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Dex Castle Ink #1 [PDF / Epub] ☉ Dex Castle Ink #1 By Amy Davies – Thomashillier.co.uk According to Addy Dex has always been the king of his castle and she always wanted to be his ueenHowever things don’t always go to plan and she was left in the shadow of another ueenAccording to Dex According to Addy Dex has always been the king of his castle and she always wanted to be his ueenHowever things don’t always go to plan and she was left in the shadow of another ueenAccording to Dex Castle Ink is all he has to live for Dex Castle Epub / since he lost his wife But the opening of his new castle brings a face from his past a face that he never allowed himself to think aboutCastle Ink is what brings Dex and Addy together and nothing is smooth sailing In order to find a connecting path Dex needs to embrace his future and Addy needs to forget the ghosts of their past Will the king and ueen be able to rebuild their castle.

About the Author: Amy Davies

Mum of amazing kids Married my best friend and soul mateI am an avid book reader I love photography reading and music I live in South Wales UK with my family Writing is a passion that people should enjoy Share their imagination with the world that Dex Castle Epub / is what I do Words make the world go around Always remember never forget.

10 thoughts on “Dex Castle Ink #1

  1. Lu Bielefeld Lu Bielefeld says:

    The hero is a big assholeOur heroine is a fool who serves as a doormat for the hero to step onHe still loves his dead wife and became a womanizer after her deathHe rubs the women in the face of the heroine and humiliates her constantlyShe is a poor second choice ever a replacement She lives in the house of the deceased wife and even names her daughter with the name of the exI found it hard to swallow his sudden passion for her I was not convinced He always despised the love of our heroine and made other choicesShe's always been left behindBut we have an HEAI just buried my heartThere will never be another woman for me No other woman will own my heartBut with me being with Fiona I couldn’t admit that I stopped seeing her as a little sister when she was around fourteen; I was eighteen at the timeShe told me that she couldn’t be around me and Fiona living happily together It hurt her heartAddy gives in to fighting me as I rip her clothes off and I remove my boxers We make love right there on the sofa in front on the blazing fire After I feel her third orgasm pulsing through her body I finally let go“It should never have happened Ads” She flinches at my nickname for herI push her away but it hurts me to be close to her I always feel as if I am cheating on Fiona; even after three years“I needed to forget and you were there Easy”I think of my love for Fiona as well I know that she is gone but she will always be with meThe family I wanted with FionaAddison has always loved you and was always there for you But you brushed aside her feelings for Fionabut you enjoyed rubbing it in my face that you were fucking every other girl but me to what? Hide your feelings for me? That was a shitty way to do itmy stomach is churning at the amount of women Dex has been with since Fiona died He used to flaunt them in front of me all the time He knew how much he was hurting me but being the dick that he is he ignored my feelingsI have wanted but I had always pictured my future with Fiona She made it very clear that living in Fiona’s house didn’t bother her “I want to name her Phoebe Fiona Castle”

  2. Lizzie Lizzie says:

    This was the first novel by Amy Davies I have read and I loved it These characters had me hooked from the first pageThis book follows the characters Dex Addy She's a feisty young girl that works in a tattoo studio with Dex She's been in love with him since as far back as she can remember Unfortunately Dex's wife has just passed away and leaves him in a world of hurt that he can't seem to get out of Is Addy the one to pull him out? Will he let her pull him out? These two were completely crazy and I loved reading about their dramaI've moved on to book 2 already

  3. Renee Entress Renee Entress says:

    4 StarsI was pulled right into this story The story has laughs grief heartbreak and dirty talking naughty funThis is Addy and Dex’s story Dex lost his wife in a car accident and he is trying to deal with his grief He is putting all his time and energy into Castle Ink Addy wants to help Dex but she also wants him Can she try and help him out but keep her hands to herself? Can they move on from the past and work towards a future together? Or will the past always be in the way? I loved these characters and the side characters I felt I could connect with the characters and the story was a great readI recommend this book

  4. Anne Milne Anne Milne says:

    I've no idea why I've waited so long to start this series but now I'm hooked Loved the characters and the drama and angst of their story

  5. Vfc Vfc says:

    She sits on the sidelines as he works his grief through the female population rubbing it in her face The poor doormat sits pining of unreuited love until he has pity sex with herHe mourns his late wife and the ‘reserve’ honours the wife by bestowing the child with a dead woman’s nameThis is becoming a pattern

  6. Gemma Gemma says:

    Great readThis was an amazing book I really enjoyed it and definitely will be reading by Amy Davies This book has sexy alpha males crazy ssed females who can swear like a sailor and is just as tough Great style writing with lots of potential to expand I loved every minute After going their separate ways and suffering from great tragedy the loss of his wife Addison and Dexter come together once again after 3 years during a dire situation to show that Love will always fine it's way to those who deserve and need it and that doesn't matter if you've loved before as love can happen again And truthfully these two need to show their love as they pushed it to the back of their minds for years after falling in love with his first wife Dexter was filled with remorse I as he also loved Addison since they were young and Addison had always loved Dexter fiercely even when he hurt her so as to push her away due to that guilt This was a great story and I loved each other characters as they show there uniue and individuality throughout the whole book from Jay being an overbearing brother to Lauren being a sadistically protective best friend who will decapitate anyone who messes with those she loves great characters Can't wait to read

  7. Juli Juli says:

    35 StarsThis is a spin off series from the book This Time Around and it focuses on the Castle Brothers In my opinion you should read This Time Around to get a better understanding of the group of friends and to see the relationship between Addy and DexNow I’ve been dying to read Dex and Addy’s story because Dex was such a buttmole to sweet Abby Although their story was sweet and interesting I felt it was rushed I just felt that their conflict was resolved a little too uickly and then the last few chapters of book felt like filler It’s hard to explain I liked the story and the mushiness but I also found myself “another chapter?” when I turned the page I also didn’t understand the games they played with each other Abby leaving a Dex without a word because she was mad and Dex responding by letting a woman feel him up in front of AbbyFor a couple who seemed to love each other they did tend to hurt each other a lotI also do NOT like Rachel she needs to go bye bye

  8. shms shms says:

    I needed a good angsty trainwreck of a romance and having come across some reviews decided to try this It fit the bill but not necessarily in a good way If you're looking for a fluffy romance when the H and h exist only for each other this isn't it Here the h is decidedly lacking in spine and while a lot of the back story is given in bits and pieces there's enough there for us to see the H certainly wasn't invested in the h in the way she was in him For me that was ok I had after all read the reviews and forewarned is forearmed The focus of the story is in the present where the H tries to get the h back but the past in never properly addressed What really got on my wick was the editing so many inconsistencies In the beginning he sees she's had her nipples pierced and asks when that happened In another the h mentions how they did each others nipple piercings That's just one of many Makes for a bad reading experience

  9. Deb Bishop Deb Bishop says:

    I've read all of Amy's previous books and up until now my favourites were Let Me Love You and the Phoenix boys but I might well have a new favourite Dex iswell he is just about everything you want to find in a book boyfriend I seriously couldn't get enough of him and his story It had me gripped from the beginningAlthough it added to my enjoyment of the story that I had read previous books that had characters that were mentioned in Dex you definitely don't need to have read them to enjoy or understand Dex So looking forward to the next in this series

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    This book totally rocked my world? What does a girl need? Some hot alpha tattooed men? This book has some ups and down and kept me wanting ? Sometimes i was shouting and other times i was fanning myself? Some really hawt scenes in here? Floved it?Cannot wait to sink my teeth into the next book?

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