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Solomon Bull [BOOKS] ⚡ Solomon Bull By Clayton Lindemuth – Solomon Bull is Clayton Lindemuth at his rural noir best You’ll find all the “thrilling visceral unsparing” prose that earned his debut Cold uiet Country the coveted starred review from Publishe Solomon Bull is Clayton Lindemuth at his rural noir best You’ll find all the “thrilling visceral unsparing” prose that earned his debut Cold uiet Country the coveted starred review from Publishers Weekly Blackfoot Indian Solomon Bull is the son of a rebel who died in the seventies fighting for the American Indian Movement He trains for an Arizona race called Desert Dog run through cactus beds aueducts up sheer rock walls and through clouds of Africanized killer bees The race will tell Solomon whether he’s a mere man or heir to his murdered father’s revolution Solomon tries to focus on Desert Dog Ex mercenary Cal Barrett designed the race to shred people and rumor is he recruits winners into a clandestine paramilitary outfit But on a whim Solomon bets his roommate he can cost dirty Senator Clyman ten points in his reelection bid After antics involving spray paint and a highway billboard the senator’s security chief suddenly shows up everywhere Solomon is Then Rachel hailing from the Treasury’s office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence introduces herself by soaping Solomon in the shower after a long run She’ll do anything to get Solomon to infiltrate Cal Barrett’s clandestine organization Something big is going down soon she promises Senator Clyman’s security man attacks Rachel hounds Solomon’s picked a bigger fight than intended But now his roommate introduces Amanda a prostitute who looks like an angel but for the boots and cigarette burns all over her back She tells a story about Senator Clyman and an innocent Navajo boy that frames Solomon’s identity uestion in stark terms Will Solomon turn his back on the victims of true evil Will he become a cog in the machine his father died fighting Solomon Bull is a young man learning why men exist It’s about love sacrifice and a Native American on the pendulum between assimilation and war.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 313 pages
  • Solomon Bull
  • Clayton Lindemuth
  • 22 March 2016

About the Author: Clayton Lindemuth

Am I right You're smarter than most embrace old fashioned morals love your country dogs and guns and dig ruthless fictionHi I'm Clayton Lindemuth and my novels embrace rural noir truth Mind your own business be slow to anger But don't ever back down to evil Justice happens when the wicked dieIf we're tracking so far I wrote My Brother's Destroyer and all the rest just for you.

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  1. Vigilant Reader Vigilant Reader says:

    Title – Solomon BullAuthor – Clayton LindemuthGenre – Mystery Suspense Thriller 312 PagesRating 5 stars out of 5 Posted 62717No44 2017My impressions intelligent idealistic unwavering high principles tenacious Main CharactersSolomon Bull – Rebel embraces challenges proud of his Blackfoot heritageCal Barrett – mysterious catalyst for Federal Government change What starts out as a bet between friends to lower the poll standing of a US Congressman turns into a passion to destroy his career publicly When Solomon learns the man is a pedophile brutalizing a young Blackfoot boy his original stunt becomes a full blown passionAt the same time Solomon has been training for weeks to win Desert Dog; a brutal one day endurance race in the 110 degree Arizona desert In addition to the fit male competitors he faces a team of five s who will inflict pain and injuries on anyone who tries to keep them out of first placeOne of Solomon’s reasons for entering the race is to learn what happens to previous winners who have all disappeared from public view The mysterious and enigmatic Cal Barrett sponsors the once yearly race from his compound in the desert Finally Solomon learns Barrett’s goal and how he plans to return government’s power back to the state levelThe editing is not bad but there are a few word errors Sentence structure is good and character development is good for the two main characters plus several sub characters to a lesser degreeResearch is evident in the details relating to endurance racing and the history of the defeat of the American Indian Nations by despicable white menThe plot is fresh and complex in spite of the pages spent on Solomon’s self introspection and American Indian historyThe writing style is wordy and preachyThere are many characters in the story but only two of them really impact the plot and the endingI recommend Solomon Bull to readers who enjoy action adventure and detailed accounts of endurance training and other physical activitiesThis review was provided in exchange for a free bookVigilant Reader Book Reviews

