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  • 07 April 2016

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  1. Maggie Schuler Maggie Schuler says:

    Hunks to the Rescue is an opportunity to indulge in multiple short novellas from a variety of authors providing uick steamy romance reads I had the pleasure of reading Unwrapped Treasure by Jody A Kessler and Path to Grace by Wilder uinn Unwrapped Treasure tells the tale of Brody and Treasure as they navigate their way through friendship working together and a budding romance Kessler leaves the reader ready for of their story but sprinkles enough of them in the novella to warrant a further explorationWilder uinn in Path to Grace tells the dark introduction of Matteo and Carina's less than ideal situation which turns into the forbidden love It is the anti hero to hero style and both characters are developed as the reader begins to cheer for the couple despite the rough road aheadThis is a great anthology of novellas I'm excited to continue reading ARC provided for an honest review

  2. Angela Angela says:

    5 StarsHunks to the Rescue is an anthology of eighteen standalone stories from some incredibly talented bestselling and award winning authors The stories all have the same inspiration which is hunks who come to the rescue But the stories are each individual and uniue with their own moods and personalities There are many types of heroes such as firefighters police officers Servicemen or EMTParamedics As well as our typical heroes this collection also sees heroes that are cowboys detectives doctors undercover agents army ranger paranormal investigator high school coach goodfella and a hunky mysterious drifter So settle in for some wonderful reading which will captivate you with the heartfelt romance suspense mystery action drama and adventure that can be found within these pages There is something here for everyone and you are sure to love this collection as much as I have Saving Necessity By Margo Bond CollinsThis is a sweet easy read Zeke MacAllan is a ranch hand who happens to be on hand to save a movie star from a fire Sophie Daniels is in town shooting a movie when disaster strikes But Zeke swoops in and saves the day What happen when the sparks between them finally catch fire? You’ll have to read it to find outThis was a great way to start off the collection It was well written with great characters and a enjoyable plot Tempting Connor By Victoria PinderThis was one of my favourite reads of the anthology It is a wonderful story with amazing and endearing characters It has a little mystery suspense and twists thrown in to keep the reader guessing Prince Connor Udine is an ex marine and king in waiting His family has recently reclaimed the throne of their kingdom He is a real man of honour so when one of his marine buddies asks for protection for his sister Connor feels obligated to obligeWhat happens when danger tracks her to the palace? Can Connor keep her safe? Is there a future for a bookworm and a Prince?LOVE this story Well done Ms PinderAn Unexpected Twist By Krista AmesKelsey was making her way across the country determined to get as far away from her controlling parents as she could All she wanted was a simple uiet normal life But little did she know that she was headed straight into the path of a twister that would blow her right into the arms of Boone Michaels This is a really fantastic short story that had me hooked from the beginning I loved the storyline and connected with the characters right from the start It is told from a duel POV has a great pace and a smooth flow Made my top five read of this collection Very enjoyableBad Medicine By Deb ChristieTabitha Chase is an ER nurse who has experienced uite a lot of heartache in recent times Her brother was killed by a roadside bomb in Ira and she feels guilty for not being able to save him Dean Tilford is an ex army ranger who is now serving as a police officer Dean is still haunted by his experiences while in the service and carries the burden of responsibility When a spate of unusual offenses throws them together they find they have an instant connection But there is to their story than first meets the eyeSuch a great story full of romance drama and intrigue I loved the twist at the end that gave the story a little extra ‘zing’ Well worth the read A lovely addition to the anthology Destiny’s Secret By Raine EnglishEden Wright is an artist who has just purchased an old historical Savannah Mansion to renovate into her home and studio She loved the history and feel of the place and wants to keep a lot of the original fixtures but she didn’t expect to find that the house came with a couple of extra unwanted features A haunted house was not something she factored into her plans and so in steps Deek Hayes a paranormal investigator to help her with her pesky ghost problemThis is a sweet paranormal romance is told from Eden’s POV It has a fast pace and a smooth flow although it did seem just a little rushed in the end Well doneThat Unexpected Kiss By Tamara FergusonMs Ferguson takes us back to picturesue Dragonfly Point where we meet undercover FBI Agent Dylan Nash who is investigating a trafficking ring as well as searching for his father’s killer There he finds himself drawn to Julie Thompson who is a special education teacher She has recently moved back to town and has her own mystery to solve as her mother disappeared when she was young and Julie has always wondered what became of her Will Dylan be able to help solve her mystery as well as his own?This is a great little insta love story with fantastic characters and a great mystery It is a fast paced uick easy read The author packed a lot into a small space and as expected has produced an excellent story A Silent Heart By Eli GraceLaurie lost her voice to cancer a year ago which is a little ironic considering when she was younger she used to dream about being the little mermaid losing her voice and finding her Prince Where is her Prince? She has her health at least but her voice hasn’t returned An accident brings hunky paramedic Tanner into her world These two lonely souls find the missing piece of their puzzle Can Tanner help Laurie find her voice or has she lost it forever?This is such a delightful insta love story which is well written with really likeable characters A heart warming storyUnreachable Heart By Aileen HarkwoodWow Love this story This is my favourite from the Anthology I would love a longer version of this story It would also make a fantastic movie Jacie DeBello is an accountant on a flight when the plane crashes into the side of a mountain Eckhart “Hart” Renker is a search and rescue expert who uses his skills to rescue people from remote and dangerous situations When he and his team arrive to the crash site things don’t go as planned and Hart finds himself having to camp out on the mountainside in a raging blizzard with an injured Josie She has a secret that could place them both in great danger What is her secret? Will they find their way off the mountain before it’s too late?This story is told from a duel POV it’s spicy superbly written with wonderful character development and kept me engrossed from the first page until the last BrilliantDark Current A Hidden Coast