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Love in Row 27 [PDF / Epub] ✅ Love in Row 27 ⚣ Eithne Shortall – What happens when Cupid plays co pilot Still reeling from a break up Cora Hendricks has given up on ever finding love For herself that is To pass the time while working the Aer Lingus check in desk at What happens when Cupid plays co pilot Still reeling from a break up Cora Hendricks has given up on ever finding love For herself that is To pass the time while working the Aer Lingus check in desk at Heathrow Cora begins to play cupid Love in PDF or with high flying singles Using only her intuition the internet and glamorous flight attendant accomplice Nancy Row becomes Cora's laboratory of love Instead of being seated randomly two unwitting passengers on each flight find themselves next to the person of their dreams or notCora swears Row is just a bit of fun but while she's busy making sparks fly at cruising altitude the love she'd given up on for herself just might have landed right in front of her.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 285 pages
  • Love in Row 27
  • Eithne Shortall
  • English
  • 19 June 2016

About the Author: Eithne Shortall

Eithne Shortall is an author and journalist Her debut novel Love in Row was published in June Her second novel Grace after Henry will be published in the UK and Ireland in May and in the United States in early She Love in PDF or is the chief arts writer with the Irish edition of the Sunday Times newspaper and a regular contributor to RTE RadioEithne was born and grew up in Dublin Irela.

10 thoughts on “Love in Row 27

  1. Margaret Madden Margaret Madden says:

    Airline check in agent Cora Hendricks is the ueen of match making With the help of online research she sees potential mates and brings them together on board Aer Lingus short haul routes Row 27 has been earmarked by herself and her cabin crew friend Nancy; where the unsuspecting singles are seated together and given some on board VIP treatment Not all the matches are successful but Cora and Nancy cross their fingers and wait for the magic to happen Meanwhile Cupid's arrow seems to have flown right past Cora and she despairs at ever meeting Mr Right The search for the perfect summer read ends here Eithne Shortall has written a wonderfully fun and uplifting tale with Cora at its heart Based in London Heathrow the world of human interaction is temporarily restored when self service and online check in are suspended for a time The days of ueuing at an airline desk and chatting to the agent ceased back in the late 1990s and air travel lost a bit of its wonder Staff become almost invisible and match making opportunities were all but gone By suspending passengers ability to ignore check in the story is given wings that would otherwise have been clipped Cora's co workers are a mixed bunch and the banter between all departments in the airport is just as real as it is in real life Ground crew; Cabin crew; baggage handlers; airport security; concession staff; they all work in the climate controlled permanently busy airport There is never a dull day and no two passengers are the same Cora's mother is suffering from early on set dementia and has been placed in a care facility Visits can be difficult and memories are becoming harder and harder to grasp Nancy is hoping for promotion and to be seen than just the 'coffee or tea girl A host of other airline staff are ever present and the new found fame of one of the gang leads to some hilarious antics in front of a TV crew As the passengers board flights they are unaware of the bigger story Female fiction doesn't get much better than this Love in Row 27 is a refreshing and rewarding read definitely worth packing in your suitcase Highly recommended

  2. Hannah Hannah says:

    Cora is working at London's check in desk for Aer Lingus The Story also talks about Dublin a lot It details the city well and I'm pleased to have read the book after my trip there It was funny when it was described as expensive and you must have spent your time around Temple Bar I did find the area expensive but worth it as I loved that part of the city It did get busy though A different idea for a storyline which is perfect for a holiday or if you've even been to check in desks for a planeThe details are very entertaining I won't look at Row 27 the same ever again Cora's romance was a little too obvious for me but still an easy read

  3. Blodeuedd Finland Blodeuedd Finland says:

    This one was cute and had some serious moments too I liked how it was build too but we will come to that soonCora works at the airport and she spends way too much time researching passengers and putting one couple in row 27 Hoping they will fall in love And as the book progresses it turns into of an obsession She must find love for others but what about herselfShe does have help I mean how else would she see if it pays off Nancy a stewardess tries her best to spy on the happy or unhappy couple ;What I liked is that we actually got the POVS from the couples in row 27 Sometimes it works sometimes they are so wrong for each other And we also get 2 freuent fliers and get to see them sit there a few times I really wanted her to find a match for Ingrid and as for Aiden well yes he needed some happiness tooThe serious aspects would be her mum getting worse and worse since she has Alzheimers and Cora disappearing into her matchmaking worldThere is friendship humour and romance all around Some will find love some not I enjoyed this tale it was light

