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  • 22 July 2016

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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    2 12 stars It's hard to have to say this but it's not completely unexpected either When I finally gave in to the hype and read Me Before You a couple years ago I absolutely and unapologetically loved it Like many of its fans I've been waiting with bated breath for this seuel But it just isn't strong enough or neededThat's what it comes down to After You was written to satisfy a craving in the minds of Lou and Will's fans When we've loved a book we all have those uestions what will the characters do now? What comes next? But these are natural uestions following all loved books It does not necessarily mean a book should be written to answer those uestions Cinderella II Dreams Come True anyone?The result of Moyes trying to create a new episode of the story out of such uestions is a book that feels like fanfiction not a worthy seuelThis book attempts to tie up all loose ends in Lou's life It's uite enjoyable because Lou is as comical and lovable as we remember but a certain humourous spark has disappeared now that we don't have the wonderful LouWill dynamic Despite the lingering sadness of Me Before You I didn't find it to be a depressing book After You on the other hand is much depressing for the most part a fact that does not add depth to itThere's just not that much story to the book except for the contrived surprise from Will's past showing up and that just turned the book into About a Boy with female characters lonely woman in her thirties gains new purpose from helping a problem kid The new love interest is a nice guy but is forgettable and I never felt much chemistry between them Also I tried really hard to sympathize but I just despised the selfish bratty LilyEverything in this book feels unnatural created by the author to extend a story that had already been told to its full potential The various subplots feel like extra padding and seem pointless What was all that about Lou's mother discovering feminism and refusing to shave her legs? Aside from the cringy portrayal of feminism why is that even in there?I understand why fans of Me Before You will feel the need to read this book but I just don't think it's necessary It's mildly entertaining at times but nothing valuable has been added hereBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

  2. Kristie Kristie says:

    If you have not read Me Before You please note that there are spoilers for the end of that book in this review I have seen a lot of negative reviews for this book most of which compare it to Me Before You I get it Me Before You was amazing I fell in love with the characters too This book however is not Me Before You So many people loved Lou from Me Before You and wanted to know what happened to her after the book ended Then when they are given a book that tells them what happened they automatically compare it to the first one that they loved and realize that it falls short These people are disappointed in the story because they expect the greatness of Me Before You to continue Well I think you need to enter this story knowing that a book that you fall that deeply in love with is a rare thing and it is unlikely that a follow up story will evoke the same emotions Please know that yes I realize that this does not apply to everyone Some people will simply not like the story I am only referring to a specific group of people hereyou know who you areThis book is no exception It did not evoke in me what Me Before You did However it was a good story on its own If not comparing the two and only looking at After You for its own merits it is a good story Maybe it was about other characters than you had hoped? I enjoyed meeting new characters and watching Lou's life expand I thought this story was very well done It showed Lou's struggle with moving on after Will's death It showed how his death affected other characters and how people struggled to relate following such a tragedy I still love Lou's character and there are other character's in this book that I really enjoyed Sam Donna Jake I didn't love Lily but she grew on me later in the book I enjoyed the characters in Lou's group and their interactions Mostly I enjoyed seeing Lou's struggle how she was stuck and how she grew Overall I really enjoyed this story and think it is worth a read Please know if you intend to read it that this is not Lou and Will's story This is Lou's story of growth and Lily's story of growth as both learn how to move on from their pasts Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Original Review Part of me is very excited that this seuel is being written because I really love Me Before You However part of me is really concerned that this seuel is being written because I love Me Before You That story had a definite beginning middle and end I really hope this story doesn't spoil that one some how Oh how I hope I love it