  2. J.R. J.R. says:

    Solomon Bull an Indian far off the Rez is training for an insanely difficult marathon which has little reward beyond self satisfaction when he's distracted by a bet with his roommate that he can affect the outcome of a political raceThis is a uest novel where even the narrator is uncertain where the process may leadThough the pranks he uses to undermine a corrupt politician are amusing the philosophical musing of Bull gets serious as he contemplates what's wrong with society and how its ills might be corrected Then Lindemuth injects humor again as his hero finds a naked woman in his shower and she claims to be a government agent seeking to enlist his help in bringing down the terrorist behind the Desert Dog marathonRumor has it Cal Barrett designed Desert Dog as a recruiting tool for nefarious plans yet to be revealed Rachel the government agent threatens to bring Day Trader Bull's financial world crashing down if he doesn't get the goods on BarrettIf this isn't enough for one man to cope with Bull becomes infatuated with his political adversary's daughter who tells him her father is a pederast His challenges increase to include rescuing her from a sadistic blackmailer and saving a child victimized by the politicianEven if political philosophizing bores you to tears there's enough humor thrills and chills to keep you turning the pages to see what craziness is coming next and how the hell Bull is going to survive it allA fun read with a serious undertone worth contemplating

  3. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Rebellion occurs when a person decides any future is superior to the continuation of the present Albert CamusSolomon Bull is a 27 year old day trader He had a Blackfoot father and a white mother and strongly identifies with his Native American roots And he lives in ArizonaFollowing a bet with his roommate who is also incidentally effing Solomon's girlfriend he decides to go after a candidate running for the Arizona Senate seat and finds out just how how far he's willing to go to bring this man down after finding out about himAt the same time he's training for an endurance race called the Desert Dog which he plans on winningThis is the seventh Lindemuth book I've read in a full fledged binge and it's the first one I didn't loveFor the most part I liked protagonist Bull My husband and youngest son are part Cherokee and proud of it But this book became too political and anti government for me way back towards the start of the book I should have just given up on it and put it in DNF pile but kept expecting it to improve There are people out there that enjoyed it a lot I just don't happen to be one And no I'm not pro government to the exclusion of everything else I just thought this story was way too slanted and not balanced

  4. Jay Williams Jay Williams says:

    Lindemuth has a somewhat uniue style of writing that really resounds with me The action takes place in the area where I live and I enjoyed his take on features of the local area The story is imaginative and has a few twists The characters are all people I think I know and they are at their uniue best When the story started with an 8 foot rattlesnake I didn't know what to expect They just don't get that big in Arizona The description of the cholla was interesting but very inaccurate Cholla get their moisture from the air and will self impale on anything moist Small hairs on the needle wiggle to keep driving the needle in They are like tiny barbs and most difficult to remove All of the uniue features of this part of Arizona were perfectly described and used effectively to support the storyline This is one great book

  5. Linda Ellis Linda Ellis says:

    Unusually this is written not only in the first person but also in the present tense I've reached 17% through and I still know about the central character from the blurb than from reading the novel So far he has remained a cypher Bizarre things are happening to him which create mystery but not much excitement The major problem for me is that too freuently I am finding slang words which I have never come across before in books film or US TV and when I try a look up nothing is retrieved When I can't guess their sense from the context I am left wondering what nuance they are meant to convey which for this Brit is frustrating The writing and characterization have not intrigued me enough to override the frustration and I have deleted it from my Kindle

  6. Tom McDonald Tom McDonald says:

    Another great readI've read most of the authors stories and I've always enjoyed them this is no exception A common theme pic the authors stories is observation of the dysfunction of the governmentThis story is about a half white half indian that wants to win a grueling iron man type race held in the desert of Arizona and his attempt to bring down a corrupt politician It's fast paced action and a lot of fun Smart and entertaining read

  7. Bill Gilder Bill Gilder says:

    Part Indian and all RebelSolomon Bull's goal is to win the Desert Dog RaceObstacle Course Leading up to the race he tries to right wrongs from dirty politicians Can be save a young Indian boy from being abused by the politician A great read that will keep you turning the pages Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is some parts were a little hard to read with a lot of philosophy Glad I was using the Kindle app so I could look up a bunch of words Still I enjoyed the book

  8. Philip Jones Philip Jones says:

    Highly recommend I am a retired and read a lot mostly science fiction but this book got my attention and I almost read it in one day could not seem to put it down I am a veteran from the time of Viet Nam and since then have become a kind of survivalist and many of Solomon Bulls escapades made me smile I hardly ever give this high of rating Check it out

  9. Carole D Hutchison Carole D Hutchison says:

    Unexpected good readWhat's just a little bit of humor in his writing style and that makes the story even interesting I currently live in Arizona and I thought of all the ASU students to pull pranks like that Guess I need to read the rest of the story to find out how it ends great job thoroughly enjoyable read

  10. Ruth Ruth says:

    Justice revenge or both?Some things you have to do yourself You can't count on corrupt politicians slow and underfunded government agencies law that is owned by the very bad guys that are always at work always stirring the pot always taking what isn't theirs Solomon Bull is after justice and stopping the bad guys when he can

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