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Huntsmen (The Better to Kiss You With, #2) [PDF / Epub] ☁ Huntsmen (The Better to Kiss You With, #2) Author Michelle Osgood – Months after saving Jamie and Deanna from crywolf Kiara and her brother Cole have moved into the city While clubbing one night Kiara is stunned to see her ex Taryn onstage But before she can react Jam Months after saving Jamie and Deanna from crywolf Kiara and her brother Cole have moved into the city While clubbing one night Kiara is stunned to see her ex Taryn onstage But before she can react Jamie notices a distinctive tattoo in the crowd an axe rud to be the mark of the Huntsmen a group of werewolf tracking humans The girls need to leave immediately—and since Taryn is also a werewolf they need to take her with them The Huntsmen are than a myth and they’re scouring the city for lone wolves just like Taryn Until the General North American Assembly of Werewolves lends a plan of action Kiara’s small pack is on lockdown in a friend’s apartment where she and Taryn must face the differences that drove them apart Further the longer the group waits the it seems the Huntsmen haven’t been acting entirely on their own.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 218 pages
  • Huntsmen (The Better to Kiss You With, #2)
  • Michelle Osgood
  • 20 November 2016

10 thoughts on “Huntsmen (The Better to Kiss You With, #2)

  1. Xan West Xan West says:

    35 stars rounded downMy favorite part about this book was the chosen family and how it worked Watching them together seeing how they supported each other it warmed my heart and felt very much like home For me that is the most compelling reason to read this book It is so very rare for ueer romances to center ueer community and chosen family and this one really does The ueer community settings felt real resonated with my own experience The MCs have a bunch of ueers in their lives and I loved that and need that kind of story so badly I liked the geekiness of it uite a bit This is also present in the first book in the series and I have hopes that it will be in the third as well Osgood does geekiness very well I think it’s woven into so many of the interactions in a really casual way that just gave me happy pings I also liked spending time with the characters from the first book again that part was a real joy I felt for Kiara uite a bit; she is struggling and angsty and trying to figure out what to do and feels very apart from the others even as they try to draw her in and generally a turmoil of feelings I wish she was able to lean on her community trust others I wanted that for her wished she trusted them and herself than she did And it felt real to me that this was a struggle that it was one showing in flashbacks to her youth too I wanted to see her grow a bit in this area but she does grow some and that felt good to see Unfortunately I didn’t get on board for the central romance It didn’t feel earned The core conflicts that were there when they were together before were still present and didn’t feel fully resolved by the resolution of the external conflict I kept thinking that while they had a great deal of heat they didn’t have much else that could hold them together The prior incarnation of them as a couple was this thing where they melded together into oneness and intensity and heat and ignored the rest of their lives I just don’t find that kind of relationship particularly swoony It actually feels fairly fraught to me I think I was supposed to be swoony over the flashbacks and root for them as a couple based on that history but I honestly had the impression that they were fairly bad for each other first time around I had trouble getting on board for them in the present because there wasn’t enough there there in the present to convince me I want to talk about the genderueer representation Taryn Kiara’s love interest is clearly named as genderueer on the page There are references to dysphoria and the ways that impacts sex in particular that come up in sexual negotiation between them When Ryn is first introduced to the rest of the group someone offers their own pronouns and Ryn says either she or they Ryn’s genderueerness is incidental not a part of the plot in any significant way not presented ever as a problem and not particularly notable to the POV character for the most part Unfortunately there were a few things about the genderueer rep that made me uneasy and it was done with such a very light touch that I was left with nothing to balance those The first thing that made me uneasy was that despite the fact that Ryn said clearly that they used she they pronouns nobody in the book ever used they Kiara thinks of them as she uses she to refer to Ryn and everyone else does the same That’s within range of potentially ok as she is a pronoun that Ryn did say she uses but it felt kind of relentless and off to me as a genderueer reader that nobody ever used they And particularly that Ryn’s love interest thought of them as she all throughout the entire book and refers to Ryn as her first girlfriend It didn’t sit right for this cis ueer woman to do that felt too familiar reminded me of the ways my genderueerness has been erased by cis ueer women including lovers The second thing regarding genderueer rep went further than making me uneasy It hurt There is a flashback early in the book in Kiara’s POV to when she first meets Ryn At this point in the book about 25% the reader knows that Ryn is genderueer and had told Kiara in the past that she is not a woman or a man and knows Ryn uses she they pronouns In the flashback Ryn is referred to as a “girl” This moment of misgendering felt like a slap in the face to me as a genderueer reader While being potentially realistic as Kiara perhaps is not aware that Ryn is genderueer in that moment it was also not needed The sentence could easily have been restructured or another word could have been used that would not misgender Ryn eg person barber hairdresser werewolf genderueer I want to acknowledge that some genderueer folks might be perfectly fine being thought of as “girl” But many would experience it as misgendering In the absence of information or context and particularly as Ryn is never characterized that way again by anyone at any other time in the book I am inclined to think that Ryn would experience it as misgendering Ryn’s genderueerness was fairly different from my own Their characterization might work for other genderueer readers But these two things particularly in the absence of deeper characterization around Ryns gender left me feeling uncomfortable They also led me to doubt whether Kiara respected or got Ryn’s gender which made the rest of the book harder for meParticularly the sex scenes Osgood is really good at writing hot sex I can attest to that from reading The Better to Kiss You With And if you assume that Kiara is a reliable narrator regarding Ryn’s gender the sex in this book is very hot But I doubted Kiara So I doubted the language she used to think about Ryn’s body particularly body parts that are often perceived as deeply gendered ie view spoiler breasts clit hide spoiler