  4. Claire Mc Partlin Claire Mc Partlin says:

    I really liked the idea of this book working at the Aer Lingus check in desk and acting as matchmaker on flights by seating people in certain seats ie Row 27 and it really worked I loved the storyCora was the flight check in attendant playing matchmaker and her friend Nancy a stewardess helped push things along once on the flight by giving free drinks and chatting to them Cora was just passing through this job until she decided what she wanted to do Her Mum had worked there for many years so it was comfortable and everyone knew her Her Mum unfortunately now had dementia and was in a homeresearch facility and was slowly getting worse every day which was really sad and it effected Cora a lot but the matchmaking distracted her sometimes to the point of obsessionThere are a variety of side characters that I really liked regular passengers and people working at the airport I especially liked Aiden and Ingrid who were regular passengers and also really central to the story especially AidenI loved the way one strand of the story was about Cora and her life and the other about the matchmaking she tried to do on the flights with a variety of characters so we get snippets of their story too It originally sounded like uite a light story but actually had so much depth with her Mum and her dementiaA really impressive debut for Eithne Shortall and I look forward to reading of her books in the future

  5. Nadja Nadja says:

    In the beginning I wasn't that much invested into Cora and all her cupid shenigans but she and the other characters grew on me I especially liked that we've also got POVs of the different passengers of Row 27 There's not only fun and sunshine then Cora deals also with her mothers Alzheimers and finding her way in life A realistic and heartfelt debut from Eithne Shortall

  6. Clare O& Clare O& says:

    This is an entertaining light read about an Aer Lingus check in desk worker at Heathrow who decides to match single people in a particular row of seats and hopes a romance will strike up between themThe book covers almost a year during a 'security alert' which reuires everyone to return to desk check in from e ticket check in until security measures are addressed The issue causing this alert is carefully not one which occurred at Heathrow but elsewhere and no reason is shown for the outcome So it's a fantasy not to be picked up by thriller readers I did wonder if the manuscript had been written before e check ins and adapted We accept the situation and get on with the story Our heroine is recovering from the end of her Great Romance with a tedious self interested git Her own mother is sliding deeper into Alzheimer's in a care home The heroine is not interested in dating so finds happiness by trying to pair off friends and total strangers The airline travellers mostly don't know she's doing this apart from one bright Swede who is a freuent flyer A lady flight attendant spies on the travellers and reports back with occasional help from a gay male flight attendant The tale may make you reconsider the amount of information available about you on social media and ponder the amount of time that is spent by otherwise intelligent people clinging on to clearly failed or failing romances Some good issues are addressed about modern life See also some fun about weight loss programmes and balance that with the depth shown by caring for a loved one with senility I thought a bit too much time was taken by trivial chat and this came across as padding and made us like the women less rather than I also found several mis spelled basic words which doesn't say a lot for the publisher Some readers may not be as fussy as I am Occasional strong language and adult references Enjoy This is an unbiased review

  7. Karen Whittard Karen Whittard says:

    Reeling from heartache Corra had given up finding love for herself but is determined to play Cupid to the passengers who use Aer Lingus Using her powers of observation the internet intuition and her glamorous air stewardess friend Nancy as help Cora sets out to play Cupid But while she is finding love for her passengers will Cora herself get a happy ending too This book is simply wonderful and I loved every moment of it It's wonderfully written with great characters and an original plot I really enjoyed it Highly recommend

  8. Janay Brazier Janay Brazier says:

    This was a good book I loved the idea of this matchmaking in Row 27 of a flight It's like when you sit in a coffee shop or in a park and just people watch but you can't get caught It's just a lovely story and it has depth to it as well it wasn't just a light fluffy summer read like I was expecting I really liked the writing and it had a brilliant array of characters especially the reoccurring passengers

  9. Miriam Smith (A Mother’s Musings) Miriam Smith (A Mother’s Musings) says:

    Won in Goodreads Giveaways not read passed on

  10. Kelly Commaille (Velvet Library) Kelly Commaille (Velvet Library) says:

    DNF at page 28

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