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  1. Jill Jill says:

    This is a systematic guide for creating an outline to hire a ghostwriter to do the majority of the work for your book There are tips on employment posts ghostwriter payments non disclosure agreements and plagiarism Following the steps would allow a person to complete a book in thirty days as long as outsourcers met their deadlines Almeida makes a strong case for having others do the work while you get the credit and any profits After reading the book I cannot help but wonder if he actually wrote the book himself or used a ghostwriter The book rates a three just for the unusual approachLibraryThing Member Giveaway randomly chose me to receive this book Although encouraged I was under no obligation to write a review The opinions I have expressed are my own

  2. Sunny Sunny says:

    This book will change my lifeI have always wanted to write and publish a book When Kindle appeared I thought it would be the perfect vehicle to get my book out there But I was intimidated and confused is huge Where would I even start? So I didn't even bother to start on my bookWell this book changed all that Thank you Nuno for sharing your honest advice and easy ways to not only write my book but publish it in several formats and then take my knowledge and my life to the next levelI started reading this book this morning and couldn't put it down I know I'll be referring back to it often as I travel on this incredible journey that I thought would never be my realityIf you are truly ready to make your dreams of being a successful author happen then this is the book you've been looking for

  3. Bruce Stopher Bruce Stopher says:

    Some details missiingOverall there was good information here and a few things I had not considered However there wasn't any detail on how to write proofread and edit a book for publishing It seemed obvious that this book was not proofread with so many grammatical errors English is not the author's strength but he is writing to an English reading group

  4. Tere Fredericks Tere Fredericks says:

    Not Click Bait This book is not click bait despite the title I normally pass books such as this by thinking there is nothing new within This book contains many useful tips providing information I haven't seen anywhere else The author makes a confession you probably won't find anywhere else as well This confession draws you deeper into the book even if you suspect trickery Not only is there no trickery involved he explains when why where and how to do what he has done to get his books written with an explanation given but no apology not even the scent of defense Nor is one needed Plus the steps he used are clearly road mapped for any author who wishes to do the same AlsoHow to decide what to write That alone would be gold right? Sorry what to write in this instance is based on market research This research is simply done before you write While geared toward non fiction the techniue is also good for making sure your fiction book is saleable as wellSimple ideas for marketing are included The bare minimum After all won't do your marketing for you Get another book if you want to watch book sales rather than writing Included is information for joining 's Kindle Direct Publishing KDP not just telling you it is important you do so as most other authors exhort without further explanation After the author finally understands the reason why they should join they are given SCREENSHOTS of each step to take to join Need to know how to format? Both ebook and paperback formats are clearly definedHow to sell your book through CreateSpace I personally didn't know why it existed or even that it is part of Highly recommend reading Again not just telling as so many writers do SHAME Show donʼt tell but showing us the steps one by one with screenshotsIf you want to know anything about the process of creating other than the actual writing this is your book Amazed at the depth of the descriptions especially in a non fiction book showing screenshots of each step Worth the time to learn the easy way what the author learned through trial and errorWhile there is an explanation for deciding what to price your book with pros and cons of each there is nothing at all nothing about Kindle Unlimited Ideal no matter what form you wish to get your work sold on

  5. Bookish Devil Bookish Devil says:

    Not a proper review This is for my own reference But you're welcome to skim through it1 Educates us about outsourcing to a great extent People who want to publish books but don't have the English fluency can opt to outsource their work2 Step by Step guide to publishing a book on KDP3 Covers almost all aspects of writing publishing a book4 Suggests a list of useful tools software and sites to aid you along the way5 Clearcut instructions about publishing your book in different formats using KDP ebook Paperback My take Nuno Almeida comes across as a passionate individual who is ready to lend his expertise regarding book publication in He is very open and shares a lot of information that he has gleaned over the past few years I'm sure newbudding authors would find this book to be useful It's written in a simple language that's easy to follow Also provides a bunch of screenshots to help us understand stuff better

