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  1. Anna Anna says:

    10 reasons I love The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet1 Feel good science fiction Bad things happen Injustice exists And yet the world is a mostly beautiful and good place Bad people exist but people in general are mostly nice and almost always interesting It’s a truly heart warming novel2 It’s a great big world There are all these interesting alien species with interesting cultures and history which affect their society If you love well written settings where the lore isn’t a bunch of facts but is actually a huge factor in the plot you will like this3 Great characters This is a character driven story Every crew member matters and is made interesting and memorable This isn’t a story about the Chosen One saving the galaxy This is the story of the crew on a ship that builds traffic routes Sure they’re a rather uniue bunch but ultimately there are a lot of ships like theirs and a lot of eually interesting destinies in the galaxy4 Great female characters I’m not uite sure who I like the badass pilot the smart but inexperienced clerk or the mechanic who spreads joy around her and keeps the ship from exploding Or maybe that male crewmember’s love interest who is the captain of a military freight ship and has scars than her boyfriend Or maybe the many women mentioned in passing who have agency and are out there doing things Researchers soldiers doctors ship captains cult members pilots mechanics traders politicians5 It’s anti prejudice It’s relaxing to read authors who actually like people I read a lot but it’s not often that I see a character think “wow she’s weird wait that was a bit prejudiced of me” It’s not just that though The world itself seems much less sexist racist homophobic and transphobic than today’s world It’s a very relaxing world to get to inhabit for a while6 Everyone isn’t white and straight Tired of sci fi and fantasy settings like that? Here have a setting where most humans are people of color and where non straight relationships really aren’t a big deal7 Aliens who upset the gender binary Some people use xe or they as pronouns Some species change sex during their life time going from female to male to neither None of it is treated as weird or icky or annoying This makes me very happy Even in our world gender’s a lot complicated than “there are two sexes” yet books are often “here are all these extraordinary species that are totally different from humans yet every single being is still either male or female”8 The aliens are strange but so are the humans Human culture is as interesting as the alien cultures Human culture has actually been shaped by history For example the culture of the Exodus Fleet has a pacifistic streak which has formed Ashby’s strong aversion to weapons There’s also the fact that humans don’t have one unified culture there are differences between Mars and the Exodus Fleet as well as differences based on class and where you grew up9 The clerk who kicks ass As an academic it makes me happy to see someone save the day than once by being knowledgable doing research and filling out the right forms10 The author is very nice Got a lore uestion? Send it to beckysaysrawr on Twitter and get it answered Becky Chambers is a writer journalist editor and all around cool person who seems very happy to talk to her fans11 I just spent waaay too long writing this post Seriously it’s unhealthy I need food and my back is killing me If that’s not proof I love this book I don’t know what is

  2. chai ♡ chai ♡ says:

    I heard this book was about gays in space I'm gay and I think space is cool Seems like a no brainer

  3. Ed Ed says:

    This was really really not my cup of tea and I threw in the towel 23 of the way in I was surprised at how disappointing it was given that I picked it up on the basis of the normally dependable Adam Roberts' recommendation in his end of year 2015 round up in the GuardianI understand the desire to move SF from plot driven narratives to character driven narratives but you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater if your character driven narrative doesn't actually contain any characters worth reading about The wafer thin plot could be summarised as a bunch of super best friends have a whizzo time pootling about the galaxy eating food and learning trite lessons on the importance of diversity with zero tension or conflictThe author seems to be trying to emulate the Joss Whedon and associates style of breezy television writing Firefly Buffy Shield etc which also depicts groups of friends having adventures but what imitators forget is that Whedon created conflict between his characters he threw massive obstacles in their path he made them hate each other sometimes he scarred them he often killed them and so the lessons that they learnt about acceptance and loyalty and diversity and courage etc genuinely resonated with the viewer because they were hard won This by contrast is tepid innocuous and faintly patronising perfect for a 21st century audience that wants to feel cozy and be spoon fed all the answersThe popular culture discourse in SF and elsewhere is being poisoned by idiot man children of various stripes so the impulse to embrace this as a response is understandable and something I get but this is so unchallenging as a piece of art I can't help but feel it does harm than good in the long run

