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Thousand Camps [Reading] ➻ Thousand Camps By Mary Waldorf – When real estate developers threaten the sacred campsite of the Tarish a long vanished tribe who appear to Chloe and Joauin on foggy nights the children go back in time to find the hiding place of the When real estate developers threaten the sacred campsite of the Tarish a long vanished tribe who appear to Chloe and Joauin on foggy nights the children go back in time to find the hiding place of the agreement promising to preserve the site forever.

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    I wasn't sure just what to expect from Mary Waldorf's Thousand Camps a time slip novel in which two modern day California children find themselves witnesses and participants in the past as they struggle to save an ancient campsite that was sacred to the area's now vanished indigenous people Children's fantasy fiction featuring Native American content has a tendency to be spectacularly offensive Lynne Reid Banks' The Indian in the Cupboard springs to mind in this respect with stereotypes both positive and negative abounding so I approached this with some trepidationHow thankful I am that I gave it a chance With a likable young heroine an engaging and fast paced narrative and a sensitive appreciation for the nature of time and our relationship to the past Thousand Camps is a book that deserves to be better known The story of twelve year old Chloe Maxwell Vincent who comes to spend the summer with her mother's relatives at Mil Campos Ranch on the California coast it chronicles one young girl's gradual awakening to the uglier realities of American and specifically Californian historyAs Chloe and her new friend Joachin sneak out night after night to the sand dunes on the far side of the wind wall built to protect the ranch they find themselves slipping and fully into the past where they first observe and then interact with the Tarish the indigenous people who once lived in the area When they discover that an unscrupulous real estate developer aided by Chloe's cousin Diane is intent on building condominiums on the Tarish's most sacred spot they begin a frantic search for the document said to contain an agreement between the Maxwell family and the Tarish an agreement guaranteeing that the place of a Thousand Camps would remain untouched But will they find it in time to prevent the deal from going through?As a time slip adventure story Thousand Camps was superb and reminded me at times of Ruth M Arthur's wonderful On the Wasteland in which a lonely young English girl begins to witness and interact with ghostly echoes of Viking times But it is as a meditation on American history how we got here and what we might owe to the past that Waldorf's narrative truly shines offering a thought provoking and occasionally moving book Although it seemed a little too convenient that the final decision regarding the Thousand Camps rested with someone who was willing to honor promises made in the past I found Chloe a realistic and complex young protagonist I liked the fact that she as Joachin puts it knows practically nothing at the beginning and that she has a less than enlightened view of Native Americans Indians? she says with obvious disappointment when she discovers just who the ghosts are but they don't countThe process whereby Chloe learns that the Indians do indeed count and that stealing from them is just like stealing from anyone else forms the emotional crux of the novel This issue of how to address the history between Native Americans and Euro American settlers remains a thorny one and I think that on the whole Waldorf is headed in the right direction By making Joauin a mixed blood descendant of the Tarish a descendant who actually says at one point I exist she emphasizes the fact that the aftereffects of some of the terrible injustices of the past are still being felt But she also underscores the importance of moving forward and trying to do better as in the poignant scene in which Joauin and Chloe witness the terrible day the conuistadores come and take all the Tarish away to the missions Conuerors he said giving her a bleak lookYes Well there's nothing we can do about it now Joauin All that happened a long time ago and can't be changedWe can save the place of a thousand campsI hope so she said

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