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  1. Anne Anne says:

    This was maybe the best volume I've read since Geoff Johns stopped writing Auaman but it was the art that just pushed it into the 5 star territory for me There was just all kinds of wow happening for my eyeballs while I was reading Underworld Look at it Just LOOK at it Stjepan Šejić is my new favorite illustrator I justthis guy is my cuppa And you know what else I liked? The carpet matched the drapes so to speakThis is the cover This is the scene from the comic panelsThis is visually stunning am I right? Yes Yes I amAnd guess who shows up? Well you probably already know because the blurb tells you but I'm going to say it in shouty all caps anywayDOLPHIN But beyond the art I really liked this whole storyline Mera and Arthur have been seperated by a magical artifact and Mera thinks Arthur is dead But when she finds out he not?She pulls out the big guns to go rescue her man Garth Aualad is just awesome in this and I can't wait to read with him in it And Dolphin's mutationpowers are pretty cool too She's got this bioluminescent zappy thing happening and it's really really exciting stuffTo me anyway Ok I know I used too many exclamation points and that maybe this was less a review and just incoherent fangirling but I can't help it This is the most excited I've been over an Auaman comic in a looooong timeRecommended

  2. Swaroop Kanti Swaroop Kanti says:

    Nice artwork and wonderful storyline

  3. Chad Chad says:

    Auaman's alive and taking lessons from Batman in helping from the shadows I like seeing the different factions playing the game of thrones If only the bad guys weren't so dumb and mustache twirly The real star here is the art How can we get Stjepan Šejić to draw every issue of Auaman for the forseeable future? His designs for Atlantis are fantastic For the first time in a long time Atlantis looks like a city that developed organically underwater His facial expressions on his characters display so much emotion He's able to display what Dolphin is thinking by the face she's making which is important since Dolphin is mute I also dig how Auaman uses schools of fish to hide his movements in a fight Very clever

  4. James DeSantis James DeSantis says:

    Well least we're getting back on track After a meh third volume Dan decided to step his game up and add a new artistan AMAZING artist Stjepan Sejic comes in to give Auaman a HUGE boost Who else would be perfect for a underwater adventure? Stjepan Sejic that's who So we have a new artist and a new setting Auaman last volume was stabbed and left for dead He drifted into the down low area the very dark and disgusting area basically the ghetto in underwater world He doesn't want to be the king any but when he starts going around saving people word gets out that the king is BACK The political themes are still here the fights are still happening and our heroes are in trouble Is it better than previous volumes though? Good The art It's amazing Seeing him draw the underwater areas plus the fights are stunning The men are hot the women are beautiful Magic in the art here The story is actually pretty good too Much better than the last two volumes Dan seems to want a faster paced everything going wrong type story This is the best way to approach Auaman for sure Bad The political plotlines are kind of meh They try but add very little Also some of the new villains in the downlow are just terrible Their powers make no sense especially under water Overall this was a solid volume The art greatly pushes this to the good area If the story keeps up with the uprising storyline we might be in for a real treat A 35 out of 5

  5. Richard Richard says:

    Wow this was really a big step up Not only did Abnett turn the Auaman series into what it always should've been an underwater Game of Thrones but the art by the inimitable Stjepan Sejic was spectacular where every page was a joy to look at and turned a 4 star volume into a 5 star one He's up there with Joelle Jones Jason Fabok and Ivan Reis as some of my favorite superhero artists working todayAfter the last volume Arthur Curry has been removed from the throne stabbed in the back and believed dead replaced by former Deluge terrorist Corum Rath who has placed Atlantis under a version of martial law covering it with the magical Crown of Throwns But the rumors of the former king's death might have been greatly exaggerated because there are whisperings in the slums of Atlantis talk of a vigilante in the shadows a man inspiring revolution a man known only as the AuamanWhat a freaking awesome direction for this series to go in And what a cool way to give a reason to reintroduce Arthur's beard and long hair just in time for Jason Momoa's portrayal in the movie It really makes me wish that the previous three volumes were all working toward this as it really deserved much buildup Abnett continues to go even further with the political and cultural Atlantean world building touching on banned magic and xenophobia directed toward Atlanteans with underwater mutations In my opinion this is where the strengths of Auaman writing lies it's what sets him apart from the other big DC heroes so why not focus on that? The book is also pretty entertaining as we follow Arthur trying to stay ahead of the Drift in the bowels of the Atlantean ghetto and witness Mera losing her shit and going berserk as she attempts to break in to Atlantis to find her man I really wish this keeps going and that Abnett can keep up the uality

