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  1. N.N. Light N.N. Light says:

    Taya is going through a rough patch and is staying with her sister’s family They’re enjoying some fun on the slopes when her brother in law gets hurt The last person she expected to run into is her old friend and high school crush Jordan Looking hot enough to melt the snow beneath his feet Taya’s desire for him resurfaces He invites her to come skiing tomorrow and she reluctantly accepts It’s not like he’s interested in her right? Jordan can’t believe his good luck when he runs into Taya again All his feelings rush back ten fold but he’s a single dad now and he has responsibilities The time he spends with her the stronger his passion engulfs him When she gets stranded due to a snow storm and he offers his tiny little camper as shelter he can’t resist her charms any longer Will their friendship go up in flames or will they stay just friends? I loved this ski romantic short story It’s about second chances unreuited love and doing what you love to do Told in dual POV you get both sides of the attraction which I adored Taya and Jordan have electrifying chemistry so much so that my fingers were singed I read it in one sitting and was sad when it ended I want If you’re looking for a romantic uickie pick up this book Highly recommend Favorite Characteruote“I’d forgotten what it felt like to have fun And to be around a man who looked at me like I was beautiful and strong and smart enough to do anything” My Rating 5 starsThis review first appeared

  2. Steffi Steffi says:

    35I wasn't aware that this is a very very short story when I first started it Normally I am not a big fan of them but I can definitely say that I enjoyed Just friends but still would have prefered to read a full storyI did like the skiing setting in the Washington mountains and the atmosphere was really cosyTaya and Jordan are lovable characters but even though they knew each other from high school their connection felt very rushed to me and everything went a little bit too fast A full story would definitely have been better to develop their chemistry and their relationshipThe writing style was fast paced and enjoyable to read

  3. ItaPixie ItaPixie says:

    I didn't excpect to enjoy this story so muchI thought it was too short to entertain me and fulfill my romantic needs but the writing was so good it caught my attention since the first page and the characters were so well depicted that I felt close to them right awayI really hope there will be a seuel to this novella because I'm hooked and I want to read about Taya and Jordan's relationship that just started

  4. Romancing the Book Romancing the Book says:

    Reviewed by JoAnneBook provided by authorOriginally posted at Romancing the BookAt forty one pages this was even shorter than a novella and was a super uick read This is Jordan and Taya’s story and we learn of their friendship from eight years ago when they were in Jackson Hole together When their paths randomly cross at the mountain it seems like the years just floated away but they needed to catch up on each other’s lives Unfortunately both seemed to want to give the abridged version and not specific details The characters lacked the depth I’d hope to see even in such a short storyThe descriptions of the snow and the cold were vivid and made me feel that I was there There was some playfulness between the characters but some reservations as well since neither knew what the other was really thinking This caused limited communication at times There were some steamy scenes that could melt the snow along with lots of ski terminology There were some unexpected twists but some expected outcomes too There is a chance for a happily ever after but the book ended too abruptly for me when there seemed to be story to tell There wasn’t the closure I was hoping forGold is a new to me author and I want to read of her books but hope for depth and length I’ve always enjoyed books published by The Wild Rose Press but it’s been a while since I’ve read any of their books I hope to rectify that in the future

  5. Char (1RadReader59) Char (1RadReader59) says:

    This was uick in ways than one Two friends who were back in the day were skiing buddies They happened to share A kiss during a time when Jordon Wiley had just broken up with his on again off again girlfriend He had had always been attracted to Taya Monroe yet when the kiss happened he couldn’t lose and good thing like a best friend if he messed it up by having a romantic relationship So he said it meant nothing to him and that he felt nothing other than friendship for her To throw her off He did alright After grad school they went their separate ways Taya always a little embarrassed that she had kissed him and told him how she felt With him saying he was not into her the same way They were just friends Let’s just say they lost contact Whether it be over this or life in general Then one day up on the mountain at a ski lodge parking lot she runs into him Actually he notices and seeks her out It turns out he is on the volunteer ski patrol and he is a firefighter full time She’s amazed to see him He hasn’t changed Although she knew she had gained several pounds When he greets her it’s with a full body hug which does crazy things to her To say their chemistry was off the charts is an understatement That is why I was so sad to see the author took this to a uick climax actually and literally As well as throwing all the character’s issues into this rosy package like no discussion needed The End I really liked Jordan but felt Taya was lacking I really feel it had something but then dropped the ball I give this 3 stars Provided by netgalleycom Follow us a www1rad readerreviews

