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10 thoughts on “Taboo 2

  1. Dia Dia says:

    35 starsI can't believe what I'm saying but I kind of liked Weldon here He's patient with Jake and doesn't want to hurt him I was all like what? wasn't he supposed to be the bad guy here? Well he surprised me that's all I'm admitting right now He's still hard to read and maybe he won't change so much I don't really know what to expect I mean I really thought he'll manipulate Jake's young mind 19 and he'll make him say yes when he really didn't want to say it It's not dark enough For now So if you do grab this series make sure to keep reading Or it won't make an impact Not for what you're looking for It's hard to believe Weldon changed his heart for Jake And it's also hard to believe he just changed his life completely out of the blue view spoilerwent to see his dad visited his sister with his said kidnapped boy hide spoiler

  2. JustJen "Miss Conduct" JustJen "Miss Conduct" says:

    Review by The Blogger GirlsAnd just when you think you know where the story is goingit goes down a totally different path We find out about Trey right off the bat and I totally didn’t see that coming Jury is still out on him though I think he may have just as many albeit different issues than WeldonWhen we left Jake he was not in good shape to put it mildly The story picks up as Jake is taken to the “company” doctor for fixing While it first appeared there was nothing but torture in store for poor Jake things change direction a bit I won’t say so as to not give away any of the “fun” twistsThis segment was a little bit different than the first in that there were small jumps in time; we didn’t get to see any in depth activities at the hands of Weldon and his goons but that’s probably a good thing What we did get was character development and plot twisting where people you thought were bad might not be so bad and those you thought were good or were pinning your hopes on might not be the safest bet after allTime will tell and I’m super excited to see what Mr Kol comes up with next as I’m sure he won’t let us off that easily and it’s a pretty strong bet that he has a few things up his sleeve for the next installment

  3. True Loveislovereview True Loveislovereview says:

    Shall I start with the cursing and then continue the review? The amazing thing with this story is you'll be thrown back and forth rational and up and down emotional Interesting guy this Weldon you could almost like him no nodid I said that out loud? Sick girlJakeJaaaaakhh crying bawlingTrey disappointing shittertheshitAgain Weldon damn I think he has two heads a sort of Jekyll and Hyde just guessing And where are daddy and Colton? So much to comeor was it cumThe different pov works very well To see it through the villains mind is very satisfying I can't help it You always get to view a rogue through other eyes or opinions and now to taste his feelings and motivations does just concretize it The absolute powerdamn Only is everything as it looks? I must say i don't think soI think the cards are turning Only I'm afraid to believe my eyesas mind fucked as this author's stories always goesI'm will not try to fill this in and just patiently readtap tap impatient wait for book 3Great piece of work I loved it

  4. Louis Stevens Louis Stevens says:

    When the master of MM angst sets the tone for a new series with an explosive first instalment then gives you the best WTF follow up that foreshadows so many daFu moments to come what else can you do but revel in the braingasm that follows?Kol again manages to bring in tenderness and contrast it with a mad obsession with power his characters struggle with It's a juxtaposition few authors are able to contrast as well as Kol has managed to do over the years There are literary moments of brilliance scattered throughout book 1 and book 2 of Taboo and I hope we'll be treated to in the upcoming releases A part of me feels bad for Jake but a bigger part of meenvy him? I'm just as confused by that statement as anyone who reads this review would be so don't look to me to shed any light on that Maybe it's the point after all Kol loves delivering a mindfuck and he consistently delivers Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your talent with a world desperately in need of it Please carry onSignedYour loyal minions

