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School Sex and Secrets ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ School Sex and Secrets By Sheila Michelle ✐ – THE SCHOOL SEX AND SECRETS SERIES BOX SET BOOKS 1 3 099 FOR A LIMITED TIME SCHOOL SEX AND SECRETS 18 year old Rosemont High School senior Vanessa Ellis from Las Vegas Nevada learns the hard way when i THE School Sex and Secrets SERIES BOX SET books FOR A LIMITED TIME School Sex and Secrets year old Rosemont High School senior Vanessa Ellis from Las Vegas Nevada learns the hard way when it comes to her secret of seeing two boys at the same time Brad Johnston and John School Sex Epub / Catchton that are good friends and go to the same school as her and it all starts with someone secretly texting her about it But when she also chooses to end one of the relationships that she’s in it leads to secrets and lies but she unexpectedly ends up in an open committed relationship But what she doesn’t expect most of all is when a dark secret leads to a classmate’s murder Vanessa and her friends decide to conduct their own investigation into their classmate’s murder and forensic science plays a huge part in their investigation but the DNA results gives them news that they don’t ever expect to hear Vanessa also doesn’t expect to hear who’s been behind the secret text messages and roses that she’s been receiving and when the secret identity of the person is revealed this changes the way she feels about the whole investigation In addition to this she also finds out that she’s connected to this case than she ever thinks she would be and because of this she fears that she’ll be the killer’s next victim and this is only the beginning School Sex and Secrets II The Killer Has Been Found Out The Chase Is On The killer has been found out by Vanessa and now the chase is on to make sure that justice prevails and it's a terrifying chase as the killer is determined not to get caught and will do whatever is possible not to including killing again But the killer gets a taste of its own medicine when someone decides to take the law into their own hands and this leaves everyone wondering now if justice will ever be officially served Vanessa also wonders if she'll ever be the same or feel the same about two people that are very important to her after she stumbles upon a secret that happened as the result of a steamy private party between her and three others just the weekend before And to make matters worse there's a stunning development in the original killing and it leaves Vanessa speechless Vanessa is also left speechless about one thing another secret text More school sex and definitely secrets plague this seuel of the School Sex and Secrets series School Sex and Secrets III Time is running out for the killer and Vanessa and her friends are determined to make sure that the truth is told about what happened to their friend once and for all With no one on the killer’s side someone ends up coming to Rosemont in the middle of the school year that could end up changing this Meadow Wells is a senior and immediately connects with Vanessa and her friends She’s very interested in the victim since she’d heard about what happened and wants to find out from Vanessa and all of her friends about the case since they were friends with the victim Vanessa and her friends are not sure when the time is right to tell Meadow since all they had was their assumptions and no solid proof but when Meadow ends up getting very close to the killer they want to make their move in telling her who her new friend is before it’s too late Telling Meadow about who her new friend is becomes Vanessa and her friends' top priority and ends up in a series of events that leads to a shocking discovery once again about the killer and about Meadow which all leads to the shocking conclusion that has her and her friends bonded together forever.

  • Kindle Edition
  • School Sex and Secrets
  • Sheila Michelle
  • 15 March 2016

About the Author: Sheila Michelle

Sheila Michelle has been a book lover ever since she fell in love with Judy Blume books over years ago while in middle school Today she's a full time writer and writes both young adult and adult commercial fictionSheila likes to write mostly young adult books that are dark edgy mysterious and suspenseful that's School Sex Epub / filled with teen drama She also likes to add a humorous element to them as we.

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