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  1. Jessica Capps Jessica Capps says:

    Princess Porcelaina is a fantastic book for younger kiddos The story is complex enough to keep a child and adult entertained throughout the whole thing but is not so long that a child would lose interest The writing is very descriptive and colorful without being too confusing for younger brains This is a sweet story about a Princess who is 100% taken care of 100% of the day everyday of her life Her routine is the same every day and she has never even thought that life could be any different than what it is She is fed the same breakfast everyday she is entertained by the same people everyday and she goes to bed covered by 100 sheets held up by 100 guards every night She is pampered in every way EVERY DAY That is until one day she hears a scratching in her room When a rat pops into her room and tells her to forget he was ever there she doesn’t know what to do with herself When she finally finds a way out she goes on an adventure to find out who she is and why she is essentially being held captive isolated from everyone but her servantsThere are a few skirmishes in this story but I did not find them violent A character does die attempting to save Princess Porcelaina but it is not graphic If anything it is very sad but heroic This story is about a child finding her family and learning about love I wish I had come across this book when my son was youngThis book was given to me by the author narrator or publisher in exchange for an honest unbiased review

  2. Paula Dyches Paula Dyches says:

    I knew going into this book it was written for young children so my expectations were set to that level I will say it started out on that level but the further I got into it the complex it got The story had little aspects of familiar fairy tales intertwined throughout the story which were cute and fun It is by all means geared to young children 5 12yrs but becomes enjoyable for the older listening crowd with some interesting twists and turns I absolutely loved listening to Saul Reichlin he did a phenomenal job with the voices and acting and really just made it uite fun to listen to Overall a great book for all agesI was given this free review copy audiobook at my reuest and have voluntarily left this review

  3. Emmy Emmy says:

    •audiobook•Full 5 shiny twinkling stars The beginning of this book reminds me of The Mouse King but from there I was spellbound and hooked I loved Porcelaina and how she developed into a wonderful strong smart and determined young girl This was a true fantasy escape with good and bad not terrifying evil and would be a perfect read or listen for youth The writing and world building was descriptive and wonderful The vocabulary was elementary but not basic It was easy to follow and creative Highly recommended for youngsters and family A true heroine with spunk and common sense My many thanks for the audiobook and my review is voluntary and honest

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Princess Porcelaina [Read] ➳ Princess Porcelaina By Sarah Deanna Powell – Pampered Princess Porcelaina is blissfully unaware of how tedious her days in the castle turret are until they are brought to an abrupt halt when a haughty rat named Basil breaks into her room and cha Pampered Princess Porcelaina is blissfully unaware of how tedious her days in the castle turret are until they are brought to an abrupt halt when a haughty rat named Basil breaks into her room and changes everything Follow her adventures as she throws off the certainties of the past and heads into an increasingly strange future Can the mercenary Budleigh Salterton and the evil overlord Rexford Overstreet stop her from finding the amazing secret that will finally set her free Princess Porcelaina is a coming of age story set in a land ruled by rats scientists and creatures from the fifth dimension.

  • Paperback
  • Princess Porcelaina
  • Sarah Deanna Powell
  • 12 December 2016
  • 9781999707903