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10 thoughts on “Easy Knitted Bears

  1. Mary Ann Mary Ann says:

    Knit Bears My sister in law reuested that I make a bear in boxer shorts with boxing gloves for a Christmas gift for a friend of hers So I am constantly on the lookout for bear patterns and clothing options It was a cute book Patterns seemed simple but I prefer crochet toys over knit toys 

  2. Nina Nina says:

    Basic bear patterns and lots of patterns for clothes Really cute patterns easy to follow directions

  3. Cynthia Gutzwiller Cynthia Gutzwiller says:

    A New a Bear Is Coming Your WayThere are free patterns on the author's website The bears are 19cm7 in high plus there are a host of outfits She recommends yarn with a touch of Alpaca They are all made from a basic pattern for advanced and intermediate knitters There are 6 bears to make There is also s YouTube channel to help along the way The bears include a bride and groom and there is also a Santa Enjoy the easy to follow instructions It will be hard to pick who you will want to make I see a ballerina in your future

  4. Joanne Baker Joanne Baker says:

    So cute and easy to makeYou really can't go wrong in choosing this patternThe bears are super cute and the clothing variety is varied enough to make for any occasion As an added bonus they are uick enough to make up What's not to like

  5. M. Holcombe M. Holcombe says:

    Easy to followWell written patterns Fun designs that are uite simple to alter to fit your needs I definitely recommendation this book

  6. Mrs Ruth Bradley Mrs Ruth Bradley says:

    Great BearsI love the different variations for one bear pattern Look forward to using patterns in the future thank you Kindle

  7. Kathe Navarro Kathe Navarro says:

    Fun patternsGreat patterns for bears and outfits too So cute I can't wait to get started on these I know some little girls are going to be really happy

  8. Anusha Sridharan Anusha Sridharan says:

    Really like all the designs specially the graduation one Would love to make some myself But I need to buy some knitting set and some wool first Surely on my list to try these out someday

  9. Dawn Lofink Dawn Lofink says:

    Super cute patterns and easy to read instructions

  10. Josie Josie says:

    AdorableUnfortunately I don't knit but really really want to make this bear Upside guess I'll be learning to knit X

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Easy Knitted Bears [Epub] ➝ Easy Knitted Bears ➞ Fiona Goble – Thomashillier.co.uk Learn to knit your own gorgeous bears with these easy to follow knitting patterns from bestselling knitting writer Fiona Goble The patterns are suitable for almost everyone whether adventurous beginne Learn to knit your own gorgeous bears with these easy to follow knitting patterns from bestselling knitting writer Fiona Goble The patterns are suitable for almost everyone whether adventurous beginner or expert You can create a single colour bear a two tone bear a striped bear and even a panda – all from one basic pattern There are also instructions to create a host Easy Knitted PDF/EPUB or of clothes including bride groom outfits a graduation outfit a Santa costume a ballet outfit and a sports outfit If you’re after a cute dress nightshirt coat hat sweater or dungarees – you’ll find patterns for these too The designs can be personalized and you can ‘mix and match’ items to create the perfect gift not just for new babies and children but for all bear lovers and almost any occasion The teddy bears and outfits are all knitted using light worsteddouble knitting ply yarn and size US mm straight knitting needles The bears are about incm tall The patterns include both US and UK knitting terms INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR WHEN DID YOU LEARN TO KNIT More years’ ago than I now care to remember My Mum’s twin sister Sheelagh taught me when I was about seven years old just before she emigrated from the UK to Canada HOW DO YOU GET YOUR IDEAS Partly from the toys and dolls I loved when I was little but I’m also as addicted to online browsing all the beautiful creative websites out there as anyone else WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT KNITTING With toys and dolls which are my knitting of choice it’s about seeing the little creatures develop their own personality when you sew them together and embroider the features I’m always amazed that you can create something so cute from just some oddments of yarn and a pair of needles There’s a bit of effort needed too but really not that much WHAT'S THE BEST ADVICE YOU COULD GIVE TO BEGINNER KNITTERS Like any skill knitting takes a bit of patience So start with something small Think baby hats fingerless mitts or a knitted lavender bag definitely not a scarf They’re simple but they take too long for beginners And choose some lovely yarn If you’re putting in all that effort you’ll appreciate it WHICH OF YOUR KNITTING books ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF Well it has to be my Knit Your Own Royal Wedding back in when William and Kate tied the knot Suddenly I found myself being interviewed by newspapers and magazines across the world I still find it hard to believe And frankly it's going to be hard for me to top that WHAT WAS THE FIRST PATTERN YOU EVER DESIGNED Apart from some pretty dodgy dolls’ clothes when I was about eight it was a pink and blue striped owl I still have it perched on a shelf in my little work room upstairs The first knitting book I designed was called Knitivity which was a knitted nativity WHAT NOTIONS CAN'T YOU MANAGE WITHOUT I’m actually uite a good improviser but I was uite annoyed recently when I lost one of my favourite very short knitting needles which are ideal for knitting small items Thankfully my son eventually found it by accident behind my row of knitting reference books WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE KNITTING STITCHES I love simple combinations of stitches like wide ribbing stitch and waffle stitch They’ve got enough interest to keep you alert but are still simple enough to keep mistakes and unravelling to a minimum WHAT'S THE MOST IRRITATING THING THAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE KNITTING Well there’s the obvious one of knots in a ball of yarn that you don’t see till you’re mid row.