  5. Trio Trio says:

    Book two in Kol Anderson's Taboo series is definitely the mind fuck of all four I've read in the collection If you venture into Taboo you will need to read them in order The story begins with Jake recovering from his abuse and Weldon revealing his plan to completely own Jake body and soul Weldon is human almost boyfriend material fly meet the spider and beautifully messed up Initially driven by his desire for ‘power’ Weldon is conflicted by the depth of his unexpected reactions to JakeWeldon has all this interesting baggage with his family and we get to see him interacting with his sister and dad Unbelievably I found myself really liking the seductive bastard in this one Weldon is showing his complexity his duality and the author has lain the groundwork for amazing things to comeAre you truly lucky if you feel something than desire?Love and desire have always been connected Fucking is the most intimate most personal thing you can do Fucking changes everythingWeldon is starting to unravel and the scene at the end with Jake well fucking does indeed change everything I almost wish I didn’t know what was coming next for Jake but I am sure the delicious mess that is Weldon can only get intriguing Kol Anderson is building a dark and intense story If you want to delve deep into the mind of some crazy then you’ll love the Taboo series

  6. Diverse Diverse says:

    The next installment in Kol Anderson’s Taboo series is here Now when Vol 1 ended we were all like “Ahhhhh OMG OMG JAKE” We were left feeling dread and hopelessnessRemember? We met uite a few characters The main three seem to be Jake Trey and WeldonIn this one it took me by surprise I was expecting the worst environment imaginable More depravity Right? I mean it IS KOL But no This was a shockingly calm and almost sweet story Which only terrifies me because that means it’s all calm before the storm I’m freaked out about Vol 3 We see a side to Weldon He actually has FAMILY He has a nephew and a niece We learn that Jake is known by his sister But the mystery grows as well Who is Jake to Weldon? We also know Trey knows the story I’m so curious This is a very intriguing series and I’m desperate for

  7. Simply Just Jen Simply Just Jen says:

    Ok I'm completely in shockdumbfoundedconfused as hellheck I don't know exactly how I'm suppose to feel Like I'm pretty sure this was a KOL ANDERSON book He definitely has me asking WTH? I would honestly have to say Kol is building this story slow and steady I am so excited to see just how far and deep this one will go Taboo book two is all about our villain This one really gets in depth with Weldon We get some family and we see that he can function as somewhat normal We also become a reader with lots of uestions about Weldon's past relationship with his father Do I still think he is the devil himselfYES INDEED Kol manages to give us poignant clues throughout the story that he is still psychotic Jake is just starving for positivity in his life and Weldon is playing the manipulation game brilliantly Trey is experiencing everything from deep concern for Jake to down right desperate jealousy over Weldon and Jake This is a very twisted but intriguing plot so far I know we can expect much intensity with these three characters as this tale continues I know I'm holding on tightly because if I know anything about Mr Anderson's writing it's going to be a very raw jaw dropping cursing fiery read before this story is told I would most definitely say read Taboo book one and the dive right on in to this onebut hold your breath cause I have a sneaky feeling Kol Anderson is just getting started

  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    I had no clue this book was going to be a mini series Had I known that first I probably wouldn't have started it I'm not a fan of never ending series The only reason why I'm reading the second book is because I bought the first and second book togetherAs for this books itself 12 I really enjoyed it I wish it was a full length bookI would like to know how it all ends I'm really rooting for Trey I'm not sure about Weldon But I know for sure I want him to die a horrible death LOLI will only read the rest of this series if it comes out as a already finished bundleHopefully I won't have to wait that long It's just a shame that this book is a seriesAnd hopefully it will be up on I really don't like buying my books anywhere else

  9. Sue bowdley Sue bowdley says:

    Well damnI don't know what to make of this oneI mean Weldon seems nearly normal to Jake and is treating him almost like a real boyfriendI'm thinking his darker side will come out to play again but what is in store for JakeI really want him to not get attached to Weldon and that Trey can help him get out of thereBecause I really think deep down he doesn't want to be there x

  10. Trio Trio says:

    This book is definitely the mind fuck of the four I've read in the series so far Weldon is human almost boyfriend material fly meet the spider and beautifully messed upAre you truly lucky if you feel something than desire?Weldon's a seductive bastard and I found myself really liking him in this one The scene at the end with Jake wowFucking is the most intimate most personal thing you can doFucking changes everythingYeah and changes everything for Jake tooWeldon has all this interesting baggage with his family and we get to see him interacting with his sister and dad I hope we see of this side of him again soonI feel worse for Jake in this book and I almost wish I didn't know what comes next

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