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UnDoing Church: Discovering Faith (Deep Church) [Read] ➬ UnDoing Church: Discovering Faith (Deep Church) By Kathy Pride – Thomashillier.co.uk The church is dying in America and with the decline of the church is a parallel decline in Christianity As emerging generations seek to connect with others and Jesus in meaningful relationships they t The church is dying in America and with the decline of the church is UnDoing Church: Epub / a parallel decline in Christianity As emerging generations seek to connect with others and Jesus in meaningful relationships they turn to the church to meet that need, but many churches today are not deliveringBut there is also a huge disconnect between perceptions of what it means to be a Christian, follow Jesus and go to church The Barna Group, a major voice in communicating research findings related to Christianity and culture reports that % of unchurched adults consider themselves to be Christians and % claim that they have made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ that is still important in their life today At the same time % of Busters and % of Boomers contend t hat they are too busy to attend churchOn top of the fast pace of life experienced in today s culture, Christianity and church goers have a huge image problem Dave Kinneman and Dave Lyons, in their book UnChristian, report on common perceptions of Christians held by those outside of faith circles It is important to make a distinction between Christians and church goers, noting that not all individuals who go to church are followers of Jesus It seems church may have become of a Sunday social date rather than a way of living based on the Golden RuleMuch of the image problem has to do with how Christians and the church are perceived by those who do not attend church or identify themselves as Christians As reported by Kinneman and Lyons, the church the people who purport to follow Jesus is perceived as judgmental, homophobic, arrogant and hypocritical I imagine Jesus weeping at this assessment of his followers Who wants to be a part of this group But is it accurate What do many of those Christian or church words mean anyway And is the pop culture definition or perception Biblically accurate Emerging generations represent the future of the Church in America, and if the church does not meet the relational and worship needs of this generation the future of Christianity in this country will suffer another major blow Christians and the church have than an image problemThe Barna Group reports that despite strong levels of spiritual activity during the teen years, most twenty somethings disengage from active participation in the Christian faith during their young adult years and often beyond that It is also this same group that was nearly % likely than older adults to strongly assert that if they cannot find a local church that will help them become like Christ, then they will find people and groups that will, and connect with them instead of a local church This provides a huge opportunity to respond UnDoing Church is response resource for individual and group use UnDoing Church is written in a transparent and edgy style that communicates with the reader, whether a Jesus follower or notUnDoing Church is a tool individuals or groups can use to understand and live out Biblical truths without the Christianese in a fun and tell it like it is edgy, sassy way infusing authentic not sugar coated or superficial faith to today s emerging generationThe content will help followers of Christ communicate their faith to others who may have misconceptions about Christians and faith while also providing strategies to live out the concepts discussed, making application a key component of this resourceThis resource will hold the reader s interest and help to present authentic Christian concepts while also blasting some commonly held beliefs and pre conceived notions, regardless of where the individual is on their faith journey.

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