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The Vineyard in Alsace Domaine des Montagnes #1 [PDF] ✪ The Vineyard in Alsace Domaine des Montagnes #1 By Julie Stock – Is there really such a thing as a second chance at loveFran Schell has only just become engaged when she finds her fiancé in bed with another woman She knows this is the push she needs to break free in Alsace Kindle Ð Is there really such a thing as a second chance at loveFran Schell has only just become engaged when she finds her fiancé in bed with another woman She knows this is Vineyard in Alsace Domaine des Kindle - the push she needs to break free of him and to leave London She applies for her dream The Vineyard PDF/EPUB or job on a vineyard in Alsace in France not far from her family home determined to concentrate on her workDidier Le Roy can hardly believe it when he sees that the only person to apply for the job on his vineyard is the same woman he once loved but let go Vineyard in Alsace PDF Æ because of his stupid pride Now estranged from his wife he longs for a second chance with Fran if only she will forgive him for not following her to LondonWorking so closely together Fran soon starts to fall in love with Didier all over again Didier knows that it is now Vineyard in Alsace Domaine des Kindle - time for him to move on with his divorce if he and Fran are ever to have a future together Can Fran and Didier make their second chance at love work despite all the obstacles in their way A romantic read set against the enticing backdrop of the vineyard harvest in France.

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  1. Rachel Gilbey Rachel Gilbey says:

    If you like books set in France or vineyards or wine or a second chance romance then look no further than The Vineyard in Alsace It is a fabulous story with writing that felt incredibly comfortable to me to read which is great as I had never read the author before this book I loved the writing style and the fact the book is written in alternating perspectives between Fran and Didier where you were often getting to see both of their thoughts on the same instance while the story moves forward too Fran and Didier used to date while they were at uni before circumstances drove them apart Didier couldn't believe it when Fran applies for a job at his vineyard and can't wait to see her again Although a lot has happened in four years Between them they both have incredibly tricky exes one of them has a child and there is also a dog too I loved hearing all about life on the vineyard in Alsace and with the initial tours showing Fran around it reminded me a lot of my own tours of a couple of small vineyards in the Bandol region of France last year To me it all seemed incredibly realistic and I could picture it all very clearly I loved the innate French ness of the vineyard and town of Alsace There was a spattering of basic french vocabulary used in some of the dialogue which added to the feel of the book and the talk of getting fresh mouth watering croissants at the local bakery each day was incredibly pleasing to see I really enjoyed seeing Didier and Fran's story but not only theirs Fran's best friend Ellie comes out to visit and it changes her life too They both have horrific ex es to deal with one recent than the other and its thanks to the ex es that there are some great moments of drama and conflict in the book The Vineyard in Alsace is an incredibly enjoyable book that transported me to a foreign location for a lovely story that was very pleasurable to read Thank you Julie Stock for this copy of the book which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily

