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Traced Oak Springs Book 4 ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ Traced Oak Springs Book 4 Author Lucy Rinaldi – Roya My life has not been easy stolen from my family at birth left to fend for myself by the woman who took me When I met the man of my dreams I thought I would finally have someone to call mine someo Roya My life has Springs Book PDF ↠ not been easy stolen from my family at birth left to fend for myself by the woman who took me When I met the man of my dreams I thought I would finally have someone to call mine someone to really love me Turns out he didn't want to be a father to the baby we made Traced Oak PDF \ together so he walked away from us like we were nothing to him Fk him That's the thought I planted in my own head Fk him My baby is my life But his short life hasn't been easy Born prematurely struck down with cancer operation after operation to save him followed And no one will ever know the lengths I went to Oak Springs Book Kindle Ï in order to save him When my son is finally given the all clear we move to the small town of Oak Springs A place for both my son and I to finally settle down A place my real family lives I can't approach them though Not until the time is right I wasn't banking on bumping into the one man I have searched for since my son was born His father Bryton Sawyer Bryton Roya Nixon was the only girl who ever got me the one woman I could see myself loving for all eternity She was the woman I should have married But what did I do I walked away from her the second she told me she was pregnant Correction I gave her money to end the pregnancy then I walked away I always thought she'd gone through with it and moved on with her life Little did I know until the day I literally bump into my young son that she lied to me She kept my son from me for four long years I didn't even know he'd suffered so much in his short life But there is one thing I do know now that I know him now that she's back in my life I will not let them go I don't care what I have to do That girl is mine.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 124 pages
  • Traced Oak Springs Book 4
  • Lucy Rinaldi
  • 03 June 2016

4 thoughts on “Traced Oak Springs Book 4

  1. Lauren Lauren says:

    This book is the fourth book in the oak springs series It is the first book in this series and first book of this authors that I have read I enjoyed the story but I needed I felt like the story was so fast paced that it missed chunks of story I instantly liked Roya and Jaxson I liked how close they were and that they had finally settled in a nice place I was even happy when Jaxson met his father for the first time Whatwho I didn’t like for near the whole book was Bryton He told Roya to have an abortion and walked away He then had the audacity to be angry that Roya had kept his son away from him for four years I was truly frustrated I wanted to punch Bryton He was a douche canoe when he was first introduced I will reluctantly admit that he stepped up and was a part of his son’s life as soon as he met him When Roya found her parents I was shouting at my kindle that there were not enough pages I NEEDED pages I liked that Roya found her family My heart hurt for them and all they had been through I liked that she was instantly accepted and got the love she never had When Roya’s abductor returned with another child Roya selflessly stepped in to help little Seb I was satisfied with the ending for this book and found it sweet although the hero grew on me I still think he is a douche canoe

  2. Kim Brewing Kim Brewing says:

    I really liked this one one of the things I liked most is that the writer had to make us like Bryton because most of us wantedor will want to throat punch him in the beginning He really comes of as a total loser especially his inner thoughts before reconnecting with Roya love the name I enjoyed the relationship Roya had with JaxsonA couple of things I didn't care for there were still some editing issues but they didn't take me out of the story Also I thought we would see of the landlord that went above and beyond in the beginningOverall I enjoyed this series

  3. Mollie Mollie says:

    35 Stars

  4. Raj Raj says:

    Spoiler AlertBrytonChapter threeThere's not much in the way of hot women in this town it seems everyone is either taken or a slut who goes out of town to sleep with any man they can open their legs forRoyaEpilogue 14 months laterBryton opened his own gym here in town and he is always swamped with members A lot of the women in town always reuest him as their personal trainer Not that I get jealous he's my man and nothing will ever change thatAside from the book being packed with event after tumultuous eventI would have preferred it to have ended with the hero's thoughts instead of the heroine's considering the town he believes he lives in and the women that reside thereI'm still unsure why an owner of a gym would be the personal trainer as well and why all these women are flocking for his services according to his not so jealous wifeThe hero is 25 years old and the heroine is 23The book is well writtenhas no cheatingno sex scenes with ow and zero ow drama and is part of a series of well written novels with different couples at the helm

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