  3. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

    When I first heard that Me Before You would have a seuel I wondered how Jojo Moyes would be able to pull it off It either could go fairly decently or be a big old hot mess How do you top a book that was perfection to me? The author does have a bit at the beginning asking readers to not spoil anything for other readers and I will respect that because just because a book doesn't work for me doesn't mean that everyone will feel that same wayIt's just thatI felt so personally invested in that first book When this one started out I was okay Lou was battling her grief over Will's death I know how hard losing someone can be It's devastating Hell Will was a book character and I shed a whole lot of tears over him myself I feel like JoJo Moyes should have had a best friend that just stopped her when she presented the idea of this book to her Instead of encouraging her Because it did not work AT ALL Booksource Netgalley in exchange for review My friend Magdalena did enjoy this book She writes an amazing review at the link provided I think it's just up to the individual reader on this one

  4. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    I hate to upset fans of Me Before You hell I'm a huge fan of Me Before You but this was a very underwhelming seuel I think if you are expecting the emotional punch of the first book you are going to be sorely disappointedI'm not ashamed to say that Me Before You had me up reading until very late at night and then crying my eyes out until very early the next morning It was the kind of book that sticks with you the kind of book that is extremely hard to follow up It ended on a very powerful note so any book that calls itself a seuel has to match that kind of power This didn't not even close We follow Lou's life a year and a half after the death of Will and we see what her life has become Honestly I didn't enjoy this Lou very much Gone is any spark any vitality any humor and without those aspects of her personality I had trouble staying engaged with her I didn't like this pushover Lou and I barely recognized her from the previous book Her life is wholly depressing Lou is stuck completely in this sort of limbo and reading about her mostly boring day to day things felt one note and tedious Lou's family details like her mother's newfound feminism and her sister's meddling seemed contrived and almost silly I didn't get what those side plots added to the story and I didn't find them compelling Lou's love interest was just there He was sexy in a classic romance way the patient motorcycle riding savior but I simply didn't feel the chemistry between him and Lou It felt like a relationship without weight certainly without the intensity of Lou's relationship with Will If you are going to present a love interest to follow the one from Me Before You it would have to be absolutely epic this wasn't And don't get me started on Lily No spoilers from me but Lily just irritated me to no end She was SO selfish and I struggled to feel much sympathy for her rich girl plight I know the author tried to give us reasons to empathize with Lily especially near the end with her convoluted backstory but I was rooting for Lou to branch out and have of the story line to herself However this book's greatest crime IMO was that it was boring I kept putting this book down and starting other stories only to force myself back to this one after a few hours And though this book has brief moments of greatness and it wasn't bad or offensive in any way it also failed to grab me the way I was expecting it to After the way Me Before You gripped me I think this was the biggest let down of allCopy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  5. Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ says:

