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Darcys Honor ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Darcys Honor By Victoria Kincaid ➦ – Elizabeth Bennet is relieved when the difficult Mr Darcy leaves the area after the Netherfield Ball But she soon runs afoul of Lord Henry a Viscount who thinks to force her into marrying him by slande Elizabeth Bennet is relieved when the difficult Mr Darcy leaves the area after the Netherfield Ball But she soon runs afoul of Lord Henry a Viscount who thinks to force her into marrying him by slandering her name and ruining her reputation An outcast in Meryton and even within her own family Elizabeth has nobody to turn to and nowhere to go Darcy successfully resisted Elizabeth’s charms during his visit to Hertfordshire but when he learns of her imminent ruin he decides he must propose to save her from disaster However Elizabeth is reluctant to tarnish Darcy’s name by associationand the viscount still wants her Can Darcy save his honor while also marrying the woman he loves.

About the Author: Victoria Kincaid

Victoria has a PhD in English literature and has taught composition to unwilling college students Today she teaches business writing to willing office professionals and tries to give voice to the demanding cast of characters in her head She lives in Virginia with an overly affectionate cat two children who are learning how much fun Austen’s characters can be and a husband who fortunately is.

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  1. Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog says:

    4 starsReview Excerpt and Giveaway at Of Pens and PagesThis is my third Victoria Kincaid book and so far her books haven’t failed to give me something new and unexpected You can always expect a fresh and riveting story from Ms Kincaid’s variations Darcy’s Honor was gripping heartbreaking and warming and engaging Honor is what you know about yourself Reputation is what others know about you or believe they know” Just when Elizabeth thought she’s done with troublesome men after Mr Darcy and the Bingley party left Netherfield she’s compromised by Henry Carson Viscount Billington She refuses his proposal and becomes a fallen woman losing the respect of her family—save Jane and Mr Bennet—and the people of Meryton Lord Henry continues to pursue her and Mrs Bennet and the rest of Meryton continue to judge herMr Darcy leaves Netherfield to resist Elizabeth’s charms but when he hears of her misfortunes he goes back with every intention of proposing Elizabeth finds an ally in Darcy something she never imagined would happen Even as she gets to know the real Mr Darcy and finds support and strength in him Elizabeth stands her ground not to marry anyone not even Mr Darcy She has no intention of staining anyone with her ruined reputation especially not someone who’s become very important to herAnd so Mr Darcy sees it as his task to prove Elizabeth’s innocence and help clear her nameIn this story instead of Mr Wickham we have Lord Henry as our resident blackguard He was just as bad taking advantage of innocent women and doing everything in his power to make things go his way Mrs Bennet was constantly on her back telling her to marry Lord Henry to save the family’s reputation Mr Bennet wasn’t any better He believed Elizabeth was innocent but he told her rumors will die down soon enough and did nothing to help ElizabethI admired Elizabeth’s resilience and dignity It’s hard to stay positive when you feel like the whole world is against you but Elizabeth kept her head up and tried her best not to let it get to herI wasn’t a fan of a certain part of the book involving a Darcy cottage but other than that I still enjoyed reading this book The story was a page turner and the pacing just right There were a few surprising allies and interesting twists that added flavor to the storyAs frustrating Lord Henry and the others were Mr Darcy and Georgiana made up for it They welcomed Elizabeth and helped her heal Most of all Darcy was steadfast in his love and devotion for Elizabeth and in his dream to make her his wife Darcy’s Honor is a novel told in alternating POVs Fans of Pride and Prejudice and regency era novels will enjoy this fresh and clean story It was a long and difficult journey for our beloved couple and for Elizabeth especially but fear not A happily ever after will always be there for Mr Darcy and Elizabeth ARC received in exchange for an honest review Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

  2. Mary Mary says:

    Dear ReaderWhat a delightfuladorable yet angst filled readSome menespecially those enjoying elevated ranks in societyrefuse to accept that when a lady says 'no' she actuallyoddly enoughmeans no Pitted against such a manin the guise of Lord Henry Carsonwhose repeated and unwanted attentions leave Lizzy naively unaware of the lengths he will go to to ensure his wishes are fulfilledshe now finds herself in a catch 22 situation Seemingly compromised by said Lordin the eyes of Meryton societywho sadly believe the lies and innuendo centred on one of their ownLizzy is now faced with the prospect of being coerced into marriage with a spoilt and arrogant man or forever living with the stain of being a fallen womanone whose virtue was cast aside willingly and with little regard for her or her family's reputation Unable to bear the burden of being a social pariahand fearing future attempts by Lord Henry to 'persuade' her to marry himshe flees to Londonwith an earnest wish to seek gainful employment What will befall her in Londonwill have far reaching implications for herour dear Mr Darcy and the fiendish Lord HenryI loved this storythe endearing way Mr Darcy had our Lizzy's best interests at hearthis unfailing attempts to safeguard her and the slow burn romance that existed between the twoWhat a gentleman this Darcy ishaving had his proposal rejected by the keeper of his hearthe still goes out of his way to ensure Lizzy's safetybelieves in her and remains by her side both physically and psychologically My hero Highly recommended to all JAFF fansI won this book on Ceri's blog babblingsofabookworm My sincere thanks to both Ceri and Victoria for such a prize