  2. Avery (Book Deviant) Avery (Book Deviant) says:

    I would like to thank Michelle Osgood and Interlude Press for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest reviewSee of my reviews on my blog the Book DeviantCharming atmosphere and charactersOne thing that immediately grabs your attention is the atmosphere Without putting much detail into it Osgood easily crafts an atmosphere she obviously has experience with I felt comfortable with her style of writing and fell into the groove of it extremely easily The writing style was simple and to the point but was still entertaining and added the right emotions into the right scenes I also enjoyed all of the characters especially the romances going on I found myself cheering on the other characters in their romantic endeavors and was completely invested in their development and journey They were all diverse as well despite that being uite subtle Maybe it was mentioned in Osgood's other novel but it wasn't mentioned that Kiara was Korean half Korean until the further half of the book All of the couples were ueer in some way which I frankly didn't notice until I started writing this review when I actually had to consider it It was that natural and flawlessly doneAn unexpected favorite with uite a few flawsNow this is coming as a nonbinary person and I know that not everyone's experience is the same but I thought that Ryn's ID came off as a little one sided Like that you were told one thing or another but it was never translated over into their actual self Ryn who's pronouns are shethey almost always goes by she Ryn is also repeatedly described as a women even going as far as describing her as a girl Yes I know that nonbinarygenderueer people can go by whatever pronouns they want but it just seemed a little weird to me to promote someone as genderueer but then not have it clearly shown on page Kiara does double check boundaries with Ryn during the sex scenes as it mentions dysphoria However nothing is ever shown or describedAnother thing was the pacing A large chunk of the book happened in a character's apartment and over 100 pages were spent just the characters waiting for something to happen Yes while they were waiting the romance that I found so enjoyable was being developed but it took so long Then most of the action that I was hoping for ended in the last 30 ish pages and was frankly anti climaticthree and a half stars OverallHuntsmen was an extremely enjoyable read and I often found myself reading it in favor of other books Despite my complaints I did ultimately love it enough to buy my own copy and I do not regret accepting the ARC despite my already booked scheduleI will say that the genderueer representation did bother me It didn't hurt me in the way that I don't want to read Osgood's other books but enough so that it is worth mentioning to possible genderueer readersWould I RecommendIf you're looking for some nice ueer Canadian werewolves hop aboard my bandwagon It's the perfect amount of sexy ueer intense and hilarious I also greatly enjoyed all of the allusions to other shows such as the Star Wars reference and the Game of Thrones board game However if you do identify as genderueer I would read Xan West's review here as their's goes in depth than mine

  3. Pene Henson Pene Henson says:

    Huntsmen is a vivid novel with strong and winning characters who stick with you and am entertaining werewolf pack politics plot It’s worth reading for those aspects alone but becomes dazzling when combined with a love for and lived understanding of ueer communityFrom the first I was caught up in the characters’ world The local ueer community read true to this ueer girl reflected my own experience and interplayed wonderfully with the pack aspects of werewolf fiction The intimate detail of bars and housewares and haircuts as well as those of werewolf shifts and skills were fun and revealing and kept me right there with themOsgood’s characters are wonderful I loved tiny alpha Kiara like fire – her self control and simmering anger her loyalty and confidence were vital to the story I was there with her as she snapped at those around her needing to control the people she loved so ferociously and as she kept herself in check knowing her own strength Ryn’s loner wariness and easy kindness were a fascinating foil to Kiara’s focus on the packThe surrounding family was full of real depth and love I particularly enjoyed every instance of Deanna the adorable main character of the first book in the series along with Kiara’s relationship with her unwavering brother ColeThis book is a seuel to The Better to Kiss You With which is a delightful werewolf romp with these truly amusing and charming characters Though I don’t think reading the first book is essential to an understanding of this novel I don’t know why you wouldn’t Huntsmen has a fiercely political plot than book one with the added intrigue and fun of thatThe story is current and combines with a convincing characterisation of wolves and humans and the author’s own knowledge and experience of community to make an oddly realistic and grounded urban fantasyI highly highly recommend Huntsmen Open it for the ueer feminist werewolf fun and keep reading for divine grouch Kiara and the array of wonderful interconnected characters

