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  • 10 July 2014

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  1. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

    Wyoming Solace is the first book by Alanna Coca that I have read and also the first historical that I have read in a long time I enjoyed it a lot It had a lot of what I like in a book a hot cowboy a woman finding her inner strength and her learning not all men are evilElise Vickerson sneaks away in the dead of the night She leaves behind an abusive husband a life that was filled with horror and her name On the run with her most trusted butler Daniel posing as her husband They flee to the Wyoming ranch she grew up on and was left to her by her late father Her plans are to fix it up and sell it to fund her new life The only problem with the plan for her new life is her neighbor Cody Campbell says her father sold the ranch to his father not long before her father died but he has to wait till his father gets back from his trip to Texas to prove it because he can’t find the deed Cody brings out a fire in her where before was only fear She doesn’t know if she can trust him not to hurt her but deep down knows he is different than the husband she left behindCody finds his new neighbor frustrating and intriguing all at the same time There is something off about her and he can’t uite figure it out He tries his best to fight the attraction to her that keeps growing and it seems to be mutual He refuses to do anything about it and hurt Daniel that way Until the day she is found passed out in his pasture from a kick to the head from a stallion In her waking delirium she shows some of her past fears and she must tell him all of her history to keep him from mistakenly hurting Daniel With all the truth out in the open can they allow the love that is blossoming to grow? Will the past she left behind find her and hurt not only her but those she has come to care about??This was a greatly entertaining return to historicals form me This story grabbed me from the beginning and played on all of my emotions I wanted to fight to protect Elise but I also wanted to just sit down and hug her Her life before running was one that you wouldn’t wish on anyone It was great to watch her rebuild herself and gain confidence in herself This was a great step back in time to a time when women were thought as weaker I highly recommend y’all check this one out I will definitely check out by Alanna Coca

  2. Ellen White Ellen White says:

    Elise life was mere exsitance till she could escape Thankfully she had someone to pose as her husband or she couldn’t have back then An inner strength to flee and to restore an old ranch Was a healing also and to regain some pride of accomplishment Could there be with the neighbor A good historical story The hardship was very true in those days

  3. JoAnne JoAnne says:

    Read my review on RomanceJunkiescom by clicking on the link below

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Wyoming Solace❮Ebook❯ ➤ Wyoming Solace Author Alanna Coca – Thomashillier.co.uk She fled civilized Virginia for the windy plains of Wyoming but the hard work of renovating her old family ranch was exactly how Elise Vickerson planned to find solaceShe had spent too long as her hus She fled civilized Virginia for the windy plains of Wyoming but the hard work of renovating her old family ranch was exactly how Elise Vickerson planned to find solaceShe had spent too long as her husband's punching bag Striking out on her own shows her how strong she isshe doesn't need a man Except the cowboy next door has her thinkingCody Campbell has proof that the dilapidated Vickerson ranch belongs to him but he'll have to wait until his father's return to show his prickly neighbor that she's wasting her time fixing up a ranch house that he planned to level Elise would do best to ignore her handsome neighbor but in his arms she feels something new safe Knowing that her past would eventually catch up to her safety and security with Cody was a dream she couldn't afford to entertain.

About the Author: Alanna Coca

To keep Goodreads reader oriented Alanna does not leave ratings on books she's read nor does she comment on reviews but she appreciates each and every reader who invests time in her workAlways a voracious reader Alanna began writing poetry in grade school and short stories in high school She started her first novel Wyoming Solace years ago with a legal pad and pencil often written in the.