    ”Sometimes I felt as if we were all wading around in grief reluctant to admit to others how far we were waving or drowning”Okay before I start this review I have to admit three things1 “After You” wasn’t what I expected it to be and headed into a completely different direction than I assumed2 I think Jojo Moyes was very brave to go into this kind of direction and I appreciate her realistic approach3 This might turn out to be a rather personal and subjective review I know it would be easy to say that I didn’t like Louisa in this book and a lot of reviewers before me actually did They said they didn’t like how much she changed that the happy girl was gone that she wasted the gift Will had given her that she was merely existing and not living her dream Not doing what Will wanted her to do before he died “Live boldly Push yourself Don’t settle Just live well Just live”But what a lot of readers didn’t get – and I'm glad they didn't seem to get it because I’m speaking from personal experience here and I truly wish no one to make an experience like that– is that she was grieving Yes Will’s death didn’t come unexpected It was planned they all knew it would happen but that didn’t change anything about the fact that she loved him and that he still decided to go I wasn’t surprised that Lou is a mess at the beginning of this book I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t see the world like she planned to that she didn’t live her dream Because honestly How could she? The person she loved her first and one true love was dead and there was nothing she could have done to stop him nothing that would have changed his mind ”How could I explain to this girl what Will and I had been to each other the way I felt that no person in the world had ever understood me like he did or ever would again? How could she understand that losing him was like having a hole shot straight through me a painful constant reminder an absence I could never fill?”To lose the person you love? It changes you it alters your perception it makes you realize how short life is it forces you to acknowledge that you won’t live forever that everything could be over in nothing but a second You know that you should move on because life moves on regardless if you want it to or not If there’s one thing death teaches you then it’s that life is merciless and doesn’t pause for the living ”So what was the hardest part?” Mr Gopnik said“I’m sorry?”“Of working for William Traynor It sounds like uite a challenge”I hesitated The room was suddenly very uiet “Letting him go” I said And found myself unexpectedly biting back tearsSo yes Louisa is a mess She’s still so very young and innocent and has to deal with the loss of the man who stole her heart Of course this experience changed her of course she isn’t the same person she was before and yes she is fighting depression But she is doing everything she can in order to deal with his loss and that’s admirable and needs to be acknowledgedI know a lot of readers might have wanted the book to go in another direction and truth be told I wanted to see a happy Louisa too but that’s not how things work that’s not how mourning works That would have been unrealistic and it would have devalued the love Lou felt for Will So is this book an intermediate phase? Yes it is But it is necessary Lou has to grieve in order to be able to move on and to heal and she ultimately does Boy how she does It might have been sad to read her journey it might have been depressing but it was realistic and wholesome and I can’t thank Jojo Moyes enough for this kind of representation Because that’s what happens when you lose the person you love You try to get back on your feet you try to live on you fight to be able to enjoy your life You learn how to cope with your loss to turn it into something positive There are days you take one step forward and two steps back but you learn to be thankful for the fact that you’re still alive That life is still ahead of you That the time you spent with your loved one no matter how long or short lived it might have been was precious and a gift And eventually well eventually you accept your loss and you move on You finally live the life you know your loved one wanted you to live all along I could write about Lou’s love interest or the rather unexpected twist that happens right at the beginning of the story I could write about Lou’s funny family and all their antics but I think I’ll just leave it at that For me “After You” is a book about grief and healing About learning how to live with your scars and about accepting them as a part of you The loss of a loved one might push you into the abyss but it’s up to you if you fight and crawl out of them or stay there and get lost It’s a fight no one can help you with a fight you have to battle on your own But let me tell you this it’s a battle that’s always worth it ; So thank you Jojo Moyes for tackling such a sensitive and serious topic with genuine humour and tentative prudence Thank you for giving us hope I can only speak for myself here but my teenage me really would have needed and appreciated your book It might be too late for me but I’m sure many other people will find comfort in your words And sometimes well sometimes that’s already enough It only took me about five years to get over the first book but I’m very optimistic that I’ll be able to read book two without suffering another severe trauma crying my soul out I mean it’s got to get better right? Lou will get happy in this one she has to If not I might just end up throwing another book against a wall Urgh the heartbreak from “Me Before You” still feels so fresh and this after five freaking yearsI’m going to read this but can anyone hug me when it gets too much? makes huge puppy eyesWish me luck guys I get the feeling I might need it TT

  6. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more says:

