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Being Brave ❮Download❯ ➼ Being Brave ➾ Author Kelly Johnson – For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self control 2 Timothy 17 ESVGod has made us brave not fearful beings In a forty day devotional format author and blogger Kelly Johnson i For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self control Timothy ESVGod has made us brave not fearful beings In a forty day devotional format author and blogger Kelly Johnson invites you to consider a new way of thinking about what it means to be brave and challenges you to seek a greater intimacy with God and the people God has placed in your lifeThrough Scripture stories prayers and thought provoking uestions you will recognize the seeds of divinely inspired bravery and learn the strength found in community Using letters of the word brave as a guide Being Brave highlights what God's Word has to say about the characteristics of bravery Bold Resilient Authentic Vulnerable and Engaged and Empowered by the SpiritBanish the fear that holds you back You are a brave soldier.

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Being Brave
  • Kelly Johnson
  • 03 September 2014
  • 9781501848650

10 thoughts on “Being Brave

  1. Create With Joy Create With Joy says:

    If someone asked you to describe yourself in 1 word what would it be? In my experience few of us would describe ourselves as brave and yetwhen I hear the personal stories if the women around me I am often struck by just how brave and outrageous they areBeing Brave is a much needed long overdue devotional on the topic of what it means to be brave and what this ooks like from both a biblical and real life perspective To help us get a better grasp of what being BRAVE means Kelly created this acronymBoldResilientAuthentic Vulnerable Engaged She also provides a list of Scriptures related to fear and courage at the end of the bookEach devotional includes an opening Scripture a thematic devotion uestions to reflect upon and a closing prayer If you are struggling with fear and anxiety Being Brave is the perfect devotional for you

  2. Jill Jill says:

    I am not generally a fan of devotionals and women’s devotionals in particular They always leave me wanting “meat” and less air Johnson’s work is not of this sort She explores many facets of brave living outlined in Scripture—even ideas we wouldn’t not normally think of as brave Her ability to tie them together and help women step farther into the life God has for them comes through strong life application and honest examples of bravery failure and persistence This is a book to read yourself or gift to a woman who needs a kick start for the new year It’s size makes it very doable as a new year’s goal—a goal well worth aiming at and working for

  3. Christine Burroughs Christine Burroughs says:

    Beautiful things come in small packages and this book is no exception This devotional which is perfectly sized to fit in your purse or backpack is a treasure chest full of encouragement Bible verses and wisdom all pulled together to help us become the person God has designed us to be It is organized into short but powerful devotionals that are so insightful you'll want to forge ahead and devour all of them but take your time This book is worth savoring I highly recommend 5 out of 5 stars

  4. Diane Perry Diane Perry says:

    I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This Bible study came at just the right time In my battle with chronic disease I have so many insecurities frustrations and fears My life came to a stop over two years ago I have struggled with so many uestions since This book gave me a whole new perspective on God's word and how to face everyday head on Great Bible study for small groups Sunday School class or personal study Highly recommend

  5. Michelle Kidwell Michelle Kidwell says:

Being Brave
A 40 Day Journey to the Life God Dreams for You
by Kelly Johnson
Abingdon Press
Christian Religion Spirituality
Pub Date 19 Dec 2017
Archive Date 18 Jan 2018
I am reviewing a copy of Being Brave through Abington Press and Netgalley
In this book the author talks about the Building Blocks of Being Brave We are reminded that Being Brave is being bold
We are reminded too of the importance of speaking the truth in love
The importance of showing the hurt kindness and love is also addressed
We are reminded too that Being Brave is being resilient as well as being authentic
The author goes on to point out that Being Brave is being vulnerable We are reminded too that Being Brave means that we are engaged as wellIn this book we are reminded too that Being Brave means that we are empowered by the SpiritI give Being Brave five out of five starsHappy Reading

  6. Lori Jorgensen Lori Jorgensen says:

    What a journey this book has taken God named each of us Brave Learn what it means to be bold resilient authentic vulnerable engaged and empowered by the spirit Kelly speaks from her heart to you in this book just as if we were having a cup together Don’t pass up this book

  7. Megan Byrd Megan Byrd says:

    This is an amazing devotional I was encouraged and inspired throughout my reading each day I liked the applicable Bible verses at the beginning of each day the thought provoking uestions at the end of the reading and the prayer to remind us of our dependence on God to euip us with the courage we need for the plans he has for us Kelly's stories were personal but relatable It was helpful to have the reminder that others have been in these trenches where God is calling us to bravery and courage and we want to obey but we are afraid Kelly's words are like a personal cheerleader spurring us on to trust God with our fears and our dreams If you want a devotional to spur you further in your faith and your dreams this is the one for you

  8. Robin Dix Robin Dix says:

    I truly enjoyed this book and uite honestly I needed the message of the book I definitely want to let go of fear and embrace the characteristics of bravery Bold Resilient Authentic Vulnerable and Engaged and Empowered by the Spirit highly recommended

  9. Helena Helena says:

    Great devotional filled with wisdom and encouragement Each day's devotional is just the right size neither too long nor too short

  10. Leah Leah says:

    Wise Life AdviceHeader on the back cover Are you sick of your fears holding you back and weary of pretending that you have it all together?What's a brave state of being? Of acting? Clichés include going into military battle without showing trepidation going to the dentist if dentists terrify you standing up to bullies or to your overbearing boss People often use the heart word courageous to mean brave Although heart in the Hebrew scriptures is somewhat polyvalent yet than anything refers to a person's will both courage and heart imply full emotional psychological physical spiritual participation So I'd say it sure is brave to put your whole life into a situationWith three major sections of Power Love and Self Discipline the idea is to use Being Brave as a daily devotionally focused guidebook over the course of a calendar month although I read it straight through in several sittings over a couple of days SInce it's a keeper I'll refer to Being Brave again but again likely not as a daily reference Kelly Johnson includes nothing in her book I didn't already know but how reassuring confirmation from someone else can be Johnson particularly addresses the ongoing uandary of outward appearances that includes how cosmetically and otherwise we present ourselves to others and the usual human tendency to want others to see us as perfect flawless other than any human really is The author reminds us of the impropriety of laying our whole entire trip and revealing everything to everyone everywhere in virtual life or in real life; I keep wondering why so many people constantly do that Then I do my best to excuse them and not get embarrassed for them because everyone knows how anonymous the world has become how everyone needs to be noticed and appreciated how fractured connections in between humans and between humans and nature tend to be Many people do not have the intimacy and safety of close friends or family they can confide in and be themselves withBeing Brave is not a major theological endeavor or a typical devotional book yet it's scripturally solid I especially love how the writing style comes across as a conversation with Kelly the Kelly who knows she doesn't have life all together yet who's learned to trust God moment to moment Each day opens with scripture verses and concludes with a prayer; at the end you'll find a list of three dozen scripture references related to fear is fear the opposite of brave? and courage is courage synonymous with brave? to look up on your own Lovely cover design too

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