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  1. B.A. Wilson B.A. Wilson says:

    Every single story in this series has taken me on a different journey that has sent me to all kinds of emotional places that sometimes feel a bit unknown But this is still is part of the whole Favorite characters are wound throughout creating a world that has it's own kind of rich family ties and relationships They leave me thinking and distract me from my real life which is just what I need and want right now I'm addicted Pages 240

  2. Heather Emery Heather Emery says:

    35 rating I am on the fence about this book I wanted to like it a lot then I did The characters were good and I liked the plot but it didn't hit the spot for me

  3. phoebess phoebess says:

    Pst There were no mutant goldfish vibrators in this book but that should not discourage you from picking it up wink wink Know was essentially about fighting the existential crisis and both main characters were desperate to win this fight I loved how Milo and Mattie navigated their way out of the rut It was real sometimes clumsy and messy but also sweet sexy and full of raw emotionsI couldn't put it down Seriously When I saw the title at the end the voice in my head started screaming Noooo It's too soon I wanna Although I'm going to have to think about it a while longer I'm pretty sure this installment will be my favorite of all books in this series I received a free copy of this book and gave it an honest review

  4. Cindy Cindy says:

    I recieved this book for an honest reviewMattie is a sub who feels she needs a strong dominant relationship to meet her needs which wouldn't work with Milo since he doesn't like impact play and is uestioning his ability to be a Dom I found it interesting that the answer to their relationship wasn't found in the kink world This seems to be a common theme in this series that I really enjoy

  5. Jessica Jessica says:

    I'm so confused by this author because sometimes she nails bdsm right down to the deepest psychology of it and other times there's these things that are not even in the general area of right Like pretty much ever use of topping from the bottomwas wrong in this book Scening without any idea of what hard limits are on the table is also something I can't imagine two veterans doing There was an aura ofdistaste maybe for bdsm outside the bedroom It's than just kinky sex and I thought she would've nailed that but there seemed to be some general aversion to any non sexual ds in this book It's ok if the characters are only into bedroom ds but I didn't like the way anything else was represented here Also the idea that ds would fall by the wayside in a marriage or after kids is sillyfirst of all it is or it isn't who you are second if you can't find time for what pleases you then you need to evaluate your life Even beyond those issues I didn't really enjoy this book the way I did the others First the I wasn't as invested in either character as I have been in the previous books I literally just reread all the others and still only remember Maddy from like 2 scenes in gabby's book Milo is mentioned in all of them but is rarely ever at the forefront of any scene in the other books I liked them both but I didn't think they fit together The relationship was like watching two toddlers try to fit a suare peg in a round hole realizing it didn't work but then having all their friends push on their hands to try and force it Just because two people have chemistry and similar life goals doesn't mean they're compatible By the end I still didn't feel like they were kink compatible despite the author's attempt to reframe things And because the book was bogged down in that aspect it didn't really feel like there was any relationship development Who are either of these characters apart from kink and baby fever? I really don't know what draws them together other than pheromones and wanting kids Hopefully the next one is better otherwise I might just have to skip to Ari's book

  6. Elenariel Elenariel says:

    I'm going to copypaste almost the same review for each book in this series since there aren't many variations No spoilersDifferent cast but the script follows the exact same plot scheme in each of the seven books two characters we barely know meets for the first time and pair up for casual kinky sex that suddenly becomes very serious monogamous almost vanilla happily ever after love relationshipEveryone is uite anonimous the differences in personality and physical appearance are just skin deep and everyone acts in similar ways Even age and social status or past experiences when mentioned aren't than just a number or a tag rather than a way to better detail the personBook 6 and 7 are slightly better because main characters have a bit in depth and nuances Chloe and Eli and their relationship are managed uite well as characters probably thanks to them being childhood friends while Meghan's character and storyline in book 5 are the ones worst managedThey still are a fast light easy reading anyway

  7. Laurie Laurie says:

    Old Notions New PossibilitiesThis story is a bit of a twist from the others in this series It involves two long term BDSM players whose links don't seem to match up although their attraction is genuine Milo has been uestioning whether he needs to step away from the lifestyle as it seems to have lost its luster for him and Maggie's intent on finding the dom who wants to give her a child and who can continue to meet her need for impact play as it has always been her kink of choice Getting each of them to acknowledge the problem with their long held preconceptions as well as the possibility of a future together takes a village Fortunately they share such a village of friends

  8. Raeann Pitman Raeann Pitman says:

    Dom burnout?This was a difficult story to read BDSMKink fascinates me At least the romance stories do This one reminds me that people can grow away from the things they once got pleasure from Mattie and Milo are looking at their life at Fettered and not finding the satisfaction they once had They are not initially Dom and sub Watching them work through the challenges of finding a connection is daunting Ms Moon has portrayed this situation well in my opinion I struggled to finish this story because I wasn't sure how they could find their HEA I hope as you read this story you note the life lessons included

  9. Geeky Girl Review Cafe Geeky Girl Review Cafe says:

    Meet Me In The MiddleMattie and Milo's journey to their HEA was incredibly fascinating I was truly puzzled on how these two would find their way and Lilia did a fantastic job getting their grooves to line up you'll get that reference once you read the book LOLAriAri really laid herself bare to get these two to their HEA and I want nothing then to get to her story Watching her through each book in the series shows me I won't ever be ready for her story it's gonna be bigI loved how hard Mattie and Milo worked separately and together to get together to make the chemistry they had work in a long term picture

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Book four of the Fettered series Can be read and enjoyed as stand alone but secondary characters are throughout the series Full length told in dual POV with HEA Series takes place in around the BDSM club and the secondary characters are all coworkers that feel like a family Mattie and Milo both work and have been members at Fettered for many years They have an attraction however their kinks are not the same It takes their friends interference to get them both to give up their preconceived needs of themselves and each other Well told story with all the feels Loved it

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Know Fettered #4 ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Know Fettered #4 By Lilia Moon ➺ – To get what you want sometimes you have to leave everything you know behindMattie wants a baby She also wants a Dom and she’s a sub who needs a strong one One who knows how to wield the tools of han To get what you want sometimes you have to leave everything you know behindMattie wants a baby She also wants a Dom and she’s a sub who needs a strong one One who knows how to wield the tools of hand and mind and voice and drive her to that strong silent crystal clear place that’s the whole reason she does thisMilo doesn't know what he wants Building the best spanking benches in the business isn't working for him any and neither is using them and it has him uestioning everything What he likes What he needs Know Fettered PDF \ Who he isThey both know nothing can work between them Fortunately they have a good friend who disagrees KNOW is book of the Fettered series If you haven't read YIELD yet you're skipping some really good parts xoxo Lilia.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 240 pages
  • Know Fettered #4
  • Lilia Moon
  • English
  • 28 July 2016

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