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Death of a Double Dipper (Stormy Day Mystery #5) ❰Read❯ ➵ Death of a Double Dipper (Stormy Day Mystery #5) Author Angela Pepper – A visit to an open house brings Stormy Day into the center of a troubling murderThe local police aren’t lacking for suspects The victim Realtor Michael Sweet was a bully who made countless enemies o A visit to an a Double eBook ↠ open house brings Stormy Day into the center of a troubling murderThe local police aren’t lacking for suspects The victim Realtor Michael Sweet was a bully who made countless enemies over his years Death of Epub / in Misty FallsThe problem for Stormy is that the most likely suspects are friends of hers A couple of them couldn’t look guilty if they tried Helping the police to crack this case may break Stormy’s heartWorse if of a Double PDF/EPUB ✓ she trusts the wrong person Stormy’s heart may have bigger problems Like getting stabbed a whole bunch of times.

10 thoughts on “Death of a Double Dipper (Stormy Day Mystery #5)

  1. Elsbeth Elsbeth says:

    Really funny cozy mystery Set in a small town with all the characters knowing each other from way back I really enjoyed all the interactions between Stormy and the people around her especially her roommates Jessica and Jeffrey even tough I don't like cats this was fun to readI received a copy and chose to review it

  2. Mummy& Mummy& says:

    The mystery was good you were given lots of loose threads to follow until the killer was revealed I am really missing the banter between her and her dad It's not the same since his gone into the background You also aren't get as many scenes with Jeffery the cat I'm not convinced on the romance side of it either It seems that since her and Logan have been dating they see less of each other and the interaction between them seems forced

  3. Tracie Tracie says:

    Another hitAngela Pepper has done it again I love how in this book Stormy played of a secondary role in the investigation but was involved just enough to influence the police and solve the case I'm sure a monkey wrench is coming for Stormy and Logan because nothing is easy when it comes to love and murder so I'm excited for the adventure to continue

  4. Kelly Kelly says:

    Stormy certainly has a knack for falling into deadly investigations And by that I mean the investigations both involve the death of someone and potentially her own death as she uncovers who the killer isFortunately she inherited the good investigating gene from her pops and knows how to follow clues until she reaches the end of the line Also fortunately she has a knack for slithering out of trouble due in large part to her close ties to the local PD perhaps? and getting people to reveal things they might not have otherwise revealedThis time around Stormy's trying to figure out who killed someone she knew from high school and which of her long time acuaintances might be capable of ending someone the way he was ended To be fair she does at least nominally try to stay out of the investigation but she just kept getting pulled inThat's what happens when you have a reputation from sleuthing or just being nosy and the drive to see justice being servedA solid ending to Stormy's adventures Although I personally believe she's still inserting her investigating skills anywhere and everywhere they're needed Because that's just the type of person Stormy is thumbs up Kelly Reading the Paranormal

  5. Kim j Kim j says:

    Oh Stormy you crack me up This series is my favorite though the zanny witches come a close second Stormy did not do a lot of investigating which usually bugs me if its a murder mystery book the main character is a PI but I loved how this story unfolded itself like an origami puzzle I didn't see the end coming and it makes me want to read the book again to see if I missed a clue I love how this author does not waste space with tons of past history you know page fillers because they have written the series for a bit can't think of a story? Each book can stand alone so don't feel like you have to go to the beginning but after reading this grab the other ones I can't wait for Stormy to get into whatever trouble she finds next Great book easy read

  6. Arow Arow says:

    I really enjoy Angela Pepper's writing style it is fluid light hearted entertaining visual and funny I really don't know what else I could ask for out of a cozy mystery Stormy Day is one of my favourite characters and I was excited to discover book 5 had been released The story picks up a short while after book 4 and right back into Stormy's uniue life She is a Private Investigator as well as a Gift Shop store ownermanager She seems to balance life well and still finds time to help solve murders when she isn't suppose to be All in all enjoyed this book and can't wait for book 6

  7. Paula Dyches Paula Dyches says:

    I really enjoyed this cozy mystery Angela does a great job with her plots in her mysteries in keeping them both believable and unpredictable There's nothing worse then figuring out the mystery too early in a book and she does a fantastic job keeping the mystery going having both colorful and entertaining characters and keeping her books light by putting in comedy at the right moments The narration was wonderful and really helped add to the story I was given this free review copy audiobook at my reuest and have voluntarily left this review

  8. Thomas Thomas says:

    When Stormy and Jessica help their friend with an open house Stormy discovers Samantha might be a victim of spousal abuse Two days later she is the prime suspect of his murder With his bullying everyone he can since high school there will be no shortage of suspects for Stormy to investigate As usual Angela Pepper wrote a story with enough twist intrigue and suspense not to leave out plenty of humor to keep you reading through the night

  9. Jana Gundy Jana Gundy says:

    A good series that always has a great mysterySo while I love this series I must admit that there is a huge annoyance for me that it’s hard for me to overlook and that is Logan We never read much about the man and when we do it’s not very flattering There is zero chemistry and honestly he treats Stormy like a dirt bag Okay aside from that the other characters are excellent and they mystery was great

  10. Aurora Aurora says:

    Even though she's not officially working on the case Stormy can't resist looking into a murder after she finds the body of her boyfriend's sister's husband think that's complicated? Just wait stabbed in the bathtub of a house his real estate agent wife is showingLots of hometown folks high school flashbacks and potential murders to sort out as Stormy uncovers the cluesA complex mystery that's entertaining and fast pacedA great read for cozy mystery fans

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