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  1. Rachel Emily Rachel Emily says:

    Although it says that this is a stand alone story it does take place after another story that these two authors co wrote Just a Summer Deal and even though I hadn't read that one and jumped into Sugar Topped I think I would have appreciated having read their first book before this one since the two MCs from that first book appear pretty often in this story I admit it was a bit confusing at the start since I feel like it was written as if we should already know who all of these characters are from the first page I liked the characters Luke and Julian as far as their backgrounds and jobswe had a military vet turned baker who is attracted to a man for the first time and an engineerarchitect who dresses very fluidly and wears whatever he wants This story was sweet there were some misunderstandings and poor communication between Julian and Luke which I'm never a big fan of and they had some great chemistry together I wish there had been a bit something to their relationship something that gave it some weight and substance for me as a reader There's just something about their relationship or this story that didn't fully work for me I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review

  2. Anu Anu says:

    35 stars OK I did not know this took place after 'Just a Summer Deal' It would have been good to mention somewhere the book assumes the reader knows Aaron and Conor's backstory already but as I did not know this was a continuation of that I was terribly confused The main story of Julian and Luke was nice and very sweet but there was too much stuff going on in the background The overall feeling was chaotic and somewhat confusing at several points I had to go back a few pages to figure out what was happening While I enjoy both authors' individual books tremendously this one was just not uite as good as their own stuff

  3. Danielle Gypsy Soul Danielle Gypsy Soul says:

    Even though this says it's a stand alone book I feel like I missed something Clearly there is another book about the secondary characters that are in this book and they are featured uite a bit so I wish I had known and read that book prior to reading this one Even with that said there was just something missing in this one for me It was just okay for me

  4. Tizerkane 13 Tizerkane 13 says:

    I REALLY don't enjoy disliking a book Also I definitely disliked this one When am I going to learn that this author as are a few of the authors who write in the same vein isare NOT for me ?? UGHKUing this as it has been on my KU ueue If I REALLY like it I'll purchase I want something super sweet and this seems like it might fit the bill

  5. Jen Winters Jen Winters says:

    I liked it but there were some issues with clarityI liked these characters Julian was super driven and completely himself Luke was such a sweetheart that my teeth may be aching a bit I really really liked these characters The execution of the story and romance lacked so much There were moments of utter confusion for me There were times I couldn’t follow the conversation at all I did not enjoy the complete confusion I felt for the first 20% of the book because I did not know these characters and I was expected to know them already There was no indication that this was a second in a series by the blurb or the title or anything all the markers of second in series were in the story itself and I felt like I never got to catch up with the characters I still do not understand if Scott and Dominic are dating or who Lukas is or if he’s a phantom from another version of this book I don’t get why there was even a scene with Julian’s Mom nor why Luke’s ptsd wasn’t addressed clearly I think the opportunity of this story passed over the authors because I am left with so many uestions Why was Julian made to feel like a victim because he dressed true to himself? Did Luke ever have therapy for his ptsd? Does Julian ever actually show genuine emotion? No really All these things should have been addressed and could have made this story an actual tear jerker but instead everything was treated like Scott’s dick cupcakes and not taken seriously This story could have had so much depth but it just lacked the commitment of the authors to address the real issues of these men Julian could have been so much than flirty and fabulous He could have been a real romantic hero Instead he was the jerk of the relationship without having the benefit of redeeming romantic ualities Luke deserved better than Julian and I should never come away from a romance feeling like one of the characters didn’t deserve the other

  6. Fallon Cahan Fallon Cahan says:

    This has been a very enjoyable read There's no slow burn Julian and Luke's relationship snowballs from the moment they meet They're drawn to each other and it's clear they are meant to be they just have to figure that out Very steamy sweet and romantic Some angst but not overwhelming They do have to deal with a homophobic jerk along the way in case that may be triggering Also memories of a friend lost while Luke was in the military The MC's and supporting characters are well thought out and written The authors did a wonderful job telling Julian and Luke's story I could hardly wait after reading the first book Just a Summer Deal If you have the chance you should read them both one after the other as it will also give you a better grasp of the situation and people involved I am late with my review due to personal issues but I did read a free ARC in exchange for my honest opinion and review I'm also very much looking forward to from Ed and Zach They have proven to be an electrically charged combination

  7. Lenna Wright-Berry Lenna Wright-Berry says:

    it’s too tame for me it’s too sweet not the cupcakes there is really no drama no connection to the reader It reads like a narrative story that’s just there The cover models don’t even hold on the characters details Luke tattooed very big muscular man dark and military trained combat solider Julian is tall smart flamboyant that wears feminine cloths makeup dresses and heels but can dress is a bright suit if need be He was confusing for me he started the book him uickly recapping his introduction to Luke like the same day he dropped to his knees in front of Luke Talking about him as bi but then said he was gay okay Then him talking about Luke moving but as the book progressed Luke never thought about moving

  8. Ron-Michael Ron-Michael says:

    A light sweet confection about the connection between Luke the 'straight' owner of a bakery and Julian the tenant in the apartment above the bakery in Durango Colorado They meet through mutual friends apparently characters in a book before this one and their attraction is instantaneous Both however are workaholics so much of the tensionmisunderstandings stem from that Thankfully there are no inane wrenches thrown in just a nice love story 45 stars

  9. Faye K Faye K says:

    NOT a standalone bookI got to 15% before giving up I couldn't follow the characters esp with Luke supposedly straight he sure doesn't act like it This one I'll need the previous book to read to know whats what or is who Luke is straight and works in a bakery shop with his goodiesJulian was Luke's secret admirer??? When they share a hot kiss after closing up there both a lot hot and bothered NOPE definitely need the back story

  10. Kathy Kathy says:

    I enjoyed the book but I felt that it was very rushed The dialogue felt truncated the descriptions too short and the emotions too shallow Overall I felt shortchanged It was good but it could have been greatMay 12 2017 Kindle Unlimited

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Sugar Topped ❮Download❯ ➼ Sugar Topped Author E. Davies – “Temptation is too sweet” Julian Holloway is too busy for love This is his big break at his architecture firm and sleeping with a near stranger is supposed to be a one time thing Except the guy's “Temptation is too sweet” Julian Holloway is too busy for love This is his big break at his architecture firm and sleeping with a near stranger is supposed to be a one time thing Except the guy's straight and owns the bakery under Julian's new apartment As the two spend time that Julian doesn't really have together he starts to wonder does Luke feel the same pull toward him Luke Thornton swapped guns and armor for cupcakes and muffins Military training means he runs a tight operation and now his creative side is let loose But when he meets the out proud and loud Julian Luke starts to wonder just how creative he's willing to go After all he's never been with a man before Why did the guy have to move in upstairs Despite their differences two hard headed men with an insatiable attraction for each other can easily fall into bed But before long it's not just chemistry between them If Luke can learn to give Julian his space while Julian gives Luke his time will that be enough to help them face the world together Sugar Topped is a steamy stand alone GFY gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.