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Wedlocked ❴KINDLE❵ ❅ Wedlocked Author Ella Frank – Because you have believed in them Celebrated with them Loved and encouraged them Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine Invite you to join Ace Samuel Locke and Dylan Prescott Saturday the twenty fourth of May a Because you have believed in them Celebrated with them Loved and encouraged them Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine Invite you to join Ace Samuel Locke and Dylan Prescott Saturday the twenty fourth of May at six o’clock in the evening The Floridian Hotel Palm Way Orlando Florida For love laughter and a happily ever after Series Reading Order Aced Locked Wedlocked.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 265 pages
  • Wedlocked
  • Ella Frank
  • English
  • 02 September 2016

About the Author: Ella Frank

Ella Frank is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Temptation series including Try Take and Trust and is the co author of the fan favorite erotic serial Sex Addict A life long fan of the romance genre Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction.

10 thoughts on “Wedlocked

  1. Shile Shile says:

    This book is sooooooo sweeeeeeeet Candy coated puppy sweetPhew and i got a glimpse of my man PRIEST Me is Happy😍😍The epilogue still made me a little teary5 Amazing Swooning Stars This was the perfect conclusion to the PresLocke series I was like this while reading this it was so sweetI Loved The red carpet scene Omg I loved how Dylan was freaking out and the way he was starstruck So cute “Holy shit that’s Gene Kelly’s handprints” I said stopping beside a suare block of cement with his signature and hand and footprintsAn amused grin crossed Ace’s lips “Have you never been here before?”“No” I said another suare catching my eye “Dick Van Dyke? Damn”I saw the familiar scrawl of his name as well as his imprints and the date“Oh my God” I said crouching down to put my hands over Ace’s prints “Your hands are fucking huge” The Bachelor party guest list the best place I would have loved to be Ace Dylan Finley Brantley Derek JordanAnnnndddYesLogan Tate Ummmm Tate Logan You’re just one big offense Logan How does Tate put up with you?” “With a firm hand and a full mouth These are the two things that keep mein check” It was Perfection Then the red velvet chocolate cakelets just say that scene The Wedding You Ace are the most generous selfless man I’ve ever met You give of your time your money yourself to everyone around and I’m so incredibly lucky to be the one you come home to You love hard and fiercely and I never feel safe than I do in your arms” The Wedding night was scorching hot“How much do you want?”“I want you to give me everythingEverything Dylan” The Epilogue made me so happyI will always love Ace Daydream Dylan

  2. Astrid - The Bookish Sweet Tooth Astrid - The Bookish Sweet Tooth says:

    ✬✬✬ 45 SUN SURF SEX STARS ✬✬✬Review Vanilla Spice Books It is always bittersweet when you have to say goodbye to beloved characters and this holds true for Ace and Dylan even These characters have grown close to my heart because they were endearing like few others So without further ado this is me sending them off into their Happily Ever After “I love the way you bite your lip like that” I said “And I love the way you light up a room just by being in it I love how confident you are and I love the rare occasion that has you turning adorably shy when you’re out of your element I love how strong you are and the fearlessness you show when others would cower You push me to be a better man and to fight for what and who I love” Ace and Dylan are in a good place They are planning their wedding which sometimes seems a little bit overwhelming to Ace Leave it to Dylan to get him back into the zen zone Their life is crazy especially after Ace's very public proposal on national tv They both are riding a professional high and can't wait to be wed in front of God and everybody Of course there are one or two clouds in the otherwise amazing blue sky in the person of Dylan's biological mother Dylan is such a sunny character He really knows how to make everyone around him smile and I'm still in awe how he became like that with his past He centers and grounds Ace but the same goes the other way around Ace is as protective as they come and he would do anything to help make sure his Daydream is shielded from his poisonous parent “You good?” he asked and I gave him a broad smile as I nodded No matter where we were he was always checking in with me and those around him always making sure everyone was okay It was one of the things I loved most about him We get to see beloved characters from this author duo's other series Among them there are PITA and Dawson Nate and Shayne Finn and Brantley Derek and Jordan and my personal favorite Logan Mitchell and Tate Morrison I was again reminded why these two are my all time favorites Logan again proves to be a great friend and lawyer Of course there are also Dylan's adoptive parents who are among the most unconventional and lovely fictional side characters The whole book is one huge epilogue and a celebration of Ace's and Dylan's love for one another There are touching scenes and funny ones “Not to sound vain but you’ve only mentioned how much the color of my eyes are your favorite about once a week since I’ve known you So again I’ll ask what’s my favorite fucking color?” “Yellow” “Oh my God—” “I’m kidding Jesus It’s blue right? Color of the ocean—” “And your fucking eyes God you’re such a guy” Then I realized what I’d said and rubbed my face “Shit we sound like a couple of chicks right now” And this wouldn't be Ella and Brooke if we didn't get some scorching and hot scenes too As our bodies moved together the rawness of the moment wasn’t lost on me I could feel the sweat the pre cum and lube aiding to the animalistic act taking place on the bed and it just ramped this moment up even We’d had the sweet We’d had the tender And right here in this moment it was all primal I was making him mine in all the ways I possibly could and Ace was letting me Fuck was he ever They are sprinkled throughout the story and are pretty much the hottest thing since peanut butter and Nutella Fall apart for me Daydream The only reason I couldn't give a clean 5 stars is the bachelor party I felt that it started to drag a little there these scenes were about everyone else but our heroes Yes I'm greedy but I would have loved involvement of them The sweetest thing is the epilogue I loved how the authors let us say goodbye to Ace and Dylan Needless to say that I hope I'll get to catch up with them in other books by them This definitely was a worthy conclusion of an epic love story and these two characters are among my most favorite in MM romance Teaser courtesy of the authors

