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10 thoughts on “Through the Ashes The Light #2

  1. Madeleine Myers Madeleine Myers says:

    Another score 5 for this authorHow a writer of fiction handles characterization is the first element in whether I decide to read a book all the way through and whether to give it a good review The two families we met in The Light especially Bria and Jonah at the center of the action are realistically portrayed and all are sympathetic separate individuals who are brought together in an unimaginably difficult crisis However they discover a forgotten bond that enables them along with friends and others to work together for mutual survival in the midst of worldwide death and destruction The story begins with a wedding after which Sara the one character without a strong connection to the rest decides to risk the dangerous journey home to find out if her family has survived All but one of the young adults including the newlyweds decide to travel with her From there the mood is grim as they make their way through miles of ruined homes and ghost towns to find Sara's family When they reach the city they encounter Bria's abusive ex boyfriend who is now second in command of a tyrannical uasi martial law cadre of brutes who disarm and imprison the group and Bria is forced to endure the abuse she thought to have put behind her How she outwits him and finds an ally to rescue her friends may keep you awake to the end Warning the cliffhanger ending might be frustrating for some but you knew this book is mid trilogy didn't you?

  2. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Continues the story begun in the first book of The Light series with a broadened scope and increased depth I motored through in less than 24 hours and did not wait to launch right into the third installment Though addicting and easy to read these books are hardly substance less fluff Brown injects a myriad of serious real life issues into the lives of her characters in this dystopian world and she handles them with remarkable wisdom and skill I couldn't have asked for better summer vacation reading material

  3. Sally A Sally A says:

    Unbelievably good storyThe series is futuristic but totally believable I was swept along with the characters as they live through great loss yet are held together strengthened by their faith Good life lessons abound excitement danger as well We've had power outages in our area the past 2 days which has brought to life the possibility of something like this actually happening in our future Not so much from within our country but through terrorism Regardless reading this series makes me appreciate the freedom life we have now

  4. Candy Kennedy Candy Kennedy says:

    Is this the future?A hard book to read but one to think on Perhaps this will be our future if our current governing g body continues Book two is another picture of life after an EMP renders all electronics useless A survival tale with a thought that God is still in charge as we let Him Recommend as a good read

  5. Steven Martin Steven Martin says:

    Ended too soonWonderful book Ended much too soon Can't wait to read the next one Hope it is out soon Definite must read

  6. Jeff Gallagher Jeff Gallagher says:

    A thrillerI enjoyed this 2nd book very much I now have to wait for the next in the series Jacueline is a gifted author

  7. Karan Koog Karan Koog says:

    SweetThe story of discovering one's self and God I loved it Looking forward to on brei and Johan Nice

  8. Tricia Hungerford Tricia Hungerford says:

    Awesome I simply cannot wait for the 3rd book Hurry please?

  9. Kathryn Spurgeon Kathryn Spurgeon says:

    AwesomeOkay I finished this book uickly and must read the next one soon I am definitely hooked A great story

  10. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Couldn't put the book downWell written and exciting The author continues to develop the characters and the story takes many exciting turns I loved it

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Through the Ashes The Light #2 ❮EPUB❯ ✰ Through the Ashes The Light #2 Author Jacqueline Brown – Before the light the truth could be slippery You could work around it dodge it run away from it But in Bria Ford’s new life the truth is always knocking about the past the fate of friends and family Ashes The PDF/EPUB Â Before the light the truth could be slippery You could work around it dodge it run away from it But in Bria Ford’s new life the truth is always knocking about the past the fate of friends and family the realities of burgeoning love and the changed world For Bria there’s no escaping the truth—no matter Through the PDF/EPUB ² how much she may want to In this unflinching seuel to Jacueline Brown’s The Light Bria and her friends stride into the heart of the post disaster world and face test after test of their character and convictions Bria must choose her path in this wounded world Freedom or comfort Give up or run Who has she the Ashes The PDF/EPUB è become since the world fell away.