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No More Heroes #1 Dystopian Thriller [Download] ➵ No More Heroes #1 Dystopian Thriller By Roo I. MacLeod – No More Heroes #1 Dystopian Thriller Heroes Series is a fast paced dystopian thrillerScrapping on the streets suited Ben Jackman until his past returned to ask a favor Run hide or fight If only the fa No More Heroes Dystopian Thriller Heroes Heroes #1 PDF/EPUB ¿ Series is a No More eBook è fast paced dystopian thrillerScrapping on the streets suited Ben Jackman until More Heroes #1 Kindle Õ his past returned to ask a favor Run hide or fight If only the favor didn’t involve the girlBen's world has gone mad Riots and looting have brought soldiers onto the streets Terrorism is the norm And the man who married his childhood sweetheart the man he once called a friend wants him to babysit his large black sports bag jam packed full of troubleWhen his ex friend is found dead battered and dumped in the vacant land adjoining Ben's suat the Law and the owners of the bag invade Ben's world looking to ask uestionsHe turns to his childhood sweetheart but that is his first mistake Losing the bag is his secondBen must find the bag find the killers of his old friend and live happily ever after with the girl Alas two out of three is the best he can hope for.

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  1. Whispering Stories Whispering Stories says:

    Roo I MacLeod presents an interesting vision of a futuristic London where the country is run by a dictator who is constantly waging war somewhere Society as we know it appears to have broken down although cigarettes drugs and alcohol are plentifulI enjoyed this aspect of the story although there were many uestions which were not answered such as how was life for the apparently law abiding middle class working people and why with so many other infrastructure problems was there an apparently perfect mobile phone networkThe text flowed well and the spelling and grammar were excellent; not always the case for a self published work I’m not sure why we have US spelling in a book written by an Australian in the UK but maybe when we reach that future time US spelling will be standardMy Kindle download gave me the added value of a free copy of another of Roo’s books A Collection of Dystopian Tales which I will look at when I have timeThe story itself was a bit thin and in the middle section was slow About two thirds of the way through I found myself agreeing with the lead character when he said of the bag “But I’m beyond caring any I don’t care what’s in it or who gets it” That said I did persevere and was rewarded by some action near the end which was not particularly realistic but made me smile I won’t spoil it by disclosing the plot so read the book and you will understand what I meanRoo has challenged himself to create a dystopian world and No More Heroes is worth a read for this alone I have awarded three starsReviewed by Clive at wwwwhisperingstoriescom

  2. Lauren - SERIESous Books Lauren - SERIESous Books says:

    DNF'd 10% Start of Chapter 6I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and not influenced by my sourceThis novel just wasn't for me I'm not a huge adult crime fan especially in novels so I just didn't get into the story as much as I wanted toThe writing style is definitely uniue as is the world The world itself reminded me of Sin City or Judge Dredd dark gritty and take no prisoners The lead reminded me a bit of Sam Spade from the Maltese Falcon a jaded man with a chip on his shoulderI stopped reading right when the main plot starts to unfold and while I'm curious to see how it all plays out this story just couldn't keep my attention Check out spoiler free book and series reviews on my blog SERIESousBookReviewscom as well as read book series recaps Full Review Actual Rating DNF

  3. Rodney Strong Rodney Strong says:

    No More Hereos is a dystopian thriller set in some unknown time where society is governed by the Man and various factions fight against each other In the middle of all this is Ben the protagonist who really just wants to keep his head down and drift through life He's run away from the draft not interested in fighting in the Man's war and now dodges the Army amongst others His life is drinking and smoking and hanging out with friends Until one day an old friend shows up asking him to deliver a bag to his mother for him Before Ben can answer chaos erupts and the friend is killed and the bag disappears The only trouble is alot of people seem to think Ben still has the bag And thus the plot developsI liked the character of Ben At first he seems a little one dimensional but as the book goes on we begin to see different deeps to his personality Likewise some of the secondary characters are well formed and in varying stages of likeability You're not supposed to like them all which means the author has done their job rightThe plot does wear thin in spots and there are some scenes that seem to be there for padding not really adding to the main story but the description of the action is done well and there's plenty of itI did find the first 40 50 pages difficult to get into though There was a lot of overwriting in the beginning with almost wall to wall adjectives for a bit However the author settled into their work nicely and the story really started to flowI would read work from this author and the ending of the book sets up a seuel so it will be interesting to see where Ben goes next

  4. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    This is a BookGobblercom bookI am giving this book 3 stars as a neutral rating because I couldn't force myself to finish itBen was suppose to go into the army which fight at the drop of a hat from what I can tell He did not want to go so he stays away from cameras and keeps his head down until his ex best friend finds him The ex bestie gives him a bag not real exciting to me and pleads with him to deliver it to him mother his fathers life is at stake but his father may already be dead a little confusing there for me What the author class black hats come after this mysterious bag along pretty much everybody else The story is set in a town with extremely poor people violence thieves a place with no or little law enforcement kind for like a future wild westThe grammar and spelling in this book is excellent which isn't always the case The writing of this book just did not draw me in and keep reading I found myself falling asleep This was not the book for me

