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  1. Feliz Feliz says:

    475Bander is Jake’s last name but it’s also what he is Banders are rare; for all he knows Jake is the last of his kind Which as he tells himself is just fine he likes being on his own best anyway After all he needs to protect the secret of his dual nature in order to be able to live his life in peace So he cultivates the grumpy misanthropic image he has copied from his friend and mentor Walton avoiding to form bonds of any kind to anyone and has built walls around his heart as thick as Fort Knox’s ever since the only man whom he ever trusted turned out to be interested in the bander than in JakeIt works for JakeUntil he meets Vaughn that is a man who looks like the spitting image of the man who betrayed him once and yet couldn’t be differentVaughn used to live for pleasure traveling the world for fun and only doing what catches his fancy at any given moment his only care in life avoiding boredom He was born rich and thought he’d always be But one day all his wealth is gone and suddenly Vaughn needs to earn his living By chance than anything Vaughn gets a hold on a job as a manual laborer at the Ark the animal sanctuary run by Jake and he’s determined to do anything in his power to keep it For one he finds to his surprise that he likes the physical work And for another the Ark is where Jake is and that’s where Vaughn wants to beVaughn and Jake have met before mutual disconcertment rapidly turning into eually mutual fascination But while Vaughn throws himself wholeheartedly into the novel experience of working hard and getting under Jake’s skin Jake shies away along the lines of once bitten twice shy However Jake can’t resist Vaughn’s charm for longThis story in and of itself followed many oft walked paths of mm romance but it was told in such a lighthearted tone that it flowed easily and smoothly and yet never turned fluffy or trivial It was a delight to see Jake interact with the teenage volunteers the animals and with his mentor Walton all gruff and bristles and golden heart And with Vaughn of course who was just a breath of fresh air Sparks started to fly between those two almost right from the beginning but once they got to know each other and got over the obligatory cross purposes talking induced misunderstanding there was a lot between them than mere physical attractionBoth main characters were nicely drawn Vaughn on first sight a uite superficial never do well turned out to be courageous surprisingly resourceful and faithful to both his airhead cousin and of course to Jake And Jake whom Vaughn initially calls a sourpuss and uite appropriately so shows undreamt of devotion to Vaughn and emotional depths that motivate him to go out of his way in order to make Vaughn happyThe actual plot was a bit far fetched but imaginative and consistent and really it was a fun story where everybody got what they deserved in the end Well almost everybodyThis was a refreshing change from the usual shifter fare and not only for the fact that Jake turned into something a lot original than a wolf and there wasn’t a fated mate in sightPlus no one growled “mine” during sex another nice bonus pointInstead I got a wonderful pairing of tall dark and silent with bright vivid and chatty Flintstone and spark Rock and wind Jake and Vaughn complement each other beautifully even though it takes both of them a while to see that and I had a great time being a fly on their wall Warmly recommendedreview originally written for wwwreviewsbyjessewavecom

  2. Mandapanda Mandapanda says:

    2013 has been the year of mm shifter novels for me so far Authors have been doing a great job of taking the genre in new and exciting directions and this is another one to add to the list Vaughan a fickle and fun loving trust fund baby loses all his money overnight when his financial manager takes off with his and his cousin Maya's money He gets a job at a local animal sanctuary run by reclusive and cranky shifter JakePlenty of chemistry between these two MC's None of the often irritating matemine dialogue The first half of the book is really strong but it loses a little steam in the second half as the plot becomes slightly less believable and rushes towards a climax I would have liked the author to take time explaining the actions of all the characters in this novel Vaughan's friend Danika felt totally extraneous to the story I was confused as to why she was even in there Maybe to counterbalance the other female character's bad points? The cousin Maya is as morally reprehensible as her departed husband Dave and I was annoyed for a while at Jake and Vaughan's passive acceptance of her machinations But seeing that Vaughan had not forgiven her in the end satisfied meThose who are acuainted with Samhain Publishing will be pleasantly surprised to see that this novel doesn't end until 93% on my kindleI can't remember seeing that term 'bander' used before to describe shifters Is it a word the author has made up?