  4. Book Worm Book Worm says:

    After having read The Better to Kiss You With this was a must read for me I loved the first book of this seuel and I guess what I loved about that one I also love about this one We learn about Jamie's familypack This story is not so much about Jamie and Deanna although to my great delight they are still there and still beautiful as a couple but about Kiara Jamie's sister and designated alphaThis story has world building in it as we learn about werewolf politics and has action However the love story is much entwined with this action and is also angsty I also find the lone wolf Taryn to be difficult to like than Jamie I just couldn't see what made her tick so much Part of it was probably that I saw her only through the very coloured lens of Kiara So maybe her ambiguity just translated to meThe cover art deserves another 5 stars beautiful I'm a fanAll in all if Michelle Osgood puts out seuels I'll definitely read them I'm hooked

  5. Linn Linn says:

    I loved this soo much ❤️Ive fallen so hard for this series Its fun thrilling sexy and so beautifully diverseThe representation in this series makes me so freaking happy and its also very clear how much hard work and love the author put into making every representation in every single character beautiful and real We get characters that are bisexual gay polyamorous genderueer biracial and We also get beautiful representation of diversity in body types which honestly made me very emotional It means the world to me to read about a main character that is a ueer woman and described as ”chubby and radiant” Where she gets to be just that chubby and freaking beautiful And she really is Im so in love with Deanna its ridiculous 😏😍The last thing I want to add on the ”the reasons you need to read this series” list is how amazingly sex positive it is Its so refreshing to read about women who talk about and think about sex in such a natural way without any sort of shame orembarrassment Its just natural like it should be A big plus for also mentioning masturbation We definitely need of that in books because masturbating is great and I hate that its often treated as something wrong or shameful And yes its okay to not like sex or to masturbate too of course but Im just talking about my feelings now and for me this was refreshing ✨

  6. Serenity Serenity says:

    First of all a disclaimer I received a free eARC in exchange for an honest unbiased review and feedback for the authorAnd my honest unbiased review is that I loved it Enough that I've pre ordered the final versionIt's sexy is it ever thrilling engrossing and despite being a seuel to last year's The Better to Kiss You With doesn't reuire you to have read it though I'd recommend you do so anywayLet me put it this way if bisexual alpha werewolf and her genderueer lover who is also a werewolf on the run from werewolf hunters sounds remotely interesting to you then this book will please you

  7. Rafa Brewster Rafa Brewster says:

    Reviewed for Just LoveARC received by publisher for fair and honest reviewHaving read the first book in this series I was sold on Huntsmen as soon as I learned that petite adorable Kiara would feature as a female alpha Shifter romance is not usually my thing but I have to admit I’m enjoying the series so far Having said that I think for the most part you can enjoy this book as a standalone without the benefit of book one The Better To Kiss You With Huntsmen starts off with a bang in a packed club where Kiara locks eyes with Taryn or Ryn her genderueer ex girlfriend from college as she gives a sultry performance during drag king night Things heat up even when the Huntsmen enter the scene and a violent clash outside the club sends Kiara and her friends – with Ryn in tow – into hiding I made it a point to include a warning for the club scene because some might find parts of it triggering after the tragedy at Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando Minor Spoiler Alert The sense of danger was palpable but no harm came to any of the innocent clubgoersThe book was mostly fast paced however the few days that the group were seuestered felt like forever It was great for filling in Kiara and Ryn’s backstory as well as getting the reader acuainted or reacuainted with Deanna Jamie Nathan and Cole but I thought there was a lot of time spent in Kiara’s head I liked the glimpse into her strong stubborn and often arrogant personality which I thought suited the alpha designate part of her However the days spent waiting around also highlighted her lack of decisiveness and showed that she still had a lot to learn before she was ready to take on the title of alpha full onThere was a lot of confusion and infighting within the group but there was also some great moments of camaraderie amongst the makeshift pack I really enjoyed their banter and thought the author did a great job letting each personality shine through And I said it after book one and I’ll say it again I need Cole and Nathan in my life But let’s not forget the delicious simmering tension between Kiara and Ryn This book did not disappoint in the heat factor That’s a massive understatement just FYI – it was blazing hot And bonus points for rooftop sex Vancouver you lucky city you I also thought the author did a great job balancing the ghost of their past and their clashing philosophies of lone wolf versus pack with the challenges and sacrifices of the present day conflictI thought the worldbuilding was minimal but in a good way The author offered glimpses into their world through the occasional tidbit as the plot developed rather than an info dump at the beginning or at every available turn Overall I was pretty satisfied with the way things worked out with the pack and especially between our two MCs and the way their relationship came full circle There were some definite loose ends which I’m fairly confident will be resolved as the series progresses I wouldn’t say the book ended in a cliffhanger but it definitely concluded with the next book in mind

