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A Bouuet of Love ✮ [PDF] ✩ A Bouuet of Love By Monique Mulligan ✻ – Thomashillier.co.uk Ten couples not looking for love find something unexpected when they visit Serendipity Bridal Boutiue Kate Peron’s vintage styled salon Love is in the air and it’s about to blow into their lives b Ten couples not looking for love find something unexpected when they visit Serendipity Bridal Boutiue Kate Peron’s vintage styled salon Love is in the air and it’s about A Bouuet PDF/EPUB ² to blow into their lives bringing fortunate accidents of the heartfelt variety to those lucky enough to walk through Serendipity’s doors A man comes to Eagle Point to stop a wedding A magazine editor finds herself in a cheesy situation A different kind of bride takes to the catwalk Readers will be swept away by this bouuet of stories from ten Australian authors – stories of healing and second chances of opening hearts and minds of souls connecting and remembering of temptation and desire Life and love in Eagle Point has never been challenging or fun From cupcake wielding assassins to hilarious blind date set ups there’s something for everyone in this delightfully romantic collection that proves there can never be too much ado about love.

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  1. Amanda - Mrs B& Amanda - Mrs B& says:

    starsSerendipity Bridal a vintage bridal shop situated on a trendy cafe strip in the fictional coastal West Australian town of Eagle Point is the gel that binds together the stories selected to appear in an anthology titled A Bouuet of Love The ten uniue stories contained in this book are by a collection of ten diverse Australian female authors who have combined their talents to produce this brand new release from Serenity PressThe ten authors featured in A Bouuet of Love were issued with a challenge they were each asked to write a romance filled short story featuring the same premises Serendipity Bridal Boutiue The authors were able to include pre set key characters such as owner Kate designer Kyle and shop assistant Vanessa but they were also able to create their own characters The result is a set of memorable tales that perfectly encapsulates the whole bridal shop experience A Bouuet of Love most importantly captures the romance but also the anticipation happiness fun organisation disappointment and even the uncomfortable parts that go hand in hand with weddings – think six inch heelsWedding lovers will be sure to rejoice in reading this truly romantic collection For me the stories in this book allowed me to relive moments from my own wedding preparations to my turn at being a bridesmaid and the memories I have of attending friends or family members weddings Aside from the great memories this anthology managed to conjure from my reading experience expect to laugh thanks to Teena Raffa’s brave male bride be shocked Carolyn Wren’s cupcake debacle and sob your heart out thanks for the forewarning Barbara Gurney There is even a gem of a story that cleverly references my favourite Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing Expect to also be dazzled by a range of diverse characters and different relationship scenarios from the beauty of mature love second chances in love same sex love and Cinderella style love In this book love is definitely all around for the customers as well as the workers of Serendipity Bridal Contained with each story are the resounding themes of family life love romance and self discovery A Bouuet of Love draws our attention to how weddings have the power to incorporate not only the bride and groom but also the family friends and the venders who work hard to ensure the big day is a success When you reach the final and pivotal story in this collection about Serendipity’s owner Kate who was only a background character for the bulk of the book A Fortunate Accident gives this character a chance to shine The last story also shows us how all these stories may be different but they share a common link I guarantee a smile will reach your face by the time this collection meets its close as hardworking Kate finally gets her own happily ever after When I reached the end of A Bouuet of Love although I got the sense that the wedding party celebrations may be over the romantic experiences I gained from being a part of each of these ten special tales was especially heart warmingBoth as a contributor and as an editor of this anthology Moniue Mulligan should be praised for her work on A Bouuet of Love Alongside Serenity Press owner and business partner Karen McDermott Moniue Mulligan manages to bring out the best in all the stories chosen to feature in this novel and tie them together neatly in a consistent bow The setting characterisation and general storyline all seem to slip together in a precise fashion A Bouuet of Love sure worked its magic on me – as I am not a fan of short story collections but this anthology has managed to convert me With the success of this anthology I look forward to the next romance fiction anthology – Destination Romance by Serenity Press which is set to head our way next yearI wish to thank the publisher Serenity Press for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  2. Theresa Smith Theresa Smith says:

    A Bouuet of Love is a beautifully presented book The gorgeous front cover design with its pink butterflies falling into formation as a bride; the hearts set between the story breaks and the pretty motifs above each the chapter headers; this book is so utterly pretty and compliments the romantic stories within it perfectly I'm very partial to lovely looking books it's the book collector within in me popping up its inuisitive head and I can see myself picking up another copy of this anthology to give as a gift come Christmas timeThis anthology is ideal for fans of insta love romantic comedies and whimsical second chance love stories Each of the ten stories are the perfect length to sit down and read with a cuppa bite sized romance that promises that uplifting 'happy ever after' each timeOrbiting around the Serendipity Bridal Boutiue I appreciated that thread of connectivity that laced all of the stories together Given each author had only that common location as a link I think they did very well coming up with some fun and memorable scenarios The editors have done a wonderful job ensuring that all of the stories were uniue and well placed within the anthologyThanks is extended to Serenity Press for providing me with a copy of A Bouuet of Love for reviewA Bouuet of Love is book 33 in my 2017 Australian Women Writers Challenge

