Mary Bennet and the Longbourn Heiress Mary of Longbourn #1

Mary Bennet and the Longbourn Heiress Mary of Longbourn #1 ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ Mary Bennet and the Longbourn Heiress Mary of Longbourn #1 ⚡ Author Carrie Mollenkopf – After the marriages of her sisters Mary Bennet is left to run the estate of Longbourn in their absence Forced to manage a crumbling house in need of repairs as well as respond to the demands of her mo After and the Longbourn Heiress ePUB ½ the marriages of her sisters and the PDF ☆ Mary Bennet is left to run the estate of Longbourn in their absence Forced to manage a crumbling house in Mary Bennet Epub / need of repairs as well as respond to the demands of her mother Mary makes a most disturbing discovery How long had the skeletal remains of a Bennet and the Epub µ long dead woman been hidden in the cellars Who is she and how did she get there locked inside a storage cell With the assistance of Meryton's Bennet and the Longbourn Heiress eBook ¶ newest physician Mary will endeavor to learn not only the identity of the woman but also the location of her dowry Will her efforts allow Mary to gain a long desired independence or will it only hasten the transference of Longbourn to Mr Collins as the Bennets face financial ruin.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 166 pages
  • Mary Bennet and the Longbourn Heiress Mary of Longbourn #1
  • Carrie Mollenkopf
  • 12 August 2016

9 thoughts on “Mary Bennet and the Longbourn Heiress Mary of Longbourn #1

  1. Leslie Leslie says:

    This is a PP what if seuel Here we get to learn about Mary Bennet Mr Mrs Bennet and the new doctor in town Neither Mr or Mrs Bennet in this story are likeable He is profoundly indolent and she is profoundly selfish And Mary is kind of full on the description Miss Bingley uses in PP and in her air altogether there is a self sufficiency without fashion which is intolerable'' The story is a bit of a Scooby Doo mystery where a decomposing body is found in a hidden cellar when Mary hires a man to fix the crumbling foundation As her identity is uncovered further investigation will seem to disinherit Mr Collins The fortunes of Longbourn will improve but Mary remains insistent that she won't marry There is another book in the series but this does have a reasonable endingAlmost none of the other PP characters appear; except in cameos or less And Sir William and Lady Lucas are NOT Lord Lady Lucas

  2. Joan Joan says:

    Avid ReaderI enjoyed reading this bookand I shall immediately read the next I wanted to give it a five but the numerous errors sometimes disturbed the flow of the book Mary and Dr Sutton made uite the South and saved Longbourn in the bargain Hopefully MrBennett didn't tell his wife the truth about the amount of money found

  3. Susan Susan says:

    A Pride and Prejudice seuel where with falling finances particularly after paying for the marriages of Jane and Elizabeth and with Kitty staying at the Gardiners and her father being attended by the new doctor Atlas Sutton it is left to Mary to organise the running of Longbourn Including the overseeing of the cellar repairs where a body is discovered With the help of Dr Sutton Mary is determined to discover her historyA re read of this enjoyable well written mystery investigated by my favourite Bennet

  4. wosedwew wosedwew says:

    Duty is what one expects from others Oscar WildeMary Bennet believes in dutyLeft behind at Longbourn by the marriages of three of her sisters and the absence of the fourth Mary spends her days running between her parents’ bedchambers – her father incapacitated by gout and her mother incapacitated by whatever it happens to be on that particular dayAnd now Meryton’s elderly doctor has retired and a new doctor will come to Longbourn Oh botherPut on your big girl panties and deal with it Author UnknownOn an errand in the cellar storage rooms Mary has uncovered structural damage which needs addressed before the house collapses around them Mary has carefully saved her pin money and knowing her indolent father will not arrange for the repairs she contracts for the workmen A hidden chamber a wall collapse and a gristly discovery – what’s a girl to do?Who was the woman who died so many years ago?What does the woman’s death have to do with the Longbourn entail?How will Mr Collins react?This is an enjoyable little mystery – part 1 with a continuation to come in June Mary and the Longbourn TutorWe are made wise not by the recollection of our past but by the responsibility for our future George Bernard Shaw

  5. Madenna U Madenna U says:

    This was a post Jane and Lizzy wedding story focused on Mary I really enjoyed her personality and manners The mystery of the heiress linked the story together but the book didn't read like a mystery Mary's love interest has a fascination with forensics which is a new concept in the the time period The author treated this well in my opinion I also love what happens to Mr CollinsMy favorite thing is that it is a planned series but this story felt complete It was only at the very end did I notice the set up for the next book

  6. Monica Love Monica Love says:

    The best of the 'Mary' books so far The story is a fine read utterly conseivable A drawback is the modern language and sometimes modern day manners but I thoroughly enjoyed this book

  7. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Continuing my reading of Mary Bennet “variations” I bought this novella from though it is available via Kindle unlimited It was a good genealogical mystery and the PP characters rang true so I would be willing to read the rest of the series However this book desperately needed copy editing—anachronisms punctuation formatting apostrophes even unreviewed autocorrects ascent for assent? Responsivity for responsibility? As a short piece it broke no new ground in exploring Austen’s characters—they are at most lightly resketched from Austen—or building a detailed setting While a pleasant diversion it doesn’t rank among the best of the genre

  8. Bethanne Bethanne says:

    uite interesting storyWhile this is an interesting story that revolves almost completely around Mary Bennet I found myself wondering WHY did they tell Mrs Bennet about the good coins? Everyone knows she can't keep her mouth shut and she spends without any regards to the future It's actually a morbid story of finding the remains of a Bennet ancestor in a walled in section of the rodent infested basement The investigation into who she was is uite interesting and it gives one an appreciation for the old Bible records They wrote in the history of every single member of the family in their main Family Bible Great reference

  9. pamela k cronister pamela k cronister says:

    SweetAlthough a horrible crime is in the center of this particular novel it still maintains a lightness and sweetness that leads the reader on

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