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  1. Daniella Daniella says:

    I wish I could rate this higher I really do The writing is great the prose beautiful Rose is a very strong heroine especially with the way she deals with Charles' abandonment and his return to her life I really really like and respect her and I just wish that Charles deserve even just a fragment of her affections But he does not No matter how I try to force myself to like him I just can't bring myself to I understand his reasons for leaving for not replying to Rose's letters and for leaving again in pursuit of a better life in America My brain understands that but my heart does not I get that it's natural and rational for him to aspire better things seeing as he comes from poverty but I just wish I dunno that he even gave a thought about sacrificing that dream for Rose Hey even just considering it would be fine for me I just can't help but feel like he's too selfish The pain is made worse because as I said I really really like Rose and want her to be happy I'm not convinced that that man is CharlesI guess the main reason why I rated this like this is because of the angst There's just way to much angst that at some point I had to stop because I felt that I was being suffocated The book feels unbalanced; there's way too much sadness and so very little happiness to counteract that Reading this is like slashing my arm and pouring alcohol over the wound It's too good to be hated but too painful to be loved

  2. Caz Caz says:

    One Wild Winter’s Eve the fourth in Anne Barton’s Honeycote series is a pleasant enough way to pass a few hours but is ultimately nothing special The two protagonists are nice enough but rather bland and because they are in love from pretty much the start of the book the story is about how they overcome the obstacles that lie in their path because of their difference in station; the hero is a land steward and was formerly the stable master in the household of the Duke of Huntford and the heroine is the duke’s sisterI haven’t read the earlier books but there is enough information given here to enable the new reader to figure out what has gone before Lady Rose Sherbourne is the youngest of three siblings and has been most strongly affected by the abandonment of their mother some six years earlier In fact it was the sight of her mother in bed with her two lovers that traumatised her so much that she refused to speak for years During that time only Charles Holland the gentle stable master took the time to truly understand her and only when she was with him was Rose able to forget her sorrow and feel normalThree years later Charles has moved on dismissed when the duke discovered the innocent friendship between him and his sister and Rose – who has now recovered her speech is acting as a companion to Lady Bonneville who is one of those intimidating but hiding a heart of gold types of dowagers so often found in historical romances Lady Bonneville is travelling to Bath to visit Lady Yardley who happens to be an old friend of Rose’s mother’s and Rose hopes that perhaps she will be able to obtain some clue as to her mother’s current whereabouts Even though she behaved atrociously and then abandoned her family Rose is determined to find her so that she can put the past behind her and move forward with her lifeIt emerges that Lady Yardley is still in touch with the dowager duchess of Huntford and has only recently received a letter from her Rose is desperate to know what it says but her hostess is not at all forthcoming so later that night Rose sneaks into the study to see if she can find the letter and read it Her search is interrupted however by Lady Yardley’s steward who is none other than Charles HollandThis unexpected meeting shakes both of them and neither is sure exactly how to treat the other especially as the forbidden attraction that had always been present between them roars back to life even stronger than before When Rose is eventually able to explain her purpose to Charles he agrees to help her to find the letter from her mother –which has since disappeared – and to see if he can find out anything else which might help her Unfortunately however in helping Rose Charles suddenly finds himself in a very tricky situation one from which he is unlikely to emerge unscathed and which threatens to destroy the future he and Rose had been hoping to build for themselvesThe romance between the two principals is tender and sweet although their being in love at the beginning of the book means that it doesn’t really develop – it just is The conflict in the novel really comes from the fact that for years Charles has dreamed of owning land of his own and knowing this was unlikely to happen in England has been planning to travel to America as soon as he could afford to buy his passage but now Rose is back in his life how can he bear to leave her? Yet how can he ask her a gently bred young woman with a close knit loving family to leave them to undertake a hazardous journey and settle in a rough dangerous land? One Wild Winter’s Eve is a well written book the storyline moves swiftly and all reaches a satisfying conclusion Ultimately though it’s one of those middling books that is neither good nor bad – it’s enjoyable enough but not particularly memorable and isn’t a book I’m likely to re read