  3. Mandy*reads obsessively* Mandy*reads obsessively* says:

    365Vaughn is rich and spoiled but actually a nice guy who has his heart in the right placeI would have liked a bit history on him like the comment about his parents kicking him out it was mentioned and that's it We know he wanders but never really settles until circumstances force him toHe runs into an intriguing guy at a bar and the guy is rude and tells Vaughn exactly what he thinks of him doesn't matter that he doesn't actually know him he knows the type Vaughn is actually hurt by it and wants to prove that he isn't useless and he gets a chance to prove it to himself and to the guyHe's broke and needs a job so he manages to get one at the Arc a safe haven for exotic and not so exotic animals he gets closer to Jake the guy from the bar and the manager of the placeJake isn't just a grumpy solitary loner no he is a Bander now I could tell you what that is but that would spoil my fun ;It's actually the first I've read of them in a mm book I believeNow there are some side plots the evil ex of Vaughn's cousin Maya who ran off with all their money the cousin I'm still not sure she shouldn't have gotten a job shoveling the stalls just for being such a piece of work the ex assistant the vet who is Jake's ex and sort of creepyI enjoyed the story but I did feel that the last third was rushed Jake's turnaround was so sudden and complete I would have liked a little build up to it but all in all a good read with a believable HEA Oh and not a mate or mine in the whole book if anything Vaughn is the aggressor so for those who don't like fated mates and growls possessive alpha shifter this is a good book for you I of course don't mind mates and minesso;

  4. ttg ttg says:

    DNF 50%The writing is overall fine and I'm also a sucker for Grouchy MCs which felt like a total bonus at first My main issue is that I found everything really dull and I just couldn't push myself to read anyYour mileage may vary though and if you like shifter stories this one may be up your alley One plus is there is no insta lovemate thing For an alternative view I recommend MandyM's excellent reviewAs an aside I'm going to have to contact Samhaim Whoever makes their mobi files does it in a way that not all the fonts on the kindle are usable I end up having to use a smaller font than what I normally want to use This is the second Samhaim title that I've recently read with this issue My Regelence Rake was the other It's frustrating

  5. Elspeth Elspeth says:

    I really enjoyed this story than I thought I was going too I thought I would be a little put off by Vaughn than Jake but it was the other way aroundThe characters in this was well developed but the world building could have used a bit back ground One thing I thought off was that Vaughn in passing thought mentions the “new thing” is to see if you can spot shifters in society Then why is he so surprised that Jake is a shifter that he thought it was a myth from the tabloids Jake also got a bit tiring with the woe is me I am a beast so therefore can never be with Vaughn who is human Anyways I enjoyed the book and hope the author might visit the word again I would love to read about the teenager for the life of me I cannot remember his name I am horrible with namesI did like him thought and would love to hear about him coming out to his family and pursuing his passion for photography

  6. Candice Candice says:

    Can I say I'm not sure and leave it at that?Okay here's the thing The writing felt sloppy to me I had a hard time following at times I had to re read a lot of it because I was confused Now it could have just been me? Anyways I really liked Jake and Vaughn but HATED Maya I didn't see how or why Jake's attitude changed It was like a flip of the switch One minute he wanted the distance and the next he's a sappy BanderThe thing with the money eh didn't do anything for me Could have left that out and dealt with Peter Tricia and Dr Glenn Also view spoilerhow did Jake TALK to the animals? Would have liked to have seen the author go into that hide spoiler

  7. Eli Easton Eli Easton says:

    I don't normally read paranormal or shifter romances but I got a chance to read this one in advance and I like the author so I grabbed it I really enjoyed the two MCs And since I'm a sucker for animals I loved the setting of the Ark an animal shelter The USTsparks were flying between these two characters and the development of their physical and romantic relationship was nicely threaded throughout the book The sub plot of the entitled cousins losing all their money was uniue and interesting It felt like a good solid contemporary to me well except one MC could you know become an animal Recommended