    45 starsI really really didn't like ME BEFORE YOUIt was heartbreaking but it was the heartbreak of an impartial observer I liked Louisa Clark but for whatever reason I never connected with her the way I do in a well developed story and the story itself was so unlikely I suppose it felt like tragedy for tragedy's sakeAnd that shit pisses me off If you're going to ground my heart into the pavement there had better be a damn good reason for itBut ME BEFORE YOU was like Moyes thought to herself1 What's the most impossible falling in love scenario I can come up with? Excellent let's do that2 How can I make moving the relationship forward eually impossible? is gleeful Let's do that too3 And how can I make the whole thing pointless from start to finish while inflicting the most emotional damage? Wheeeeee Best Plan EverrrrrrrAnd look at the title ME BEFORE YOU It's deceptively selfish It's meant to be a love story right? So it should be YOU BEFORE ME But the eye glances over it and the brain makes excuses so that you don't realize until it's too late that it's a one sided love storyOr maybe it's ambiguous and my interpretation is a reflection of my overall experience Whatever kicks aluminum canThe point is that I didn't read AFTER YOU bc I loved the previous book I read it bc I couldn't stomach abandoning Lou under the circumstances ME BEFORE YOU ended onI saw the same spark Will had seen in Louisa the unrealized potential and I decided to give Moyes the chance to cultivate that potentialI Am SO GladThere's a subtlety to AFTER YOU that was missing in ME BEFORE YOU It allowed Moyes to craft something entirely different something that felt real even after the meticulously crafted WOE of what came beforeLouisa Clark transformed from a cardboard placeholder into a person of flesh and blood Treena previously a stock baby sister spoiled and selfish became a bright young woman struggling with the conseuences of a teenage pregnancy I could feel her despair and guilt wrestling with her love of the son that had complicated her life Her parents were eually changed as were Will's Then there were the new characters like the members of Lou's weekly group therapy meeting who we spent little time with but who were all clear individual personalities And Lily ye gods That girl broke my heart worse than Will Traynor ever didBut this time I laughed as much as I cried At the meandering tangents poor Marc unsuccessfully tried to rein in during the Moving On Circle meetings At Thom's boyish antics the looks exchanged between sisters Mrs Clark's refusal to shave her legs after taking a night class of the feminist variety and a dozen other things besides And that laughter made the pain bearable the pain of truths that were ruthless in their simplicity A child who knew that her mother loved her but not as much as she loved herself A group of strangers bound together by grief the rest of the world had forgotten “I think people get bored of grief” said Natasha “It’s like you’re allowed some unspoken allotted time—six months maybe—and then they get faintly irritated that you’re not ‘better' The loneliness of a young women trying her best 'to live' but lacking the heart to do it properly Without someone to talk to every sight I saw—whether it was the Trevi Fountain or a canal in Amsterdam—felt simply like a name on a list that I needed to check off These were smaller pains but they were no less potent They were familiar hurts relatable unlike the crafted pain of ME BEFORE YOU I've always internally scoffed when I've heard or read about someone not realizing they were crying until their face was too wet to ignore or some Good Samaritan gave them a tissue how can you cry and not know it? But AFTER YOU taught me that there are some hurts that sneak up on you that are subconsciously recognized even when experiencing them vicariously and several times throughout the reading I found myself similarly effected as those I'd previously ridiculedThen Treena would give Lou a look that I've received many times from my own sisters She pulled the kind of face at me that told me simultaneously that I was an eejit and also that this was no surprise to her whatsoever And I'd be snorting those tears up my nose bc laughingI've seen in several reviews that some readers were disappointed with AFTER YOU that it didn't deliver the same emotional kidney punch I'm not going to argue that point bc I agree Instead of the manufactured grief that resulted from a series of events so horrifying that you couldn't help but react to them regardless of how foreign that grief is to your own life experience you get the pain from the aftermath of that loss It's a real pain that few of us aren't familiar with and that made me feel it all the deeplyBut it was the potential that made the real difference The potential for something than unremitting pain SO My recommendation is this1 If you rely on the author to create an emotional response that you're incapable of drudging up on your own skip AFTER YOU You'll only be disappointed2 If you independently FEEL all the things and don't mind a bit of turmoil on the path to a happy ending read AFTER YOU immediately It is lovely And frustrating and heartbreaking and REALAnd in my humble opinion that makes AFTER YOU an infinitely better storyMy review of Me Before You

