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Caution Oak Springs Book 3 ❰Download❯ ➺ Caution Oak Springs Book 3 Author Lucy Rinaldi – Paige Enzo Ryker is every woman's fantasy come to life He's tall incredibly well built handsome to a fault A firefighter paramedic hotel owning bare knuckle cage fighter The man I have loved all my li Paige Enzo Springs Book PDF ↠ Ryker is every woman's fantasy come to life He's tall incredibly well built handsome to a fault A firefighter paramedic hotel owning bare knuckle cage fighter The man I have loved Caution Oak Epub / all my life The big brother of one of my best friends my big brother's best friend The man who doesn't even look at me twice It's not because I'm curvy covered in tattoos Oak Springs Book Kindle Ï and piercings It's because he believes himself to be a monster I think that's bullshit He's hiding from something I believe he can't bring himself to feel anything for me because of how his ex and her baby died The baby who wasn't biologically his but he loved her nonetheless When he's injured in a road traffic accident I'm the nurse his brother wants caring for him I'm the nurse Enzo pushes all his anger toward I'm the one he treats like the enemy I'm the girl he beds uses treats like crap I'm the girl who can't say no I am a toy for him to play with and put down when he's bored I'm the one he won't let move on Each time I try he pulls me back in But I know I will never be anything to him and that kills me inside Leaving is the only way to get over him So that's what I do Enzo Paige Monroe is everything I cannot want Everything my heart yearns for But you see I am a monster no good to any woman My ex killing herself should be proof enough of that But Paige drives me crazy one taste one stupid taste and I'm hooked on her Her tight little ct her curves in all the right places her moans as she O's for me That's my drug my need my desire But she can't want me she can't want the monster within I treat her like st I use her up and wear her out But I warned her that I would I take her whenever and wherever the hell I please with no promise of a future for us I want her to move on to find somebody who will love her the way she deserves but my selfish heart won't allow it once I see it Then something happens to her something bad and I realize just what she means to me The little shock I get from a certain doctor only cements my need to finally make her mine But Paige has other plans and I have no one to blame but myself Will I ever find her This is book in the Oak Springs Series Series order Dancer A Chase Emilee Out now Scarred Hudson Callie Out Now Caution Enzo Paige Out Now Traced Bryton Roya May Torn Kory Aimee June There is no cliffhanger a promise of HEA Intended for older readers due to sexual content.

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  1. Claire Louise¤°.¸¸.•´¯`» Claire Louise¤°.¸¸.•´¯`» says:

    What a waste of a gorgeous cover I rage read this entire shambles “There is no one better than you” said the heroine who had been treated like shit the entire book by the so called hero Doormat Dickhead hero Too much telling not enough showing in the plot This wasn't for me

  2. Kim Brewing Kim Brewing says:

    35 starsI'm not going to lie Paige ticked me off This girl has a serious doormat issues Enzo is not going down as a great book boyfriend it took most of the book to even like him There was one line around the 41% that came of a little icky but I don't think it was meant to beNow to the story Paige has loved Enzo forever but he has shown absolutely without a doubt no interest in her In fact he goes out of his way to show he isn't interestedonly he is and he's been fighting his feelings When Enzo gets hurt Paige steps up to the plate to care for him Will close confines work this time? Will these two finally find their way?

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