  4. Melanie Melanie says:

    “The truth is Rosemary that you are capable of anything Good or bad You always have been and you always will be Given the right push you too could do horrible things That darkness exists within all of us” This is the kind of book that makes you remember why you fell in love with reading This is the kind of book that feels so powerful you can’t believe it exists This is the kind of book that sets your very soul on fire and makes you want to do better This is the kind of book that instills a hope so great that you feel like you could make a difference This is the kind of book that you won’t be the same after finishingI recommend this book to every single person in this entire galaxy and to whatever else is out there and still unknown Also please know that there is no semblance of a review that I could write that would do this book even a percent of justice or let you know even an ounce of how much it impacted me But I’m going to try my best because this book deserves nothing less I suppose the easy thing to say is that this book is about a crew traveling through space on the Wayfarer exploring the galaxy and taking on new adventures And a new crewmember has just arrived not knowing what to expect “They were reminders of what a fragile thing it was to be alive” Beautiful fanart of the crew by SebasP 💗➽ Rosemary A human who has just left her home planet to join the crew on the Wayfarer➽ Sissix An Aandrisk and pilot of the Wayfarer One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read in my entire life was seeing Rosemary learn about Sissix’s hatch family feather family and house family Seriously it’s so beautiful that I don’t even have words Sissix not only beautifully gave me a polyamorous story line but also the ff romance of my dreams ➽ Ashby The captain of the Wayfarer My soft and strong boy Nothing but all the love and respect in the entire world for my captain ➽ Jenks A technician on the Wayfarer I will say I think the moment I fell in love with this book was when Jenks asked Lovey “What kind of body do you want to have?” One of my biggest pet peeves in all of literature is when authors give AIs genders And seeing Lovey decide what she wanted to be friends I don’t have words for how beautiful it is You all know that I’m pansexual so maybe I’m stretching here but I think Jenks is my new pansexual hero by the way ➽ Lovey The AI of the Wayfarer My heart my soul my everything Becky Chambers is seriously an expert word weaver to make me feel all the things that I feel for Lovey ➽ Dr Chef A Grum and the most amazing doctor and chef upon the Wayfarer A highlight in this perfect book was seeing Dr Chef become Dr Chef and everything that had to do with Grums Again so beautiful and I would happily trade lessons for his soup too “You Humans really do cripple yourselves with your belief that you all think in uniue ways” ➽ Corbin Human and algaeist on the Wayfarer Likes to be alone and that’s okay ➽ Ohan Sianat Pair and the navigator of the Wayfarer They help Sissix and keep to themselves for the most part But the end of this story really blew me away involving them ➽ Kizzy A technician on the Wayfarer Never have I ever read a character that I felt I was personally like than Kizzy Shao From her being so talkative to always trying to be cheerful and positive to her playing dating sims and loving all food especially all things spicy to her loving so unconditionally I will never answer another bookish uestion of “what character are you most like” with bits and pieces from other books because I truly see all of myself in Kizzy Oh and her being Asian warms my damn heart tooFriends I have never fallen in love with fictional character the way that I fell in love with all the members on the Wayfarer “Time could crawl it could fly it could amble Time was a slippery thing” Beautiful fanart of Rosemary Kizzy and Jenks by Izzi Ward 💗One of my favorite things in all of literature is reading about found families and having that be a pivotal aspect to a story Friends I feel bad praising any other book before this one because this is the found family of my soul I have never read a book with a better found family in my entire life and I don’t think I ever will This book also emphasizes the importance of respect; respecting peoples’ pronouns peoples’ bodies and peoples’ feelings And the representation in this book is honestly unparalleled From different species to different races to different genders to different sexualities to different mental health issues to different bodies types to different upbringings to different cultures to different traditions to different religions to different social settings to so much This book touches upon gun control and how no amount of weapons will ever make a person feel safe How filling a home with devices meant to kill will never make a person feel safe I live in the United States so I see people constantly going back and forth about gun control every single day but I will never put value on a soulless piece of metal over a piece of an actual person And that’s the hill I’ll maybe die on because firearm assaults kill about 13000 Americans each yearThis book also tackles colonialism xenophobia and racism at the forefront of this story And how just because you don’t understand something doesn't mean that way is wrong or less And how taking over and forcing your ways and your beliefs on anyone else will never be the right way “People can do terrible things when they feel safe and powerful” Yet again this book also leaves you feeling so much hope And it reiterates how we are not to be blamed for the mistakes and wars that our parents started How each one of us can make a difference and truly lead a better and kinder future for the next generation Overall I think it’s pretty obvious that I loved this with my heart my soul and the sum of my being I will say that this is a very character driven story and I know that’s not for everyone but if you connect with these characters even a fraction of the amount that I did you are going to love this book too Becky Chambers has created something so uniue so special and so thought provoking This is a very uiet book but it speaks so loudly This crew these words this book they all mean to me than I can express Never have I closed a book and felt such an extreme feeling of hope before “All any of us can do – is work to be something positive instead That is a choice that every sapient must make every day of their life The universe is what we make of it It’s up to you to decide what part you will play” Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | TwitchContent and trigger warnings for murder death loss of a loved one PTSD depiction grief depiction blood depiction and general war themesBuddy read with Imi at Imi Reviews Books ❤