Romance By Lynda HavilandOh my goodness Soooo many great stories in this anthology this one really made an impression on me There isn’t one thing I didn’t love about this story I devoured every word and couldn’t read uickly enough to find out what was happening It has mystery suspense insta love colourful characters Ben Kane sails into Willow Vegas life and she will never be the same Ben is a bit of a nomad trying to outrun his troubled past Willow is trying to recover after a hurricane which almost destroyed her home business With developers circling damage than she can repair and secrets that are yet to be revealed this story will keep you riveted the whole way through Can Ben save her from her and can she help him leave his past behind Hot Superb Page turner Unwrapping Treasure A Granite Lake Romance Novella By Jody A KesslerTreasure and Brodie are Paramedics who have had a harrowing night on an emergency call As a result hey find themselves on an unexpected vacation at Granite Lake over Christmas They have been friends for a while but soon find that they cross from friends to lovers by spending a passionate night in each other’s arms This is the preuel to Treasure and Brodie’s story ‘Chasing Treasure’ It’s a really uick read that you will adore and will make you want to read about these two Lovely Breaking the Rules By Katie O’SullivanJake Campbell is a police officer trying to uncover a drug ring He has gone undercover posing as a pastry chef at a Cape Cod Resort Jake is determined to find the evidence he needs to wrap this case up as soon as possible Abby Duncan enjoys her job and takes her responsibility very seriously She has a dream of opening her own restaurant is working hard to earn the money that she needs to make it happen Her new pastry chef has got her attention and it’s not for his cooking skills He frustrates her and annoys her with all his gorgeousness But all too soon Abbie finds herself in a perilous situation Will Jake be able to rescue her? A clever entertaining and fun read I found it really funny that Jake was posing as a pastry Chef when he was so obviously lacking in cooking skills There were some funny moments Lots of fun Fire and Ice A Sunnydale Days Novella By Constance PhillipsCharlene works at the local clinic as a physical therapist; she’s left town years ago and didn’t look back But a tragedy has persuaded her to move back and she is doing her best to make a life for herself but she feels there is something missing Brian is an injured firefighter who turns up for his physical therapy session to discover his former flame They have history and he should be angry for what happened but instead he feels drawn to her all over againThere was so much going on in this story but it never felt rushed or cut short and I loved how the story was wrapped up I really enjoyed reading Charlene and Brian’s story Falling for Captain Hunk By Stephanie ueenThis is a really flirty insta love story with loads of intrigue mystery and enough suspense to get me flipping the pages to discover what was happening Captain Colin Hunk Lynch first sees Antoinette Nevara at the local grocers; his instincts tell him that there is to her than meet the eye and he is determined to find out what But while he is in the process of investigating a case Antoinette finds herself drawn into the dangerous situation Will he be able to keep them both safe? What does he discover about Antoinette?I really liked this story It was a little different and I thought Hunk and Antoinette Tony were perfect for each other I will definitely be reading of Ms ueen’s workTwo Miles By Jan RomesHunky OBGYN Keith Miles is a partner at a very busy city practice He has very little time for anything but he makes sure to do his morning run at the gym Ava Beckenridge has recently broken up with her boyfriend of three years and her heart is still a little raw She’s decided that it’s time to get on with her life and increase her fitness after moping for the past six weeks While working out at the gym Ava takes a fall and Keith just happens to be there to rescue her The sparks really fly between these two and the story takes off I don’t want to give anything away so you really should read it and find out what happens You won’t regret it The story is told from a duel POV and has a great pace The chemistry between these two is volcanically hot They set my kindle on fire Another fabulous addition to the collection of stories in this anthology Loved itThe Bad in Each Other By Janice RossCaleb is the ultimate bad boy and Layla’s brother’s best friend After a family tragedy Layla is hell bent on exacting some revenge so when Caleb turns up to talk her out of doing anything foolish they end up hooking up He’s her childhood crush who she has never really gotten over It probably wasn’t the best timing but their attraction got the better of them But of course Layla doesn’t listen to Caleb’s good advice and walks right into an incredibly dangerous situation Will Caleb come to her rescue when her plans fall apart? Is there any future for them?A story is full of intrigue drama and suspense Told from a duel POV and is a fast easy read Spicy Come Hell or High Water By Nancy SegoviaWhen a hurricane hits New Orleans and the city becomes flooded Maisie Williams is stranded with her beloved cat Dwight is a first responder who is sent in response to Maisie’s dilemma When he arrives things don’t go so well She refuses to be rescued without her cat which has taken off up a tree Dwight is tired and has no patience for what he considers to be a bad attitude Without another option Maisie ends up staying with Dwight which is where the story gets interesting This is a very cute sweet story that had me smiling as I read it I loved the characters A very entertaining story Coaching the Sub By Debbie WhiteShannon is a substitute teacher who is having some trouble with bullies in her classroom When Coach Andrews lends a hand she finds herself drawn to his sexy smile But Shannon is still getting over a horrible breakup not to mention there is a strict policy against staff dating But their chemistry gets the better of them and one thing leads to another and pretty soon Shannon is being coached all about loveI loved Shannon and Coach Andrews Brock They were cleverly crafted by Ms White and were very easy to like Well Done Path to Grace By Wilder uinnCarina is the daughter of a powerful Mob Boss She doesn’t agree with her fathers ‘business’ and wants nothing to do with it But when a date night goes awry and her date ends up in the firing line taking the bullet meant for her she has no choice but to allow Matteo the family ‘cleaner’ to take control and keep her safe Matteo has loved her from afar and would love nothing better that to claim her as his But with a killer on the loose he is going to have to keep his mind on business at hand and not on what he’d like to be doing with her The time they spend together the harder it is to resist their attractionThis is a sexy spicy and exciting read There is intrigue action suspense murder romance and lots of chemistry I can’t wait to read from these two authorsI really recommend this anthology; it is well worth your time and money Plus who doesn’t love a hunky hero?Thank you to all the contributing authors