  3. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) says:

    What If Elizabeth Was Compromised After the Netherfield Ball?Rating 4 out of 5 starsSource Review Copy from Author While indulging himself in a last glimpse of the unsuitable yet bewitching Elizabeth Bennet at the Netherfield Ball Mr Darcy makes an observation about the newly introduced Viscount Billington Lord Henry and the attention he is paying Elizabeth Bennet Mr Darcy suspects that the Viscount’s interest aren’t the most innocent or honorable and is pleased to see Elizabeth cleverly maneuver away from him Despite the yearnings of Darcy’s heart he leaves Meryton for London and leaves Elizabeth to fall prey to the devious machinations of Lord Henry When Darcy learns that Elizabeth’s reputation is ruined and that the Viscount is believed to have compromised her he knows immediately how he must act Forget reputation society and family – the only thing that matters is Elizabeth and he must do what he can to save her and secure the happiness and futures of them bothUnfortunately Darcy finds himself faced with some resistance to his scheme and it isn’t for the reasons you think And so some heartache and trouble ensues Can Darcy convince Elizabeth to be his wife? Can Elizabeth clear her name and convince others of her innocence? Or will Lord Henry achieve his dastardly scheme of stealing Elizabeth’s virtue?Oh my What a situation This story immediately grabbed my attention and held me captive Elizabeth finds herself in such a bad situation and with no one to turn to My absolute favorite part of the story was seeing how deeply in love Darcy is with Elizabeth Even before the scandal he is fervently enad and distracted with daily thoughts of her I loved so many of Darcy’s scenes with Elizabeth and greatly admired so many of his actions in this story His desire to reprimand the Meryton vicar his surprise encounter with Elizabeth in the woods his actions in London sigh – he truly is the heroic white knight valiant rescuer with a heart so full of love it will make you swoon SLIGHT SPOILER My heart completely melted into a puddle during the scene where Mr Darcy acted in a very Colonel Brandon like mannerOther parts of the story I enjoyed were the lighter moments of levity that were peppered throughout the tale – even with scandal looming and Elizabeth’s bleak future Ms Kincaid skillfully added some humorous anecdotes and conversations that will be sure to make readers chuckle and smirk Mr Collins of course was very instrumental in this endeavor but also Caroline Bingley and Lady Catherine who may have a surprise or two up their sleevesSome may find the idea of Elizabeth being caught in a compromise like this a little implausible but it didn’t really bother me If anything my wish was for the story to be a tad bit longer I enjoyed the premise so much and the development of Darcy’s feelings and his admirable actions were so wonderful to witness However I wish we learned a little about Lord Henry and his thoughts during all these events As a villain he felt a little incomplete In addition while we do spend some time in Elizabeth’s head I thought her change of heart came about a little too abruptly I would have loved to have seen a gradual evolution of her feelings for Mr DarcyDarcy’s Honor is a riveting and romantic tale that spotlights our beloved Mr Darcy and his honorable and protective nature I always find so much to enjoy with Ms Kincaid’s writing – her creative and inventive premises her beautiful way with words her humorous characters – I know when I begin one of her stories I will be thoroughly entertained and enthralledAustenesue Reviews