  3. ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ& ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ& says:

    We're finally back with Dylan and Ace PS You shouldneedhave to read their previous two books to understand how their relationship started If you haven't read them stop reading this and get started with ACED or with the books in Brooke's LA Liaison series Ella's Sunset Cove series that's where we meet Ace Dylan for the first timeHollywood Superstar Ace proposed to his model boyfriend Dylan in the last book and now it's time to get married Well not yet but soon First their good friend and wedding planner Paige has to convince those two to decide on venue colors flowers et cetera All things these guys are really interested in ☺But of course a venue is soon foundAnd another one for a weekend bachelor party getawayBut of course it can't all be instant happily ever after unicorn glitter peacefulNope We have the press paparazzi and worst of all Dylan's birth mom is back to stir up troubleLots of stuff still left to do and problems to clean up before we can ride off into our forever ever after marital sunset ══════════════════════════════I LOOOOVED THIS BOOKWe're finally back with our two boysAnd I don't ever want this series to endThey're so amazing So adorably in love UghIt was such a sweet story Full of uestions about what to do about the wedding what kinds of colors to use et cetera But it's all so very unimportant for those two They just want to be together for the rest of eternity Soooo adorableAnd of course we have some verrrry erotic moments tooAnd also some frustrating Dylan's mother moments That woman needs to be grrrrrhorrible person And then we have some verrrrrrry funny and sunny times at the bachelor party weekend getaway in Cabo and then of course the wedding with all our favorite people from Ella's and Brooke's other books Like Logan Tate ☺♥☺♥☺THIS SUPER AMAZING EMOTIONAL SEXY HOLLYWOOD MEGA STAR MARRIES HIS HOT MALE MODEL FIANCÉ ROMANCE TAKES US FROM LOS ANGELES TO CABO TO FLORIDA TO not telling you where we're honeymooning ; And I'm not telling you about that super adorable epilogue either Just know that I loved every tiny little word in this book I laughed cried and made lots of awwwww soundsWEDLOCKED was the perfect Forever Ever After Epilogue to Ace Dylan's lovestory Run to your nearest to join the wedding festivities ☺and here's a little SPOILER PIC you might want to wait to look at it until after reading the book it's not really spoilerish it's just a uote from the wedding which obviously happens pretty late into the book view spoiler here it is hide spoiler

