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Pressed to Kill (Mandy Dyer Mystery, Book 8) ❰EPUB❯ ✺ Pressed to Kill (Mandy Dyer Mystery, Book 8) Author Dolores Johnson – Dolores Johnson writes with wit and panache I love her sense of humor Diane Mott Davidson author of Double Shot In this latest installment of Dolores Johnson's beloved dry cleaning sleuth series Man Dolores Johnson writes with wit and panache I love her sense of humor Diane Mott Davidson author of Double Shot In this latest installment of Dolores Johnson's beloved dry cleaning sleuth series Mandy Dyer notices the new and improved appearance of her customer Ardith Brewster The young woman has met a new but mysterious boyfriend at Dyer Cleaners' open house party When Ardith a loan officer at a bank turns up dead a couple days later Mandy suspects the worst The only clue she has to go on is a mention of the unknown boyfriend's sharp sense of style so Pressed to PDF/EPUB or different from Ardith's suit and tie co workers Mandy's curiosity turns to horror when she finds that the victim in a similar killing had been in the cleaners shortly before her death and what's that the two women bore a striking resemblance to each otherWith only clothes for clues and the less than reliable help of her incorrigible employee Betty the Bag Lady Mandy presses on with her investigation in a race to find the killer before he has a chance to close out her career permanently.

10 thoughts on “Pressed to Kill (Mandy Dyer Mystery, Book 8)

  1. Connie Mollo Connie Mollo says:

    Mysterious death of a dry cleaning customer sends Mandy to investigate who the killer customer is Cute cozy mystery similar to Stephanie Plum books Light reading

  2. Myrah Myrah says:

    I know I read it but it is not really my type of book not the genres I want in a book

  3. Sam - Spines in a Line Sam - Spines in a Line says:

    Read of my reviews at jumped in to this series without reading any of the previous books and had no problem at all The author provides enough details of the history of these characters that it's easy to follow alongThat said it felt like there was a lot of repetition where even what had happened earlier in this same story was rehashed out over and over again I think this book would have benefited from the show don't tell approach The mystery aspect of the book was tamed down a lot since the author did a lot of the connecting the dots for the readerIf you do follow the series I expect the repetition can become annoying but since I was just reading it as a fun uick read it fit the bill And because I was reading another book at the same time this actually made it easier to get reacuainted with the story

  4. Cat. Cat. says:

    This book falls solidly into your basic cozy mystery category I mostly picked it up because it's set in Denver and it sounded funny It's vaguely amusing though very contrived I learned way too much about dry cleaning the heroine owns a dry cleaners It was interesting to see how she worked in local flavor talking about the Denver Western Stock Show and the massive growth south toward Castle Rock and Colorado SpringsSilly fun story kind of chick lit with dead bodies if you want to classify it that way

  5. Kemi looves 2 read Kemi looves 2 read says:

    This is my 1st Mandy Dyer mystery book It was boring and annoying It almost made it to my unfinished books list There is something to be said about withholding useful info from the police hampering an investigation wile trying to play super sleuth I don't recall Miss Marple Agatha Christie mysteries or Jessica Fletcher Murder she wrote been this annoying No I don't think I will be reading another book in this series

  6. Sarah Adamson Sarah Adamson says:

    A fun cozy mystery starring Mandy owner of the local dry cleaners I have read other books in the series and enjoyed them but been frustrated by the lack of importance of the dry cleaners it could have been a mystery where the star worked at the grocery to somewhere else This book showed it's all about the dry cleaners just enough information and fun facts to be interesting without being overwhelming to those of us who don't even iron our own clothes Thanks and will look out for

  7. Bethany Bethany says:

    She's a dry cleaner who solves mysteries Who lives in Colorado Who dates the former bad boy from her high school Although Dolores needs to up the romance Seriously They were together like 3 times in the whole book It's everything I love But even so it was a little much for me Prose a little tortured But I will read another Mandy Dyer

  8. Vicky Vicky says:

    Another cozy series I enjoyed this series the characters are fun and funny the plot has a lot of twists I really read this series and devoured it a few years ago have to get back to see if there are new books I definitely recommend Mandy for fun and excitement and hopefully many new books

  9. Cws Cws says:

    M Joh

  10. Dru Dru says:

    An easy read mystery Really kept you reading in last few chapters I will probably read of this author

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