  4. Debbie Debbie says:

    Boy there were a lot of annoying characters I wanted to punch out as I read this For a change Mr Wickham isn't at the top of the list though he's definitely in there Caroline Bingley as always has a spot in there as well Mr Collins also is annoying albeit in a humorous way than most of the others The honor of first place on my hit list goes to Lord Henry a Viscount who starts making his moves on Elizabeth Bennet starting right after her argumentative dance with Mr Darcy at the Netherfield ball Elizabeth does her best to deflect Lord Henry's overtures which includes a marriage proposal but he orchestrates an apparent compromise of her virtue at a ball held at Lucas Lodge celebrating Charlotte's engagement to Mr Collins Next in line on the list would be the rest of Elizabeth's exasperating family with the exception of Jane All the other Bennet sisters and Mrs Bennet believe that Elizabeth encouraged the Viscount's compromise Lydia and Kitty think it's a great joke Mary expounds judgmental Scriptures and Mrs Bennet is alternately insisting that Elizabeth marry Lord Henry and calling for her smelling salts Even Mr Bennet who believes her when she explains the truth of the matter and does not demand that she marry the Viscount does nothing than that He blandly assumes the gossip will blow over That's because he's so entrenched in his study he doesn't recognize that his wife and daughters are being snubbed by all of their neighbors who also make it onto my listIt makes for an angst y read during the first part of the book Elizabeth sticks to her guns though proclaiming her innocence to anyone who will listen and doing her best to avoid the Viscount He regularly calls at Longbourn to press his suit and seeks her out elsewhere telling her that eventually he will wear down her resistance and she will agree to marry himMr Darcy has gone with Mr Bingley to London after the Netherfield ball as in canon and he cannot get Elizabeth out of his mind When the gossip about her and the Viscount reaches him courtesy of a snide Caroline of course he uickly heads to Hertfordshire to her rescue He is certain she will accept his offer of marriage to save herself from Lord Henry Elizabeth is amazed that Mr Darcy is one of only three people who believe in her innocence; she expected him to side with a titled gentleman's version of events over hers His marriage proposal predictably leaves a bit to be desired Regardless of that though Elizabeth is determined not to marry anyone unless she can clear her reputationEvents shift from Hertfordshire to London and Elizabeth continues to face hardships Mrs Haskell running a boarding house proves to be another villainess I added to my list Darcy is a patient loving knight on a white horse throughout the book He rescues Elizabeth than once though she also manages one uick witted rescue of herself and she rescues him from a compromise set up too view spoilerI'm not crazy about the fact that Elizabeth stays in a house that Darcy owns but I recognize that by that time she's boxed in so completely that she really has no choice hide spoiler

  5. wosedwew wosedwew says:

    If you have integrity nothing else matters If you don't have integrity nothing else matters Alan Simpson “This is a distinction my father once made to me Honor is what you know about yourself Reputation is what others know about you or believe they know”He cleared his throat “The people of Meryton think they know what happened between you and Lord Henry Thus your reputation has suffered But you know you did nothing wrong; your honor has not been compromised”Elizabeth Bennet has been compromised The unscrupulous Lord Henry has maneuvered her into an empty room torn her gown and been caught kissing her Elizabeth’s protests of innocence are unheard except by her Father and her sister Jane Her Mother and younger sisters jump to judge and gossipThe Bingley shrew can’t wait to share the gossip – and Darcy is determined to come to Miss Elizabeth’s aiduote from the book “A man who sought only to take advantage of her virtue would flatter her to the heavens rather than criticize her family How odd that Mr Darcy’s lack of tact revealed his sincerity It must be love”Laws control the lesser man Right conduct controls the greater one Chinese ProverbMr Collins visits with his pamphlets of instructions for Fallen Women uote from the book “Sir it is very good of you to be concerned with the state of my soul But as a man of the cloth do you think you should be exposing yourself to such powerful depravity? Particularly without a wooden stake and holy water at hand?” Lydia and Kitty giggled loudly while Mrs Bennet looked confused and Mary rolled her eyes Mr Collins on the other hand nodded earnestly “I did not believe such measures were necessary although I do have several cloves of garlic in my satchel” Elizabeth Bennet leaves for London and anonymityuote from the book “Elizabeth glanced about to see if anyone else was in the room Nobody on her right but she turned her head to the left A young woman tall and blonde was doing embroidery in the chair by her bedside Elizabeth was reassured In the novels kidnappers never embroidered”An unlikely very unlikely heroine clears the way to HEAA pure hand needs no glove to cover it Nathaniel Hawthorne The Scarlet Letter 1850

  6. Claudine DiMuzio / Just Jane 1813 Claudine DiMuzio / Just Jane 1813 says:

    I have a review and a readers' choice giveaway for Darcy's Honor today at Just Jane 1813 Come visit to see why I think Victoria Kincaid has written another great story

