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  • Vitaortus
  • Dea Schofield
  • 09 March 2016

4 thoughts on “Vitaortus

  1. Brandi Brooks-Bemiss Brandi Brooks-Bemiss says:

    This series has hit every spot for me The writer describes everything so clearly it's as though you are right there Her descriptions have descriptions When this new acuaintance gifted these books to me I had NO idea what a treasure I was in for I download a lot of books I have shelves of plenty but this series is one that I intend to actually re read It's like that movie you have watched a thousand times just to see what you didn't pick up on the first time around I have a feeling she had dropped me little bread crumbs I wasn't picking up Fun intelligent read full of imagination excitement romance fantasy Find a buddy to read along you will want to talk this one out with a friend It had me thrilled to be a part of the complicated relationships intriguing plot twist and funny moments I cannot say enough

  2. Andrea Stewart Andrea Stewart says:

    I absolutely love this series I fell head over heals into the rabbit hole at the beginning of the first book I continued down the rabbit hole through the second and then this one I love the characters and the details and the amazing setting that these books take place in The characters as well as the different details surrounding the vampires in these books are what set them apart from all the other vampire books I’ve read The extraordinary details and relateable characters are what make it so easy to get sucked into the books It all is very realistic and make the idea of this being entirely plausible are details that make them so much intriguing and interestingIf you are looking for vampire and paranormal reads that are not so far into fantasy that you may have to think over whether or not this could be real life these are exactly that The characters are so layered and have so much depth to them that you will instantly feel like they are your friends sitting next to you on the couch reading the books with you Five stars all day Dea Schofield is absolutely amazing with her weaving of words and spinning of tales

  3. Doris Doris says:

    Interesting ending of an amazing series I have finished and I seriously would love to know I feel that we got a good wrap up to the loose ends but it felt a little rushed in spots The story wasn’t presented as in books one and two Not a bad thing just different I loved getting into the magic realm and learning about other creatures in the story Would seriously love to read

  4. H.L. H.L. says:

    This author really knows history and all the dark gothy things that make life interesting and a little scary Excellent descriptions that easily allow you to paint an image in your mind History Horticulture A secret underworld right in the DC area It's a very interesting combination Please start at book one and work your way here Don't rush it Enjoy the details of her descriptions as you would rounds of tapas and fine wine This whole series is a great read with a nice dark red and some bitter chocolate I kind of want to wrap myself in a black velvet shawl and curl up in the corner of the couch all day It's the anti Twilight The smart vampire story in a setting that makes it even interesting

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Vitaortus❮Epub❯ ➠ Vitaortus ➟ Author Dea Schofield – After the shape shifting violence of the night of the Brumalia in Vitaortus Book Two Devi Trevathan Prime Channel has trouble forgiving her new sanguinivorous friends She refuses to speak to her Champ After the shape shifting violence of the night of the Brumalia in Vitaortus Book Two Devi Trevathan Prime Channel has trouble forgiving her new sanguinivorous friends She refuses to speak to her Champion Lord Alexander Gregory but there is a price to pay The Vitaortus now have a mysterious disease which threatens the plants’ survival Meanwhile bizarre happenings are spreading out from remote Pacific islands which Alec and company have been investigating Ex CIA assassins demons zombies revenants sorcerers spirits–and of course new species of Vampire—all figure in Gregory finding his way back into Devi’s good graces But the Washington DC based religio political group The Brotherhood has dire plans for her as well as for all mankind A supernatural wild card has joined them with a nefarious plot to wreak havoc terror and apocalyptic conseuences Can Devi with help from her supernatural friends stop it.