  3. Katie Katie says:

    5 starsHunks to the Rescue is a fabulous anthology full of novels and novella’s about some pretty sexy hunks and was a great read Normally in an anthology is like around half of the stories but I have to say I enjoyed every single one For me they were all 4 or 5 star reads and so I thought the anthology deserved an overall 5 stars I have read work by a few of the authors included in this set before but many of them were new to me and it was a great way to read some of their work I have picked some of my favourites for this review but they were all well worth reading Two Miles by Jan RomesI loved this story The opening part was brilliant I was totally captivated by this story from the very beginning Ava was a great character; she was feisty and gave as good as she got from Keith I loved how easy their connection was I probably wouldn’t mind falling off a treadmill if I knew Keith was going to catch me The comments some of his work colleagues made about him were very funny – I can imagine that some doctors are difficult to work with but in their personal lives are completely different A really nice novella well written and a lovely ending Fire Ice by Constance PhillipsThis really was a beautiful story about Charlene and Brian Charlene is a physical therapist and Brian a firefighter They once dated at high school and now Charlene is back in her hometown following some devastating news and she finds herself treating Brian There is some tension between them but it’s pretty obvious they still like each other I really felt for Charlene as she just felt she wasn’t uite good enough for Brian but he really did like her The novella was really well written and I thought the characters were great Unwrapping Treasure by Jody A KesslerThis was a really nice story about two wonderfully selfless people Treasure and Bodie are paramedics who are fighting a growing attraction between them This is definitely one of those stories that you just don’t want to end and I really hope there is to Treasure and Bodie’s story I thought they were perfect for each other I loved how Treasure selflessly rescued a little girl but the reaction from Bodie showed just how much he cares about her I thought this novella was really well written and I would really like to read from this author in the future Kissed by Fate The Unexpected Kiss by Tamara Ferguson I was super excited when I found out this author had a story in this book as I have read her work before and always enjoyed it and I was not disappointed with this one It’s one of the longer stories in the anthology and again as I expected excellently written The author just has a way of capturing your interest from the very beginning The passion between the characters was great I really liked both Julie and Dylan This story was definitely one of my favourites in this anthology Plus who doesn’t love a hunky FBI agent??Breaking the Kiss by Katie O’SullivanThis was my first read of anything by this author and what a read it was Wow I was completely hooked into this story from the very beginning It is one of the longer stories in the anthology and I’m glad it was because I just wanted I will definitely be looking to read from this author Oh Jake and Abbie – I loved them I loved the setting of the story too a little different to normal which made it refreshing to read I loved all the twists and turns I really can’t wait to go back and read this one againOverall I really enjoyed this anthology Every story was different They were all really well written with great characters It is actually one of the best anthologies that I have read for a while Well done to all of the authors involved I highly recommend this to anyone looking for some well written novellas with great characters and some very sexy hunks

  4. Heather Heather says:

    Hunks to the Rescue is a boxset of 18 stand alone novellas by a great set of authors Margo Bond Collins Victoria Pinder Krista Ames Deb Christie Raine English Tamara Ferguson Eli Grace Aileen Harkwood Lynda Haviland Jody A Kessler Katie O'Sullivan Stephanie ueen Constance Phillips Jan Romes Janice Ross Nancy Segovia Debbie White and Wilder and uinn This anthology was a great collaboration bringing together hot contemporary stories of those hunky men we love to obsess over and secretly claim as our book boyfriends from firefighters to FBI to the ultimate bad boy It is all included in this set and it's a mouth watering read I have read several of these authors previously but also came across some authors I had heard of previously and not yet read any other their books along with authors that were completely new There was not a story in this book that I did not enjoy but I definitely had some favorites I am a huge fan of anthologies especially those that include authors I am familiar with and enjoy their works Anthologies help introduce me to authors that I may not have previously taken a chance on and uite often I am pleasantly surprised Again a great set of novellas by amazing authorsTempting Conner Victoria Pinder A Prince just what every girl secretly dreams of growing up However this goes beyond the promise of a dream come true this prince comes to the rescue like a knight in shining armor but at the same time is the reuest worth all that is being asked for? First story I have read by this author and I really liked this one I thought the main characters were thoroughly written and given their own uniue perspectives to add character depth and how they were brought together was well doneThat Unexpected Kiss Tamara Ferguson One hot FBI agent adds to the intrigue and suspense in this novella On the hunt for a killer but a woman comes into the picture Add additional drama and this story delivered in only the way that Tamara Ferguson can deliver I have previously read several books by this author and every story they write is unbelievably well done Unwrapping Treasure – A Granite Lake Romance Jody A Kessler This story is about paramedic co workers but also friends This was a touching story of friends with the hope of Can these friends take their friendship beyond current boundaries unto something fulfilling? Jody A Kessler does an outstanding job with this couple dynamic and laying out a story that works specifically for those charactersCoaching the Sub Debbie White In this story two teachers come together to reach a common goal The author did well with the combination of these two characters Shannon and Brock It was well laid out and such a heart warming story that brings you rooting for the story to come to the ending you know that is just waiting for them I have read several books previously by Debbie White and enjoy this author's style of writingPath to Grace Wilder and uinn I enjoyed this mob story that gave me a bit of adventure danger and intrigue with the mix of two individuals that discover they want but can they do that with everything else that is going on around them? This is a story of how far someone is truly willing to go in the name of love but is it worth the final price?

