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The Gold Rush Kid ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Gold Rush Kid By Mary Waldorf ✍ – When 12 year old Billy McGee’s mother dies suddenly of typhoid fever he and his older sister Edna are faced with the unhappy prospect of getting sent to live with distant relatives Instead Edna disg When year old Billy McGee’s mother dies suddenly of typhoid fever he and his older sister Edna are faced with the unhappy prospect of getting The Gold Kindle - sent to live with distant relatives Instead Edna disguises herself as a boy and the two set out from their home in Skagway Alaska for the Yukon Territory They know that plenty of adults with all the right euipment and supplies have attempted the grueling trek over the mountains to Canada and haven’t made it But Billy and Ed are determined to find their pa who left for the gold fields two weeks earlier With the help of a young man named Jack and a dog named Persey the McGees persevere and adjust to life on the gold rush trail Prospecting for gold isn’t uite the grand adventure Billy imagined it would be though Survival in such an unforgiving environment demands sacrifices And sometimes those sacrifices can seem horribly unfair—like having to say goodbye to a beloved pet This deftly drawn tale of grit luck and survival is full of seamlessly integrated details of the Klondike gold rush of the s Told with humor and suspense here is a fast paced action packed story that will captivate the imaginations of adventure and historical fiction fans alike.

About the Author: Mary Waldorf

The late Mary Waldorf wrote a number of novels for young readers including the middle grade time travel adventure Thousand Camps She lived in Monterey California.

10 thoughts on “The Gold Rush Kid

  1. Challice Neipp Challice Neipp says:

    Twelve year old Billy and his sister Edna head up the Yukon trail for the Klondike Gold rush after their Ma passes away Hoping to catch up to their pa they fight all elements of weather and harshness to reach the pass before winter comes and hopes to find their father Along the way his sister becomes bitter and reserved and Billy has to work through his grief alone This first half sets the stage for the second half where Billy is trying to find where he fits it since he is not uite a man but wants to be I didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted too but definitely something I am saving for my repertoire of Alaskan and Gold Rush history

  2. Esutterlin Esutterlin says:

    I highly recommend for children and adults who like historical fiction for adventure lovers and for anyone going on a trip to AlaskaI first read it before a trip to Alaska along with another book on the Gold Rush a biography of Jack London and Call of the Wild again This helped immensely to understand what I was seeing at our Skagway port the Chilkoot trail the White Pass and Yukon Railroad and some of the lakes the setting the characters the feel of the times of the Gold Rush I read this in spring 2017 but will re read before going back to Alaska in Sept 2018 it was that good yes

  3. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by hoopsielv for TeensReadToocomWhen their mother dies Billy and his sister Edna feel they have no choice but to find their father He left the family to go to the Klondike to find gold Ed disguises herself as a young man and the two set off on the rough trail They soon meet a fellow traveler named Jack Jack is headed for gold country too but his partner had second thoughts Billy saves Jack from the dangerous Dyea River and the trio continues their journey After locating their father the kids and Jack find an abandoned cabin to use as a shelter There is also a set of sled dogs and Billy becomes fast friends with the lead dog and names her Persey Times are tough though and the dogs must be sold to make it through the freezing winter Billy misses his dogs terribly and also feels like he needs to give his mother a proper gravestone He's got a major decision to make stay with his family or go back to Skagway alone Is he strong enough for whatever he decides? This was a very good book about a time period that changed the lives of pioneers The story is told from Billy's point of view The author obviously did her research to help make this novel realistic This book would be a nice read for junior high students on up and could also be an enjoyable read aloud for a family or classroom

  4. Laura Laura says:

    When their mother dies Billy and his sister set off to find their father in the Yukon gold rush The story includes all of the hardship and challenges that you would expect hard work not enough food scams and conflicting dreams The setting was beautifully described but the hard work of the gold rush never felt really or fully explained digging in frozen ground and dragging supplies through mountains is hard work that wasn't realistically portrayed The end of the book also changed uite a bit from the beginning; Billy ends up working for a newspaper in town a drastic change from digging for gold I didn't love the book and I know that this will be one of the difficult Black Eyed Susan nominees to sell especially to younger readers I guess that's why students don't have to read all the book to vote this spring Recommended for students in grades 5 7 especially boys that love reading about the wilderness and survival

  5. Dolores Dolores says:

    Ugh I haven't had such a difficult time reading a book since those tortuous first 100 pages of Charles and Emma This one got better too but it took over 100 pages before I could really focus on it and not all those other books I'd rather be reading I understand that the author wanted to convey a realistic experience but there wasn't a whole lot of rush in this gold rush It just took too long to get there and by the time they did well I didn't really care any

  6. Laura Laura says:

    Low on action but good for descriptions of Alaska during the Gold Rush

  7. Ann Dahlheim Ann Dahlheim says:

    Good reading about the Klondike some parts hard to believe but lots of adventure and details One tough kid with ideas and ideals ambitions and ambition I wonder what he did later in life?

  8. Cduncan Cduncan says:

    4 out of 5 starsOne of my students recommended that I read this book So I didFull review at

  9. Paul Paul says:

    Great book historically accurateAbout a boys travel after the death of his mother with his sister to find hi Pa and trek onto the Klondike to search for gold

  10. Kristin Kristin says:

    Joe is currently reading this book

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