  4. Jaime Jaime says:

    Wedlocked by Ella Frank Brooke Blaine is the third and final book in the acclaimed PresLocke Series let me tell you Dylan Daydream Prescott and Ace Samuel Locke start their wedding shenanigans out with passion heat and lovelots and lots of love between the two grooms 'Oh yeah claim me Mr Locke I’m yours' My lips morphed into a smug smile then because not only did I have the ability to render Ace Locke hoarse from shouting in pleasure but I also had this wonderful man’s heart and hell if I couldn’t wait to stand up in front of all our friends and family and claim him as my own So begins the joining together pun intended and the start of their HEA as a coupleThis story picks up right where book 2 Locked ended and Dylan and Ace are planning their wedding bachelor party and of course honeymoon while dealing with some family drama that just won't uit We get to see the protective streak come out in Ace as he refuses to allow anyone to mess with his man It's enough to make you swoonThings I FLoved in this bookThe Wedding Night  As our bodies moved together the rawness of the moment wasn’t lost on me I could feel the sweat the pre cum and lube aiding to the animalistic act taking place on the bed and it just ramped this moment up even We’d had the sweet We’d had the tender And right here in this moment it was all primal I was making him mine in all the ways I possibly could and Ace was letting me Fuck was he ever  The Bachelor PartyCan you say destination bachelor party with ALL the men we love Logan Tate Jordan Derek Brantley Finn all there in one place Best Bachelor Party Ever There were also leading characters from Brooke's LA Liaisons seriesPaige Shayne and crew along with Dylan's brother who is a Tripp and a few extras there to make it fun Overall it was  a bachelor party for the books never to be forgotten  The LoveThese two men LOVE each other and put each other above everything else Their love for each other can be felt in the pages of their story Romance at its finest The CameosI LOVED seeing characters from other stories and sorta checking in with them making sure they were still doing their HEA  The Signature DrinksLoved the way these two authors weaved parts of other stories in with such  simple things as a drink name Nobody will ever forget Logan and his blow job now we have another drink to associate with him and it's just as appropriate  The Hot as Hell SexThese two authors write hot as hell sex scenes on their own when they work together the books are almost too hot to read in public I say almostbecause I take my kindle everywhere just thankful nobody can see what I am reading So yes The sex It's smokin' hot Our guys know how to get down and dirty they each have some kinks they each love fulfilling the others needs Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this story and of course I loved watching Dylan Ace get their well deserved happily ever after now I am eager to see what us coming next from our amazing authors Who knows one day we may get a cameo of Dylan and Ace in someone else's story  5 StarsA must read series More Reviews from JaimeEnjoy the SeriesACED | LOCKED | WEDLOCKED❥❥´¨¸•´¸•´¨ ¸•¨¸•´ ¸•`ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Club

  5. Dia Dia says:

    25 starsDissenting opinion ahead Feel free to ignore my reviewAs much as I adored the first two books in the series Aced and Locked this third book didn't work for me Like at all And I'll try to explain whyI dived in with huge expectations I missed Ace and Dylan a lot and couldn't wait to read about them I've had this book for a while but somehow I didn't feel in the mood to start it I kind of knew what I'll get here a sweeter than sugar happily ever after When my best friend picked this one as our next buddy reading I was super excited I even wanted to re read Locked before starting this one but of course some new releases changed my plans Well let me tell you how surprised I was by the slow paced beginning And as I kept reading and I got confused and in the end extremely bored I couldn't believe how flat everything fell I was not happy with Brenda's appearance here It was supposed to bring angst but I wanted to smack Ace for dealing with her like he did in the end Ugh I wouldn't have given her a dimeI was not happy with the big meeting between Ace and Dylan's parents They were extremely different and I thought we'd at least get some great banter and funny situations but no such thing The bachelor party another big miss for me Ace and Dylan organized some games but they didn't participate Don't let me get started about the video guy who was a teen and who didn't even know who hired him? Oh come on Ace was supposed to be the biggest movie star in the world and he hired a no name teen to record his bachelor party with ALL his close friends?? Not buying it for one momentMoving along for most of the book they were planning their wedding but I always felt something was missing There are some hot scenes on the way and there are some nice moments BUT overall it was just a huge fluffy romance with NO surprises on the way not even many funny moments THE only reason I'm giving it 3 stars would be Logan and Tate's appearances I missed them so much Can't wait to get back to themI think the last 20% was the best part I even think this full length book could have been only a few action packed chapters long A novella It felt like it took me forever to finish it and honestly I expected so much It was too sugary sweet too over the top fairy tale with no big surprises on the way tuxedos Paris Well we get only one in the epilogue That would be my favorite part But I'm sorry I had to get through SO many pages to get it So only 3 stars from me

