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The Battle of Churubusco ❰Read❯ ➭ The Battle of Churubusco Author Andrea Ferraris – Today Churubusco is a residential suburb of Mexico City But in 1847 it was the stronghold of the San Patricios a motley battalion of soldiers — including some runaway American slaves — who deserte Today Churubusco is a residential suburb of Mexico City But in it was the stronghold of the San Patricios a motley battalion of soldiers — including some runaway American slaves — who deserted the United States Army for a just if suicidal cause In this graphic novel Andrea Ferraris uses a bold charcoal techniue to tell the story of the San Patricios through the eyes of Gaetano Rizzo a year old The Battle ePUB ½ Sicilian immigrant based on a real soldier of the time Promised citizenship and a parcel of land Rizzo joins the US Army in the fight to take California away from Mexico Before long he realizes that the cruelty he is ordered to inflict is no different from the horrors he had escaped from in his home country.

  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • The Battle of Churubusco
  • Andrea Ferraris
  • 05 March 2015
  • 9781683960577

10 thoughts on “The Battle of Churubusco

  1. James James says:

    A very ugly part of the 1840s war between the United States and Mexico some US Catholic troops rebelled against the war for various reasons and some of them formed the San Patricios unit This unit fought to the death in its final battle and there is a museum and memorial in Mexico The art is like charcoal drawings as opposed to ink its excellent and enhances the story which without the artwork would lack impact A very moving novel

  2. Vittorio Rainone Vittorio Rainone says:

    Churubusco è una storia feroce si parte da una guerra iniua uella degli stati uniti d'america contro il messico Una guerra che come tutte le guerre nasce per necessità puramente economiche e sfrutta gli ultimi per creare carne da cannone Italiani irlandesi poveri migranti vengono arruolati dagli Stati Uniti contro il Messico con la promessa di terre Ma ualcuno di loro non ci sta e passa dall'altra parte si forma un gruppo di rivoluzionari sotto il comando di un irlandese che battezza il proprio reggimento brigata san patrizio E si tatua un bersaglio sulla schiena Un drappello di statunitensi perlustra il territorio di guerra alla ricerca del paesino dove si sono nascosti i ribelli il mitizzato Churubusco uesta storia parla di un massacro e di speranze distrutte di a episodico e destinato a soccombere di sogni infranti E lo fa con uno stile secco netto e un tratto cattivo sporco fatto di linee dritte e carboncini che invadono la pagina spargendo fuliggine di cannoni Un fumetto importante

  3. Dakota Morgan Dakota Morgan says:

    This graphic history titled The Battle of Churubusco in the English edition provides a fascinating glimpse into the dark side of American imperialism Turns out we've been jerks on the international scene for uite some time Rizzo an Italian immigrant fighting with the US army in the Mexican American War deserts after being abused by the other soldiers for this Catholicism He runs into a band of mostly Irish immigrants the San Patricios who have taken up arms for Mexico Predictably the US army arrives and well nothing good comes of it for the San Patricios or their friendsIt's a small story with characters that are caricature than real flesh and blood I would have appreciated a glimpse of the larger war perhaps history to set the scene There is a small afterword that outlines the real San Patricios and the battle but it didn't feel like enough The art is spare but elegant It fits the bill well

  4. Ava Ava says:

    Interesting graphic novel that taught me a bit about the Mexican American War of 1846 1848 in which Mexico lost half of its land I would have prefered that it covered of the war but this GN followed the story of Rizzo an Italian soldier that ends up deserting the American army because of their war crimes and also bc of his religion Americans were not tender towards catholics Rizzo meets a Mexican woman and ends up in Churubusco to become one of the San Patricios deserters that ended up battling alongside Mexicans for religious reasons Churubusco ended up being their last battle as they lost there Anyway it was a nice and depressing read that I loved and the art work was so very impactful

  5. Ryan Fohl Ryan Fohl says:

    Cool art Not very historically accurate A thin story with lots of visual stereotypes A beautiful ending though Not a great source for learning about the San Patricios it only covers their endWhat I learned there were European’s in the San Patricios then just Irish They were crushed at churubusco a modern day neighborhood of Mexico City

  6. Steven Raszewski Steven Raszewski says:


  7. Nathan Nathan says:

    True story?

  8. Dosgallos Dosgallos says:

    Muy disfrutable un descubrimiento muy agradable

  9. Nick Nick says:

    Churubusco is a short beautifully illustrated historical fiction graphic novel about the Mexican American War of 1846 1848 More specifically it follows a fictitious Italian soldier Rizzo who deserts the American army due to harsh treatment for being a Catholic witnessing cruelties and an encounter with a Mexican woman to join a unit of European mostly Irish soldiers who switched allegiance to Mexico the San Patricios The book begins with the aftermath of the 1847 battle of Churubusco and later revisits this hidden Mexican stronghold The story shows a dark side of American Imperialism and a snippet of a war that many in the US including Abraham Lincoln condemned The story does not get into too much detail on anything and the book includes historical notes to flush out the background but the reader gets a good taste of the conflict through Rizzo who is sympathetic and comes with an interesting back story There are some well played religious and mystical elements and while I feel a bit meat would have made this even better Churubusco lets the imagination have some fun The art is stark deceptively complex and gorgeous 42 Stars

  10. Paperstreet Paperstreet says:

    Churubusco‬ ‪Andrea Ferraris‬ una graphic novel che ci racconta una delle pagine più dolorose della storia del ‪Messico‬La recensione di Paper Street

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