  3. Chi Chi says:

    The Late Shift 2Vanessa's story was interesting but the attraction between the both of them seemed a bit fast to the point that I didn't buy into their attraction nor was I invested in them as charactersAngel in the Baking 5This on the other hand was sweet Another dose of insta love this was actually rather believable a case of opposite attracts but with very compatible skills It was maybe a tad too serendipitous don't shoot me but it was fortunate for them both that they were attracted to a person who happened to be gayThe Dating Phase 5Oh but that was cute Both MCs were previously married Miriam was a widow and Brent was a divorcé and had grown kids who had already long left home Their meeting was anything but auspicious but I liked the optimistic note the story had left on It was a lovely touch to a really sweet storyGrooming the Bride 2The attraction was instant and the courtship actually took a decent amount of time but on the whole it was hard for me to get a good handle on the tone for the ending It was a mite too rushed That and Dani had a tendency of jumping to conclusions instead of talking things over with Matt It showed that perhaps their relationship was based on lust rather than a meeting of the mindsRibbons of Love 4What a melancholic read that was It probably wasn't the best story to end my evening on but there you have it Nell as we discover pretty early on has a pretty dodgy memory She had been finding it very difficult on getting a handle of where she is when she is living her life and who she is living with Her memories constantly drift back towards Stan the love of her life instead of her mind remaining in the present And ultimately it was so sad to see her daughter Fiona come to terms with the decision that she's had to makeSecond Chance at Love 2This started out pretty promising Bronte made a promise to Michelle her best friend to take over her role as a photography assistant to Jasper They were both attracted to one another but had their baggage Sadly there wasn't much exploration in their respective baggage we were told that their pasts affected them but it was hard to get a feel for the depth of damage they each had I did like though that the ending wasn't one of undying everlasting love based on what happened in one weekendMuch AdoSunkHead Over HeelsFortunate Accident

  4. Marie McLean Marie McLean says:

    When I see the word ‘anthology’ I imagine a mixed bag of short stories not necessarily connected to each other I expect to be drawn into several different worlds adjusting to varied writing styles sometimes tempted to skip sections where the plot and characters just aren’t grabbing me I was curious as to how an anthology like A Bouuet of Love would workTen separate stories are centred around the same setting a coastal town home to Serendipity Bridal Boutiue and main characters Kate Kyle and Vanessa but each story has its own spin uniue characters and story line The theme characters and setting flow seamlessly throughout allowing the book to be read as a whole I was not tempted to skip sections; the editing giving an overall feeling of a novel rather than a collection of short storiesMy favourite character was Kyle His personality comes across uniformly despite being written by ten different authors And Nell a character who leaves ribbons tied around town really stuck with me The book was fun full of romance a bit of lust and even sadness I enjoyed reading itI like the title a clever play on the word ‘bouuet’ which is after all a bunch of flowers in this case stories gathered togetherI was also impressed with the uality of the book its cover typesetting and editing which is published by an independent press based in Perth Western AustraliaSerenity Press are right to feel proud of it