  6. Tina Tina says:

    I am so happy to see Ace and Dylan get their happy ever after but I am going to miss them so much They have truly weaves their way into my heart and will forever reside there This was a fantastic and heartfelt ending to a new beginning for them bothThis book was the perfect blend of everything It was hot but duh because Dylan and Ace It was also funny But most of all it was full of complete heartfelt emotion that I did admit made me cry a few times happy tearsAll of our favorite characters fromthe past come together to celebrate the joining of this absolutely perfect couple It truly doesn't get any better than this My heart just feels pure joy right now That ending completed me too I hope you all enjoy as much as I did

  7. Lyndy Ann ♫ Lyndy Ann ♫ says:

    5 Happily Ever After starsOMG what a wonderful conclusion Wedlocked turned out to beDylan and Ace are so much in love that spending time with them made me so happy these two guys are so sweet togetherMy highlight of Wedlocked was the batchelor party in Cabo these chapters were HILARIOS and spending time with some old friends was fantastic EVERYONE was there the Licked gang Finn Brantley Derek Posh and my favourite couple LOGAN TATE YES LOGAN TATE Is there of these two to come????? I loved everything about Wedlocked this was sweetness and light with no drama which was refreshing and of course with Dylan and Ace there was plenty of sexy times I won’t be able to look at a red velvet chocolate cake the same way EVER again ;The epilogue was wonderful a perfect ending for Locke Prescott

  8. Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog) Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog) says:

    Oh Ace and Dylan How I love these guys The romance between the action movie superstar and the supermodel has been a long and sometimes bumpy journey I have been patiently waiting for them to have their Happy Ever After and Brooke Blaine and Ella Frank finally give it to them Wedlocked is about Ace and Dylan preparing for their lavish wedding Aside from the wedding planning there isn’t a great deal that actually happens in the story Every good tale needs some conflict There is the tiniest bit offered here and fortunately it isn’t of the forced variety However things are resolved uickly and easily I wish had been made of the issues I think it would have added greater variety to the story Still it’s wonderful to see Dylan and Ace—two former closeted celebrities—being proudly out and in loveThe best part of the story is the reunion of all the fabulous characters from Brooke Blaine’s LA Liaisons series and Ella Frank’s Trust series and Sunset Cove series Gathering them together for bachelor party shenanigans and high jinks is a major highlight The epilogue is also perfectionDon’t expect a complicated storyline with this book If you’re a fan of Ace and Dylan and you just want to hop aboard their sexy love train though you will be highly entertained Wedlocked is a sweet ending to an enjoyable seriesRecommended for fans ofWeddingsMM romanceRomantic comedyCrazy wedding plannersHEA ARC received in exchange for an honest review Read the review on the blog

  9. * A Reader Obsessed * * A Reader Obsessed * says:

    45 Happy StarsIf you’re a fan of this series and its multitude of prior spinoffs Try Sunset Cove and LA Liaisons then this was a fabulous conclusion to the wonderful love story of Ace and DylanThey’ve taken the plunge and are all in and nothing not even overzealous paparazzi an evil estranged mother or an aversion towards picking out flower arrangements will test their love nor ruin their big dayChock full of hot sexy swoony sweetness and multiple cameos that only enhance the enormous fun factor of this wonderful send off this basically was one big ode to the mega hollywood star and the dreamy supermodel finding their happily ever after Simply a perfect epilogue if there ever was one

  10. Alba and Her Secrets..♥ Alba and Her Secrets..♥ says:

    45 'The One and Only' StarsElla Frank and Brooke Blaine have written the most beautiful ending to Dylan and Ace's love story I actually finished the first two books a while ago but I left this one so I could get all the intensity between these two amazing men Wedlocked is fantastic funny sexy and so emotional I especially loved the wedding and that adorable ending that brought tears to my eyes I literally melted Definitely recommend the PresLocke series If you are a MM romance fan you cannot miss this

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