  7. Sophia Sophia says:

    What would happen if the events of Pride Prejudice went differently after Darcy and the Bingleys leave Netherfield followed by another dark event? Will Darcy lay aside his pride and think of his love instead? That is the uestion in Darcy's HonorThe story is a variation of PP opening at the point of the Netherfield ball but going down its own path from that point on when a new character Viscount vies for Elizabeth's attentions I enjoy variations on Austen's classic tales which the author does so well so I was glad to get my hands on this one I thought it would be about a rival for Darcy and instead the theme of this one is a lady's tarnished reputation How does her family her community and others beyond that respond when a young lady who has heretofore shown herself to be exemplary in all ways is suddenly inexplicably found alone in slight dishabille with a young man? And then instead of doing the understood thing of accepting his hand in marriage says 'no thanks I don't like you'Looking back we know from the social custom of that time that it was not a fair thing Whether they believe her tarnished or not reputation is worth than honest truth Shunned and rejected on all sides though innocent My modern female heart silently screamed at the injustice of itBut it was an occasion for the proud disagreeable according to Lizzy Mr Darcy to really shine Which he did He was so gallant He puts down the gossip occurring amongst his own set in Town rushes back to verbally and actively support Elizabeth's version of events and he acts out of love and honor to offer marriageI did have a few niggles One was in the beginning with the set up to the compromise scene I understand there needed to be some sort of device to get Lizzy into a room alone with the Viscount but it seemed odd for her to naively be led into the Lucas' drawing room to see a painting that the Viscount stated reminded him of her Charlotte's her best friend and the Lucas' near neighbors Surely Lizzy would have known the drawing room and known there was no such paintingMy next niggle was an annoyance later on when Lizzy accused Darcy of pride and yet her rejection of his suit showed her pride was at at issue She said her rejection was to protect him from her scarlet woman image Her marriage to him would not destroy him he explains this and she insisted that she could not accept his name or his help that she would find employment and lodgings somehow Going it alone without a guardian male parent or female chaperone was just as damning to a reputation if not so than accepting Darcy's proposal and assistance In fact in those days no decent person would hire a woman on her own with no reputation or referral letter and the same goes for lodgings which Lizzy already knew after failing at this earlier in the story Hair shirt Lizzy? Not that I didn't enjoy that entertaining grand finale scene near the end when it was her plan that bested the villain as a result of things playing out the way they didIt was a light story even if hitting a darker subject men and women purposefully compromising and sullying a reputation to gain what they want I enjoyed it overall even laughing at Caroline's attempt to catch Darcy and Lady Catherine's shocking actions that I absolutely loved There was a good balance of humor and drama and build to romance with a solid conflict I can't wait to see what the author produces next and would definitely recommend her novellas and books to those who enjoy variations on Pride PrejudiceI rec'd this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

  8. Sheila Majczan Sheila Majczan says:

    I have delayed writing a review for several reasons There was a lot of hype about this book and when it didn't live up to my heightened expectations I contemplated my impressions and reasoning for a whileI think the biggest problem I had with the story is that when Darcy has Elizabeth not only living in the house his father's mistress occupied but he also takes chances with her reputation even further when he visit her there than oncewith no chaperoneand he does embrace and kiss her Oh I know they are in love and under a lot of pressure and stress But with all she has done to maintain her innocence and to walk away with her head held highWHY? I know how the chemistry between a man and a woman can be so overwhelming but in this story I held them both to that high moral standard of not allowing any acts to border on being improprietiesThe other event in the very beginning that bothers me is how Elizabeth allowed herself to be drawn into a room by Henry Carson Viscount Billington She has known the Lucas family all her life Charlotte is her best friend She has been in the house numerous times So when the Viscount claims that there is a picture over a mantle which resembles herwhy on earth would she fall for that come on? She knows the house and I am sure that if there were a picture which resembled her someone in the Lucas family would have drawn her attention to it previouslyFinally as some others have stated Elizabeth's resistance to Darcy's pleas to his offer of marriage seems to be so stubborn so at times without rhyme or reason He must then eliminate the standing of the man who put Elizabeth is that position to begin withI did enjoy this story but the above paragraphs are my uibbles with the premise Darcy fights long and hard to win Elizabeth's hand and her objections are all about how if she marries him his honor will be besmirched by her ruin The author did come up with a very clever solution in the end Oh how the mighty did fall

  9. Kasia Burlakoff Kasia Burlakoff says:

    Heartbreaking and heartwarmingIt's another great story from Victoria Kincaid I love Darcy the Protector and Elizabeth who tries do stay true to herself Her stubbornness in refusing Darcy may seem excessive but I believe she tried to preserve her dignity And it didn't mean to have been handled over by a man who had ruined her reputation to another man to restore it Though sometimes I wanted to tell her to allow Darcy save her But she had to do it hard wayI loved their developing relationship and tender a and devoted Darcy was the best The Viscount was a predator who believed that Elizabeth was his for the takingThe attitude of Elizabeth 's neighbors saddened me so little regard for a girl who had grown up among them But unfortunately some people like thinking better of themselves when they have a chance to besmirch anotherThere is a HEA with some help from a couple of unlikely allies

  10. Elizabeth Hossenlopp Elizabeth Hossenlopp says:

    Another amazing book by Victoria KincaidLoved it Well worth 5 stars I really liked how Georgiana helped her brother process the necessary changes needed to win Elizabeth And I thoroughly enjoyed Lord Henry's comeuppance Yet another wonderful PP variation by Victoria Kincaid

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