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Beneath Burning Sands ❮PDF❯ ✭ Beneath Burning Sands ✩ Author P.R. Adams – Ambitious MBA graduate Reggie Lee thought defense contractor Frontierza was a perfect fit for his first job He couldn’t have been wrongFrontierza’s work on advanced hibernation technology for slee Ambitious MBA graduate Reggie Lee thought defense contractor Frontierza was a perfect fit for his first job He couldn’t have been wrongFrontierza’s work on advanced hibernation technology for sleeper colony ships wasn’t sexy but what mattered to Reggie was that he would have an extremely visible role leading the first team to test the technology in a month long cryogenic sleep The proposition was simple Succeed and humanity had a real chance of finding a new home before Earth’s ecosystem completely collapsed Fail and you don’t wake up For someone who Beneath Burning PDF/EPUB ² lived on the edge the upside outweighed the riskBut the world Reggie wakes to is nothing like he expected.

About the Author: P.R. Adams

I was born and raised in Tampa Florida I joined the Air Force and my career took me from coast to coast before depositing me in the St Louis Missouri area for several years After a tour in Korea and a short return to the St Louis area I retired and moved to the greater Denver Colorado metropolitan areaI write speculative fiction mostly science fiction and fantasy My favorite writers ov.

10 thoughts on “Beneath Burning Sands

  1. Reg Brown Reg Brown says:

    The ending of book one fooled meThere was a great deal of killing Also a great deal of twists and turns in the plot I had already guessed the ending but I was wrongThe book was a good read and i'm looking forward to books 2 and 3

  2. Julie Julie says:

    Reggie wakes from hibernation sleep noting his slack muscle tone and bemoans the loss of all his hard work sculpting his body Then he has to focus on waking his team or as many as can be woken on the power remaining in the reserve batteries How does he choose? How and when will he mourn the loss of those he didn't wake?And what on earth is making that awful banging sound at the hatchway?Reggie will find out only too soonAnd he really does The system that controls the complex has woken his team and now they must deal with whatever caused the banging As well as the situation that the project controllers have left them in And get all the mechanisms that support life in the habitat running again Reggie doesn't feel in control though he really should be His belief in himself is wavering Can he get his team through and find out what is going on?I enjoyed reading this I had started the proof copy but re started once I had the final copy It was so engaging I didn't mind reading the first third of the book twice It is the sort of book that I am able to visualise well because of the uality of the writing; that always enhances the read for me All in all a truly good story and I am looking forward to the next book coming out I received an e ARC of this novel from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review

  3. Mike W. Mike W. says:

    Post apocalyptic books aren't generally my favorite but I've loved everything else P R Adams and thought I'd give it a try I don't think he can write a bad book and like his other works this one didn't disappoint at all Fast paced great characters great dialog and believable world buildingNot giving away anything since it's covered in the description the main protagonist is just a average guy trying to get by He doesn't appear to be euipped for the end of the world situation he finds himself in A constant theme in all of Adam's book is growth and self knowledge coming into one's skills and abilities We see that in Reggie as he copes with rebellious colleagues murderous mutants and a harsh environment I really liked Reggie Also as in his other books the antagonists are believable and I was sympathetic to their situation Like our human survivors they too are trying to survive in a exceedingly harsh world

  4. Otis Doss III Otis Doss III says:

    I have The Burning Sands Trilogy Omnibus of which this is book one I like it and I'm looking forward to continuing with book two An interesting facet of this book is that like The Road by Cormac McCarthy the back story ie how the world got in the post apocalyptic state that it is in is not fully explained Only bits and pieces are revealed as you progress through the book I presume that is intentional and that the rest of the story is brought to light in the following volumes

  5. Robert Romberger Robert Romberger says:

    Beneath Burning Sands A very interesting post apocalyptic tale that features humans plus sized humans and “sharp teeth” all trying to survive in the Nevada desert somewhere outside Las Vegas Characterizations are good and easy to understand and there is plenty of action throughout Looking forward to trying the rest of the series

  6. Jackie Jackie says:

    Amazing first time read for me by a fantastic author A fast paced book that doesn't let you put it down until you're finished and wishing there was Loved helping to review this ARC

  7. Jason Pilon Jason Pilon says:

    Fast paced entertaining storyThis was a fun read Non stop action an some interesting plot turns I'm looking forward to from this author

  8. Bobbi Bobbi says:

    An average man is given the chance to be than he ever knew he could become A fast paced story that had good characters and wonderful world building You will become attached to Reggie as he grows and become a survivor A fast paced

  9. Siyka Siyka says:

    It was a bit of a difficult read but I liked the dystopian idea and the development of the main characterIt was interesting to see the dynamics in the two different teams how the difficulties made them change their perspectives and desiresIt is never easy to face the fears especially when they are uite hard to understand And I think Reginald does it in a very plausible manner

  10. Terrie Williams Terrie Williams says:

    Great writingAn interesting storyline A bit in parts but I still enjoyed it and could barely put it down Looking for next one

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