  6. Samantha Samantha says:

    Just friends is a uick novella about once close friends Taya and Jordan They shared a love of being on the mountains and being near each other unfortunately Jordan was taken and when he finally was free he wasn't in a great place to pursue anything with his friend who he was wildly attracted to Years later and some mistakes made and a lot of growing these two reunite and things are electric between them Of course they can't keep their hands off each other but can they overcome both of their issues? It's not just Jordan any that he has to worry about and Taya is trying to rebuild her life after a bad break up and moving IT was uick and definitely left you wanting It was good but I could have used

  7. C.L. Ogilvie C.L. Ogilvie says:

    An short and sweet and steamy read with well rounded characters and a vibrant setting Sidebar I really liked how Gold used the ski mountain setting and incoming storm to mirror the characters growing tension The story is highly engaging and the main characters Taya and Jordan extremely likablerelatable The ending was a little abrupt but only because I would have loved to read about these two Gold does an excellent job of establishing the characters' physical and emotional chemistry in a short amount pages Highly recommended for anyone who loves contemporary romances

  8. Jennifer Goins Jennifer Goins says:

    I got a free kindle book called Just Friends from the author Stacy Gold I love the book just didn't realize how short the story was but I just couldn't put it down by the time I got to the end of the book it just left you hanging can't wait for the next book to continue this book Thank you Stacy Gold for the awesome book giving a 5 star rating I definitely would recommend this book to everyone

  9. Kate Arsenault Kate Arsenault says:

    Cute but wanted So super hot and cute but it felt like the first half of a novella or the beginning of a novel then a complete story I don't know it just left me feeling like there was to explore to be really satisfying Also if heroine had not touched her skis for 5 years there's no way she could do all day in crazy powder conditions

  10. Pamela Karacostas Pamela Karacostas says:

    Sizzling AttractionGood reading from the beginning The story grabs you and keeps you engrossed til the end The Characters magnetic attraction to each other keeps you reading and cheering the relationship on

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Just Friends (Emerald Mountain #1) [Download] ➽ Just Friends (Emerald Mountain #1) By Stacy Gold – Thomashillier.co.uk Taya Monroe is trying to pick up the pieces of her failed writing career and broken life after walking out on her cheating fiancé The last thing she needs is a serious relationship The last thing she Taya Monroe is trying to pick up the pieces of her failed writing career and broken life after walking out on her cheating fiancé The last thing she needs is a serious relationship The last thing she wants is a fling Then she runs into an old friend and ski partner—the one man she always wanted who never wanted her Ski Patroller Jordan Wiley is a single dad with zero time or energy for dating When he reconnects with Taya his attraction to her is even stronger than before she left him behind for a career in the city But with a young son to think about he’s determined to ignore his feelings Again After a magical day on the slopes a snow storm traps them in an avalanche of chemistry neither can deny Will their friendship survive the weight of their passion or will they surface as than friends.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 41 pages
  • Just Friends (Emerald Mountain #1)
  • Stacy Gold
  • English
  • 10 December 2016

About the Author: Stacy Gold

Compulsive tea drinker Outdoor sports junkie Lover of good and bad puns Stacy Gold gave up her day job as Communications Director of a nonprofit mountain biking organization to write sassy steamy contemporary romance novels Her stories are packed with strong independent women finding love and adventure in the great outdoors Think Sarina Bowen or Elle Kennedy but with skiing mountain bi.