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Saga of Billy the Kid ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Saga of Billy the Kid ✪ Author Walter Noble Burns – First published in 1926 this entertaining and dramatic biography forever installed outlaw Billy the Kid in the pantheon of mythic heroes from the Old West and is still considered the single most influ First published in this entertaining and Billy the Epub Ý dramatic biography forever installed outlaw Billy the Kid in the pantheon of mythic heroes from the Old West and is still considered the single most influential portrait of Billy in this century Saga focuses on the Kid's life and experiences in the bloody war between the Murphy Dolan and Tunstall McSween gangs in and around Lincoln New Mexico between and Burns paints the Kid as a Saga of PDF \ boyish Robin Hood or romantic knight galvanized into a life of crime and killing by the war's violence and bloodshed Billy represented the romantic and anarchic Old West that the march of civilization was rapidly displacing His destroyer was Pat Garrett the courageous sheriff of Lincoln County Garrett's shooting of Billy in hastened the closing of the American frontier Walter Noble Burns's Saga of Billy the Kid kindled a fascination in Billy the Kid that of Billy the PDF/EPUB ã survives to this day Richard W Etulain's foreword discusses the singular importance of Saga in the historical literature on Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War.

  • Paperback
  • 340 pages
  • Saga of Billy the Kid
  • Walter Noble Burns
  • English
  • 24 December 2016
  • 9780826321534

About the Author: Walter Noble Burns

Walter Noble Burns was a writer of Billy the Epub Ý Western history and a Western fiction author notable for his book The Saga of Billy the Kid .

9 thoughts on “Saga of Billy the Kid

  1. Nora Nora says:

    Was just as much a story about Billy the Kid as it was about Pat Garrett and other characters of the wild west Interesting enough but did not make me want to learn

  2. Kevin Lucia Kevin Lucia says:

    Extremely glad that in my research of Billy the Kid I chose this first Reads like a mish mash of non fiction and pulp western novel and probably a lot of this is glorified romancebut I write FICTION man I want the historical details to be solid but if I gotta choose between the mythical Billy the Kid and a sanitized one I'll go with mythical thanks

  3. Gregory Gregory says:

    1926 Doubleday Page Company Book Of The Month SelectionBurns makes no claim that this is a work of historical fact Like most of the stories about William H Bonny its a mixture of legend and first hand accounts

  4. Don Voorhees Don Voorhees says:

    This is a fictional account with just a smattering of truth Burns has written a saga as the title suggests You should also read A Fitting Death for Billy the Kid by Ramon Adams for factual accounts of the incidents

  5. Carolina Mac Carolina Mac says:

    A nicely detailed review of Billy the Kid's rampage across New Mexico Written in 1926 when a few of the witnesses were still alive to tell the tale it has some credibility A must have for anyone interested in a history of the lawless old west

  6. Ralph Estes Ralph Estes says:

    Poor; copies Garrett a lot makes a lot up But some uotes from persons still alive that he talked with

  7. Firepsych Firepsych says:

    Feels like half fiction half fact Way too much detail especially in conversations between individuals that must be speculation rather than fact Still entertaining and gives you some idea of who BTK was

  8. Bea Bea says:

    This is a book that my husband I picked up a long time ago from a used book store I thought it would be of a scholarly work than it turned out to beWalter Noble Burns seemed to have a fascination with Billy the Kid which shows in his writing as a bit of a bias toward Billy the Kid The events in this book happened in the Old West during 1978 1981 primarily The book was published in 1926 some 45 years afterwards Therefore people and events were still fresh in the memory of those interviewed and in the collective memory of the region Given that fact it is hard to discount the events recalled unless you remember that memory changes over time Despite that it is evident that this bad man Billy the Kid was kind of a Robin Hood in the thoughts of the people who interacted with himI have often thought of the types of people who populate a new country or area of the fortitude the determination and sometimes the desperation it would take to not run back home It was a hard time and people did their best to live That meant figuring out a code to live by where the law and order was mostly up to each one Billy's code was adaptive for a time but did not fit with civilization as it grew in the westI gave this book 3 due to the writing and the descriptions of the land where the events occurred

  9. T.M. T.M. says:

    Great book

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