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Biggles Air Detective [Epub] ➚ Biggles Air Detective By W.E. Johns – This contains seven short stories They are all Air Police stories and are as follows THE CASE OF THE BLACK SHEEPAn ex RAF Officer is using his aircraft to smuggle nylons into the UK picking them up fr This contains seven short stories They are all Air Police stories and are as follows THE CASE OF THE BLACK SHEEPAn ex RAF Officer is using his aircraft to smuggle nylons into the UK picking them up from a ship THE CASE OF THE VISITING SULTANA notorious US gangster is planning to attack a Sultan's aircraft in order to steal his diamonds THE CASE OF THE UNREGISTERED OPERATORBiggles goes to prison in order to uncover an illegal air transportation operation for criminals THE CASE OF THE Biggles Air Kindle - WOUNDED AGENTBiggles is sent on a special assignment to save a secret agent and his information from Bulgaria THE CASE OF THE BRILLIANT PUPILAn excellent flying pupil who already knows how to fly is using his solo flights for illegal reasons THE CASE OF THE MURDERED APPRENTICEBiggles uncovers a smuggling operation from Holland when investigating why a man was murdered THE CASE OF THE STOLEN AIRCRAFTA man who has designed a new plane is stealing aircraft for the aviation fuel they contain.

  • Hardcover
  • 151 pages
  • Biggles Air Detective
  • W.E. Johns
  • English
  • 06 July 2016

About the Author: W.E. Johns

Invariably known as Captain WE Johns William Earl Johns was born in Bengeo Hertfordshire England He was the son of Richard Eastman Johns a tailor and Elizabeth Johns née Earl the daughter of a master butcher He had a younger brother Russell Ernest Johns who was born on October He went to Hertford Grammar School where he was no great scholar but he did develop into a crack sh.

4 thoughts on “Biggles Air Detective

  1. Gerry Gerry says:

    I much prefer the full length Biggles novels rather than the short stories because there is time for the plot to develop characters are perhaps fully described there is time to devote to the ambience and of course there is action This is not to say that the short stories lack these components but they are understandably in shorter supply But in 'Biggles Air Detective' Johns' give full rein to his wordpower and descriptions and gives us seven non stop rip roaring talesIn these tales Biggles cracks a smuggling racket in nylons the story was written in 1952 in 'The Case of the Black Sheep' ensures that American crook Rocky Cordova doesn't wreck the impending visit to Britain of an African chief in 'The Case of the Visiting Sultan' chases across France to identify a crooked pilot who is breaking all the rules of the Air Navigation Code in 'The Case of the Unregistered Operator' and flies over to Italy in an unmarked 'plane so as to attract no attention to rescue an injured operator in 'The Case of the Wounded Agent'And Air Commodore Raymond keeps him busy in the final three cases 'The Case of the Brilliant Pilot' in which an experienced flyer pretends to be a novice so that he can have access to various aircraft in order to pursue his nefarious activities 'The Case of the Murdered Apprentice' in which Biggles uncovers the murderer of Edmund Teale who has stumbled on a smuggling racket and finally 'The Case of the Stolen Aircraft' where Biggles along with all his chums who are present throughout the tales discovers who is responsible and why when aircraft suddenly go missing overnight at an airfieldThey are all excellent tales that makes the book a thoroughly absorbing read

  2. Daniel Bratell Daniel Bratell says:

    An absolutely ok Biggles book with a couple of simple short stories Nothing special though A couple of the stories is a bit deus ex but the most interesting part is actually the look into post war Britain with smuggling and rationing

  3. Ashkhan Ashkhan says:

    Easy to read adventures of the famous pilot

  4. Stuart Stuart says:

    My very first Biggles book bought for me by my mother to take on my grade 6 camp in 1980 The one that started it all for me and still holds a special place in my now 88 book collection

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