  5. Sara Oxton Sara Oxton says:

    Hunks to the Rescue Four Star read In this collection there are a number of hunks just for you whether the hunk you are looking for is military firefighter first responder FBI cow boy or a bad boy and maybe just an everyday guy who will kiss you senseless you will find the hunk for you With each hunk you will find a new rescuer and be taken on a thrilling and passionate ride Fire and Ice by Constance Phillips – Charlene Norris has moved back to her home town of Ann Arbor after the death of her farther who was always a hero in her eyes it’s been ten years since she left town no one would have thought of her least of all her high school boyfriend They broke up after rumours of him cheating and when Brian Doravek gets injured rescuing a Rabbit he steps into her new job and the flames they do rise Two Miles by Jan Romes – When Ava Beckenridge faints on the treadmill she gets than she bargains for when she is rescued by a handsome hunky OBGYN Dr Keith Miles Maybe its Karma that it was his treadmill and maybe it’s something else they both have long stories and maybe their stories entwine than they realise Coaching the sub by Debbie White – Coach Brock Andrews steps in to rescue Substitute Teacher Shannon when she has issues with bullies in her class Will they help the bullies without breaking the rules?Unwrapping Treasure by Jody AKessler – Treasure Hope Vogel works as a paramedic alongside Brodie Everett he is a man that she has been able to reveal most parts of herself to he is the one who makes her want to break her own rules Especially when he won’t be around for four months as he is off on wilderness training When one night they have the craziest time with Santa one of the wise men and a little angel with duck feet Will Christmas wishes be granted In Reno? A cabin in the woods may bring heat that either have ever let themselves feel Come hell or high water by Nancy Segovia – Masie Whitehall has been through a lot she has sworn off men after she left her piece of work husband Then her life gets swept up again when a hurricane hits and she has to be rescued from her rooftop with her cat Daisy zipped into her jacket When rescue comes in the form of a Red Cross helper Dwight Harrison But he may need to save Maisie from than a roof topSaving Necessity by Margo Bond Collins – Zeke MacAllan is a simple farm hand in Necessity Texas That is until Sophie Daniels and some others from Hollywood come to town then he becomes a hero after he saves Sophie from a fire and whisking her away to safety and away from the tabloids that are hunting her down after a bad break up When they get back to the Ranch that’s where the heat really turns upDark Current by Lynda Haviland – Drifter Ben Kane is just out in his boat when warning of a storm coming and after the Hurricane that hit the area the previous week deciding to stop and let it pass he gets an unexpected welcoming committee of a Rooster called Finn who has a passion for fruit loops Willow Vega needs help her marina is falling apart as sand and salt water get everywhere Will Ben be able to help or will he be gone before the help he can provide can do anythingThere are some great stories in this collection I have included short reviews of some of my favourites but they were all worthy of reading