  6. Michael Mathews Michael Mathews says:

    Surprisingly Good Information I really didn’t have high expectations for this book I was actually looking for a different book with a similar title Since it was the same topic and looked like a uick read I jumped on it The information present was concise with little fluff With non fiction I like facts and detail in a uick format That is what I got I would not do some of the things the author suggested such as using ghost writers but there were plenty of good steps to take and good directions for getting where I’m headed It read it in about half an hour It was time well spent

  7. Kathy Jo Kathy Jo says:

    This is NOT a book for seasoned authors and it won't turn anyone into a new Hemmingway But it is a great reference to help newbies get a book out fast It's a super uick practical and to the point guide to the mechanics of self publishing The author includes links to a number of helpful resources as a way to further simplify and expedite the process The value is for Complete Beginners just as the title states It is perfectly oriented to its target audience namely those seeking to uickly establish subject matter authority

  8. Vivian Vivian says:

    uick readInformative without any added fluff The negative reviews regarding links uick fixkindle app on your smartphone Links do work The best thing about this book was the lack of technical terms Just straight forward easy to understand information written as though we were face to face in a conversation

  9. Demitria Teague Demitria Teague says:

    A Must ReadWant to write an ebook and are nervous andor lost on every phase of it? This book will tell you what to do how to do it where to go to do it It's put to sleep all my fears and hesitations I can't wait to get started on my own ebook

  10. Richard J. Gadd Richard J. Gadd says:

    A great pathway an honest guideI like Nuno's one on one style Information is well presented in a logical a fun and informative read It's worthy of a reread or at minimum to serve a a guide

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The Easy 9-Step System to Your First Book in 30 Days ❮Epub❯ ➥ The Easy 9-Step System to Your First Book in 30 Days ➤ Author Nuno Almeida – 17 Times Bestseller Author is giving YOU his Complete System Not only that he’s also giving you his FREE COURSE and the exact Skeleton File already formatted he personally uses for publishing on Kin Times Bestseller Author is 9-Step System eBook ↠ giving YOU his Complete System Not only that he’s also giving you his FREE COURSE and the exact Skeleton File already formatted he personally uses for publishing on Kindle Has he lost it completely Most likely but he swears otherwise He has this stupid idea that if he gives you exactly what you need to solve your problems you might just stick around By the way because he has this delusion that you should always put your money where your mouth is he The Easy ePUB ½ actually shows you the video where you can see his Best Sellers Bananas He’s no saint though If you get his FREE COURSE he will try to sell you his complete over the shoulder professional Course down the line He offers it for a crazy affordable price and he doesn’t even try to upsell you anything This lunatic believes in transparency and providing real value These are the worst scumbags The craziest part is that even if you don’t buy anything else this book ALONE will give you Easy 9-Step System ePUB ☆ EVERYTHING you need to publish your book on from A to Z This is what I’ll teach you Choosing the Right Topic The best way to earn a lot Easy 9-Step System to Your Epub / of money while having a sense of purpose Market Research Learn how to get inspiration and improve your own book by looking at the right places Title Creation Learn how to get readers bursting with curiosity and lining to get your book first Writing Your Book The fastest way to structure your book all the way to the end Outsourcing Easy 9-Step System to Your Epub / If you don't want to write it learn how to outsource it the right way and end up with a masterpiece Cover Creation Do it yourself easily and for free OR Get a professional graphic designer to do it for Description Categories Keywords Learn the AIDA Formula for magic descriptions and know all the secrets to stand out Formatting and Publishing your Kindle EBook I will provide you with the same skeleton file I personally use already formatted and I will show you step by step how to publish your Kindle book the right way Formatting and Publishing your Paperback Book Learn how to publish the paperback version for FREE I will teach how to get an already formatted template and show you step by step how to publish your physical book the right way Free Promotions and Getting Reviews I will teach you how to set up a free promotion so you can get up to thousands of downloads and honest reviews that will make your book stand miles apart from your competitors Important Resources Make your author's page lt.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 108 pages
  • The Easy 9-Step System to Your First Book in 30 Days
  • Nuno Almeida
  • 15 January 2016

About the Author: Nuno Almeida

Librarian Note Also writes under 9-Step System eBook ↠ the pen name NC Almeida.