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A.J.'s Angel ✑ A.J.'s Angel pdf ✓ Author L.A. Witt – Luke Emerson is the last person Sebastian Wakefield expects to see strolling into his tattoo shop But Luke’s not back after four years to take up where they left off Not even to apologize for the ch Luke Emerson is the last person Sebastian Wakefield expects to see strolling into his tattoo shop But Luke’s not back after four years to take up where they left off Not even to apologize for the cheating that broke them up Luke wants a custom tattoo a memorial for someone known only as “AJ” Much as Seb would love to tell Luke to take this ink and shove it he’s a professional Plus he’s reluctant to admit he wouldn’t mind getting his hands on Luke again Even if it’s just business Once Luke’s in the tattoo chair though Seb finds himself struggling with all the anger and resentment he thought he’d left behind—and those aren’t the only feelings reignited Their relationship may have been turbulent but it was also passionate Four years clearly hasn’t been long enough for the embers of that fire to go cold A few subtle hints from Luke is all it takes to make Seb consider indulging in some of that physical passion It shouldn’t be that tough to keep his emotions from getting tangled up in sweaty sheets After all it’s not like he’s in love with Luke any Right This word novella was previously published.

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  1. Elspeth Elspeth says:

    The main character takes his cheating ex backFuck thatLuke go play in traffic

  2. Ami Ami says:

    25 starsThree things that makes this novella don't really work for me1 Luke the cheater doesn't really feel like making a redemption or penance this time around I'm also not happy when part of his confession is that he doesn't feel sorry for the repeat cheating NOT until the last time which makes Seb taking him back sort of2 proofing Seb is just a doormat to Luke I'm not perfectly convinced for their love not even until the very end when the story gives the readers a promisehopeful HEA Because somehow Luke feels like a bad addiction that Seb just cannot uit like his cigarettes and what addiction is good??3 The importance of AJ and the tattoo It doesn't feel significant enough Actually I probably feel a stronger reason if AJ was Luke's boyfriend before he came back to Seb that he made a promise to AJ to make things rightI do admit the sex is pretty hot though thus me giving it 25 stars instead of 2

  3. Gigi Gigi says:

    This was my second read and I honestly don't remember reading it the first time back in 2012 It was super angsty and as it says in the blurb contains cheating so I surprised myself even WANTING to read it againBut I dearly love Seb and Luke didn't bother me as much as he should have And there is a HEA So read with caution and save up your angst defense skills before tackling this oneI dropped this from 4 stars to 3

  4. Cadiva Cadiva says:

    Oooh this one's a toughie to rate because one of the MCs was an utter dick in the past and while this is a second chance romance it doesn't have the same depth as a usual frenemies to lovers narrative wouldLuke was a serial cheater when he was with Seb but we only ever get the story from Seb's POV so Luke even when he apologised never gives an explanationI guess we're just supposed to assume he was young selfish and an arse The problem is that without the insight and a full explanation Seb just then comes across as a bit of a doormat unable to resist the sexBut having said all of the above LA does do enough to demonstrate that Luke is still in love with Seb and that he appreciates how much he screwed up Still even with the epilogue a year down the line I'm not as sure as I'd like to an out the HEA#ARC kindly provided by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

  5. SheReadsALot SheReadsALot says:

    A Hearts On Fire ReviewTHREE A HALF STARS AJ's Angel is an angsty little emotional nugget of ex lovers reconciling through actions and wordsSebastian is a tattoo artist currently single and has never really got over the love of his life Luke Luke cheated on him numerous times during their past relationship and Sebastian always was sweet talked into taking Luke back Until the last time where Luke walked out into the arms of another manFours years have passed and who miraculously walks through Sebastian's tattoo shop none other than Luke Luke with no explanations of the past he just wants to get a memorial tattoo for a mysterious 'AJ' and wants Sebastian to do itCan you smell the drama?Surprisingly there were no punches thrown But instead the author gives us Sebastian's flashbacks and POV story's in 1st POV to let us know what Sebastian felt and understand where he was in his head at that point These two had a lot of sex but they managed to fit some talking in there so it is not just a smut story though may I say the sex scenes were HOTI did not hate Luke nor did I think Sebastian was TSTL The author thoroughly explained their reasoning And importantly who the hell 'AJ' was Trust me it's not who you might think it is My favorite part was when Luke explained to Sebastian why he cheated in the past it was so straightforward and had a sense of realism to it I've read a few other MM Romances with this same theme cheaters rekindling romance with their one true love can I say this story is definitely one of the better onesAfter reading AJ's Angel the uestion is can a leopard change its spots? No But Lukedid He cheated in the past matured some to restart a brighter future with his manI did appreciate the sense of reality the author gave these two on rebuilding their broken relationship The author gave them time and not smooth sailing into Happily Ever After ville So I believed the couple of Luke and Sebastian and enjoyed their ride

