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5 thoughts on “Eternal Night (Book 1 of Her Submission Series)

  1. ellymate ellymate says:

    I have no words to describe this usually no matter how bad a book is i manage to finish it but this onewell this one is pure CRAP Sorry fans no need to feel offended continue reading and enjoy it I can't take itSo what's wrong whit this book the answer is everything From the first pages i started disliking the way the author writes Very bad with a mix of some good lines in a story that is not well thought probably the main idea is catchy but the way every line is placed after another is a total chaosWARNING there might be some spoilers ahead not that i read too muchSO the book starts with this kiddo Alesia Colette Benoit preparing for a Halloween party with her best friend Ema that lives with her since Alesia's grandma died of breast cancer and left a bookshop shop for her to run where btw she's been working for some time with her grandma So this redhead kiddo keeps complaining about why they have to go to a freaking party which is for free since she got sponsored by a not so mysterious guy which ofc is the host of the event Sebastien Duboi why the Hell one of my favorites names for such a bad book sigh So the author decides to not even start well the book to drop a thought of this virgin perverse 23 years old after remembering a hot guy she saw in the bookstoreview spoiler I had fantasized about him performing ungodly acts upon my body for his pleasure many a night thereby sparking my clit stimulation frenzy several times a week with my vibrating egg I purchased online to keep the ache in my pussy somewhat tolerable until I found my one and onlyOh i did mention she's a virgin thing she admits in chapter 3 to her Prince Charming when he actually asks her about her experience Way to go prince Charming nothing better than to ask about sex life of the other or even better to talk about your own Exactly what a true man would do hide spoiler

  2. Melissa Long Melissa Long says:

    This is not a book I'd normally read but I won it in a giveaway It is almost identical to 50 Shades of Grey with a bit of Twilight mixed in I did not like this book at all The characters were not realistic and there were many spellinggrammar mistakes throughout the book However if you are looking for a uick erotic read I would recommend this book It's perfect for that

  3. Cathy Nichols Cathy Nichols says:

    This book is a piece of art The heroine is alive she carried me through every emotion I had laughter anger joy pleasure love Alesia and Sebastien came alive in this book I will add this book to my personal library If you enjoy true romance this is the book for you Yes there are twist the unknown factor action sitting in your comfy chair where you will be on the edge than once Enjoy as I did awaiting the next chapters in their journey

  4. Brigitte Brigitte says:

    I won this book in a Goodreads contestIt is an interesting take on a Ds masterslave relationship She is very willful and he is very dominant There is a paranormal twist to their story that creates the most friction Without it the sub plot would not exist The story is mostly a study of their new life together as they get used to each other

  5. Danetta Sutton Danetta Sutton says:

    Although some are uick to categorize this as another 50 shades I found it to be better and exciting Alesia a single bookstore owner falls for the handsome Sebastian after their encounter at the Masuerade ball She soon discovers his dominant behavior is just what she is craving Secrets and steamy moments will keep you turning the pages in this sexy wild ride Looking forward to book two in this series

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Eternal Night (Book 1 of Her Submission Series) [Download] ➽ Eternal Night (Book 1 of Her Submission Series) By B.A. Rhea – Embrace your darkest desires Alesia Benoit a single twenty three year old bookstore owner living in Murphy North Carolina dreams of finding her one true love but considers it an impossible feat consid Embrace your darkest desires Alesia Benoit a single twenty three year old bookstore owner living in Murphy North Carolina dreams of finding her one true love but considers it an impossible feat considering her uniue desires When Alesia reluctantly agrees to attend the Eternal Night Masuerade Ball at the famous Dubois mansion with her best friend Ema Jones she encounters Sebastien Dubois a handsome smart and successful man Alesia discovers she wants to be with him than she can imagine despite his dominant behavior Sebastien is attracted to Alesia's beauty and rebellious nature When he admits to Alesia that he's going to enjoy taming her in a dark and twisted manner Alesia is thrilled that she is going to explore her darkest desires with him What she does not know is Sebastien has a secret When he finds out about Alesia's research into his life Sebastien must reveal his secret to Alesia sooner than he planned Will she accept him Will she vow to protect him at any cost Is she ready to embrace the world of dominance and the unbelievable.