  6. Jenni Bishop Jenni Bishop says:

    This is a compilation of stories by fourteen Authors ​Hunks to the Rescue finds you immersed in hot and steamy short stories ​ If you love a good romance with hot hunks then this anthology is right for you to indulge your senses All authors give you a taste of hot and steamy that will leave you needing you to cool down Saving Necessity by Margo Bond Collins Zeke is just your normal Cowboy in the town of Necessity in Texas When he is asked to help his best friend he finds far than he was looking for The town of Necessity is thrown into the public eye when a movie is being shot there The main star Sophie is saved from a fire on the set by a real life cowboy a hot one at that When Sophie asks for his help she finds herself falling for this shy man’s charms When things go astray Zeke sets out to make things right This is a sweet Cinderella story where opposites attract An Unexpected Twist by Krista Ames Kelsey just had to get away to where she didn’t care she just had to get away from a life she could no longer be a part of Boone likes his uiet life as a rancher and firefighter and is looking to relax at home but all that changes when his brother visits When the weather turns nasty Boone makes his way home Before he can reach there a twister sets down and ensnares a car coming the other way Boone rescues the cars occupant in ways than one way It seems the weather is not the only storm that is set to blow them all away if the storm in their hearts is any indication Destiny’s Secret by Raine EnglishSavannnah decided she needs to leave home and move forward with her plans After looking at a few homes she finally finds the perfect one but is it as perfect as she thinks? Hearing strange noises and dealing with strange occurrences she spends a terrifying night by herself After learning the history of the house she decides to enlist the help of a paranormal psychic one that just happens to be hot When Deek moves in to help with the ghosts the occurrences pick up and so does the sizzling feelings between Savannah and her psychic Will Deek be able to rid the house of the entities or will they refuse to move on? Will the entities cause mischief than Deek and Savannah can handle and will lives be put in harm’s way? That Unexpected Kiss by Tamara Ferguson Julie has just returned home after living away She is looking forward to starting her new job she loves working as a special education teacher Julie has had to live with and has always wondered what happened to her mother some twenty odd years ago Her disappearance has never been solved but could that be about to change? Dylan Nash is than what he seems He has always known that she would be his from the moment he first saw her he had to have her no matter what no matter when he would make her his Dylan has been looking for the person who shot his father As he uncovers and in his investigations he finds that several other cases could actually be linked and that the woman that he loves could be in the sight of these evil men Will Julie remember and be put in harm’s way? Can Dylan keep her safe? Unreachable Heart by Aileen Harkwood Jacie DeBello is an accountant for a couple of crime bosses She finds herself in a harrowing situation one where she is sure death is the only outcome Hart Renker loves his job as a part of a rescue team jumping out of helicopters climbing mountains saving people’s lives in extreme conditions Today he is on his way to Devil’s Doorstep to retrieve any survivors from a plane crash on one of the worst places for a crash to occur Hart finds himself left behind when there is to the rescue than first expected With a blizzard setting in Hart must find shelter and keep himself and his rescue alive until they can be reached Will Hart find on the mountain than he bargained for? Will he be able to keep them alive until help arrives? Is there to Jacie DeBello than meets the eye? Dark Current by Lynda Haviland Willow Vega has always loved the island she calls home and running the Marina and its businesses has always been in the family After a hurricane tear’s through the island so does the damage to the Marina Unfortunately Willow has had to let all her staff go as business is failing When a stranger docks is boat at her pier he seems like a god send a hunky sex god that is also a handy man Just what she needs Can Ben help Willow rebuild her buildings and fix things within the Marina to get her business back on track? Will Ben let go of a past to let Willow in? Will Ben be than just a passing fling and move on or will he finally find peace and make a new life? Unwrapping Treasure by Jodie A Kessler Treasure and Brodie have worked together as paramedics