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Outcast ❮Reading❯ ➳ Outcast ➬ Author Michelle Paver – A thrilling story of friendship survival and the need to belongFor two moons Torak has hidden a terrible secret—and now it is revealed He bears the mark of the Soul Eater and must pay the price Cast A thrilling story of friendship survival and the need to belongFor two moons Torak has hidden a terrible secret—and now it is revealed He bears the mark of the Soul Eater and must pay the price Cast out from the clans he is alone and on the run cut off from his best friend Renn and his beloved pack brother WolfHe flees to the haunted reed beds of Lake Axehead where he is hunted by the Otter Clan taunted by the Hidden People and as soul sickness claims him he falls prey to an even greater menace Tormented by secrets and broken trust he uncovers a deception that will turn his world upside down.

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Outcast
  • Michelle Paver
  • English
  • 15 June 2016
  • 9780060728366

About the Author: Michelle Paver

Michelle Paver was born in Central Africa but came to England as a child After gaining a degree in Biochemistry from Oxford University she became a partner in a City law firm but eventually gave that up to write full timeThe hugely successful Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series arose from Michelle's lifelong passion for animals anthropology and the distant past as as well as an encounter.

10 thoughts on “Outcast

  1. Maythavee Maythavee says:

    This series just keeps getting better and better Outcast was a non stop thrilling adventure I couldn’t put it down for one secondOutcast really defined Torak and Renn’s character I loved how we got to know about Renn here To be honest Torak and Renn aren’t really that different from each other Even though Renn lived with her clan she is different from her clan because of her ability to do Magecraft I just love the parallel between Torak and Renn Also we got to see of Bale I really like him It’s nice to him team up with Renn to help Torak My heart goes out to Torak He has been through so much and he’s just fourteenThe plot was simply fantastic There were so many twists The biggest and most unexpected surprise has got to be Renn’s I didn’t see that coming at all Not at all My jaw dropped when I found out There were so many events that happened caught me by surprise I treasured this feeling okay? When Torak revealed his tattoo though That scene gave me the chills It was dreadful And when Torak found out about Renn’s secret I was kinda angry with his reaction to be honest Dude you had your secret and this is Renn for gods sake She’s your best friend She saved your life countless times Just give her a chance to explain will you But in the end everything was settled nicely so that made me extremely happyWow I cannot believe that four books have gone by Only two books left in this amazing series I am not ready to say goodbye I don’t think I’ll ever be Sobs

  2. Michael Finocchiaro Michael Finocchiaro says:

    Yes Michelle Paver does it again with this splendid entry in her Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series Torak is alone and soul sick and we wonder whether Seshru the Soul Eater and Viper Mage will get the fire opal and conuer him or whether Bale and Renn will save him in time And WolfAs always we are spellbound with the vivid evocation of this world long ago and the wonder of discovery and friendship of the characters There are painful revelations here as we pass the summit of the story and head towards the last two books certainly the confrontations with the remaining soul eaters will be paramount In the meantime I derive an incredible amount of satisfaction from this series reading it with my son and rooting for Torak Renn and Wolf

  3. Alyssa Alyssa says:

    Tyler 8yrs said it was very dramatic and very good He really likes this seriesUpdate 31713 my reviewNow I know what Tyler meant by dramatic This book tore my heart out It was so hard to watch Torak go through so many painful experiences becoming an outcast and watching him suffer from soul sickness He begins to make choices that are against the laws of the Forest and clans I found myself shocked and fearing for him The pain that wolf feels as he is rebuffed by Torak and finding himself caught between two clans Then as if there couldn't be finding out the secret that Renn has been carrying all this timeThis by far has been the darkest book in the series I did not realize just how invested I was in these characters until we all had to go on this painful journey together And while Soul Eater was also uite dark there was a sense of many against the evil I felt hopeful Being an outcast in this book Torak being completely alone; it felt so very hopelessThis remains Tyler and I's favorite series Onto the Oath Breaker

  4. Jennie Louwes Jennie Louwes says:

    From start to finish a 5 star rating through and through What a ride Whew When the books in this series were first emerging I was a newlywed charting three new courses at once Wifedom Motherhood and the Wilds of Alaska Overly preoccupied at the time I somehow managed to not see or hear of these booksLate to the party but shouting from the rooftops now The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness a book series not to be missedOutcast than any of the other books thus far surprised me the most The twists? The turns? The truths uncovered? I didn't see them coming Not being able to see the big surprises in advance so wrapped up was I in the unfolding story the entire read layer upon layer was captivating disturbing heart wrenching and ultimately refreshing To me this 4th installment had the best most heartfelt and heartening story ending to date Finally after closing the back cover I feel as though I'm free to breathe deeply again; and for a moment all is well within the worldMichelle Paver what a talent Her words provide such rich detail never dull or overindulgent just the right amount to sink you deeper within the story being read Truly a tremendous gifted authoressUp next on deck? The Oath Breaker A good night's rest then the journey towards darkness continues; it all must be vanuished No stone left unturned

