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Sisters Found ❴Reading❵ ➼ Sisters Found Author Joan Johnston – CharityBeautiful bold and uncertain of love after being abandoned as an infant Charity is bewildered by Kane Longstreet's marriage proposal Despite her misgivings she agrees to go home with Kane for t CharityBeautiful bold and uncertain of love after being abandoned as an infant Charity is bewildered by Kane Longstreet's marriage proposal Despite her misgivings she agrees to go home with Kane for the holidays But at his cousin's engagement party at Hawk's Pride she gets the shock of her life when she comes face to face with identical twin sisters Hope and Faith Butler and sees a mirror image of herselfHopeThe stunning discovery that she is a triplet does little to distract Hope from her own personal heartbreak The man she has loved all her life Jake Whitelaw is about to marry someone else With only two weeks until the wedding she needs a miracle And thanks to her determined sisters she might just get itFaithFearing that her parents gave Charity up for adoption because of her own special needs as a child Faith is consumed by guilt She vows to see both her sisters happy no matter what it takes That means she's got to break up one wedding arrange a couple and seize her own chance for happiness.

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Sisters Found
  • Joan Johnston
  • English
  • 19 March 2014
  • 9781551669373

About the Author: Joan Johnston

Joan Johnston born Little Rock Arkansas is a best selling American author of over forty contemporary and historical romance novelsJohnston was the third of seven children born to an Air Force sergeant and his music teacher wife She received a BA in theatre arts from Jacksonville University in then earning an MA in theatre from the University of Illinois Urbana in She received.

10 thoughts on “Sisters Found

  1. Corby Corby says:

    Man was this horribly cheesy I'm surprised that I finished it My husband found it sitting in his stuff in the storage area and said that I should read it So I did He had no idea what he gave me as it turns out However it has provided a great source of entertainment as my husband reads some of the salacious parts out loud in a voice that only he can

  2. Angela DeSilva Angela DeSilva says:

    Contemporary romance uite a cute story of reunion Nice change from Joan Johnston's usual historical western romances which I love Easy read

  3. Caroline G& Caroline G& says:

    This book has been sitting in my bookshelf for many years now and thought it was bloody time l read it and so glad l didIt’s my first Joan Johnston book 📖 l have read and now l am wanting It was an easy read very light it was like watching an episode of Young and the Restless but that is okI felt the book could of gone longer l felt it was very rushed as a reader l wanted depth of the characters and of the storyline to continueI loved and throughly enjoyed the romances of each the 👯 sisters and the relationship between the sistersSisters Found is worth the read if you are after something light and romanticThe characters are there to fall in love with but all I wanted was l did not want the book to endI am a sucker for romance and Joan Johnston is a new favourite

  4. Shandon Shandon says:

    I’m gonna be completely honest I’m not usually one to just pick up a romance novel and read it I read this one because my coworker had just finished reading it and I needed something to do in my downtime at work Were that parts that grabbed my attention? Yes I wouldn’t have finished otherwise Were there parts that were not uite working for me? Yes Again not really my genre The majority of it is just plain cheesy But it has some sass and humor too

  5. Marilyn Pottorff Marilyn Pottorff says:

    Another wonderful Don't try to put it downI have never read one of Joan Johnston's books that I didn't really enjoy and I have read a lot of them Most of them have caused me to lose sleep for reading too late and being unable to put them down She has an imagination that I envy

  6. sandy forguson sandy forguson says:

    Great book with the 3 twins being re united together with their mom and dad love the commitment and love between each of the couples would highly recommend 👍👍

  7. Julia Hepperle Julia Hepperle says:

    It was a little heavy on the romance but still a good story

  8. Marie Christensen Marie Christensen says:

    This is my first book by this author it was pretty good

  9. Linda Linda says:

    Interesting story

  10. Lisa Ahne Lisa Ahne says:

    There were some MAJOR issues with this book For one thing who would give up a childone of a tripletfor adoption after caring for and loving that baby for two years??? Not people like the Butlers who LOVE their girls It did NOT ring true Poor people raise kids every day and love them and give them good lives Also they kept talking about medical bills for Faith who was born without her left hand Why would those bills be so daunting? She wasn't a sickly child Beside the prosthetic what other bills would there be? I did think there were plot points that were just poorly planned out There was also continuity issues Rabb has hazel eyes at the beginning of the book and brown by the end I also would have liked to see Amanda and Rabb one time after they got together Their story was kind of dropped and I LOVED Amanda I wanted to see her happy The author would do other annoying thingslike when Hope and Faith meet Charity there's a baby in the car If Hope took the baby inside I missed it But the baby wasn't with them the rest of the day so I know she had to have taken her inside Or the characters would be wearing a dress in one scene and jeans in the next When did they change? A lot of it just seemed like bad editing to me Also Jake NEVER reacts to Hope having another sister Ever In fact he seems completely uninterested in her emotional state I would have liked to see Jake a bit developed in some areas That's the bad part However I read this book in a dayand I NEVER do that I don't have time But I fell in love with these characters I couldn't put it down I was pulled in emotionally from the get go and I felt like a rung out rag at the end I LOVED IT I loved the emotion and passion and just rawness of the characters I also would have liked attention paid to Kane and Charity's romance and to her emotional development A lot of the emotion and points seemed very rushed to me Even with all the bad of this book I was reminded of why I loved romances when I was younger and what kind of book I love to read and write I love emotion and vulnerability and this author is great at both This will go down as one of my fave books even with all the flaws because the characters drew me in and made me love them

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