for years always having each other’s back It’s Christmas and after answering a call they find themselves in the middle of chaos and a precarious rescue Treasure is finally on her break in the mountains and with an unexpected visitor After reveling in the comforts and joys of Christmas good food good alcohol and good fun the night turns in to wants and pleasures and is filled with a passion that may change hearts and lives forever Breaking the Rules by Katie O’Sullivan Abbie is the head chef at the Cape Cod Inn she hopes on day to make her dreams come true When she is saddled with a new staff member the chemistry is hot but rules are rules and she can’t go there Abbie learns that there is much to this man than meets the eye Jake is undercover working at the same place as the beautiful redhead that he can’t seem to stop thinking about but there are rules and he can’t go there Rules are meant to be broken right? Unfortunately she is on his list of suspects and as the list of bodies start to pile up Jake is not sure who he can trust What will happen between Jake and Abbie when she finds out the truth? Will Jake be able to solve the case before he loses the one thing that matters? Falling for Captain Hunk by Stephanie ueen Captain Lynch is the law and order on the Island but there is someone else who is about to upset his rule His no dating work rule is about to be put to the test when one mysterious woman blows into town When he finds out she is also in law enforcement he firms his resolve to follow his rule but she is not making it easy on him She sets him on fire a fire he has never felt before But when trouble finds its way on his island he finds it hard to keep this woman safe when she constantly finds herself in the front line Can the Captain keep her safe and out of harm’s way? Can he keep his heart out of harm’s way? When it is all over will all be lost? Fire Ice by Constance Phillips Insecure Charlene has just returned home from being away for years Whilst working as a Physiotherapist she comes face to face with the one person she thought broke her trust Brian has just run into the one person who broke his heart many years ago After meeting again they realise that they have missed out on so many years apart but they Charlene needed to grow and overcome her insecurities But has she really overcome them? When she comes face to face with her past will she let it overrule her? Two Miles by Jan Romes Ava is determined to become stronger learner a fighting machine and leave behind the one who broke her heart After a fall at the gym she is assisted by one hot doctor whose diagnosis leaves her stunned and in disbelief Keith is not sure how but the woman from the gym has gotten under his skin in than one way Keith thought he had it all but a chance sighting and insecurities changed everything Finding out the truth Keith decides he must fight for what he wants if only he has a second chance Come Hell or High Water by Nancy Segovia Maisie did what they say a lot of woman do and that is marry a man like her father Finally Maisie finds herself out of her abusive marriage and moving in with her bestie Maisie has sworn that she will not ever put herself in another relationship with a man sworn off them for life But is seems fate has a different idea When Masie is rescued whilst in the middle of a hurricane Maisie and her rescuer find than they were looking for A true gentleman leaves her feeling unsure of herself whilst Dwight is confused by his feelings for this ornery woman This is a tale of lovehate at first sight Coaching the Sub by Debbie White Shannon has just gotten a new role as a substitute teacher at her old high school When she finds it hard to deal with some of the students Coach Andrews comes to her aid and takes no prisoners Shannon realises there is to teaching and that Coach Andrews has to offer not just to the students but maybe for her as well Both soon realise that they cannot give up and vow to go out of their way to help What they find is that the rewards far outweigh it all Path to Grace by Wilder uinn Carina wants nothing than a normal life but that will never be possible because she is the daughter of the Boss she is the Princess the Prince of the Family the mafia family Carina is on a date with a normal man but when he s shot and it all turns to hell there is one man who will not let anything happen to her Matteo is the only person who knows where she is but is that enough to keep her safe from the killer who is after her Can Matteo keep her safe? Will the killer find them? Will Carina be strong enough to ask for something from the one person she has never asked a thing for? Will Carina finally find her normal life?

