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  1. Sara MacRae Sara MacRae says:

    Here’s a ménage that will sweep you up in a combination of sweetness yes really scorching hot sex sizzling chemistry and genuine camaraderie and almost an “awwww” sort of plot Jett and Hunter are close buddies who met during high school each earned certification as auto mechanics opened up a successful business in their hometown of Baker’s Ridge bunked up as roommates in a tiny apartment just going about life Grace runs off from an apartment she’s sharing with a deadbeat drunk boyfriend Dale who had originally promised to provide for her and help her save up for college only to end up treating her like a nobody cook and maid When she’s finally had enough Grace takes off in her clunker for Baker’s Ridge a town she picked out on the map the same map she and Dale used to refer to when planning future dream trips She scours up enough money to pay for a cheap motel for a few days and some groceries until she can land a job When her car breaks down in the dead of night within a couple of miles of the cheap hotel Hunter – who happens to still be in the repair shop working on a vehicle – hears the engine die and proceeds to convince Grace to accept his invitation to stay with him and Jett in their apartmentJett and Hunter are both attracted to her beauty and gumption eventually offering her a job managing the front counter of the repair shop and convince her to continue staying with them Of course by this point the three of them are hooked at the hip as friends and lovers though individually they each realize they love one another but without jealousy When Dale shows up one day to reclaim Grace the guys’ protective instincts kick into overdrive and they save her from him Grace however refuses to be a burden and so decides to pursue her dream of going to college and enrolls in the community college in the next town over using the money she’s saved up by working for the guys and not having to pay rent The three agree to part ways but thanks to the wise words of an elderly customer – and then Grace’s epiphany that she’s not happy just pursuing her college dream without the guys by her side – the three reach a surprising solution Another surprise promises to make an appearance and leads to a logical HEA for this novellaThe characters are fun the sex is super charged and steamy the story is light and flows smoothly and the HEA is sweet Jett and Hunter are protective handsome and loving and Grace is likeable and smart Twice Taken definitely left a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart Another winner from author Chloe Lane

  2. CV CV says:

    Grace Robins left her boyfriend Dale and is running as far away as her car will take her About fifty miles away from Springfield her car breaks down in the town she chose as her destination Baker's Ridge Very conveniently it breaks down right across the street from the mechanics shop in town where Hunter Jackson is just finishing up on a car He offers to let her stay with him and Jett Michaels his business partner and best friend until she can find something else She accepts and also starts working at their shop scheduling appointments and doing office work and doing the owners as wellThis is a short MFM erotic read totally about the girl If you like instant attraction with explicit sex and a little bit of a storyline then you should like this To me the story was just silly although the sex was hot Hence the three star rating If I was running away from someone I thought was going to hurt me I would not pick somewhere only fifty miles away That's what an hour or so by car? And then Hunter Jett and Grace were talking about it taking a whole twenty minutes to get to the community college where she wanted to go to school and if she went she would have to move closer to the school They made it sound like the school was two hours away instead of twenty minutes It takes me twenty minutes to get my daughter to school when there's traffic I guess if you are from a small town where it only takes five minutes to get anywhere twenty minutes would seem like a long time There is a HEA with no cliffhangerI voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book

  3. Laila Viking Laila Viking says:

    This book is very well written Chloe Lane has done it again It did not disappoint meA short novel about one girl who has not been that lucky with her ex boyfriendThe two new sexy mechanics she meets makes her world turn But dare she take the chance?The timeline is fine and I love thatA girl that wants to make her dreams come through but still wants to live the happy life with sexy boyfriends Luckily they have got a opinion tooThe only thing I miss is a bit with Daryl her ex How he found her? What happens? And so onWorth reading

  4. Samantha Samantha says:

    Grease monkeys Really good and enjoyable read Characters had a really good connection and I liked all of them Specially the guys Super sweet Grace is a girl down on her luck and on the run who happens to be saved by Hunter the hottie Haha Then who introduces her to Jett The bffroomatebusiness partner Everything gets pretty hot and heavy from there A little drama and excitement there towards the end to keep you in your toes Topped off with a happy ending

  5. ♥️Fantasy Land Book Reviewer♥️ ♥️Fantasy Land Book Reviewer♥️ says:

    This is a wonderful book How come when my car breaks down I don't get two hot mechanics to fix mine? This is a hot short steamy wonderful book Did you get all that?I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review

  6. Jodi Cain Jodi Cain says:

    What a hot sexy read Jett and Hunter are extremely nice guys but also have a naughty side Grace was one lucky woman to have met these two men I loved the ending it was perfect for them

  7. Keema Osborne Keema Osborne says:

    Taken TwiceDreams do come true I like this story of Hunter Grace and Jett Their are the love story that we all hope to one day have In the beginning it was a bit shaky but as they get to know each other the relationship gets better and love takes its course Although no one says it it is understood between the three of them That's why it was so hard for them to be separated it was like a piece of their soul was missing This is why they were so willing to make sure their future together would always be as one unit and a bundle of joy or

  8. Amber Amber says:

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book5 sign me the bleep up Stars caution this story is extremely hot may cause kindle and panties to melt Chloe Lane has done it again Taken Twice is definitely my favorite so far i loved it so much I couldn't put it down didn't even want to go to work this morning it was short and sexy just the way I like it I loved Grace Hunter and Jett and I loved the story another hit Chloe can't wait to read

  9. Book-Lovin-Momma Book-Lovin-Momma says:

    When Grace is rescued by Hunter and Jett in the middle of the night the attraction between her and these two rough looking tattooed men is immediate and it isn't long before they're giving into their feelings This was an insta lustlove story but it was exciting and hot and I loved it If you like a good uick menage read this is a good one I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book

  10. Rochelle Rochelle says:

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this bookTWICE TAKENI loved this book it was so hot and entertaining It is a insta love story but nevertheless it was so excitingly sweet It's a uick read with a great storyline that pulled me right in Loved the characters Jett Grace and Hunter This was such an enjoyable read I could have kept on reading and reading Definitely a must read for me

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Twice Taken ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Twice Taken By Chloe Lane ✼ – We rescued her Now it’s time for her to pay her debt Grace Robins is on the run from somewhere when her car breaks down two blocks from our shop in the middle of the night She doesn’t have any cho We rescued her Now it’s time for her to pay her debt Grace Robins is on the run from somewhere when her car breaks down two blocks from our shop in the middle of the night She doesn’t have any choice but to ask us for help And there’s no way we could refuse that sweet innocent womannot when she happens to be so gorgeous that she has both of us falling for her at first sight There’s only one problem She doesn’t have a way to pay us and we don’t work for free I’m caught between a rock and a hard place The two tattooed mechanics who come to my rescue in the middle of the night on my very first night in town are not the kind of guy I’d normally go for Then again my taste in men is exactly what made me run in the first place I don’t have enough money to pay them for fixing my car and I should hate the fact that there’s only one way out of this I shouldn’t want their hands on my skin I shouldn’t want to submit to them But I can’t help myself Twice Taken An MFM Romance is is a uick dirty steamy standalone MFM romance with two dirty talking alpha heroes who will have you melting a heroine who’s head over heels and sweet like candy HEA If you’re looking for something over the top and molten hot this is it As an MFM romance this story is all about her so relax and enjoy.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 150 pages
  • Twice Taken
  • Chloe Lane
  • 19 October 2016