  7. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    After You Me Before You #2 Jojo MoyesAfter You is a romance novel written by Jojo Moyes a seuel to Me Before You The book was first published on 29 September 2015 in the United Kingdom A second seuel Still Me was published in January 2018 It continues the story of Louisa Clark after Will's death She is trying to move on She was convinced by his motivation to change so she moved to London and got a job in an airport coffee shop One night she decides to go up the roof of her building to sit alone when someone from behind her talks to her She panics and falls off the roof She breaks many bones and takes a lot of time to heal After she gets well she enrolls in a moving on circle in a church and lies to everyone and tells them Will's name was Bill Lily Will's daughter gets in contact with her and she wants to know everything about her deceased father who she didn't know existed until he passed away Lily wants to get to know her grandparents so she moves in with Louisa She hates living with her mother stepfather and her half brothers Meanwhile Louisa gets to know Sam the father of one of the boys in her moving on circle Sam is also one of the ambulance drivers that helped save her life As she gets to know him a new love story begins to grow in her life Nathan gets in contact with her and offers her a job in the USA She interviews for this job and gets accepted It is such a hard decision for Lou as she had just started to fall for Samتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز هفدهم ماه نوامبر سال 2016میلادیعنوان پس از تو؛ نویسنده جوجو مویس مویز؛ مترجم مریم فتاحی؛ تهران، آموت، 1394؛ در 560ص؛ شابک 9786003840188؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان انگلیسی سده 21مراوی ادامه ی رمان «من پیش از تو»؛ با عنوان «پس از تو»؛ دختری جوان به نام «لوسیا لو لوئیزا کلارک» است، دختر پرستاری که دربهای دنیای بزرگتری، به رویش گشوده شده؛ تا او با عبور از آنها، زندگی را از سر بگیرد، و آهنگی دیگر از بودنِ خویش بنوازد؛ «لوسیا» با تجربه ی تازه ای روبرو می‌شود، و او یکبار دیگر در آزمون زندگی شرکت می‌کند، و باز بر سر دوراهی می‌ایستد، و در نهایت مجبور می‌شود انتخابش را و بزرگترین تصمیم برای زندگی‌ خویش را بگیرد؛تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 14071399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

  8. Danielle Danielle says:

    It’s very rare that I love the second book in a series as much as the first Yet here I am handing out five well deserved stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Lou is the best character She has such an amazingly wonderful heart While she lost some of her fun spunky bumblebee tights wearing self she still has those moments of hilarity 😉 Ambulance Sam ❤️ will leave you swooning a thousand times over this patiently understanding man ❤️ So many things happened in this second book there were wonderful additional characters and settings that just made it feel like a whole new book Bravo Jojo 👏👏👏