  7. Char Davis Char Davis says:

    This is a set of excitingsometimes extra hot novellas So many multi talented authors that grouped together to put together some great stories I loved each story but one of my favs was Path to Grace I loved the action and the way Matteo the top cleaner for the mob was so in love with Carina the Mob bosses daughter Carina Matteo saved her from an attempted hit on her Matteo could never feel worthy of the love of Carina but he will take a thousand bullets to keep her safe Will Carina ever get the chance to tell Matteo how she feels? WillMatteo live long enough to show Carina he can be worthy? This is an exciting danger filled storyhot sex and so much love

  8. Ericka Hamilton Ericka Hamilton says:

    Loved all the novellas in this anthology Especially Path to Grace by Wilder uinn I loved Matteo and Carinas story it had a little bit of everything in it Only wish it was longer

  9. Debi Debi says:

    Hunks To The Rescue 18 Hot Contemporary Romance Novellas5 StarsFire And Ice A Sunnydale Days Novella by Constance PhillipsCharlene and Brian dated in high school She was Valedictorian and he barely made grades to keep up with his sports Football basketball and baseball His friends never liked her and when she was told a lie that she never really believed she chose to run because it would be easier than staying around 10 years later she returns to take care of her mom after losing her dad Can she and Brian rebuild what was lost to a lie or will his friends win yet again and Brian will lose her forever?Two More Miles by Jan RomesAva and Keith are both coming off bad breakups and meet at the gym He is an obgyn and is convinced she's pregnant just by looking at her She is convinced she's not but scared to take a test Being pregnant by her ex would be devastating They spend a lot of time together and end up falling in love when a misunderstand tears them apart When he learns the truth can he get to her in time and will she forgive him?Path To Grace A Saint Series Preuel by Wilder and uinnCarina is the daughter of the biggest baddest mafia boss Matteo works for her dad and considered the cleaner He has always wanted Carina but she was off limits Carina just wants to be normal and goes on a “regular” date but all hell breaks loose when someone that's after the family is after her Matteo saves her and takes her somewhere safe They realize their feelings for each other and act on them When they are found by the enemy it's Carina’s turn to save Matteo They decide to leave the life and be together Will her father allow this or will they be in danger and on the run for the rest of their lives?Unwrapping Treasure A Granite Lake Romance Novella by Jody A KesslerTreasure and Bodie have worked together for 2 years as paramedics They are friends she doesn't do relationships and he is off a fresh break from his fiancé a call to a house fire causes to risk her life for that of a young girl barely making it out alive She planned to get away for Christmas as it's a sad time for her and goes to the cabin she rented Bodie surprises her and decide to take a chance with each other with a no strings attached night Did this one night change things for them? He leaves the next morning and will be gone for four and a half months on special training What will happen when he returns?Unreachable Heart Gold County Psychics by Aileen HarkwoodJacie is the accountant for the Endrizzi brothers who are part of one of the most far reaching crime cartels Eckhardt Hart is the senior tech climber for search and rescue He is called to a plane crash involving the brothers and Jacie having to stay behind at crash site to make room to transport the overweight brothers he locates Jacie and rescues her They are forced to spend 2 nights in a blizzard till help can arrive he gets information using his sat phone that Jacie has a dangerous past and he needs to be cautious They couldn't resist the pull they felt for each other but what happens after he is forced to save her yet again and when he finds out that nothing is at is seems?Come Hell Or High Water by Nancy SegoviaMaisie divorced her abusive husband 3 years ago and has since been living with her best friend who has gone to stay at her parents because a hurricane was coming Maisie couldn't leave because no one would allow her 18 year old cat to go with her As waters rise she ends up on the roof with her cat in her jacket She is rescued by Dwight who is with the New Orleans fire dept He immediately didn't like her but felt an attraction to her that he could not explain Being forced to take in her and her cat they begin to break down each other's walls She promised herself no men after her divorce can he make her break her promise?These are just a few of my favorite stories from this group of wonderful authors I really enjoyed reading all of the books in this anthology it was fun going from one to the next Each having a gorgeous hunk to save the day Many of them are part of bigger stories and I plan to look into each one and continue reading about each I would give each story 5 stars independently and highly recommend this collection