  2. Noriko Noriko says:

    Summary I jumped to this book reading a good review here on WordPress and the beautiful cover I knew nothing other than this book is about a second chance and is related to a vineyardTo be 100% honest I was unsure about this book for the reasons I am going to talk down below but overall I enjoyed reading this book a lot Despite the slight issues I had I couldn’t put it down or feel like reading anything else I just wanted to see how the story unfolds So yes I am satisfied Writing This is probably what bothered me the most It wasn’t a critical issue at least for me and there are actually really compellingmoving scenes which hooked me throughout but I felt the overall pacing a bit rushed this feeling was especially noticeable up until 15% or so until Didier’s daughter Chloe’s appearance The episode with her seemed to have vanished the funny feeling that I had had and the pacing seemed to have slowed down to a comfortable rate But then again there are scenes that I would have liked to be developed a bit rather than uickly get wrapped up While I still think the writing is decent the overall pacing seemed to be the biggest issue with me That said though I loved how the story is narrated in dual perspectives from the main characters Fran and Didier I didn’t particularly find their voices distinctive but I didn’t have any trouble to follow who the narrator was Speaking of POVs This might be only with the electronic edition but I would have liked the POV changes take place in separate pages rather than cramming them in a single page It kind of worked the wrong way for me and even strengthen the ‘rushed’ feeling Not every time but it did sometimes I’m kind of curious if any of you who has read the book felt the same way as I did Plot This book is full of twist and turns A lot of things happen in this book I hate to divulge than necessary but there are lot of eventselements thrown in the plot which makes this book pretty addictive and hard to put down Despite the issue that I had with the writing the story development where both Fran and Didier both pick up themselves from their mistakes and take a second chance on their relationship entertained me throughout The progression in the romance department is rather slow I mean it didn’t take long for them both to realize their affection toward each other and the sexual tension is kind of high and enticing but there are a lot in store for them from there and such problems and setbacks thrown at them kept me on my toes I just wanted to know how they end up Fran’s friendship with her best friend Ellie and her sisterly relationship with Loitte in addition to Didier’s struggles with his estranged wife and a custody issue with his daughter were also delightful to read The author did a good job in interweaving a lot of elements with the main plot of ‘trust’ and ‘a second chance’ and keeping me intrigued throughout Trust me there are lots of things packed in this relatively a short novel It might not feel so much while you’re reading it but looking back I am surprised how many issuesevents they went through The ending put a smile on my face It might feel a bit too convenient but everything is wrapped up in a pleasant way and I think it’s totally fine for a contemporary romance bookCharacters In fact there’s not much to say on this element Sadly I wasn’t totally invested in any of the characters I felt I was rather detached from any of the characters But then again it didn’t stop me from enjoying this book I liked the way author painted Fran as a competent woman and how Fran takes a step to retain her confidence and independence She was badly hurt from her fiance’s cheating but I loved that she gives the fiance Paul a parting shot and walks out on him She is gentle and compassionate but not sappy who wallows in her own misery I like that a lot On the other hand Didier Hmm to be honest he didn’t leave much of an impact on mebut I enjoyed his mother son relationship and how strong their bond is  I basically loved the way author depicted family relationships in this book It gave me a fuzzy feelWhat I liked I think I’ve already talked a lot on things I liked about this book but I want to mention the deliciously written food and desserts appear in the book not to mention the marriage with wines It is also intresting and nice to get a glimpse of the lifework in a vineyard around the time of harvest Didier’s dedication to his vineyard and his passion for wine was pleasing to read These are my thoughts on this book The Vineyard in Alsace As I told you in the beginning I was a bit skeptic about this book and unsure if I got to reach the end but I ended up enjoying this book much than I had expectedThis is a light feel good novel on the theme of 'second chance in love' and I can vouch this book will make you feel happy when you close the bookIf you want a fluffy in a positive way romance novel with a happy ending that make you feel warm and cozy and which reads fast I think you'll like this bookI’m still debating how many stars I should give this book but I think I’ll go for 3 35 out of 5 stars

  3. Jacqueline Jacqueline says:

    Didier and Fran have history; they loved then lost each other when their lives moved on after university hers to London where she wanted him to join her his to his family’s vineyard in AlsaceFollowing the break up of her relationship in London Fran returns to France and finds a job working at the Domaine des Montagnes Didier’s vineyard Didier obviously didn’t open up to her when they were dating as she was pretty clueless about his family and their wine business but with nowhere else to go she agrees to stayThankfully Didier has changed He is honest caring passionate and although reliable than exciting I liked him Fran is sensitive has had a lucky escape from a controlling relationship but is uncertain about what she wants from her future Decisions need to be made and for Fran that could be difficult especially with a couple of nasty ex’s who seem intent on causing troubleDidier and Fran take turns narrating their story which means we get to know what they are thinking and feeling as well as what they are saying to each other however there were times I found myself having to backtrack as I’d become confused as to who was narratingThis is a light and easy feel good read that takes you to the heart of an Alsace vineyard at harvest time although I think Domaine d’Amour would have been a better name for the vineyard There seemed to be something in the water or wine maybe that once through the archway and into the courtyard a little bit of love magic seemed to be at work for everyone This is the first of a series of books set at the vineyard and I’m looking forward to reading