  5. Dannielle Line Dannielle Line says:

    Destination Romance’s characters begin their happily ever after’s in the town of Heart Springs in New South Wales where the J’Adore Travel Boutiue is at the centre of so many wonderful romantic connections These magical moments happen in the town itself coastal Western Australia and then takes the reader globe trotting to magnificent locations Travel to France London the Greek Islands and exotic Thailand without ever leaving the comforts of home In fact grab another cup glass of your favourite beverage and your favourite reading snack and indulge in the cruise or two of a lifetime then travel back in time to a place of simplistic wonder And don’t go thinking this is a book for young love only Destination Romance does offer that but it also proves to its readers love can find you at any age rekindle what was lost bring about a kismet meeting make you believe in love again that anything is possible or bring you face to face with your one true love – you know – the one who was right under your nose all along Enjoy a myriad of emotions I laughed so hard I cried in one story and I cried at the end of another because it seems I’m of a hopeless romantic than I’ll ever admit to as you discover our heroines’ paths to true love This anthology won’t disappoint  Pre order your copy now  It or Lose It by Carolyn WrenMusic teacher and movie buff Rose longs to support her best friend on her special day but the bride to be is holding her wedding on a cruise and Rose is petrified of open water The solution to calm her fears – the wonderful girls at J’Adore Travel Boutiue in Heart Springs send her on a short cruise with the promise of a rescue in twenty four hours if it’s too much for her So when her luggage is lost her phobia kicks in and a handsome gentleman named ‘Jack’ comes to her rescue Rose knows one thing for certain This mini holiday is about to become one ‘Titanic’ disasterThe Boy Next Door by Tanya KeanGrace has experienced much sadness in her young life the death of her father then her mother’s demise and in between the shattering pain of her first heartbreak Her next door neighbour and first love Michael Barrington vanished years ago without saying goodbye and a piece of Grace died that day too But sadness has no place on holiday and Grace is finally going to live out her dreams After a visit to her travel agent she’ll stopover in London and then spend a week or two lazing around some Greek islands Then in London a rainstorm hits and the bad weather ushers her into a pub and across the bar is the last person she expected to see Has she really travelled halfway around the world just to run into the boy next door?The Next Stage – Jean JenkinsCarol left Perth with a battered heart painful memories of an abrasive ex and the declaration she’ll never love another man again Instead she returns to her home town of Heart Springs to decide what she wants to do with her life And just because she enjoyed a conversation with a handsome gentleman on the flight over who appears to share her interests doesn’t mean she’s going to start with him Then her childhood friend Maggie suggests a short holiday cruise could be just the thing to help clear her head They meet for lunch to discuss it when who should serve them an amazing lunch but Bob the delightful man she met at the airport Just as well she’s heading off again soon In New Zealand Carol realises she feels happy again but Bob is still on her mind How did he sneak past her defences and what happened to the promise she made about no men?Heart Swings by Renee ConoultyBeing the family representative at a family wedding in gorgeous Thailand sounds like the perfect escape for Brooke So many life changing decisions about her future everyone else wants to make for her are than she can take and she welcomes the break Of course there’s just the small matter of being afraid to fly but the handsome man seated next to her on the plane soon calms her fears It’s then she realises he’s Heart Spring’s newest resident who hates the small town his parents moved their family business to in hopes of a sea change He’s also certain there’s not a decent cup of coffee to be found outside of Sydney and for barista extraordinaire Brooke that’s just not on But first they have to get through her cousin’s wedding an encounter with his ex girlfriend who’s also a wedding guest and desperate to rekindle their big city romance and a trek through the steamy native Thailand jungle for both Brooke and Ryan to realise where their hearts truly layWhen Love Breaks Down by Lisa WolstenholmeWhen Gill convinced her husband to take early retirement she never dreamed it would mean he’d be constantly underfoot in her hair and driving her out of her mind When had Jim become such a cantankerous ‘old’ man? Their daughter Maggie asks them to attend a tour called ‘Golden Oldies’ in Western Australia as a favour to her so she can recommend the tour company for her agency Gill agrees deciding a break is exactly what she and Jim need to put the spark back into their marriage Instead Jim’s temper is working overtime spoiling the holiday and putting the other guests offside and Gill has had just about enough What happened to the man she married and how will they ever get past this latest hurdle and find each other again?Living in the Past – Melanie PageNae Naomi Campbell took a trip of a lifetime in an archaeological dig in France reliving thirteenth century history Her ex fiancé like their doomed romance is far behind her Thanks to careful planning by the travel agency in her home town of Heart Springs she’s finally part of something she loves What she didn’t plan on was falling in love with Phillip who’s not only a gentleman but a viscount’s son too What chance is there for finding love and happily ever after in the past for an Aussie girl who’s way out of her league out of time and out of hope?On Track for Tomorrow by Mel A RoweA leg brace and streamline crutches or sticks as Jessica calls them don’t exactly inspire thoughts of a handy capable woman preparing to embark on a six day hike across the MacDonald Ranges But for the first year anniversary of the day that changed everything Jessica’s determined to regain her strength her confidence and her life In preparation she rents a small house in Heart Spring’s from her client Maggie In between her capacity as IT guru for half the town it seems she’ll work on strengthening her legs without her eagle eyed parents or anyone else hovering over her ready to watch her fall A pity then her next door neighbour and full time ‘god’ didn’t get the memo When Brett offers to help her train Jessica is caught between her own stubborn determination and hope that Brett’s interest is one not born out of pity but something beautiful and worthy of wonderful tomorrowsEscape to D’Amour by Michelle BeesleyCaught in the past and in her remembered love for a husband who died two years before the only thing that keeps The Tea Lady Café’s owner Lavender Jones going is working and baking at her shop That and worrying how she’ll keep the lavender farm her late husband’s family owned from running into the ground Then her travel agent friend Izzy has the perfect suggestion Go to France on a gastronomical tour on the travel agency’s behalf enjoy all the food and drink delights Provence has to offer and learn as much as she can about their lavender farms before coming home What Izzy didn’t say was she’d be captivated by everything she touched tasted and smelled including a French Chocolatier lavender plantation owner whose delicate confections passionate manner and sexy accent show her he’s well versed in all things ‘Lavender’A London Minute by Michelle RuleRuby is at a complete loss as to what to do next Her parents sold the family business the one she thought she’d someday inherit and took themselves off on a whirlwind trip overseas leaving her stuck in Heart Springs with okay a roof over her head but no job prospects and no real skills outside of the ones she learns at her parents’ sides in the town’s best Fish and Chip shop Now it’s someone else’s dream and no way is she going to work for them even if a certain green eyed hunk is trying to convince her otherwise But she can let her guard down enough to be his friend because it’s not his fault his parents stole her dream Then just when things are getting interesting her parents ask her to join them in London In the blink of an eye Ruby’s torn between the past she lost and an uncertain futureSpoilt for Love by Moniue MulliganMaggie Redmont is used to planning holidays for lovers and those whose hearts are waiting to be mended The only heart she hasn’t been able to fix is her own That’s because the man of her dreams appeared in a café in Scotland years ago and when they looked into each other’s eyes the heavens opened and the angels sang Then he disappeared and she never saw him again Somehow that brief meeting had spoiled her for any man since So when ‘Rafe’ arrives in Heart Springs to fill in for one of her fellow travel agents and those same sparks fly Maggie’s strict ‘no fraternising’ policy a lesson she learned the hard way means once again her happily ever after is off limits Is he really going to slip through her fingers again?