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    SO HOT‼ I WANT TO BE RESCUED‼These are good guys by day and bad boys at night Delicious fun So If you like fighters cowboys military first responders well you get the idea then this is for you Be ready for the rideWith Authors like Margo Bond Collins Krista Ames Raine English Tamara Ferguson Aileen Harkwood Lynda Haviland Jody A Kessler Katie O’Sullivan Constance Phillips Stephanie ueen Nancy Segovia Emily Wilder Jan Romes Debbie White Michelle jo uinn Victoria Pinder Eli Grace Janice Ross and Deb Christie you are sure to find these stories as much fun to read as I didBOUND BY TEMPTATION By Trish McCallan Emma Janssen and Lucas Trammel had some very hot night together but that was all because she didn’t hear from the hot Navy Seal for uite sometime When Lucas steps in and saves Emma which battle will win the one that can destroy her life ot the one that can destroy her heart Trish McCallan has written a story that will grab you immediately Fire And Ice By Constance Phillips After returning to her hometown after swearing she would only be back for visits Charlene’s aka Char’s life has come full circle and she is back After accepting a job at the local hospital she has now come face to face with the guy who had a very special place in her heart She knew he would never take her back because she slammed that door shut There were lies and she believed them and never gave Brian the chance to tell his side Can she physically help him heal and can he get her back into his life?Two More Miles By Jan Romes Ava has been left broken hearted by her ex fiancee and all she can do is uestion herself as to why she keeps thinking and searching the gym for that annoying guy she had words with Keith Miles tried not to watch the woman with the copper hair but she had grabbed his interest Ava has fainted and thought she was on a tropical island with a drink in her hand but then she opened her eyes and the people told her she fainted but guess who was taking her pulse Keith Miles aka Dr Keith Miles Which way will their relationship go? Can they survive trouble or will it keep them apart?Coaching The Sub By Debbie White If you have ever been a substitute teacher you will relate to this story I was a sub but never had a hot coach to rescue me from the bullies in the classroom Shannon is a nervous wreck because today she is the substitute Filling in for another teacher is not always easy especially when Chase Kyle and Stevie refuse to do and assignment That is when Coach Brock Andrews steps into her class and it is immediate attraction But everybody know that it is against the rules for teachers to date other faculty members With the attraction they feel for each other how are they going to work this out and can they keep their jobs?Unwrapping Treasure by Jody A Kessler Everyday paramedics walk into dangerous situations and that is what has happened to Bodie and Treasure What better way to earn a vacation This story make you want to build a fire and warm next to the one you love Well writtenThese are a few of the stories and I hope I have enticed you to read them all They are worth your time Very romantic stories are the best fantasy Thank you to all the Authors who put so much into each story‼

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