  3. Becca Becca says:

    This is one of those stories that actually suffered from being too long and would have been better as a novellaI absolutely loved the beginning of this story The writing was beautiful and the angst and sexual tension between the characters was heady Rose is the sister of a duke who suffered a traumatic experience when she was younger and was mute for a period of her life During this time she drew very close to the stable master Charles a young man who always made her feel normal safe and happy Then he suddenly leaves and they don't see each other for yearsThe flashbacks to Rose and Charles' young lives were beautifully done and they provided depth to the feelings that Rose and Charles experience when they unexpectedly encounter each other in Bath some years later During this time Rose no longer mute is a guest and Charles is a steward It may have been six years since they have seen each other but all of the feelings come rushing back I could see the pull between the characters and I enjoyed all of their private meetings as their relationship developed away from the eyes of othersBut then the story became overly dramatic I won't give too much away but there is a run in with the law that then drags on for the second half of the story It was a bit unexpected and while Barton tied everything together I just didn't like it The excess drama took away from the power of Rose and Charles' relationship and made me drop a star rating because I went from loving the story and savoring every word to reading uickly to see how it endedEach character is driven by different motivations in this story Charles is desperate to make something of himself even at the expense of a life with Rose In some ways I understand why he wanted to leave to become a landowner in America the class system in England during this time is extremely rigid but it surprised me that he never considered other options since he loved Rose so deeply It was the only thing that made me doubt him Rose was an excellent heroine She was shy and reserved but had a deep well of love and loyalty for her family and for Charles She was willing to make sacrifices and consider all options in order to be with Charles She was also exploring the mystery of her mother's disappearance I think this may be a link in previous books and was resolved here Rose's traumatic experience involved a scene she saw with her mother and then her mother left all of her children behind Rose travels to Bath to talk to her mother's old friends to learn what happened to her and things play out in an unexpected way Since I haven't read the other books in this series I wasn't as invested in this mystery but it seemed to be very important to RoseOverall this was a nice introduction to Barton's writing and I will be trying her work again There was s little too much angst injected into this story the angst of a separate class romance is enough without all of the other drama so if all her stories are like this I may change my tune However I thought Barton's prose was lovely and the way she built up the relationship between Charles and Rose was wonderful The sex scenes were also nice and not too over the top usually with new authors the sex is gratuitous but not here 5 stars for the first half of the story 3 stars for the second half for an average of 4 stars overall

  4. Anna& Anna& says:

    Reviewed for herding cats burning soup and uniue Barton never fails at delivering gorgeous romances between characters that are full of fire life and the determination to be true to themselves The ton be damned gah I love that One Wild Winter's Eve was uite the adventure as Rose goes searching for information about her long lost mama who abandoned the family years ago and instead comes face to face with a man from her pastThe uick of it is that Rose and Charles met when he was a stable master for her family They had a friendship that was turning into scandalous yes? before their lives were sent in separate directions and much to her dismay they lost touch And now years later they've stumbled upon one another once again though chickienot so pleased with him after not hearing from him in so long Mmhm when Rose travels as a companion to visit a woman she's sure knows information about her long lost mama and Charles just so happens to be working for the householdCharles and Rose were magnetic I loved both of them And their forbidden romance The well behaved daughter of a Duke and the former stable master that set her heart racing Two that had everything fighting against them but loved each other deeply and truly That would sacrifice everything for one another It was a bumpy ride full of secrets a horse named Pandora and narrow escapes as their search for the truth about her mother lands them in serious danger and sends them trekking across country before they lose everything that matters most to themI laughed out loud I sighed I fell completely in love once again with the world Barton created One Wild Winter's Eve was a beautiful tale of love triumphing over all It was just lovely and heartfelt from beginning to endWoohoo One of my favorite authors AND I'm uoted in it Can't waitReviewing for herding cats burning soup

  5. Jen Davis Jen Davis says:

    45 StarsI love a good forbidden romance especially one where the hero is far beneath the heroine in social standing And this is a good forbidden romance Lady Rose is sister to the Duke of Huntford Charles is the stable master Their relationship started as an innocent friendship but their feelings grew to something They never acted on their attraction but it was no doubt the reason Charles left suddenly one day without saying a wordThree years later they never expected to see each other again Imagine their surprise when their paths cross and all the old feelings come rushing back Rose is serving as a companion to an older lady visiting Lady Yardley a woman who used to be a friend of her mother's Charles is the steward on the property Rose is there hoping to get information on the mother who abandoned her all those years ago She uickly discovers that Lady Yardley knows than she is willing to share Rose and Charles end up working together to uncover the secrets she is working to keepOh but in the meantime there is so much delicious sexual tension I love how deeply and truly these two care for one another Rose doesn't look at Charles and see his class or his abilities She sees a good man A smart man A beautiful man She is not so naive as to be blind to the roadblocks between them but recognizes that what's between them is something very special Charles sees it too but he is trying so hard to be noble He doesn't want to take anything from Rose He doesn't want to ruin her But he wants her so much He loves her so muchI could just swoon all over the placeOf course there are forces working against them And in most books this would have led to an insipid misunderstanding that would have sent the heroine running for the hills But not here These two actually communicate They're also willing to sacrifice for one another when necessary and to believe in each other and their love when push comes to shoveI also liked the story thread involving Rose's mother It speaks a lot to Rose's character how she responds to the circumstances But it's the relationship between Rose and Charles that makes this story singThe pacing is good The romance is easy to root for The sex is hot And the ending totally satisfies I would recommend this oneRating B ARC provided by publisher

