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Hunted Hero Hunting ❰BOOKS❯ ⚦ Hunted Hero Hunting Author Timothy Ellis – This is an alternate cover edition for B00YPIKC6U Hunted Hero Hunting Book Two in the Hunter Legacy series Jonathon Hunter's world grows darker each day Assassins Pirates Bounty Hunters Mercenaries an This is an alternate cover edition for BYPIKCU Hunted Hero Hunting Book Two in the Hunter Legacy series Jonathon Hunter's world grows darker each day Assassins Pirates Bounty Hunters Mercenaries and Retros all want a piece of him Each trap leads to yet another trap When the unthinkable happens the prey becomes the predator The hunted goes hunting But how does a young spiritual Hunted Hero Epub / warrior cope as the kills mount.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 318 pages
  • Hunted Hero Hunting
  • Timothy Ellis
  • English
  • 07 June 2016

About the Author: Timothy Ellis

and follow on Goodreads or BookBubThe fastest way to find out about a new release is my Facebook grouppage which get advance warning about days before release and again when the book is uploaded to Kindle; and my email list which goes out as soon as I have an page for the new book Bookbub will let you know about Hunted Hero Epub / days after I remember to tell them's notification policy has changed again with Covid and they seem to no longer notify by email anyI normally will release in advance of the specified release date whenever possible so if you are a Kindle Unlimited reader you will want another method to be notified of the actual release date so you can read on day Some things which might help you choose to read my books or not I mainly write 'life in space' Living the life of the character is important than what happens Or if you like bathroom breaks and throwing up are part of life I don't write using acts I'm a 'pantser' not a plotter There is no pacing What happens happens as it happens Or put another way life happens Perfect pacing for me isn't real life Sht all happens at the same time and then there's a lot of boredom Deal with it I use the 'Oxford Comma' and when I read a sentence where I pause gets a comma The comma is a.

10 thoughts on “Hunted Hero Hunting

  1. Persnickety Persnickety says:

    Kindle Unlimited YAYCan't believe this is still so much fun I love it when an author surprises me What's not to love about that little Angel the bot meister And the four Js Jane Jeeves Jarvis Jason4 stars to 1 star because if you read to the end there's a reset to an alternate timeline path where none of the characters or events existed So all of this is irrelevant including my original review Another 'gamer' author pranking the reader

  2. Patrick Patrick says:

    This volume moves faster than the first The book really revolves around space combat nothing else If you go that route the combat and tech can't be a clone of Top Gun The weakness in the governmental backstory comes to the fore in a big way The MC's spirituality is kind of a joke at this pointNone of the characters are especially memorable The dialogue is anemic and the military award scenes are painful The tactics and weapons are designed by an 18 yr old with computer game chops?? and anyone with decades of experience who doesn't imitate him gets blasted to dust He becomes the childhood hero that kids imagine as themselvesHis spiritual side is in there somewhere and it is impossible to credit at this point The prophecy is a computer game construct that is poorly explained supported or needed in this book The shared dreams are weird and make no sense except as a prop for the theme of hero as young man embracing his destinyI am disappointed by this volume and the series but not surprised The first book raced along to avoid the need for serious characters or a good background or a decent plot I hoped that it could be turned around but realized that it probably couldn't be salvaged It wasn't and while I liked some of his other books I'm going to avoid the spinoffs of this series and take a breather from the writer for awhile

  3. David David says:

    This book continues the infinite winning at everything of the main character again it's a fun fairly uick read I finished it in 2 evenings but again the main is the single biggest Mary Sue I've encountered in a book in ages which again is exaggerated by the timescale events play out onAgain this series is heavy on the eastern religion as the main's belief system is some sort of descendant of the Buddhist or Hindi faiths so be forewarnedSo a fun book if you can overlook all of the never ending winning

  4. Charles Charles says:

    Definitely Marty Stu or whatever you want to call it syndrome in full force here That said I had fun reading the book My biggest gripe is the author seems to have no comprehension at all how big space is the jump point are near the oort cloud area it takes around 2 weeks for light to reach the oort cloud these ships seem to do in 15 minutes without ftl

  5. Mike Ventura Mike Ventura says:

    Compelling enough overarching plot but too much of what makes a space opera truly enjoyable is skimmed over We get vivid details of a kitten settling in to a new environment but a uick passage about a pivotal space battle uick enough of a read to make this acceptable as long as two or three books are lumped together to form one cohesive storyline

  6. Richard W Lindsey Richard W Lindsey says:

    AddictingI can't put these books down Jonathan and Crew are so well written that you can see what their doing I think Angel and Nerves and Jarvis were great addition So looking forward to starting the next book will probably have Two or Three read by Monday

  7. Douglas Hull Douglas Hull says:

    GreatAs good as the adventures of John Carter Dorsiai and Battlefield EarthThe growth of Hunter and the spiritual connection combination makes this a strong story worth reading

  8. Philip Philip says:

    Spiritual Warrior taleYou know this is my first experience with a military science fiction that doubles with a new age spiritual book Really interesting take on PTSD dan cathartic release

  9. Wanda binz Wanda binz says:

    Enchanting Great story with strong characters and so much fun You read and see a kid become an adult and learn some of the hard truths of war

  10. Su Su says:

    Second time reading this book A fun read Would I recommend it Yeah

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