  4. Sally Sally says:

    A wonderful readI enjoyed this book right from the opening lines which drop you straight into the action A traumatic event in Fran's life causes her to walk away from her job and home in London in search of a new career in France She's stunned when the person who interviews her turns out to be a past lover The Vineyard in Alsace takes the reader on a romantic journey as Fran and Didier try to reconcile the feelings they still have for each other with the fact that they are both still reeling from broken relationships and exes who aren't ready to leave them free to love again Perfect escapism

  5. Louise Louise says:

    I read The Vineyard in Alsace over a sunny weekend in England but I was transported to this beautiful region of France to the vineyards the wine the food and the romanceFran escapes to France to be closer to her family and to drastically change the life she was living in London By chance she meets an old flame Didier and he offers her an exciting job and uaint cottage at his vineyard Didier has also had a turbulent personal life since the couple split Neither are looking for love but the chemistry between them is powerful than anyone realisedOf course there are obstacles in the way Both Fran and Didier have family problems the vineyard needs to be harvested there is a chateau to restore and a visitor centre to buildJulie Stock alternates the chapters between Fran and Didier’s stories so you know how each one is feeling Slowly she introduces characters and a close knit community of family and friends are formed with the vineyard being the hub of activity You can actually feel the change in season as the time for grape harvesting comes closer Both main characters are instantly likeable sensitive and warm hearted They help each other overcome the people from the past and move forward without bitterness or resentment A truly ‘feel good’ book the story flows effortlessly and the beautiful region of Alsace and its traditional family vineyards are described with genuine insight Gradually Julie Stock describes the complicated and back breaking tradition of harvesting the grapes and the wonderful sense of community that evolves with itThe ebook was kindly gifted to me by the author in exchange for an honest review

  6. Jodie M Henshall Jodie M Henshall says:

    Gripping romanceI couldn't put this story down as I found myself immersed in Fran and Didier's love story I was swept away by the imagery of the gorgeous Rural French countryside I was a little heartbroken when the story ended

  7. Tara Tara says:

    I’ve never been to the Alsace region of France but having read Julie Stock’s latest book not only do I feel like I have visited but also that I really enjoyed my trip tooThe Vineyard In Alsace is beautifully written with a story that warms you like sitting outside in the late evening sunshineIt starts with a bang when Fran Schell walks in on the man she is supposed to marry in bed with another woman and uickly moves forward as she leaves London and heads home to FranceNow things really begin as she gets her dream job on a vineyard in Alsace which just happens to be owned by her former love Didier Le RoyThere is obvious chemistry between these two but we are kept guessing about whether they will finally have their happy endingJulie makes the vineyard come alive to the point I could imagine myself walking in the dusty earth between the vines The smattering of French throughout the book also adds to the immersion – even though I can’t speak the language thankfully she explains what is being saidAgainst this backdrop it’s impossible not to enjoy this very easy and enjoyable story with two likeable characters who go through their share of highs and lowsNow I'm off to research holidays in AlsaceThank you to Julie for sending me a copy of her book in return for an honest review

  8. jane king jane king says:

    Oh come on Every female in this book claps eyes on a man and immediately falls in love Really? The characters are so flat All you know about Fran and Didier is that they spend all their time kissing each other and having sex Isabelle started off as an arrogant bitch and overnight becomes a meek little thing Paul is a controlling bully Henri say boo and he slinks off with his tail between his legs never to be seen again I don't think so Won't be reading any by this author

  9. Leah Leah says:

    Lovely book It is set in Alsace a part of France I have long wanted to visit After reading this book I want to visit even With the pandemic I don't know when that will be but I definitely enjoyed this virtual vacation Wine Food Romance France

  10. Kate Kate says:

    The gorgeous cover first attracted me to this book and the story inside certainly lived up to it This is a charming heartwarming romantic read Fran is an instantly likeable heroine and it's impossible not to root for her to find a happy ending especially as we discover about her past troubles as the story advances Didier is a lovely hero and I warmed to him immediately The glorious vineyard setting made this book for me it is beautifully described with obvious knowledge of the industry and the Alsace area and really brought the book to life I hope there will be books set at Domaine des Montagnes very soon

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