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The Blue Moon (Under the Moon #5) [BOOKS] ⚣ The Blue Moon (Under the Moon #5) ⚡ David Neth – The Harpers once a heroic family of witches are broken The loss of Chris and Holly's daughter was the final straw in a series of heartbreaks and now they've given up on fighting for the greater goodNe The Harpers once a heroic family of witches are broken The loss of Chris and Holly's daughter was the final straw in a series of heartbreaks and now they've given up on fighting for the greater goodNew secrets help point to the fate of their daughter Working together again they struggle to reclaim the life they once had but ten years away from each other comes with conseuences Tensions are high as each witch grasps at every opportunity to restore their family The Blue MOBI :↠ including working with former enemiesWhile the witches learn to work with each other again and move on from the past they leave themselves susceptible to the influence of the Fire Wizards and the Pentad demonic supergroups that may be the end of themThe Blue Moon is the fifth and final book in the Under the Moon Series.

About the Author: David Neth

David Neth is the author of the Fuse series the Under the Moon series the Small Town Christmas series and other stories He lives in Batavia NY where he dreams of a successful publishing career and opening his own bookstore.

8 thoughts on “The Blue Moon (Under the Moon #5)

  1. Lisa Lisa says:

    Ok to start off I'll get the negative out of the way I'm not too crazy about Kathy Maybe it's mainly her voice Lol But she's so uick to pass judgement on other family members Well for that matter all the family is I still haven't forgiven Holly for not even listening to Chris's side of the story regarding their daughter's death How can people claim to know and love each other and instantly turn their back on them? They have all been through the worst though so I guess nothing is a surprise I would begin to expect the worst This is one of the most disfunctional families I have ever met This has definitely been one roller coaster ride from the very first book Moving on to the positive Wow what an ending David Neth did a great job bringing everything to a close I was really satisfied and happy If you have been reading all the books up until now you are in for some wonderful surprises No spoilers but you have got to read this one And in this book we get to hear so much about the Fire wizards and Pentad hope I have that spelled correctly One thing is for sure with David's writing you never know who to trust There's so much action and we get to see what unfolds in each characters' life and the family as a whole also If you're listening to the audiobook you won't be disappointed either The narrator as usual does a great job He has the kind of voice that delivers the right kind of setting at the right time He takes us through all the different emotions a human can possibly go through from great loss sadness and desperation to great joy and celebration

  2. Norma Norma says:

    Format Audiobook An everyday story of witchy folkNot having read any of the preceding four volumes of the Under the Moon series I initially struggled with the family dynamics but only briefly Soon this ongoing story of a family once divided and now in grief after the abduction and possible killing of the young daughter of one of the couples plus their individual and united attempts to find her soon gripped me especially as the opponent's seemed so much sinister and capable against the simple spells the witch family was able to exert Then there was the Chaos which threatened everyone what was it? And how could it be stopped?The individual characters are lightly but sufficiently drawn No doubt fuller characterisations came earlier in the series progressing as the pages turned There is enough in this book however to make them gently real and this is aided by their not being purely black or white but coming with flaws and definite trust issues This is a light enjoyable story of a family albeit an extraordinary one under duress and their methods of coping made even better by the narration of Nathan Welland His pleasant voice and paced brisk reading has good intonation and emotional content mirroring the text and his individual voicings though not overly pronounced usually are still defined and clearWhilst it would obviously be better to be acuainted with the earlier books in the series this is not necessary to enjoy The Blue Moon which can be read as a stand alone It is a light read covering deep topics in particular that of trust love and family conectiveness in the face of danger

  3. Kai Kai says:

    The Blue Moon finally united the Harper family with rumor that Sofia Holly and Chris' daughter is alive The Harper brother Joshua and Chris are tricked into joining their enemy Pentad and the Fire Wizard with promise that they will return Sofia to them Each group have their own agenda in gaining power by obtaining control of Chaos and Sofia' potential power to be a powerful witchThe problem is how far will the Harper family goes to trust their enemies in gaining Sofia back?This is the fifth book in Under the Moon series With so many years apart from magic the Harper family was able to live a normal life It took the death of Sofia to separate the Harper It took a rumor that Sofia is alive to bring them all back with one final hope of being a family again There are mistrust and even a uestion if joining the Fire Wizards and Pentab was a wise decision If there are any hope for the Harper family to be whole again they are going to need to trust each otherReadersListeners are going to uestion of which is the lesser evil the Fire Wizards or Pentab and if there will be a family reunion with everyone in the Harper family surviving this one last confrontation with their enemies So many uestions of where the story is going The narrator Nathan Weiland does a wonderful emotional job of narrating the story of where the Harpers are uestioning each other after being out of sync with each other Great way of bringing the story with a final showdown against evilI was given this audiobook by the author I have volunteered to write an unbias review for the book I was not compensated or influenced in any way for writing this review

  4. Dawn Dawn says:

    This is the fifth book in the series and I think it is the best It is a story that you need to focus on because the chaos is everywhere and if you miss a small detail you can get lost The chaos that is coming to the Harper family or has already shaken it can be felt throughout the story There are so many different moving parts to the story that you will not know who to trust Good and evil blur as the story unfolds The story does come together in the end but getting there is a roller coaster of emotions events and character's lives This is a great suspenseful story that is bound to entertain The narrator Nathan Weiland once again gives this story life He nails each and every chaotic scene He has a voice that is perfect for this book

  5. Monica Monica says:

    This is the fifth book in Under the Moon series and what an endingIt's all about family Even your loved ones can turn your back on you I know it been thereSeveral years after if you readlisten to the previous books this family tries to live a normal life apart from magic Death separates life brings back the family againTrust is a must and wise decisions with the hope they all get back together again Don't want to spoil your fun but get ready to trust no one The narrator was perfect has alwaysI was given this audio book by the author I have volunteered to write my sincere review for the book

  6. Michelle VanDaley Michelle VanDaley says:

    My review is based on the Audiobook I really enjoyed the family dynamics in this book we all can relate to family drama There was a good mix of magic thrown into the mix Nathan Weiland did a superb job as narrator with easily distinguishable characters Looking forward to from this Author and Narrator

  7. Lynda Lynda says:

    This book ended the series well All the uestions were answered that is always a good thing At times I was sadden and at others happy but basically that has been the flow through all the books You could never take anything for granted this ending is no different The Harpers fight their greatest battle as usual the unexpected happens It kept my interest all the way through

  8. Deedra Deedra says:

    Audible“I was given this free review copy audiobook and have voluntarily left this review

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