  5. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    UPDATE 199 Kindle US 51919I freaking loved this book And yes I cried It was good crying though I always get nervous reading a sci fi book because I'm afraid I won't know what's going on and yes I say that every time BUT this book is so awesome A couple of things went over my head but who cares I had no clue what a sci fi soap opera was but if they are all like this book then I want to read I'm going to be buying this one and I did pre order the next book This isn't just some space odyssey it's about people and aliens and being a family I want you to know that I fell in love with all of the characters on this ship Even ole grumpy Corbin later on in the book We get to learn about each character Their pasts if they are alien what kind of aliens they are and most of the stories are told through the personalien so you get a better understanding Everyone in the book had to make choices to share their secrets to make choices for others so they wouldn't die even if they didn't want that choice made thoughts and feelings toward other crew members AI love people trying to hide their love for things that just finally had to come out Doing things for each other even if you don't really like each other because you are crew mates and you are family These aliens and people have been together for years and years Rosemary is the new comer to the Wayfarer ship and family But she soon finds out what it means to have a real family to find love to fight for each others survival Ashby is the captain Kizzy and Jenks are the engine crew Sissix is a pilot Dr Chef is the doctor and the chef Lovey is the ships system Ohan is the Navigator and Corbin is in charge of algae They all play crucial parts in the running of the ship Rosemary is there to help with secretary like stuff for lack of a better word But they all go above and beyond to help each other do whatever to help out They make tunnels to other places to make it easier for other peoplealiens in the galaxy They make good money but this latest job which is money than they have ever gotten leads them into enemy territory under a planned alliance with the Toremi Ka This doesn't go very well but they are an evil race so it's to be expected They almost lost their lives They did lose a few things and almost lost the ship But all of that isn't until almost the end of the book This is mostly about them going through space stopping at markets and having some fun meeting new people on different planets to get things they need pirates gross arse cooked up bugs and stuff old friendsnew friends And I just loved it I loved learning about all of these people and the things they went through and the evil people and the bots and this that and the other Oh and dear Kizzy making little winter hats for her fixbots I need a picture of that I wish this would be made into a movie Just seeing how they handle all of the creatures alone would be awesome Anyhoo I loved it and I hope you do too but it may not be for you I'm just glad it was for me ♥MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

  6. carol. carol. says:

    Niceness is undervalued In an age of cynicism we believe very little is done altruistically this politician is facilitating an international adoption for campaign fodder; that site is offering 199 books to boost web traffic; that church is holding a Sunday neighborhood BB to evangelize Our stories show similar cynicism We've embraced tortured dark heroes we give five stars to stories sympathizing with killers and rapists and although we believe a good guy can still win the only way he can is by embracing his dark sideOne reason The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet proved so enjoyable is that it believes in the better side of human and alien nature It begins with Rosemary a naif running from her family's past to take a position on a tunneling ship a specialized kind of spaceship that creates 'shipping lane' wormholes to connect distant points The story is set in galaxy of aliens with the human race supported by the Harmagians an intelligent oyster like creature and Aeluons in attempting to recover the ruined Earth The captain of the Wayfarer hired Rosemary hoping that a licensed clerk would give access to bigger jobs and it's a gamble that pays off when they are offered a contract to create a tunnel near the galaxy core and the warlike Toremi new members of the Galactic ConfederationMuch like any ship enclosed story it largely becomes about the characters and how they interact Characterization is one of the story strengths; through small focused interactions almost each crew member is fleshed out Rosemary Sissex and Dr Chef feel the most well rounded Ashby the captain is mostly concerned about his crew getting the contract and his not so secret paramour Kizzy and Jenks are the mechanical engineers who keep the ship running Kizzy is often comic relief Jenks is having a secret relationship with the ship AI Lovelace Corbin is the algae biologist who keeps the fuel running Dr Chef is combination cook and medic Sissix is the reptilian pilot and Ohan is the virus merged Sianat pair who can calculate the complex physics reuired to tunnel through space At times Kizzy bordered on the absurd but her personality stayed solidly genuine and she did provide a few laugh out loud moments particularly her mis heard song about My Socks Match My HatPlotting was unsteady A number of readers relate this book to the Firefly tv series and it's easy to see why; a loveable ragtag crew copes with various adversities in weekly adventures However the pacing of the smaller on the way elements to the overarching story of the big tunneling job is uneven The trip is supposed to take a standard year but with a couple of stopovers it seems no different than any other time period of the book More significantly the ending felt incredibly rushed again incongruous with the lengthy and significant trip When I learned from one of my co readers that Chambers had lost her job and created a Kickstarter to fund finishing the book it made sense I can't wait to see what she does with time and resourcesMy last uibble is with narrative style It's often a third person omniscient unevenly taking turns between various characters Interspersed are missives whether personal letters information reuests or news bulletins I think they are meant to serve as information but they distract from the friendly tone of the crew and further interrupt story pacing I initially ignored them until I learned one near the end of the book drops a significant story point Conversation is often didactic style with a character asking a uestion or seeking explanation and another answering Although it doesn't uite have the dreaded as you know Bob feel in a few spots it feels clunky In others it just feels borderline lecturing about ethical principles Well what can I say she's preaching to the choir I appreciate the hope that we can find enough common ground or space to live with each otherThematically there's some interesting exploration of some very topical and complicated topics such as safety and defense individual right to die identity violence sexuality and what makes a community Chambers is also very inclusive in her visions of alien ness as well as human beings which is frankly a delight to find in science fiction It isn't going to work for everyone; I'd recommend it for people who enjoy character driven stories and envisioning alien cultures Overall it was a uick read despite the size and easy to spend time with the crew I'm looking forward to finding out what they do next Many many thanks to those at Goodreads who participated in a flash read and shared their insights I enjoyed sharing perspectives and bouncing off ideas Find them at

  7. Bradley Bradley says:

    Recommended to me as a cure for the heavy blood and guts diet that's so prevalent in today's SFF I was than just a little bit interested in an antidoteWhat I found instead was a heartily tasty meal of perfectly prepared insects aboard the Wayfarer enjoying wonderful conversations and a surprisingly diverse collection of humans aliens and a truly beautiful soul within an AII mean this is space opera Don't get the wrong idea There's a couple of tight spots thievery and tragic death We are invited into ideologically divisive pockets of space and culture the breaking of laws and of course we get paid well to do a skilled job eually well But what I hadn't expected was the love There was a lot of love in these pages Not just of the author to her extremely well drawn characters but between the characters themselves hidden in nooks and crannies blazingly obvious in other instants and as wide and complex as the worlds the individuals came from In other words we got just the tip of the iceberg and our imaginations fill in so much of the rest to our delightSo is this space opera or not? Of course it is But think of it like distilling and creating anew some of those old favorites bits and pieces here from Babylon 5 STTNG Red Dwarf or even a taste of Enterprise The tropes are familiar but the tale crafter her worlds and her spacecraft is most certainly not She's made something delightful and new humorous and lovely and at one point I would have said this whole novel would have been a light read but no there's real meat here There's anger and hope and desperation with all the love and humor It feels real and it touches my heartSo did it heal my pained MilSF heart my PTSD Fantasy mind?Maybe not entirely but it is certainly a very excellent palliative and perhaps with a few gems like this I might just be able to rejoin the service once again

