My Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House ePUB

  • Paperback
  • 346 pages
  • My Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House
  • Lillian Rogers Parks
  • English
  • 02 September 2016
  • 9780923891961

10 thoughts on “My Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House

  1. SmarterLilac SmarterLilac says:

    This fascinating peek into what is still one of the world's most mysterious and cloistered environments charmed me from the first page The language is surprisingly modern for one and the author was clearly determined to maintain the time honored tradition of refusing to disclose any salacious details about the presidents or First Ladies A refreshing change from today's publishing climate in which no one will agree to publish a memoir of publichistorical events unless it at least has something 'totally new' ie; shocking in itSome of the details that stuck out to me included the loosening of social restrictions over the decades the author served her time during the Hoover years servants were to be unseen and unheard to the point of having to hide in a closet if they were caught in the same hallway as an approaching Chief Executive or spouse but by the Eisenhower years Ike finally told the staff to relax and continue their work should they spot him passing byI also liked learning that Lillian Rogers Parks thought very highly of Bess Truman stating that she was the kindest First Lady to work for and kept the White House in the best care through simple good taste I always knew there was a reason I would wind up liking both Trumans

  2. Dan Dixon Dan Dixon says:

    This is one of my very favorite books ever I read it shortly after the mini series appeared on television I was impressed with the way it was written as well as the details from the back side of the White House It shows how the staff was treated over the years from Teddy Roosevelt up through the Eisenhower administration It is a delight to read and a must read for anyone interested in the history of the families of the residents of the White House

  3. Janis Janis says:

    A wonderful peek at a number of US Presidents and their families from the early 20th century It has been years since I read it but this was a book I kept for years until downsizing because I enjoyed it so much It was the basis for a TV movie I believe

  4. Christine Christine says:

    This book covers a maid's perspective of the White House from the Tafts through the Eisenhowers The author and her mother both worked at the White House as maids and the book covers memories of both of their times there The book was obviously written a while ago but it really reminded me that history is very cyclical The author herself says at the end The Music Goes Round and RoundThe book gives a very human side of the presidents and their families how they handled the constant stress of the job and many of their uirks and strengths One of the most profound and prophetic even things the author states is the best advice I can give the new First Lady before it is too late isto find the thickest set of invisible armor and put it on She will need it to let the arrows of false accusations and needless criticism bounce off her At the end of the book it is uite apparent that her favorite family was the Trumans because they were so down to earth She said that Truman's mother told him that everyone needed to wash their own socks and underwear so Truman did that even in the White House I liked him too after reading thatI enjoyed the book and I kept thinking all the way through how much my mom would love the book with all the personal information I found however that sometimes it was a little like listening to an older great aunt tell endless non seuitur stories Too much of the book was written in nearly stream of consciousness form I thought the editors should have given some form and structure to the innumerable little storiesIf you enjoy personal histories and are interested in modern US history you'll like this book

  5. Terry Terry says:

    It gave an insight although minuscule to the lives of presidents and their families Ms parks glosses over her work which I am sure was exhausting at best she was an inspiration she followed her dream and let us look into a bit of those years I think that the reviews that stated words were redundant as were some of the stories was petty This was not an author this was a working woman sharing a bit of her life

  6. Becky Becky says:

    Interesting but not well written; some of the stories are even repeated The author Lillian Parks was a maid at the White House for 30 years Upstairs at the White House by former White House head usher JB West is much better written and informative I did enjoy learning about the Presidents and their families from the perspective of the backstairs staff however

  7. Nina Nina says:

    This memoir was published in 1961 so the combined 50 years that the author and her mother worked at the White House only covered Taft through Eisenhower As backstairs maids housekeepers and seamstresses they were privy to the personal tragedies of the families eg the death of Coolidges' teenage son and the deaths of Harding and FDR and idiosyncrasies eg Hoover didn't want to see any of the staff so they would have to dive into closets if he was approaching Mamie Eisenhower didn't want to see footprints on any rug so they'd have to brush the rugs in advance of her when she was going out The author was gracious and respectful of all the families although it was easy to tell that she adored the egalitarian Trumans and Roosevelts and wasn't as crazy about the imperious Eisenhowers Too bad the author couldn't have worked clear up until today because I'm sure the backstairs scuttlebutt would be even highly entertaining

  8. Autumn Klepper Autumn Klepper says:

    Many interesting points in this book but the book felt very disorganizedthe author often skipped around between several different administrations making it hard to keep things in contextAlso a surprising number of points in the book were repetitivethis book should have been better organized and condensed

  9. Emerald Emerald says:

    Great insight into how the every day lives of the Presidents and their families are maintained by the White House Staff Really a great book on American's history This was also made into a movie back during the mini series hype in the 80's Really enjoyed it

  10. Jim Jim says:

    This was an interesting look from the early 1960s of the presidencies from Taft to Truman Inside stories from a White House housekeeper and seamstress Well written Read this one uickly just for fun I wonder if this one is on the reading list of the White House Historical Association Jim

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My Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House❴Read❵ ➲ My Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House Author Lillian Rogers Parks – This is the combined biography of two domestic servants a mother and her daughter each of whom worked for thirty years in the White House In 1909 he mother was hired by President Taft who was the firs This is the combined biography of two Years Backstairs MOBI í domestic servants a mother and her daughter each of whom worked for thirty years in the White House In he mother was hired by President Taft who was the first president ever to allow a Black person to enter the White House She worked in My Thirty ePUB ½ the White House until Her daughter was hired by President Hoover in and she worked there until the final days of the Eisenhower Administration in This book should be reuired reading for every serious student of American history The authors were eye witnesses to some of the great events of history Thirty Years Backstairs PDF/EPUB ✓ and offer different prospectives from that found elsewhere For example we learn that when Calvin Coolidge announced in that he did not intend to run for re election he was playing hard to get He believed that the people would insist that he accept a third term of office He expected to be Thirty Years Backstairs at the PDF or drafted He actually wanted a third term in office Coolidge was disappointed when Herbert Hoover was nominated as he disagreed with Hoover's ideas and policies We learn that in the last year and a half of the presidency of President Woodrow Wilson he had to be wheeled around the White House in a wheel chair and was often engaged in sickbed rambling When Franklin D Roosevelt took office as president he was an invalid confined to a wheelchair Few Americans knew this and elaborate means were devised to make it appear that Roosevelt was robust and healthy Whenever he was to speak Thirty Years Backstairs at the PDF or railings were created beside where he was to be standing This was done so that it would appear that FDR was walking taking a few steps up to the speaker's podium when in reality the handrails were holding him up and he was dragging his feet a short distance to create the illusion that he was walking Also Roosevelt was dependent on his mother Sara Delano who had all the money and controlled his finances.