  5. O. D. Book Reviews O. D. Book Reviews says:

    Description Set in a Dystopian London a homeless man named Ben becomes an unlikely protagonist as he finds himself the target of just about everyone He was unlucky enough to have a former friendenemy turn up and drop a bag of trouble in his lap And now everyone wants the bag from him So where is the bag And what exactly is in it anyway In Short This book is an action packed crime thriller that is set in a messed up version of London that feels almost like the past set in the near future If you like dark action books with uniue stories and eccentric characters you will enjoy this book Pros No More Heroes is a beautifully written book with a great story The plot was very uniue and constantly entertaining The nonstop action had me hooked and eager to see what would happen next The 2 missing bags with contents unknown kept me curious to the end The settings are wonderful and detailed you can really visualize the story unfolding The characters are great and well developed This book features a really interesting cast of street people and criminals Ben the protagonist is a wonderfully complex believable and likeable character He's got a bit of drinking problem but hidden behind all his misfortune is a brilliant mind that he has to constantly use to solve problem after problem that is thrown at him It seemed like everywhere he went the sht hit the fan so to speak you couldn't help feeling sorry for him but also being excited by the wild story Ben also has some serious fighting moves like a proper hero and there is a clear back story as to where they came from which was appreciated The characters and the story were definitely very well thought out and the ending was great It has a good solid conclusion but also leaves you wanting to read the next bookCons I have no notable issues with this bookParent's Guide Violence murder gore language and alcohol No sex I received a free copy of this book in return for my honest review

  6. Rhonda Holle Rhonda Holle says:

    This story that takes place in Old Town London an area called Ostere The story revolves around a young man BENNY JACKMAN who is confronted by a gang the Black Hats The Black Hats want their bag back a large gym bag that the reader isn’t sure what's inside; it could be a cut up body or money but the gang wants it back We do know the bag is heavy for BENNY to take with him after the chaos starts And everyone seems to want the bag Although this isn't my preferred genre I have to praise ROO MACLEOD’S use of gang terminology It sounded authentic The writing gave me the impression that the author has first hand experience of gang life The dialogue is fast paced and there is never a dull moment It seems most of the characters have a nickname from The Punksters The Law Feral Man Wolf Girl Feral Clan Blacky and Pete The Nose just to name a few There is violence gunfire murder and burials This book was given to me in exchange for a fair and honest review

  7. Roo MacLeod Roo MacLeod says:

    Of course I'm finished As I wrote it finishing it was easy I don't know how it actually got into my reading list Honest guv No ideaBut what a cracking read Fast paced larger than life characters and twists turns ducking and diving It's a thriller to match the best of Reacher And there's to come Stay tuned

  8. Deb Wade Deb Wade says:

    No More Heroes by Roo I MacLeod is a dystopian thriller set in a future London The Man rules and our main character Ben is an army dodger cast out onto the streets when his family pack up and leave The streets are tough as different factions are constantly fighting Ben is given a bag by a friend and asked to deliver it to the friend's mother The friend is killed and the bag disappears Everyone wants the bag and the remainder of the novel is Ben trying to stay alive and find the bagI struggled to complete this book At first I cared less what was in the bag and once I knew I didn't care who had it Suffice to know that Ben lived once he took up the care of a young lad with a knowledge of guns and a shoot or die mentality Ben's experience with his trusty rusty knives which he had secreted around his body even while in prison came to much use but by the end of the novel he had secreted many guns and was determined to learn how to use themThis novel is extremely well written and edited which is refreshing with author edited books I felt it really belonged on the movie screen with a handsome swash buckling hero which leads me to wonder why this title Three stars from meI was give the opportunity to read a free e copy of this book by the author and Voracious Readers Only in exchange for an honest review

  9. Jenn Jenn says:

    I received this book free from Voracious Readers This story is set in dystopian England where the Man is in charge It starts with a boy another boy and a bag It's a wild ride through the dirty back streets of Ostere England where the bag has disappeared and everyone is out to get the last guy who had it Ben However the bag is not all it seems to be I enjoyed this book There were places it was difficult to follow and that was due to the language used rather than bad storytelling Once I was able to get into the groove of the author's writing it became much easier The protagonist Ben was a likable character who will do anything to protect those he cares about He has some bad traits too though There are no perfectly good characters in this book All of MacLeod's characters have goodbad traits and are rough around the edges It is the first in a series and I believe I would go back for

  10. Frank Cox Frank Cox says:

    I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily choose to review itNo Heroesby Roo I MacLeodDescription Set in London with the main character named Ben He seems to be everybody's Target He had somebody drop a bag that that caused a lot of problems the bag goes missing and everybody is looking for it Nobody knows what's in the bagIn ShortThis book is a crime thriller If you like this type of dark action with one of a kind characters you will enjoy this bookNo More Heroes is well written with lots of description in the sentences By the way I couldn't put it down once I started to read it It has lot's of twists and turns to the end trying to figure out where the bags went Over all it was a good read

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