  6. Vanessa Haley Vanessa Haley says:

    Fall in love in the romance anthology of the year A Bouuet of Love written by a compilation ten great authorsA Bouuet Of Love A Serenity Press Anthology shows love in its many shapes and forms This romance book stands out above other anthologies being linked to a bridal theme where all authors have written a story especially for this book The breathtaking setting is the make believe seaside town of Eagle Point and all love leads back to the Serendipity Bridal Boutiue Authors truly showcase their best with stories showcasing romances between new love some opening their hearts to the chance of love after many years alone and even a love between a daughter and a mother From truly time honored romance to humorous renditions of falling in love this book really has it allThe Bouuet of Love was a truly refreshing and original take on an anthology with the theme of a bridal shop bringing the stories nicely together It's a theme that screams romance and falling in love It's many variations in plot kept the book engaging From the title that stood out with a gorgeous artistic woman in a gown of butterflies to the first engaging story to the end page this book truly is beautifully composed The heartwarming stories from the 10 authors blended seamlessly A new fan of the ten great authors who made romance dance on the page and come alive This book is definitely a 55 read and I recommend this book to all lovers of romanceI won this book on Goodreads giveaway and I was very happy to write a review

  7. Carolyn Wren Carolyn Wren says:

    Everyone knows the film Four Weddings and a Funeral Some lucky people like me will remember seeing it for the first time with no prior knowledge of plot or spoilers I clearly remember sitting in the cinema expecting a light fluffy comedy It's true I was laughing out loud after thirty seconds and an hour later I was scrambling for tissues in my handbag with genuine tears of sadness streaming down my cheeks The film wound its way through my emotions and left me feeling uplifted and hopeful Why am I bringing this up in a book review? Because A Bouuet of Love did exactly the same thing I read the entire book in one sitting ignoring everyone and everything I was supposed to be doing Because from the very start it grabbed me I went from laughter to tears From wistfulness to elation A Bouuet of Love isn't just about weddings It's about how a major events affects us and the people around us Our family our friends Each story is about life and love in all its myriad forms It's a gorgeous anthology You'll laugh I dare you not to cry And most of all you'll remember that life with all its craziness is pretty special All the people who cross our paths do so for a reason I read A Bouuet of Love as an e book I can't wait to grab the print copy curl up on the sofa and read it all again

  8. Claire Boston Claire Boston says:

    I've been looking forward to reading this book for a while now and it doesn't disappoint The stories are all so varied with one common thing holding them together Serendipity Bridal Boutiue And while all the stories are about love and weddings they are so much than that as well I laughed and I sobbed each story making me feelIt's definitely worth a read

  9. Sonia Bellhouse Sonia Bellhouse says:

    An anthology based around Serendipity bridal boutiue Ten authors give us their own inimitable take on romance It made me laugh it made me cry and I will remember some of the stories for a long time A lively mix and a fun read

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