  5. Liisa Liisa says:

    I have found with series the further you delve the sooner you'll find a book that disappoints Not so with the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Outcast is the fourth in the series and as captivating well written and engaging as the three previous books Michelle Paver's series was written for children but appeals to people of all ages I have been hooked since the first word in Wolf BrotherWhilst completely engaged in the story heart pounding as the circumstances Torak Renn and Wolf often find themselves appears hopeless I can't help but think how a child's mind would process it My guess? That it awakens their imagination and introduces them to those magical worlds you often only find in books When I was a child books like this is what sparked my love for reading and I can see this giving the same gift to a whole new generationA thoroughly enjoyable series Captivating and maturing with each book I can't wait to see how it all ends

  6. Carrie Carrie says:

    Outcast was much darker and chaotic than the rest of the books in this series so far However the outcasting posed an interesting problem that developed into an engaging fast moving plot The dark and chaotic feeling of this book turned me off only a bit but I think it's because of that and that alone I give it four stars instead of five The thing with Seshru and Renn also annoyed me a bit it just felt cliche but it certainly did provide an interesting twist I felt really bad for Torak throughout the entire story Perhaps Outcast wasn't as good as its preuels but I still enjoyed it and I'm eager to read the rest of the books in this series PS I just hate saying this series' name The only thing that really irks me about these books is the horrible series name I've hardly seen anything worse Shadows of Doom is about it

  7. Amanda Northrup Amanda Northrup says:

    Although I read a lot of series I find that I lose interest after just 2 or 3 books Often the plot becomes predictable and the writing haphazard Not so with Michelle Paver's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series Outcast is the fourth in the series and my favorite so farThe story picks up right where Soul Eater left off without any annoying recap Torak is uickly outcast from the clans because he bears the mark of the Soul Eaters Being an outcast is worse than it sounds by law anyone who sees Torak is now obligated to kill him On the run Torak is pursued by the clans but also by a Soul Eater who is desperate to use his spirit walker powerI found this installment in the series to be intriguing and well paced with lots of Paver's incredible world building and character development Each book reveals and about the clans and their belief systems The concept of soul sickness is especially interesting in this book The protagonists Torak Renn and Wolf never become static This book does a especially wonderful job of exploring the developments of Renn and Wolf

  8. Peter Peter says:

    RejectionTorak's life centred uest to defeat the Soul Eaters takes a devasting turn when he is branded with the Soul Eater mark on his chest Like many secrets eventually they come out and when Torak's mark is discovered he is outcast by all the clans The law of the outcast one is to be hunted and killed on sight and anyone disobeying the law will also be cast outTorak says of the Wolf clan I may not be Wolf clan but I can do what you cannot do and talk to wolves With that Torak and Wolf walk away from the gathering to now be the hunted ones Now Torak must prove he is not a Soul Eater and the marking on his chest was put there by forceThese stories proceed at a very fast pace which doesn't affect the wonderful descriptions of the forests and mountains We also see a real bond between Torak and his wolf brother develop and understand what selfless friendship looks like Who in the clans has a hidden agenda and is working to grab power? Who is the real enemy?

  9. Amelia Jacobson Amelia Jacobson says:

    I forgot how amazingly awesome this book is screamsMy sister is in the fandom now she drew fanart which is WAY better than mine and she even used the uote A wolf cannot be of two packs in real life I'm so proud of herAlso I've read this book 3 times but Goodreads isn't letting me say that I have ; ;

  10. Thomas Thomas says:

    This is the fourth novel of Torak’s journey to vanuish the Soul Eaters When I read this series previously this was my least favourite of the six novels partly due to its content and because it is the slowest of the chronicles Upon this reread however I surprised myself by enjoying it than I expected During the events of book 3 the Soul Eater Seshru marked Torak with the Soul Eater tattoo and he has since kept this hidden from the clans When he is exposed by the boar clan member Aki the clans have no alternative but to cast him out Torak must then survive on his own as he did after his father died All is not lost for our hero; his loyal Wolf will ever remain by his sideOnce again Paver manages to draw the reader into a rich and vivid world which is based on our own thousands of years ago I wish I could journey to some of the fantastic locations she went to in northern Europe to research these novels because to see these places for yourself I think would be spectacularAmong the key events in Outcast I particularly enjoyed those which occurred at Lake Axehead leading up to the finale There were some really uite sinister and tense scenes which I didn’t appreciate when I read it the first time round Also Seshru really is one sneaky sadistic sly piece of work which makes entertaining readingConsidering Soul Eater was so good before it I remember being concerned that Outcast wouldn’t live up to expectation but it stands strongly in its own right Another solid 4 stars for a satisfying read Onto the book 5 and Torak’s confrontations with the final two Soul Eaters

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