it's at least his 5th time reading it We finally asked him to stop interrupting and he took Action Presidents upstairs to read in his bedroom At the commercial break I walked upstairs to convince him to come down to join us in finishing a TV program we usually enjoy as a family And then I stopped in my tracks I'm trying to convince my 6 year old boy to stop reading a biography of George Washington on a Friday night just for fun so he can come watch TV What is wrong with me? Let him read May the young reader in your life be similarly enthralled and interested to learn

  8. Carla Carla says:

    I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway ThanksThis graphiccomic style book tells the real history of George WashingtonI learned and reviewed many things about our first presidentThis book is written for 8 12 year olds There are jokesgags thatwould appeal to that age

  9. Skjam! Skjam! says:

    Our story begins with two modern tweens glued to their portable screen devices while Parson Weems bores them with the cherry tree legend The day is salvaged when Noah the Historkey appears and reveals that George Washington’s father Augustine didn’t raise cherries but tobacco And that’s just one of the many awesome facts the bird of history reveals about the life of the first president of the United StatesAs Noah explains a lot of history books for kids “talk about the past as though it’s a movie you already know the ending to — or a fable that’s supposed to have some sort of moral at the end” But this comic book tells the true story of President Washington with extra jokes to leaven the seriousnessAnd there’s plenty of serious stuff to get through Washington was a soldier and eventually a general–and he didn’t always win his battles His health was poor as time went on especially his teeth There’s all the work that went into the Constitution to try to make the new country’s government work and the stormy years of the PresidencyAnd of course the elephant in the room George Washington was a slaveowner from the age of eleven at one time possessing 318 human beings as property many through his wife Martha’s dowry He’d always accepted this as perfectly normal but experiences in the American Revolution began to change his mind This book sets that change around the time of Valley ForgeWashington’s realization that slavery was morally wrong conflicted deeply with his economic reality in which slaves were needed to do all the work at Mount Vernon and bring in the crops In the end he compromised by freeing his slaves in his willbut only after Martha died too Martha decided to speed up the process and start freeing them only ten months after George passed onGeorge Washington did many good things including not seizing power after the Revolution and setting a precedent for restraint in office He also did bad things This comic book suggests that knowing all of this makes him interesting than the whitewashed version some pundits preferThe art is dynamic and many of the jokes are funny Some parents may object to passing body function humor and others skittish about the depiction of violence and slavery as a flaw in American history Fourth graders on up should be able to enjoy this book with the help of the glossary in back There’s also a map of important places George Washington went a list of things named after the president and a short bibliography of other books to read some of them for much older audiencesThis would make a good starter biography for your budding history major and George Washington fans in general will find it a worthy addition to their collections The hardback edition has a sturdy binding so you may be able to find it in elementary school libraries as wellLater volumes cover Abraham Lincoln Teddy Roosevelt and John F Kennedy

  10. Nick Nick says:

    This is one of those mostly non fiction graphic works that are frustrating The framing story and the jokes make it very readable but sometimes blur the story being told and that's why I didn't give this book a fourth star This is a graphic biography of George Washington as being told by a talking turkey after allI would mostly recommend this to kids who like graphic novels and who also want to know a little bit about history As an actual biography of Washingtonit's okay but nothing special other than giving an interesting explanation of his interactions with slavery That part's a bit at odds with other things that I've read but close enough that I can see the difference versions both being true ish

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