  6. Kimberly Rocha~ Book Obsessed Chicks Kimberly Rocha~ Book Obsessed Chicks says:

    Sometimes young love is not meant to be especially when the lady is of the ton and the one she loves is a groom in the family stables But then again even time does not assuage the feelings one has for the other and ONE WILD WINTER'S EVE by Anne Barton is a perfect exampleFor as much as Lady Rose Sherbourne's family is loving and caring they are also a very involved bunch After the disappearance of her mother Rose never lost hope that she would discover where her mother had gone even though her family are still angry at their abandonment by their mother Occasionally being around this family is too much So when Rose needed time away she did so in the form of a companion to the older and wise Lady Bonneville What Rose could never have fathomed was seeing the very man who evoked such feeling all those years ago Catching Rose rifling through his employer's desk the former groom now steward Charles is shocked and surprised that the lady before him is the very one love from his past No longer the silent waif of a girl Rose has grown into a beautiful woman who still evokes emotion in Charles who knows he has no business even looking her way Rose needs help and she asks Charles to assist her in seeking information about her mother from his employer Lady Yardley who was one of Rose's mother's best friends He really shouldn't help but his feelings for Rose overshadow anything else and after leaving her without a word all those years ago he seeks to make up for it Rose's feelings for Charles only blossom when she is around the now confident and handsome man She cares naught for their difference in station but he can't let that difference out of his mind even if he's fallen for her hook line and sinker all over again Rose's determination to show Charles that his hesitation of being with her is a lost cause is an emotionally charged part of this story Rose is also adamant about finding her mother and while that journey is important it is also a impassioned one Seeing two people so perfect for one another kept apart by social class is hard enough to deal with but when forces outside their relationship seek to push them apart it's a wonder watching them try to overcome the trials put in their pathONE WILD WINTER'S EVE by Anne Barton is the fourth story in the HONEYCOTE series and it is a wonderful one Rose never gave up on her search for her mother and when she has the chance to solve the mystery of where she is she goes full on ahead even if in the end heartbreak will be the resolution She also never gave up on her love for Charles and that love for him is what gets her through her trials Charles has always been a good man but now he has the chance to be the right man for Rose even if taking that leap causes upheaval I loved this book Anne Barton is so good at tugging at the reader's heartstrings and with ONE WILD WINTER'S EVE there is no exception

  7. Kris - My Novelesque Life Kris - My Novelesque Life says:

    ONE WILD WINTER’S EVE HONEYCOTE#4Written by Anne Barton2015; Forever 400 PagesGenre series historical fiction historical romance regency romanceRATING 4 STARSFinally we get to Owen and Olivia’s younger sister Rose Rose is a sweet sensitive and follow the rules type of girl She is also guilt ridden and heartbroken over her mother’s departure and her father’s sudden death Had she not walked in on her mother having relations with another man her father would still be alive Her siblings would be carefree and happy She can finally speak again but she must find her mother and discover the truth When Rose arrives at her mother’s friend’s estate she runs into a man who she broke all the rules for Charles HollandCharles was once the stable hand for Rose’s father’s estate After a summer that was his best time with Rose but could also be his undoing he left the estate for bigger ambitions Now when he sees Rose again he is not sure if he wants anything than her love Rose aims to uncover her mother’s whereabouts but is distracted by Charles and wonders if they can ever be togetherEven though it has taken me some time to finish this series I truly adore it Rose like the heroines before is a bright sassy heroine that tugs at your heartstrings She is also perfectly paired with Charles as a sensitive adoring hero There is adventure and but also has real drama that keeps the novel moving uickly All the Honeycote and Sherbourne girls are married so I am not sure if there will be any novels in the series I do hope Barton writes another series as great at this oneI RECEIVED AN eARC FROM THE AUTHORPUBLISHER VIA NETGALLEYMy Novelesue Blog