  6. Wing Kee Wing Kee says:

    What a turnaroundWorld Šejić is PERFECT for this series and brings a level of depth pun intended and weight to the world that was missing before His characters are gorgeous and convey so much his backgrounds are diverse but also well thought out and designed well which this world desperately needed the colors are also fantastic in it's diversity and grounding the story in the water The world building is absolutely fantastic So far Abnett has not done a great job at world building the series as it was way too choppy and inconsistent to create a unified and well thought out world for the story to play in It wanted to be Game of Thrones underwater but the pieces were not presented and written well so it became a mess of a series Here with a steadier hand and an amazing artist to create the world through the visuals the world makes sense Keep it simple keep it in Atlantis but think it through from all the different Trides and places the magic and the look of the world the people and creatures It's still not completely consistent and could do with a little bit explaining and building especially the mutations and their full effect on society but this is a great great step back and huge leap forward for the seriesStory I hated what was happening before with the surface world and Black Manta and the stupid NEMO stuff I wanted it to be set in the ocean and if even smaller set in Atlantis Let his series build outwards before trying to take on too much If there was going to be political intrigue Abnett needed to build all the factions well and then have them play their games You can't play the game if the pieces are not set properly Well all that changed with the last arc which pretty much stripped Arthur of everything and put a new villain on the thrown I hated how it was handled but now with this new arc and the new status uo I am happy that crap had to happen This story is much contained it's smaller it's focused on Atlantis and just the people of Atlantis It does not ask Arthur to be King again and let's the world be the main character it's great Read this book if you want to feel happy about Auaman again cause I want this to be the new status uo I want them to slow build the world like this arc which doesn't rush to an ending I want the small character moments like we got with Dolphin and Orin and Vulko and Ondine those were just beautiful I want this to be what Abnett is going to do with this book moving forward Let Atlantis be Auaman's Gotham or Metropolis spend time developing this part in the story so this city matters This arc is a great startI hopeCharacters Stripping all the dead weight from Arthur is brilliant Abnett has poorly written him into a corner and he didn't have the skills to write a good political drama so it's good we get essentially a reboot This is great I love the journey he goes through I like how simple it is cause we need this I love Dolphin who is beautifully realized because of the art without Šejić's art she would not have emoted this well and been a disaster I love Vulko and his machinations and his banter with Ondine they were beautiful I love Mera and Garth and their interactions and the slow build of the characters and the story I love that Abnett slowed downI love this arc so much this series went from a 1 star gonna give up on it to a 4 star read this time around It's not perfect there are still some inconsistencies but if Abnett is going to keep it simple slow it down let Atlantis be Atlantis and forget the surface for a while I hope at least a year in real time than I am very much on board againOnward to the next bookread individual issues

  7. Robert Robert says:

    All Hail The AUAMANArthur lives no big surprise but has taken refuge in the poorest district of Atlantis to help where he can and keep a low profile He even goes so far as to state he's inspired by one of his super friends from the surface world and utilizes fear mystiue intimidationand the occasional school of mackerelto deal with the undersea city's seedy underworldMera meanwhile believes Big A to be dead and is stranded outside the borders of Atlantis She goes on her own journey of resistance and reunification in the meantimeLastly a new character is introduced who has some prior fame in Auaman lore As she doesn't speak my compliments to the art team for making her just as three dimensional as the rest

  8. Scott Scott says:

    Not horrible but a let down after volumes 1 and 2 Looking at other reviews of Vol 4 Underworld I'm completely in the minority with this opinion Yikes While the artwork was in a distinct new style the story line which unlike the stories in previous books took place 99% of the time in Atlantis felt slower paced and was not holding my interest That one of the protagonists Vulko? occasionally reminded me of Comic Book Guy in both appearance and attitude from 'The Simpsons' did not help either I hope it was only a coincidence

  9. Chris Lemmerman Chris Lemmerman says:

    Read as single issuesDan Abnett's Auaman run has been chugging along uite nicely but it seems he's ready to kick things into high gear and leave the surface world behind for a story set almost entirely in Atlantis With Arthur dethroned and dead and Corum Rath on the throne Atlantis is in disarray But there are rumours in the Ninth Tride of a familiar face opposing Rath's ruleAnd on the surface Mera will do anything to find her way back to Arthur even turn to one of Arthur's old sidekicks for aidThe politics that wracked the first 24 issues of this series take a very different turn now as all of the different factions of Atlantis begin working against each other The Widowhood the Silent School Rath himself Vulko the gangs of the Ninth Tride and Auaman himself plus another familiar face in the Rebirth debut of Dolphin are on top form and the intrigue is balanced out with some excellent action scenes along the way tooNot only is the story elevated to a higher level here but the artwork is absolutely phenomenal Stjepan Sejic joins the series for these six issues and it is a feast for your eyes His character expressions are on a Kevin Maguire level everyone is sleek and stylized nicely and the fact that he colours his own work on top of all of this is just amazing This is almost worth buying for the artwork alone to be honestThe first half of this mega arc is superb Auaman's been pretty good so far but this volume steps it up and then some

  10. Jesse A Jesse A says:

    Great story and interesting new direction with the art

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Aquaman Vol. 4 ⚦ Aquaman Vol. 4 Books ✫ Author Dan Abnett – Former terrorists have replaced the Atlantean police Crime lords control huge swaths of the kingdom And a deadly undersea arsenal is trained on the surface dwellers All is as King Rath commands—and Former terrorists have replaced the Atlantean police Crime lords control huge swaths of the kingdom And a deadly undersea arsenal is trained on the surface dwellers All is as King Rath commands—and yet whispers persist of a rebel in the slums of Atlantis A hero with the potential to change the world In a tale that echoes Aquaman Vol. Epub / sci fi and fantasy sagas of the past this critically acclaimed graphic novel is already being hailed as one of the greatest Auaman stories ever told Collects AUAMAN .