  9. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    Louisa Clark returns This novel is the seuel to “Me Before You” so you need to read that book first to be able to engage into this one BECAUSE LIFE DOESN’T END LIKE BOOKS I am truly glad that Jojo Moyes the author decided to write this seuel since while Me Before You has a proper closure and you could be totally satisfied there well life doesn’t have “endings” like the books and certainly while Will Traynor’s storyline ends there Louisa Clark have a whole life in front of her and it was thrilling to know how was it without having to guessAnd also not only Louisa but the entire Clark Family the Traynor Family and even other characters like Patrick and Nathan All those support characters that you learned to love or hate all depending of your very personal point of view all of them their lives carry on too and you’ll know what happened with each of themAnd you can trust that Louisa Clark’s life is like her clothinganything but boringAnd since I won't make any spoilers I only can tell you that you'll have a lot of surprises PEOPLE GOT OUT PEOPLE GOT IN Obviously like in life doesn’t have “endings” also you never stop to meet new people and certainly here in After You Louisa Clark will meet several new people and all of them will make impacts on Louisa’s life and you have to know that not all impacts are negative there are positive impacts tooAnd the best of that?That like in life you can’t foreseen how each of those new characters will turn in the developing of this seuel like in life you just have to be careful to do your best effort to keep on but always following your heart and insticts since at the end of the daythere is nothing important than being able to watch yourself in the mirror and being sure that all what you did in the day didn’t cause any hurt to othersNobody is a saint but we don’t have to be only avoiding to provoke suffering without need to any person which doesn’t deserve itNever is easy many times the easiest path is too tempting but only you will know if you’re calling the right decision when stressful situations ariseAnd nobody has to tell you how to live your own life since only you would know if you’re truly happy andif you’re happy with your decisions and don’t causing sorrow to othershow much else you really need in your life?When somebody who has been too important in your life in your heart is gone you may think that being happy without that person isn’t respectful for the memory of that person but that isn’t the case everybody deserves to be happy and if you keep in your mind and heart the memory of that person you won’t be “betraying” that person if you find happiness in a new person even if you do all what you can and sometimes even than that to protect the legacy of that person which isn’t here any THE PATH TO DO WHAT'S RIGHT The path to do what's right isn't easy and it's testing but when you trust that you're doing wha'ts morally right and you can be yourself at ease on the mirror at the end it will be worthyAnd don’t rush up to judge others since in most cases you won’t really know them what’s in their minds hearts and souls Judging is easy Helping isn’t If you think that you’re not up to lend a hand don't do it don't torture yourself but then at least don’t judge since that won’t help neitherNobody expects that you save the world but as Oskar Schindler found outto save a life is to save the worldAnd not lives needed to save from a physical wound some lives needed to save from soul wounds and sometimes they are in such dark place that they put themselves beyond of accepting help and they can be testing but if you think that it's the right thing to do not matter the outcome it will be worthy tooMaybe you won’t be in the position to do something as dramatic to save a life but any positive impact in another’s lifeyou’ll never know how much will help others in the futureNobody will do what you need to do in the world If you don't do those things nobody else will do it You're uniue in the world in ways that you wouldn't believe it For better or worse It's A Wonderful Life and nope it's not that here you'll have a parallel dimension situation I just think that the thought that nobody else will do what you must do it was right to apply hereAnd again always think if whatever you do you’ll be able to watch yourself in the mirrorSince you are the only one able to judge yourself and your own actionsOther people and their actions and repercussions? Only God can judge them

  10. Lindsey Rey Lindsey Rey says:

    I laughed I cried I laughed so hard that I cried and then I sobbed ridiculously This book has some of the best examples of female friendship I have ever seen in my life and I absolutely love Lily and Lou's friendship So beautiful The only problem I had was that near the end of the book something SUPER DRAMATIC happens that didn't need to happen and I was just like ugggggh

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After You[EPUB] ✺ After You By Jojo Moyes – From the New York Times bestselling author of The Giver of Stars discover the love story that captured over 20 million hearts in Me Before You After You and Still Me “You’re going to feel uncomfor From the New York Times bestselling author of The Giver of Stars discover the love story that captured over million hearts in Me Before You After You and Still Me “You’re going to feel uncomfortable in your new world for a bit But I hope you feel a bit exhilarated too Live boldly Push yourself Don’t settle Just live well Just live Love Will” How do you move on after losing the person you loved How do you build a life worth living Louisa Clark is no longer just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life After the transformative six months spent with Will Traynor she is struggling without him When an extraordinary accident forces Lou to return home to her family she can’t help but feel she’s right back where she started Her body heals but Lou herself knows that she needs to be kick started back to life Which is how she ends up in a church basement with the members of the Moving On support group who share insights laughter frustrations and terrible cookies They will also lead her to the strong capable Sam Fielding—the paramedic whose business is life and death and the one man who might be able to understand her Then a figure from Will’s past appears and hijacks all her plans propelling her into a very different future For Lou Clark life after Will Traynor means learning to fall in love again with all the risks that brings But here Jojo Moyes gives us two families as real as our own whose joys and sorrows will touch you deeply and where both changes and surprises await.

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Jojo Moyes is a British novelistMoyes studied at Royal Holloway University of London She won a bursary financed by The Independent newspaper to study journalism at City University and subseuently worked for The Independent for years In she became a full time novelist Moyes' novel Foreign Fruit won the Romantic Novelists' Association RNA Romantic Novel of the Year in She is mar.