  6. Kassa Kassa says:

    25 stars AJ’s Angel handles the tricky and often misused cheating theme Some people hate this entirely and if so you should avoid this novella If you don’t mind cheating or on the fence this one is still somewhat iffy but could appeal The story relies on Seb’s uestionable forgiveness which is really him wanting hot sex which translates into memory loss about prior cheating This isn’t always successful and the tone of the story is morose since the majority of emotions revolve around cheating It’s not a bad story to read but it’s not really an uplifting one with a strong romantic theme The story is told entirely from Seb’s first person perspective as he copes with seeing his ex boyfriend after four years When they broke up Lucas has been cheating repeatedly on Seb without guilt or care and only really started to realize his actions when Seb left him Now Seb is overwhelmed with his attraction to Lucas and decides to give in while telling himself it’s just sex and no emotions Of course it’s never as easy as that and Seb’s confused heart has to decide what to doUnfortunately the novella is simply too short to really develop the characters or the situation fully Seb comes across somewhat weak with his constant justifications and rationalizations He knows that Lucas is likely to cheat on him again but he ignores evidence and his own intellect because he can’t seem to help it Lucas is pretty shallow and nonexistent since he’s simply the other man in the relationship We never get his side of the story never get into his head or heart and Seb’s view is obviously very skewed Lucas comes across very plastic and tough to warm to especially given his cheating past and likely future Seb is supposed to be a tough tattoo artist with a troubled childhood that finally straightened himself out Yet he doesn’t seem to have learned from his past because he is willing to ignore the cheating past in favor of hot sex It’s not that the cheating was the only issue but it’s the predominant issue and the main tone of the story Seb constantly tells the reader how hurt he was when Lucas cheated yet jumps into sex again with the man almost immediately Later on when Lucas apologizes rather too fast and weak for my tastes Seb doesn’t even take time to consider he merely gives in This is where Seb lost me as a reader and sympathizer The writing is pretty good and Witt does a decent job in trying to portray the act as heinous but still forgivable The story doesn’t make light of the actions nor give any explanation or cop out yet this is also why the forgiveness feels forced The epilogue then jumps to a year later and the reader is told there were bumps but everything is fine It feels too forced and manufactured Just like the conversation between Seb and his father feels manufactured to give Lucas a positive voice The tone of the story is rather sad and dark Since Seb is constantly in his head and talking about how it’s just sex or he doesn’t want to get hurt or how he loves Lucas anyway this isn’t a lighthearted book It feels dark and surrounded by pain because that’s the aura of the main character It never really lets up even despite numerous sex scenes This perhaps even than the weak forgiveness is what killed my enjoyment of the story It’s not bad a story by any means and decently written but will reuire the right audience to really appreciate it

  7. Raj Raj says:

    This has got to be one of the worst if not worst cheater books written in the recent yearsLover takes serial cheater back after he leaves him for another manThere is no remorseno redemptionWhen asked why he did it he replies because he was stupid felt no guiltThere is a single POV that make's this novelette even unpalatable

  8. Sandi ♥& Sandi ♥& says:

    Loved this one Sebastian and Luke we're super sexy As was there sex I loved that the whole story of these 2 was told and not skipped around I love a HEA What I pictured the tattoo to look like was amazing and I'd go to Seb for one anyday And I'm pretty picky lol

  9. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  10. L-D L-D says:

    25 stars almost 3 stars The theme of cheating is one that I detest I think that the only reason this book was palatable is that LA Witt starts with the cheating well in the past Granted the MCs are far from over the event as it should be but since we did not have to experience the awful event with the MCs it was a little easier to hold it to the side So that was a good idea from the authorSeb is a tattoo artist His serial cheating ex boyfriend Luke comes into his shop with a tattoo idea and wants the initials AJ added Practically choking with bitterness and anger Seb fights to maintains his professional demeanor and agrees to design the tattoo and ink Luke This book was a little too short I felt that there wasn't uite enough development of the characters for us to want to root for their relationship which is usually the goal of a romance book I thought the cheating and issues were addressed pretty well up to a point then it all seemed to fast forward and end abruptly I think the book could've been strengthened a lot if it was not in the first person from Seb's POV I really wanted to know exactly what made Luke change his tune over the last 4 years It was touched upon but I don't think it was developed enough for the reader to identify with Luke and form any basis for forgiveness view spoilerLuke didn't just cheat once all those years ago and it was a horrible mistake Luke cheated often and admittedly didn't care if he hurt Seb hide spoiler

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