  8. Yuè Yuè says:

    35 starsMichelle Osgood is back with our dear werewolves This follows up on Deanna and Jamie's story but this isn't their story it's Kiara's After everything that has happened with crywolf and Dianna the Huntsmen seem to be real and they're after Kiara's ex girlfriend RynWhyBecause she's a lone wolf She isn't part of a pack so she's seen as dangerous Kiara her brother Cole Deanna Jamie and Ryn all hide out at Nathan's apartment with Deanna's dog Arthur and they wait Surely the GNAAW can help themUnfortunately for them it turns out that the GNAAW is acuainted with the Huntsmen than that they originally thought It was a great story Even though I liked that the solution was simple I did expect action But that being said it was nice to dive back in this universe even though I confused Deanna and Jamie for the first 30 pages of the book since I'm bad with names which led to some confusion every now and there The new characters were thrilling and they brought something new to the storyThere's only one reason why I gave this book 35 stars instead of 4 I think that for 90% of the book I really did not like Kiara and Ryn together which is unfortunate since it's their love story Don't get me wrong in the end I didn't mind any but most of the time I just wondered why these two women were once in a relationship in the first place They're so different from each other And I know I know opposites attract and everyone dating someone like themselves would be dreadfully boring if not creepy but in my eyes these two were not a great fitThey disagreed on basically everything Their lifestyles were too different and instead of trying to find a way for both of them to live together without having to abandon those lifestyles they kept nagging at each other trying to change each other Kiara is well ordered cares about rules wants to excel in school etc but Ryn makes fun of her being a goodie two shoes because she's all FUCK THE WORLD On the other side Kiara doesn't even want to consider Ryn's view on the world and she snaps at her all the timeYes in the end they did meet each other halfway which is why I ended up liking them as a pair but it took a whileAside from that I really liked it and it's a great addition to the series

  9. iam iam says:

    Huntsmen is the second book in the The Better to Kiss You With series and is about Kiara alpha designate to her father's pack who on a night out in a club not only runs into her ex Taryn but also into Huntsmen a mythical human group of werewolf huntersThe plot is pretty straightfoward about the group of werewolves and associates figuring out why the Huntsmen are after them and the romance between Kiara and Taryn who is mostly called Ryn Ryn is biracial and genderueer and uses sheher and theythem pronounsI was not sold on the romance in this one Kiara and Ryn have sexual chemistry but that is about all Ten years prior to the book their relationship broke for valid reasons and those were not resolved at all actually kind of ignored I wasn't a fan of how they treat each other and how before any sort of talk about relationships even happens and there is not a lot of talk about it they have sex and sex again What I did like though was how explicitly they negotiated sexual situations and actsI also generally wasn't a big fan of Kiara's character I didn't connect with her at all mostly didn't understand her way of thinking or why she was doing as she did and I had similar problems with other charactersA lot of things didn't seem to make sense and while some of it is resolved in the end it all felt a bit too easyI felt like too many things were not uestioned or brought up in enough detail like the unuestionable complicity of Kiara's father to the GNAAW view spoiler when it turned out that not only are the evil mythical Huntsmen real but they act in partnership to the GNAAW and now want to kill an innocent werewolf the internal dispute between the Huntsmen that seemed like a big deal hide spoiler

  10. Taylor Brooke Taylor Brooke says:

    HUNTSMEN the seuel to THE BETTER TO KISS YOU WITH is a fast paced fun werewolf romp through the soggy streets of Vancouver When Michelle approached me to be an advanced reader I jumped at the chance and although I hadn't read the first book HUNTSMEN could easily be read as a stand alone Kiara our MC is a valiant young werewolf with a big personality Her motivations are easy to find and her voice leaps off the page deeming her a rebellious but relatable protagonist I found myself arguing with her constantly uestioning her actions on one page and feeling for her on another Emotional and aggressive Kiara drives the story through a whirlwind of danger romance and funThe cast Michelle created brought a sense of urgency to the story a palpable cohesive bond shared between a group of friends that most of us in our early adult years can relate to Backlit romances left me hungry for the next story and mentions of the last adventure has me itching to read THE BETTER TO KISS YOU WITHThough centrally a Paranormal Romance there's obvious hits on bigotry and prejudice littered throughout the novel Kiara's gang of werewolves and their human companions handle the paranormal twist of these issues seamlessly highlighting the necessity for change and beauty of progression Overall this is a stunning fnb paranormal romance I would recommend it to anyone looking for a steamy emotional adventure between two headstrong young women as they try to ignite an old flame and their group of fun lively friends I look forward to reading from Michelle and hope to see this pack back again soon

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