  8. Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) says:

    Re read 8918 I’m crying in a puddle of my feels I love this book so damn much JENKS ❤️😭Original review 112316 I have just completed reading my favorite book of all time There has never been a book to touch me as much as this one did I just I can't I'm like Spent I cannot even comprehend or articulate how much I loved this fucking book Oh my god

  9. Maxwell Maxwell says:

    35 starsIf you're looking for an action packed page turning adventure story this book is not for you However if you want a sci fi novel that delivers wonderful characters and thoughtful commentary on existence you've found the right book The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet is something uniue It blends literary and science fictions into a story that looks at what it means to be human or alien amidst a world of chaosAnd while I really enjoyed reading about these characters and their uirky distinct personalities there was no growth This was much a story of character thematic exploration than development By about 50 pages in I knew exactly what I was getting And that's what I got So even though I had a great time reading this story I wasn't blown away I also felt that some of the themes that Becky Chambers is exploring in this story are written too explicitly; the reader can pretty clearly see the author's opinions in this story and while I don't disagree with anyone of them it made the reading experience a bit less fun I like to discover things on my own not have them handed to meUltimately this is a really touching and refreshing sci fi not that I have a ton of experience in the genre but still based on my limited experiences others' reviews I can tell this is something different in this realm And I'm interested to see how the companion novel coming out later this year will be received I might just have to pick it up

  10. Ivan Ivan says:

    DNF 60% I went with huge expectations In blurbs comparisons where made to Ursula Le Guin and Firefly mention those two is sure ways to get my undivided attention Sadly this book is nothing like my favorite tv show and it's nowhere near of depth of Le Guin's booksIf I had to describe this book to anyone I would call it cross between Farscape and Disney fairytaleI did have some fun with it but around 60% of this book amount of sweetness and cheeseness become overwhelming Character driven sci fi should have proper characters and character development not Care bears in alien costumesThis book is just too naive everyone is so nice polite warm and excepting and bad characters are just stereotypicaly badThere is no room for drama and character growth In the end this book just wasn't for meMaybe it's because I expected something of depth of Le Guin's books that blurbs mentioned maybe it's because I was still under impression of much better character driven sci fi Planetfall which I read around same time maybe I am just too much of Cynic to swallow something this warm and sweet and maybe it's combination of all those In any case this book is getting 1 stars from me

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The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet [Read] ➵ The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet ➼ Becky Chambers – Rosemary Harper doesn't expect much when she joins the crew of the aging Wayfarer While the patched up ship has seen better days it offers her a bed a chance to explore the far off corners of the gala Rosemary Harper doesn't expect much when Way to PDF/EPUB ¶ she joins the crew of the aging Wayfarer While the patched up ship has seen better days it offers her a bed a chance to explore the far off corners of the galaxy and The Long eBook â most importantly some distance from her past An introspective young woman she's never met anyone remotely like the ship's diverse crew including Sissix the exotic reptilian pilot; chatty engineers Kizzy and Jenks who keep the ship running; and Ashby their noble Long Way to PDF ↠ captainLife aboard the Wayfarer is chaotic and crazy exactly what Rosemary wants It's also about to get extremely dangerous when the crew is offered the job of a lifetime Tunneling wormholes through space to a distant planet is definitely lucrative and Long Way to a Small eBook â will keep them comfortable for years But risking her life wasn't part of the planIn the far reaches of deep space the tiny Wayfarer crew will confront a host of unexpected mishaps and thrilling adventures that force them to depend on each other To survive Rosemary's got to learn how to rely on this assortment of oddballs an experience that teaches her about love and trust and that having a family isn't necessarily the worst thing in the universe.

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Becky Chambers is a science fiction Way to PDF/EPUB ¶ author based in Northern California She is best known for her Hugo Award winning Wayfarers series which currently includes The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet A Closed and Common Orbit and Record The Long eBook â of a Spaceborn Few Her books have also been nominated for the Arthur C Clarke Award the Locus Award and the Women's Prize for Fiction among others Her most.