  8. Experiment BL626 Experiment BL626 says:

    Despite being an atypical shapeshifter romance and the absence of insta love the book was uninspiring I cared little for the couple Their relationship lacked that indescribable uality that makes me believe they belong togetherAs individuals the characters were dull Jake was aloof to the extent of obliviousness; dude was a dope I found it somewhat difficult scrounging up pity for him when he and his cousin got betrayed embezzled and lost their wealth Vaughn was supposed to be this grouchy hurting guy but I found him rude and a shade of selfish He was also a shade of flaky; dude keep oscillating between like and dislikedistrustavoidance for JakeI breezed through the book without ever once connecting to any character or concern for what would happen The most I ever felt was that I wanted the crook to be caught and the money be returned to the victims and that’s only because I dislike the idea of unresolved betrayalsThe world building was a little puzzling It never gave a clear cut answer as to whether the existence of shapeshifters was this secret everyone knows but doesn’t speak of or if it was truly a secret and would change the entire world if people found out I tried to grasp Vaughn's concern about hiding his secret but it was hard when he didn’t particularly do much to keep it as a secret Who the hell shapeshifts in an area that anybody can easily wander across?In ConclusionI rate Taming the Bander 2 stars for it was okay The book was a forgettable read

  9. MLE MLE says:

    I enjoyed this story but I would have preferred a bit world building I just felt like I didn't have a good handle on how shifters worked or fit into society I also thought some of the conflict felt a bit too inflated and silly especially towards the end On the other hand I really liked Vaughn He was an interesting guy and I loved his take it or leave it attitude towards his fortune Jake was interesting but his self pitying I'm a monster no one will ever love me did get a bit old at times I liked the balance between the two characters and how much time they took to get to know each other before love came into the picture I think Jake's father figure was my favorite character while the other secondary characters needed some depth and interest Maya Vaughn's cousin and Dave Jake's ex stand out in my mind as characters who could have used a little complexity to make them fully formed It would have gone a long ways towards making them work better in the story and made the plot feel a bit coherent Overall a good story that could have been just a bit better

  10. Anyta Sunday Anyta Sunday says:

    Great beginning but loses steam too fast PlusesI really like the Ark animal shelter settingVaughn shoveling shit with such a great attitude was one of my highlights In fact his attitude all the way through the book was something I connected to and it makes him a likeable character The passion between Jake and Vaughn in the first 60% of this book hit just the right tone—sexy and ish without overdoing it Minuses I rarely dislike characters but Maya really wound me up the wrong way Her manipulative ways to get what she wants was aggravating and selfish It was like everything revolved around her and no one else and honestly I found myself hoping she wouldn’t get any of her money back I actually had to put the book down for a while in the middle there But perhaps this is a good thing It shows how much I ended up rooting for Jake and feeling protective of his secret Overall a good read

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Taming the Bander ➶ [Read] ➲ Taming the Bander By Summer Devon ➾ – Thomashillier.co.uk Jake values his solitary life but he didn’t count on Vaughn who’s made it his goal to pursue and tame the bander Jake Bander is a bander a type of shifter and a notoriously taciturn loner As a boy Jake values his solitary life but he didn’t count on Vaughn who’s made it his goal to pursue and tame the bander Jake Bander is a bander a type of shifter and a notoriously taciturn loner As a boy he was rescued by a man who ran an animal rescue preserve and now Jake runs the place He’s content keeping his secret and accepts the truth he’ll always be alone Taming the Kindle - Vaughn Prentiss is a trust fund baby exactly the sort of summer visitor who gets on Jake’s last nerve Vaughn is only slightly shaken in his unruffled existence after an encounter with Jake the cranky loner he’s undeniably attracted to Happy go lucky rambling Vaughn plans to stay with his cousin at her beach house for a short time but his plans change forever when his cousin’s husband leaves the country with the family fortune When Jake offers the newly poor Vaughn a job he immediately regrets his decision because he has trouble keeping his paws off his newest employee To protect his shifter privacy he needs Vaughn gone And to help the man he’s learning to admire Jake takes on the job of tracking the lost fortune and danger.