  8. Romancing the Book Romancing the Book says:

    Reviewed by JoAnneBook provided by NetGalleyBarton is a fairly new to me author having only read the third book in this series Scandalous Summer Nights I still jumped at the chance to read this the fourth book in the Honeycote series This is a historical romance with some romantic suspense thrown in I definitely need to go back and read the previous books in the series When She Was Wicked Once She Was Tempted and the novella To All The Rakes I’ve Loved Before so I can fill in some of the blanksOnce again each chapter begins with a definition that has a double meaning with a sentence that explains the meaning not related to terms having to do with horses or riding  It was nice to meet up with characters we've met before and have this book seamlessly flow from book threeThis time it is Lady Rose's and Charles' story  They come from different sides of the track but the attraction and chemistry are there  Charles had been the stable master at one of Lady Rose's brother's estates so they have a history together and he is now the steward at a country estate where they meet up when Rose is a companion to a family friend that is visiting there  The years fall away as they become familiar with each other once again and their feelings resurface  They have plenty of misunderstandings partly because Rose is headstrong and Charles is trying to do the right thing by her and also protect her but Rose seems to get into situations that are not easy to extract herself from  There is one adventure after another that sometimes had me laughing but for the most part they have some darkness to them  There are family and friends estates horses balls hard work abandonment fear anger escapes laughter tears sorrow happiness steamy moments romance and love  There is closure and a happily ever after in the offing that I didn't think would come to fruition but am so glad it did I hope this series continues since there seems to be much story to tell

  9. Mojca Mojca says:

    Lady Rose Sherbourne is uiet proper and following the rules of the ton No one would suspect there's anything remotely similar to passion under her placid exterior but as she embarks on a uest to find out what happened to her mother she discovers there's nothing liberating than following one's heartI must confess I much preferred the Honeycote portion of this series than the Sherbourne one I simply felt there were things missing in the last two installments Like spunk spark humor and passionUnlike her sister Rose was much sedate and proper but she was too placid downright vapid at the beginning of the story She captured my interest once she went rogue and sprung her boyfriend out of jail but then almost immediately went back to huddling in on herself fretting and feeling sorry for herself She didn't appear to have much agency most of her decisions were based on Charles the heroWho was rather bland himself I never got to really know him beside in context of his puppy like devotion to Rose and he also failed to have anything to do that would make him an individual instead of part of the couple with RoseThe story only came alive once they were in the company either of Lady Boneville or Rose's family who at least brought some spark to the proceedingsI liked the suspense sub plot and would've appreciated it if it was developed a little further and fully instead of only serving as catalyst to bring Charles and Rose together

  10. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    35 star ish at some points Cute overall thoughA sweet and cute read this is the another lovely collection to the Honeycote series Rose has always been the uiet one but book allows her to shine One Wild Winter's Eve is a bit of a second chance romance After years apart Rose unexpected sees Charles her childhood crush again especially not in Bath were she's trying to find information about her mother No longer the stable boy but a land steward Charles is trying to make something of himself though he still doesn't think he's good enough for Rose not that that matters to her They're really cute togetherThe first half of the book is your pretty typical historical romance Charles and Rose meet again they do a little dance of will they won't they as they try to figure out their feelings or rather how they're going act on their feelingsHe pressed his lips to hers lifting her off her feet and robbing her of breath He kissed her like he wished she were his That was the iron of the whole thing She was his And always would beBut then action comes rolling in the second half when Charles gets frame for a crime he didn't commit and Rose is determined to save him There's  some jail breaking Being on the run And lies and secrets aboundAn older stooped man banged his tin cup on the iron bars of his cell Let me out while you're at itShut yer toothless mouth Higgins called another prisoner The princes didn't come to save yeOverall it was uite the adventure Rose got to be the brave and bound girl she never thought she was and Charles got to prove that he's worthy of Rose With uite the showdown to the fiasco and a happily ever after ending One Wild Winter's Eve lives up to its nameThanks to Forever Netgalley for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review Original review at Book Munchies

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One Wild Winter's Eve ➶ [Read] ➲ One Wild Winter's Eve By Anne Barton ➾ – Inghilterra 1818 Come sorella del Duca di Huntford Lady Rose Sherbourne deve sempre seguire le regole del ton Deve essere sorvegliata di continuo Non deve mai avere un comportamento sconveniente E in Inghilterra Come sorella del Duca di Huntford Lady Rose Sherbourne deve sempre seguire le regole del ton Deve essere sorvegliata di continuo Non deve mai avere un comportamento sconveniente E in genere lo fa di buon grado se si esclude uell'unica estate trascorsa con l'uomo meno adatto a lei il bellissimo capo stalliere Rose si è sempre chiesta cosa sarebbe successo se lui non fosse scomparso senza dirle una parola e ora dopo tre anni sta per scoprirlo Appena rivede Charles si accorge che il tempo non ha annacuato minimamente né i sentimenti né One Wild Epub / il desiderio che li legava uindi prima di accettare il marito che la famiglia le imporrà Rose decide di fare all'uomo una proposta sconsiderata introdurla ai piaceri della carne prima di sacrificare la vita al dovereTre anni di lontananza una passione mai sopitaSerie Honeycote Vol .